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HAMILTON VEIN CENTER Dedicated to Outpatient, Advanced Treatment for Vein Disease Tonie Reincke, M.D. Clinical Director Hamilton Vein Center Sugar Land

JULY 2014



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Jean Sandlin

Fort Bend benefits from business multiplier effect


e’re about to experience more of that economic multiplier effect with so many new businesses coming to Fort Bend County. One of the notable ones to open by the end of the year is Gallery Furniture. The community welcomes the McIngvales and their extended Gallery Furniture family.   It’s always good news when the dollars spent in and for our stores are then respent in the form of payroll, buying goods and services purchased from other area businesses, profits spent by local owners, and also those immeasurable donations to non-profit charitable organizations. That’s the economic multiplier effect that keeps Fort Bend’s economic viability humming.  On humming, what comes to mind is that 70’s tune “School’s Out for Summer.” Indeed it is, and our younger generations keep moving forward as they make strides in what will turn out to be their personal contributions to the economy with eventual full time careers and home ownership.   Enjoy the summer with those thermostat upward readings to match the same kind of trend in local sales. High readings, high sales!  In the meantime, keep the cash register’s ringing. Editor scan with you smart phone to launch website

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Kolbe Curtice CCIM, CLS Managing Director – Colliers International | Fort Bend

Becky Munnell President and CEO Blue Jungle Marketing

Jacqueline Baly President and CEO Baly Projects, LLC

Alan Sandersen Certified Public Accountant Sandersen Knox & Co. L.L.P.

Dee Koch Grant Officer The George Foundation

Tim Stubenrouch President First Community Bank

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

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YOUR BUSINESS. brian tave


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& Advisory Director

YOUR BANK. Post Oak Bank recognizes that each customer is unique. Just like you, Post Oak Bank is different from other banks. Yes, we all loan money and of course we all want your business, but that’s where the difference starts. Post Oak Bank is a locally owned community bank. We live here and we work here. We know how hard it is to run a successful business. Our total commitment is to our community and the people who have the drive to have their own business. YOUR LIFE. YOUR BUSINESS. YOUR BANK. Call one of the Post Oak Bank professional bankers and see how we can make a difference in your business.

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July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

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July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


Needle biopsy underused in breast cancer diagnosis - negatively impacting diagnosis and care MD Anderson study also highlights surgeon’s influence on patient care, decision-making


eedle biopsy, the standard of care radiological procedure for diagnosing breast cancer, is underused with too many patients undergoing the more invasive, excisional biopsy to detect their disease, according to research from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. The study, published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, also finds that patients are often influenced by surgeons to undergo the unnecessary surgery -- a decision that’s costly and can negatively impact their diagnosis and treatment. A needle biopsy is a non-surgical procedure typically performed by a radiologist that uses a thin needle to remove sample tissue from the breast. The procedure was originally endorsed as a reasonable standard of care in 1997 by a Joint Task Force comprising the American College of Surgeons (ACS), College of American Pathologists and American College of Radiologists. The procedure was endorsed as a quality measure by the ACS in 2006, says Benjamin Smith, MD, associate professor in MD Anderson’s departments of Radiation Oncology and Health Services Research. “Still too often in my practice, I see patients that come to MD Anderson for care after having an excisional biopsy performed for diagnosis, when they obviously could have had a needle biopsy,” says Benjamin Smith, MD, the study’s corresponding author. “Often, the excisional biopsy negatively affects other aspects of breast cancer treatment and is simply a wasteful procedure. With this study, we wanted to quantitate the magnitude of that waste on a national scale, and identify some of the impacts of that


practice pattern on the well-being of patients.” For the retrospective study, Smith and his colleagues reviewed Medicare claims of 89,712 patients diagnosed with breast cancer from 2003-2007. All were treated with breast conserving surgery and radiation. The study also identified 11,279 diagnosing surgeons and 12,405 treating surgeons. Of the patients, 68.4 percent (61,353) underwent a needle biopsy, with the rate of those undergoing the procedure increasing from 60.8 percent in 2003 to 76.5 percent in 2007. Of the total cohort, 68.4 percent of the patients consulted with a surgeon prior to a biopsy and 31.6 percent saw a surgeon after their biopsy. Of the patients who saw a surgeon upfront: 46.3 percent did not have a needle biopsy; 38.4 percent underwent the procedure, but performed by their surgeon; and 15.4 percent had the needle biopsy performed by a radiologist. In contrast, all patients who saw a surgeon post-biopsy underwent the needle biopsy. The researchers found that surgeon characteristics associated with excisional biopsy included: lack of board certification; training outside the U.S.; medical school graduation before 1980 and low case volume. Also, patient characteristics most associated with surgeon consultation before biopsy, and thus a lower rate of needle biopsy, were: older age; black race; Medicaid coverage; comorbid illness; earlier year of diagnosis and rural residence. Geographical discrepancies in the rate of needle biopsies performed were noted -- the researchers contrast the low rate of 24.1 percent in Bismarck, North Dakota to a high of 97.2 percent in Lynchburg, Virginia. Yet, Smith notes that access issues were far less of a factor for the decision than that of the surgeon’s influence. “The real question is the role of the surgeon and to understand that influence. With our study, we set up a statistical model that allowed us to compare the impact of patient-to-surgeon factors. While there are access issues that should be addressed, it’s clear that the surgeon’s role is very important July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

for the patients’ care,” explains Smith. Excisional biopsies were negatively associated with multiple breast cancer surgeries, 69.6 percent, compared to 33.7 percent of those who did not undergo the surgery. For patients, says Smith, it’s important to know that needle biopsy is considered the standard of care for breast cancer diagnosis, it’s relatively readily accessible, and there are possible medical benefits of making the right decision -- such as preventing additional surgeries and enduring fewer complications. “An open surgical biopsy actually makes lymph node biopsy less accurate -- and lymph node status is the most important factor when making critical decisions about adjuvant therapy. So breast cancer patients should be fully educated that this is the standard of care and ask for it,” stressed Smith. “For physicians, I think our findings suggest an opportunity to educate and encourage them to do the right thing in the best interest of their patient,” Smith continued. In addition to Smith, authors from MD Anderson include: Thomas A. