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By Alisa Murray Nationally recognized portrait artist and award-winning columnist.

Photo by Alisa Murray Photography

Living the Sweet Life: God’s Winking, Bev Just Showed Up for the Party

Bev Carter with grandson Jack Fredrickson.


here is a void in our world that will be very difficult for anyone to fill. Bev Carter has gone to that place where pleasantries are abundant and woes few and far between. I am quite sure she’s got a cocktail in her hand, a smile on her face and is having eloquent and very entertaining conversations amongst old friends. When I discovered that she had left this place, I was so thrown off by the news that it took me a few minutes to gather myself. For many, Bev was a powerful woman. She spent 30 years dishing it out and taking it, too for her crafty journalism. I remember the first time and the last time that I saw her, and for me, that’s a rarity. The first time I met Bev I was at Fort Bend Focus Magazine’s JEWELS of Fort Bend event at Safari Texas, and she came up behind me wearing a red dress. Her husky voice almost scared me to death! She said to me, “Just look at you! An award-winning columnist on your first try!” I was not sure what to think of her or the comment at the time, and then, as I got a few years under me in writing and reading her column, I realized she was paying me the highest compliment ever. Bev for me has been a powerful force that no one in their right mind would

want to be on her opposing team. She created an amazing column, had loyal followers that truthfully were, if not in agreement with her strong views, at least they were entertained by her ability to voice her opinions. She used her talent and quick wit to enable and disable many doing good and others doing poorly here in this big game of life. Thank God someone had the chutzpah! Secretly, I have always admired Bev, even aspired to be more like her. I can say that now. She created an empire in journalism that will be very much missed. Her gutsiness reminded me of my own dear Nana and how she really could have cared less what people thought. Nana, like Bev, spoke unequivocally her mind and censorship was never part of her. You knew with both of them exactly where you stood, where they stood and if you did not like it, well tough #!**. Oh to be just like them! Over the years, I called her once for her opinion on something that could have gotten me into hot water, and she, true to her style, stated flatly that. “You do not do politics. You are a featured SWEET column.” She was amazing. She was a fighter, behind the scenes facing cancer and the loss of her daugh-

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ter. Again, reminding me of Nana and her way of looking at life with the attitude of “I’ve got this and life must go on” style. I am quite sure Nana has found her and is showing her around. That’s perfect, too, because they are going to love hanging out together. When I get there, I’ll be wearing red and looking for a writing partner, too! The last time I saw Bev was at the last JEWELS event. She asked me about the radio show that was not flying off the ground the way I had hoped it would, and she said to me then, “You’ll figure something out.” Indeed I did because that opportunity failing led to an even greater one. Life does that. I will, for one, miss her. I will miss her spunk and her drive and for me in the ever constant creating of “Alisa,” I’ll miss her example. She was a real fine Texas entrepreneur, afraid of nothing, held back by nothing and heaven’s got a handful of sparkle and shine headed its way! Here’s to YOU Bev!

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