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August 6-9, 2012 | Fort Bragg, NC FEATURING KEY INSIGHTS FROM: Dr. James T. Blake, SES, Program Executive Officer, U.S. Army PEO STRI Colonel Thomas Rogers, Commander, 528th Sustainment Brigade (Airborne) Colonel Paul Roege, Director, Operational Energy Integration, ARCIC, US Army Colonel Bruce B. McPeak, Director of Materiel Systems, Combined Arms Support Command Dr. John S. Morgan, Command Science Advisor, US Army Special Operations Command Tom Lanagan, Director, ASPMO, HQDA/G-8 PRESENTATIONS WILL FOCUS ON: ǩ US Army Special Operations Command technology challenges ǩ Equipment readiness priorities and initiatives ǩ Dismounted soldier training systems ǩ Soldier armor protection: challenges, achievements and objectives in the 21st century ǩ Counterinsurgency challenges in operational theaters

Attend the most comprehensive event focusing on next generation equipment and technology for America’s Soldiers!


Making a successful transition from the summer months back to reality with school now in session is easier with a plan. Heather Adams helps you gear up for the new school year in, Back to School.


Your baby is growing so fast and next year will be heading off to Kindergarten. Strong Beginnings, by Heather Ybarra discusses how the Child, Youth and School Services’ Strong Beginnings Pre-K program helps to build foundations of learning for your child.

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Today, bullying has manifested into something so much more than anyone could have imagined. Lily Marrero helps us see the warning signs in Bullying Prevention. Bullying is the biggest and fastest growing problem in the world. In this months special Teen Corner Oscar Ybarra discusses how bullying effects teens by giving a unique insight this serious issue. Make the Play to Stop Bullying shows us how our children see and deal with bullying everyday. Creative Director: Lori Bruschi Editor: Heather Ybarra Graphic Designer: Anika Stickles Contributing Writers: Heather Adams, Denice Howell, Lily Marrero, Heather Ybarra, and Oscar Ybarra


Summer vacation is over and school is back in session making mornings crazy once again with lunches and rushing to make the bus; and the nights are just as chaotic as you try to make dinner and deal with homework assignments. Let Denice Howell and Heather Ybarra help alleviate some of your daily stresses and even save you some money! Find out how in, Avoiding Evening Chaos.

MWR IN MOTION is a monthly magazine for Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation activities on Fort Bragg, North Carolina. For advertising information please call Darlene McDuffie, Advertising Coordinator, at (910)6436334. The appearance of advertising does not constitute endorsement by the Department of Defense. The information in this issue is current at the time of publication; activities and events are subject to change. Visit us on the web at:

By: Heather Adams The first day of school brings about excitement as well as a feeling of nervousness for the students, teachers and parents. Plan now for the first day, as well as the last, and your year will run smoother. Below are a few tips to help make a successful transition from the summer months to the reality of school being back in session. Check Medical Requirements Make sure your child has all required immunizations, schedule a physical exam if needed to participate in school activities and get their vision checked before school starts. The last thing you want is a call from the school telling you if your child does not have a shot by a certain date they cannot return. Also, notify the principal’s office, the school nurse and your child’s teachers about any health problems or medications in advance. Learn About the School Find out how the teacher prefers to communicate: phone, email, or written note. Every teacher is different. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the information on the school website. Note the process for school closures or reporting absences to the school. Find out the procedure for taking your child out of school early or signing them in late. Read the school handbook and make sure your child understands the rules of the school and the classroom. Plan to be Involved Mark school events on the family calendar, attend the back-to-school program, schedule and attend parent-teacher conferences and meet leaders of the parent-teacher group. Stay in tune and involved with your child’s daily class work too. Check folders daily, keep abreast of upcoming tests and projects. Many schools now have online systems to

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check your student’s grades – this is a great tool! Most teachers have their own web page on the school website to allow you to contact them as well as check calendar of events, links to study guides, and notes from the daily lessons. If you put an emphasis on school, so will your child. Plan Healthy Meals Have nutritious food on hand for breakfast and after-school snacks. Find out how much school breakfasts and lunches cost and whether snacks and drinks are available at school or can be brought from home. Ask where to obtain weekly school lunch menus and alert school staff if your child has a food allergy. Make After-School Plans Arrange child care or after-school activities. Remember to choose extracurricular activities carefully to avoid over scheduling. It is very important to make sure your child knows where to go after school each day. Lay the Ground Rules Establish a firm bedtime before school starts. Determine where and when your child will do homework and figure out a plan for balancing homework and play time. Set rules for the time spent on TV, video games, and computer use for nonschool projects. The school year can be overwhelming for parents and children alike, but with a little planning, positive reinforcement, and involvement you can help your child to have a successful school year!

