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Two New Ways to Find Trouble with Your Teeth Before You Can See or Feel It The Sopro Life Intraoral Camera is much more than just a camera. Yes, it can take close-up pictures of your teeth. Yes, you can see them on the computer monitor magnified 50 times. This new intraoral camera can literally light up decay red. It uses light-induced fluorescence. Right there during the dental examination, a photo of the tooth can be taken and viewed on the computer monitor showing the area of decay. Decay can be detected in the earliest stages, making repairs easy. The greatest advance in dental diagnostics since the X-ray, the Laser Scanner enables C & C Dental to find cavities years before any other means of cavity detection, including the X-ray. A painless laser scanner can detect decay earlier than ever before. It simply shines a harmless laser beam into the tooth and sends back a reading of hardness. C & C Dental can find problems years before they show up on any X-ray or before you feel anything. Think about this: If decay can be detected early when it is a small hole and repaired using the Water-Laser or Air Abrasion – pain-free and drill-free cavity removal – the tooth has probably been saved from a crown and root canal later. Complications from large silver fillings have led to repairing teeth with crowns and root canals. The ability of the laser scanner has changed dentistry forever. Teeth can now be repaired with tiny, white fillings. Where was this when we were kids? For more information, call 281-206- 4482 or visit or See ad on page 9.

Experience DEFINE Body & Mind Experience Houston’s most transforming workout studio: DEFINE Body & Mind. Develop strength, length and balance from any of their signature classes: DEFINE body, DEFINE mind or DEFINE revolution. DEFINE’s signature 60-minute body class incorporates yoga, Pilates, ballet conditioning and core work to tone and sculpt the entire body. DEFINE mind is a soothing, 60-minute class focused on gaining flexibility, refreshing the body and calming the mind. DEFINE revolution is their take on indoor cycling, a 45-minute rhythm-based full-body workout on the bike. The mission at DEFINE Body & Mind is to educate people on how to become their absolute best. We believe that physical strength, length and balance impact both states of mind and being. We create an atmosphere that inspires results, fosters community and gives back to others in order to achieve sustainable health and happiness. DEFINE now has six beautiful Houston area locations: Sugar Land, The Woodlands, River Oaks, West U, Tanglewood and the Energy Corridor. Come try one of our core class concepts: body, mind or revolution! DEFINE Sugar Land is located at 16525 Lexington Boulevard next to the CVS. Email to learn more.

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Concierge Care Timeless Plastic Surgery has an internal mission they call the Timeless “Concierge Care” experience. Concierge means “as the patient wants it.” They strive to provide what the patient wants, when they want it, reasonably and safely, with knowledge and skill. Similar to the attention offered at a fivestar resort, Timeless Plastic Surgery ensures that everyone with whom patients interact – the receptionist, the consultants, the nurses and the physicians – is highly trained not only in doing their job but also in anticipating and meeting patient needs and concerns. Care is taken to ensure that patients feel informed and comfortable before, during and after their procedure, and follow-up is tailored to the individual to ensure a smooth and successful recovery. As part of the “Concierge Care” experience, Dr. Chang gives his personal cell phone number to all of his surgical patients so that they have access to him 24/7. In an increasingly competitive market, it is crucial to stand apart by providing superior service and results. When patients choose Timeless Plastic Surgery, they can feel confident that they are choosing the best. Timeless Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence for Cosmetic Surgery is located at 1327 Lake Pointe Pkwy, Suite 300 in Sugar Land. For more information, call 281-242-TIME (8463).

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August 2013 - Fort Bend Focus Magazine - People • Places • Happenings  

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