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The Conservative Voice By Barbara J. Carlson

Ignoring Our Country’s Plight... a McCain Sound Byte Americans are outraged why there isn’t yet a Benghazi Select Committee. Will Congress vote down the Continuing Resolution if it funds Obamacare while Senators Cruz and Lee are fighting to defund it? What actions will be taken against IRS’ Lois Lerner and Faris Fink, the $50M lavish spending, the $70M in IRS bonuses or the IRS’ posting of thousands of Social

Security numbers? Will Congress bail out the $18B mismanaged, bankrupt Detroit ($80B already to auto makers), then Chicago’s $19B unfunded pension liabilities (caused by the unions) and LA’s $30B, for starters? Why do our vets have to wait 273-500 days for medical assistance, some dying, and not remove Shinseki, the VA’s Dept


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Head? Why has Congress approved arms to Syrian rebels that are in the midst of a civil war that 70% of Americans oppose our involvement? Our military is at a historical low while this President

Registration is now open for children of families wanting to take part in the Walk with Pride Shoe Program. Each child who is eligible will be invited to a participating Payless Shoe store location to pick out a new pair of shoes on August 18th. Deadline for applications is August 2, 2013. To determine eligibility, the following information must be provided: Identification of parent(s)Must show proof of Fort Bend County residency: • I.D. Card or Driver's License AND Social Security Card Proof of income • Current pay stubs (last 4 if paid weekly, last 2 if paid bi-weekly or twice a mo., (ex. 1st & 15th); Current Award letter(s), i.e. TANF, Social Security, VA Pension, SSI, Retirement, current Child Support statement or printout, Workers Compensation; Unemployment benefit statement;. If unemployed, proof of registration with Texas Worksource and Four


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Quarter Earnings Statement or school enrollment. For more than 20 years, Fort Bend County Social Services has hosted the “Walk with Pride Shoe Program” in collaboration with various contributors including charitable organizations, private businesses, and individuals in the community. Each year before school begins, children of low income families can register to receive a free pair of shoes from select Payless Shoe stores. Each eligible child receives a new pair of shoes they can be proud of on the first day of school. Last year 1,100 children received a new pair of shoes. While the agency would like to help every child in need, the number of children it can help depends on the amount of funding received. Donations are being accepted at this time until August 7, 2013. For more information contact Anna Gonzales, Director of Social Services at 281-238-3506.



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intends to reduce our nuclear weapons by one-third—without a treaty in place! Why did Congress spend $34M on a military facility in Afghanistan—against the advice of our commanders—to now be

Walk with Pride application deadline is Friday, August 2

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CAN YOU HELP? Farmer’s Market (Froberg Farms) has closed their back entrance. Their new entrance is off Highway 6. PROUD needs to make changes to the directions we have on our web site under “Frequently Asked Questions”. CURRENTDIRECTIONS: FARMER’S MARKET: Froberg Farms, OPEN 7 days a week, 9am to 6pm, 281-5853531. Directions: * Drive toward Alvin on Hwy 6 * Past Hwy 288 * 7 miles * stop light at CO 146 8 turn right * mini- storage on right hand corner and the Knights of Columbus is on the left of Hwy 6 * cross RR tracks * turn left immediately * One (1) mile you will see signs to Frobergs. FOOTBRIDGE: This pedestrian bridge crosses over Oyster Creek from QV to the QV Middle School which is used by students to get to the school. FYI: “The City of Missouri City has maintenance responsibility for that bridge. They performed an upgrade to the bridge a little while back and it was reviewed in the last few months.” (This statement is courtesy of Scott Elmer, Assistant City Manager.)

A ”FACELIFT” FOR MacNAUGHTON PARK: High impact trees pruned. 156 trees pruned in-house. Landscape improvements made to restroom facility: removal of invasive vegetation, ornamental shrub planting and mulching, irrigation installation, power washing, garbage removal, fence and brick repair and sign installation. Building painted by outside contractor. VOLUNTARY WATER CONSERVATION NEEDED: Due to drought conditions and lack of rainfall the past several weeks, residents are asked to conserve water usage. Questions? Water District Office (281)499-5539 between 9 am and 4 pm, Monday thru Friday. SUNDAY BRUNCH at CITY Centre @ QV: August 4th, 10am to 2pm. Call for Reservations: 281-403-5921. HELP PROUD SPONSOR QV PROJECTS: Mail your (tax deductible) donation of $25 or more to: Frost Bank, Lock box Department, Quail Valley PROUD, P. O. Box 367 Dept. 06, Houston, Texas 77001. Q U E S T I O N S ANSWERED. Email the PROUD HOTLINE at



destroyed? Instead of addressing our country’s alarming issues, last week’s Congressional generic update was quickly glazed over. Congressman Olson told us that no Republican voted for Obamacare—but no mention of defunding it; that the Obamacare train wreck is coming; that our immigration system is broken and that “I hope we’ll do something by September” on immigration—like Obama wants. We were told repeatedly that “I have a great place in Washington…and I get to brag.” Olson’s miscalculated vote against the Justin Amash Amendment (stop NSA data collection/spying) was justified simply because he was in Washington during 9/11—the same bill that the Honorable Ted Poe opposed because it grossly violates our 4th Amendment. We were told that Congress has already “wacked off 95%” of its discretionary spending, which now tells us what Congress will do—a big nothing! It won’t matter that 23M are unemployed; our economy is

worse than after WWII and spending is out of control; that our Vets’ medical needs are not met; that the NSA didn’t catch NY City’s subway plotter, terrorist David Headley, Fort Hood’s or Boston’s terrorists, the shoe, underwear or the NY Times Square bombers. Instead, Congress is focused on turning the moon landing site into a historical park; will raise the debt ceiling and spend more $$$$; the House will not defund Obamacare and will push another version of amnesty while Alejandro Mayorkas, Obama’s nominee, is now under investigation for his alleged intervention to obtain VISAs for foreign investors and we won’t know who will replace Big Sis until September; illegals will be put ahead of the 4M legal applicants already waiting in line. Are we still confused why this Congress is at a historic 10% approval rating and has been labeled the “Do-Nothing Congress”? For comments, contact Barbara J. Carlson at Barbara@

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How to Manage a Fast Heartbeat

Tachycardia is the medical term for a condition where the heart beats much faster than normal. A normal heart can beat anywhere from 60-100 beats per minute. In tachycardia, the heart rate is increased due to an increased stimulation of electrical activity within the heart’s conduction system. People who have a faster heart rate may experience dizziness,fainting, shortness of breath, or a sudden sensation in the chest known as a heart palpitation. Tachycardia can be caused by a heart abnormality,drinking excessive alcohol, smoking, fever, or an overactive thyroid gland. To help manage tachycardia, most people will take a prescribed antiarrhythmic medication. While there are four classes of anti-arrhythmic medications, most people will either take a calcium channel blocker such as diltiazem (Cardizem) or a beta blocker such as metoprolol (Lopressor, Toprol). These medications help reduce the heart rate. Since the risk of ablood clot is very high in people with certain types of tachycardia, many people may also be on a blood thinner such as warfarin (Coumadin) ordabigatran (Pradaxa). Coumadin users may need periodical blood tests and maintain a consistent diet with regards to food rich in vitamin K. If severe, a pacemaker may be surgically implanted under the skin.

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July 31, 2013 - Fort Bend Community Newspaper  
July 31, 2013 - Fort Bend Community Newspaper  

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