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Avoiding Ev Summer vacation is over and school is back in session. Mornings are crazy as you try to rush everyone out the door with full backpacks, lunch boxes and more to make the bus. Evenings are even crazier with after school activities, homework, dinner and baths all before a reasonable hour. While the evening chaos will never completely go away, a little planning can help alleviate some of the chaos, as well as save you some money. The hours after my kids get out of school are some of the craziest of the week. Once I get off work and pick them up, it feels like we go, go, go until bedtime. With practices a couple times a week and daily homework for all three, time is short. The nightly question always became, “what’s for dinner tonight?” A slight change in my routine has made for much less stress in when it came to weeknight meals. I have recently begun planning out our weekly meals each weekend. This leaves the guesswork out of what we will have or trying to find something last minute when we do not have the supplies on hand for what we do want. A few key things to remember when meal planning are: • Easier meals should be saved for your busier nights. This is Tuesday a n d Thursday for us. My youngest son has practice from 4:30-

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5:15 p.m., my daughter has dance from 6:30-7:30 p.m. and my oldest son has practice from 6-8:30. Not a lot of time for cooking….crockpots are a mom’s best friend on these days. • Label your days! Choose a title that is catchy and will keep you ready to cook. Once you decide on meal type (sandwich, pasta, etc.) for each day you’ll have an easier time preparing a list. For example, Mexican Monday or Wacky Wednesday. If you want to involve the kids, let them pick a meal for one night of the week. • Make meal plans while relaxing! Think of foods you enjoy eating at home as well as foods you like to eat at restaurants. Incorporate both into your plan • After a few weeks of meal planning, you can start to mix and match your weeks. Try to avoid the same meal every Monday so you (and the kids) do not get bored. The last thing you want to hear on a crazy Monday night is, “Spaghetti AGAIN??” • Examples of items you can include on your meal plan: Sandwiches, pastas, casserole, breakfast (what is better than pancakes for dinner), crockpot meals and grilling out (if you have the time). You do not have to have a four course Sunday dinner every night of the week. Something as simple as sloppy joes and fries or grilled cheese and soup can work just fine. Meal planning also saves money. How? It’s quite simple. By figuring out what we will eat each night, we have the necessary items on hand which eliminates last minute trips to the store or even worse, giving up and just eating out or ordering a pizza. Weekly shopping trips became simpler with a meal plan ready and on hand. Add this to the idea of using coupons and you will be amazed at how much you will save! Couponing has become the trend as of late. I could not wrap my head around the idea, until I sat down with a few friends and received a Couponing 101 lesson from them! I figured, it can’t hurt – I will try it and see what happens. Four months later, I am hooked and have saved over $1,500. That is nearly $400 a month in savings! But, just like meal planning, you must have a plan with your coupons! Here are a few tips:

vening Chaos By: Denice Howell and Heather Ybarra

1. Just because you have a coupon does not mean you have to buy the item! 2. Know your store’s policy to maximize your value. 3. Combine your coupons with store sales for the best deals! For example, a recent trip to a local store during super doubles (where they double coupons up to $2 face value), awarded me with Mio for only $.50 each – quite a win considering it is used like it is going out of style at my house and it is normally $4 a bottle. The store had it on sale 2 for $5. I had coupons $1 off one. This doubled to $2 and since I was buying two items, I could use two coupons. This gave me a total of $4 off making my final price 2 for $1! Start planning out your weekly meals and you will be shocked how much time you save during the week! Plan your next shopping trip using coupons and your meal plan and you will be surprised how much money you save! Saving time and saving money will eliminate some of the evening chaos which will save you from some stress!

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Dive In Movie Put on your swimsuit and grab your floaties for the Dive-In Movie at Normandy Pool. Bring the entire Family out on August 11th for an evening of swimming and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 from 8 to 11 pm. Admission is only $3 per person. Please call 643-8533 for more information.

School Year Registration

School starts this month, have you thought about where your school age child will be before and after school? Sign them up now for Child, Youth, and School Services before and after school care program. Homework labs, activities, learning centers and much more under the guidance of qualified CYSS providers. Call 3968110 for more information.

