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Ask The Expert: Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s Dr. John Nguyen

Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists Offers PinPointe Technology and Quality Care For more than a decade, the team at Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has been treating patients with every type of foot problem. Adults, children and seniors choose Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists for personal, quality care. With multiple board certifications in foot surgery, Dr. Bryan Lee uses the most current techniques to reduce downtime and heal with minimal scarring. Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists has one of Sugar Land and Houston’s only PinPointe lasers, effective for treating stubborn, unsightly nail fungus. The laser does not harm healthy tissue or affect activity in any way. A clinical study demonstrated that 81 percent of the treated patients grew a normal looking nail after just one treatment. This result is better than the success rate for prescription pills or creams, which require prolonged use and expose patients to risks of dangerous side effects. With two convenient locations, Advanced Foot and Ankle Specialists will get you back on your feet! For more information, call 281-242-FEET (3338) or visit

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We Treat Many Common Foot Problems Including:

Dr. Y Bryan Lee Informed patients choose Board Certified Podiatrist Dr. Y Bryan Lee for all their foot health needs. LOCATED AT

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Say Goodbye to Toenail Fungus NEW! FDA Approved Patented Laser Technology

PinPointe is a quick, safe, and painless procedure that involves no anesthesia. It’s usually effective after only one treatment.

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magazine • August 2013


Sugar Land Plastic Surgery’s Dr. John Nguyen weighs in on one of the most popular procedures with patients: breast augmentation. What is your favorite part of a breast augmentation? JN: My favorite part of a breast augmentation surgery is the very first post-op because unlike many surgeries where there’s a longer recovery time with swelling and perhaps bruising, a breast augmentation looks good almost immediately. Seeing my patient’s reactions is extremely fulfilling and never gets old. Do you have any “pre-surgery rituals” you like to do before going to the OR? JN: I like to stay with my patients until they actually go under anesthesia. I have a few jokes – actually I only have two jokes – that I tell to every patient. I want my patients to feel comfortable and have a smile on their face right before going under. How do you determine what type and size of implant a patient should choose? JN: The type of implant is fairly a personal choice. As far as size, I try to give patients an option but within a range that will fit their body, because we want to make the breasts fuller and pretty, not just gigantic. What sets Sugar Land Plastic Surgery apart from other plastic surgery centers? JN: We pride ourselves on never pushing people into surgery. In fact, I think most people will tell you that I spend a good 20% of the time talking people out of surgery. We have our patient’s best interest at heart, and that is something we will always do. Visit to learn more about Sugar Land Plastic Surgery. See ad on page 7.

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August 2013 - Fort Bend Focus Magazine - People • Places • Happenings  

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