Movie Night @ the Beach

Bring your blankets and lawn chairs for a night at the beach with your friends and Family. On Saturday, August 18th, Smith Lake will host Movie Night @ the Beach featuring The Smurfs. The gates will open at 8 pm with the movie beginning at 9 pm. This FREE event is open to everyone! Please call 396-5979 for more information.

Smith Lake Ski Rixen

Get extreme at Smith Lake this summer! The brand new Ski Rixen is now open Friday through Sunday until Labor Day Weekend. Enjoy water-skiing and wakeboarding with the state of the art cable way system that pulls water sports enthusiasts effortlessly over the water. Open to everyone. Hourly, daily, and season passes available.

Family and MWR Phone Numbers ACS.................................... 396-8682 Airborne Inn...................... 396-7700 Airborne Lanes................. 432-6899 Aquatics (Sports).............. 907-5242 Army Emergency Relief (AER)....................... 396-2507 Army Family Action Plan (AFAP)....................... 396-4447 BOSS.................................. 396-7751 CYS Services Parent Central.............................. 396-8110 Clay Target Center.......... 436-9489 Cleland Ice Rink............... 396-5127 Cook CDC........................ 396-2989 Deployment Mobilization/ FRG Training...................... 432-3742 Dragon Lanes Bowling.... 907-BOWL East Bragg Auto Skills....... 396-8665 Fernandez CDC............... 396-4733 Green Beret Club.............907-4976 Habanero Mexican Grill.....................394-4580 Java CafÊ.........................432-9481 Throckmorton Library....... 643-6955 McKellar’s Lodge............. 907-5253 Fort Bragg Club................ 907-CLUB Equipment Checkout Ctr....................396-7060 Leisure Travel Services..... 396-TRIP/TOUR Pope Frame & Design Arts..................................... 394-4192 Pope Auto Skills................ 394-2293 Pope Wood Craft Shop.................................. 394-5049 Pope RV Lot/Mini Storage/

Carwash............................394-2293 Prager CDC...................... 396-1136 Rodgers CDC....................432-5933 Rodriquez CDC................ 396-5429 Ryder Golf Course............907-4653 SKIES Unlimited..................907-5437 Smith Lake Rec Area....... 396-5979 Special Events.................. 396-9126 Sports & Fitness................. 396-1217 Sports USA......................... 907-0739 Stryker Golf Course.......... 396-3980 Tolson Youth Activities Center............................... 396-KIDS Veterinary Treatment Facility............................... 396-9120/6473 Wonderful World for Kids............................... 396-2011 Yntema Bingo...................396-3310 Youth Services Sports....... 396-8110

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Sunday Buffet Fort Bragg Club 10 am - 1:30 pm



Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 - 6 pm



Tuesday Nights Beginners Bingo Yntema Bingo Club



Watch the 20 @ Sports USA


PT Facilitator Frederick PFC

ERP Orientation ACS 9 am - 12 pm

Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 -

PT Facilitator Course Frederick PFC 9 am - 12 pm

Fit EDGE! Ice Skating Cleland Ice Rink 4:45 - 6

Fit EDGE! Bowling Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 5:15 pm Fit EDGE! G.I. Brats Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 6 pm


Sunday Buffet Fort Bragg Club 10 am - 1:30 pm


Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 - 6 pm


Tuesday Nights Beginners Bingo Yntema Bingo Club


Federal Resum ACS 9 am - 4 p

Fit EDGE! Bowling Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 5:15 pm

Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 -

Fit EDGE! G.I. Brats Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 6 pm

Fit EDGE! Ice Skating Cleland Ice Rink 4:45 - 6

Movie Night with BOS BOSS 8 pm


Sunday Buffet Fort Bragg Club 10 am - 1:30 pm


Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 - 6 pm


Tuesday Nights Beginners Bingo Yntema Bingo Club

ERP Orientation ACS 9 am - 12 pm


Fit EDGE! Yog Towle e Fitness


Fit EDGE! EDG GE! Yog Towle Fitness

Fit EDGE! Ice S Skating kating Cleland Ice Rin nk 4:45 - 6 Rink

Fit EDGE! Bowling Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 5:15 pm Fit EDGE! G.I. Brats Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 6 pm


Sunday Buffet Fort Bragg Club 10 am - 1:30 pm


Fit EDGE! Yoga Towle Fitness Center 4 - 6 pm


Tuesday Nights Beginners Bingo Yntema Bingo Club

Sharpen Your Interview Skills ACS 9 am - 12 pm

Fit EDGE! Ice Skating Cleland Ice Rink 4:45 - 6

Fit EDGE! Bowling Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 5:15 pm Fit EDGE! G.I. Brats Dragon Lanes 3:30 - 6 pm

Visit us online: and on Facebook: Fort Bragg Family and MWR

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esday 12 Summer Olympics

r Course 9 am - 12 pm



Watch the 2012 Summer Olympics @ Sports USA


PT Facilitator Course Frederick PFC 9 am - 12 pm

- 6 pm

Eat Like a Pro Frederick PFC 12 - 1 pm

6:15 pm

5 Star Resume & Cover Letter ACS 1 - 3 pm

me I & II pm

- 6 pm



Watch the 2012 Summer Olympics @ Sports USA



Cosmic Bingo Yntema Bingo Club 10 pm


Life EDGE! Trap Shooting Clay Target Center 4 - 5:50 pm


Federal Resume I & II ACS 9 am - 4 pm

Art EDGE! Mosaic Pottery Dragon Lanes 4:30 - 6:15 pm

Big Game Saturday Yntema Bingo Club Dive-In Movie Showing: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Normandy Pool 8 - 11 pm Cosmic Bingo Yntema Bingo Club 10 pm

Art EDGE! Mosaic Pottery Dragon Lanes 4:30 - 6:15 pm


Wild Water Warriors BOSS 9 am - 8 pm

UFC 150 Sports USA 10 pm


Life EDGE! Trap Shooting Clay Target Center 4 - 5:50 pm


Movie Night @ the Beach Showing: The Smurfs Smith Lake 9 pm

Cosmic Bingo Yntema Bingo Club 10 pm

6:15 pm


ga Center 4 - 6 pm

6:15 pm

ga Center 4 - 6 pm

6:15 pm


Ready Set, G Goal Ready, 2 pm ACS 9 am - 1 12

Art EDGE! Mosaic Pottery Potttery Dragon Lanes 4:30 - 6: 15 pm 6:15


Life EDGE! Trap Shooting Clay Target Center 4 - 5:50 pm

25 Big Game Saturday Yntema Bingo Club Cosmic Bingo Yntema Bingo Club 10 pm


Mosaic Pottery Art EDGE! Mosaic Dragon Lanes 4:30 - 6:15 pm


Life EDGE! Trap Shooting Clay Target Center 4 - 5:50 pm



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American Military University Page 11

Strong Beginnings

By: Heather Ybarra

It is just around the corner. Your baby is growing children. Both sessions run Monday through Friday and up. Next year he is heading off to Kindergarten. Is are held at the Eagle Annex on Pope Army Air Field. he ready? How is he coming along with his letters T h i s part day program will coincide with and numbers? Has he developed positive social the Fort Bragg Schools calendar. skills? If your child turns four by August 31, you can Strong Beginnings is open to help build foundations for learning with the Child, all CYSS cardholders and Youth and School Services Strong Beginnings the cost is based on total Pre-K program. family income. In addition to all the wonderful things children learn in preschool like social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth, Strong Beginnings focuses on academic skills, learning self-control, following directions, numbers, colors, shapes, writing, reading and more. The rooms are set up to reflect what a child will see when entering Kindergarten with small tables, word boards, calendars and more. Strong Beginnings is designed to prepare your child to be ready for Kindergarten. Strong Beginnings follows the Creative Curriculum for Preschool which is the only authorized curriculum supplemented with Teaching Strategies Literacy, Social Studies, and Math publications. This is the most widely used Pre-K curriculum in the United States. The Developmental Continuum was chosen as the authorized assessment system. It charts each child’s programs and offers individualized activities for each child. Fort Bragg Child, Youth and School Services will offer a morning session, 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., and an afternoon session, 1 to 4 p.m. for the 2012-2013 school year to provide more opportunities for Page 12

Register your child now to guide them in the right direction for school readiness.

Call 396-8110 or visit CYSS Central Registration at the Soldier Support Center on the 4th floor.

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Bullying Prevention By: Lily Marrero

Do you remember when bullying use to be something that kids only dealt with in school? It used to be that a bully picked on you because you were different. They called you names, took your lunch money and made your life miserable. Today, bullying has manifested into something so much more than anyone could have imagined. It doesn’t just happen at school anymore. With the advances in technology, kids have taken to not just bullying their victims face to face, but through the use of the internet and text messaging as well. It has become a growing problem that must be addressed immediately. Kids used to have a way out by going home to avoid bullies, but they (bullies) have found new and different means in which to torment their victims. With today’s internet, bullying can go unnoticed by parents and continue for a long time. As parents and teachers, we need to be more vigilant and watch for signs of bullying towards our children and students. A few warning signs for parents and teachers to watch for are listed on • Unexplainable injuries • Lost or destroyed clothing, books, electronics, or jewelry • Frequent headaches or stomach aches, feeling sick or faking illness • Changes in eating habits, like suddenly skipping meals or binge eating. Kids may come home from school hungry because they did not eat lunch. • Difficulty sleeping or frequent nightmares • Declining grades, loss of interest in schoolwork, or not wanting to go to school • Sudden loss of friends or avoidance of social situations • Feelings of helplessness or decreased self esteem • Self-destructive behaviors such as running away from home, harming themselves, or talking about suicide Page 14

If you notice a child showing warning signs, regardless whether they are yours or not, talk to them or their parents and let them know that you’re there to help them. Many victims are worried if they say something, the bullying will get worse, so they may not want you going to the school or confronting the bully directly. It is important for the child to understand you are there to help them. If your child tells you that he or she is being bullied at school, immediately contact his or her teacher, the school guidance counselor and the principal so that immediate action can be taken. Many schools have already put into affect a zero tolerance policy for bullying to ensure all kids are learning in a safe environment. There are ways to prevent bullying, but it isn’t just up to the child being bullied to do something about it. We, as adults, play a huge role in teaching our children to be leaders and to instill confidence in them. They need to know they are important and that they don’t deserve to be treated badly. A key way to stop bullying is bringing it out in the open and to the attention of people in power. Bullying is not a situation that will fix itself. All students, parents and teachers need to take bullying seriously and not be afraid to speak up and get involved to help both the victim and the bully.



At CTU we know the sacrifices you make. Your education shouldn’t be one of those sacrifices. We offer support designed specifically for current and veteran military personnel and their families. s $O$6OLUNTARY%DUCATION-/5-EMBER3CHOOL s 3/#3TUDENT"ILLOF2IGHTS0ARTICIPANT s -ILITARY4UITION2ATE

Contact us at 877.449.3555 or visit

*Military tuition rate subject to conditions, which are posted in the tuition schedule. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. Find disclosures on graduation rates, student financial obligations and more at Not all programs are available to residents of all states. CTU cannot guarantee employment or salary. 131-30576 271299 03/12

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Make the Play to Stop Bullying By: Oscar Ybarra

Very often you see or hear of kids being bullied and you think of it as a minor activity. This is when the problem gets worse. Soon the victim doesn’t want to go to school and or camp. Bullying is the biggest and fastest growing problem in the world. It is estimated that there will be 13 million kids who are going to be bullied this year. Millions are wondering how to stop this and there are thousands of videos on a b o u t people getting bullied or talking about their friends getting bullied.

I have personally seen people bully other students before. I didn’t know what to do because I didn’t want to draw attention and become the victim and/ or looked at as a bully myself. The right thing to do is tell the teacher right away because there are many stories of students committing suicide because they couldn’t stand getting bullied or were scared to go back to school. There are three types of bullying: physical, cyber, and emotional. Cyber bullying is when students are getting bullied through technology like email, Facebook, Twitter, texting, and Myspace. Emotional bullying is when there is no physical violence occurring but there is bullying through language, where they are insulting the victim and calling them names. They also are picking on them about where they live, sports they do or don’t do, their grades good or bad, family and more. The last one was is physical bullying, which many people know as punching, kicking, fighting, throwing objects at them, etc., Physical bullying is probably the most common when thinking about it, but in reality cyber and emotional can cause just as much harm. Most parents normally suspect these kinds of things to happen when their kids get into middle school or high school, but today kids are bullied even at 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade. I recently saw a story about a girl in 3rd grade that went to a plastic surgeon to get her ear fixed because she was tired of kids making fun of her ear because of what it looked like. The little girl had said that it started in the 1st grade. It is just sad that an 8 year old felt the need to get plastic surgery to stop getting bullied. This proves how serious this subject has become. This is an issue that needs to be stopped. If you know anybody that is getting bullied, do something about it. Don’t be a benchwarmer; be active to stop the problem. Make the play to stop them. Always remember, treat others the way you would want to be treated. If you do not want someone saying it to you or doing something to you – do not do it to them!

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Fort Bragg Family & MWR In Motion Magazine - August 2012  

A monthly magazine for families on Fort Bragg and the greater Fayetteville area.

Fort Bragg Family & MWR In Motion Magazine - August 2012  

A monthly magazine for families on Fort Bragg and the greater Fayetteville area.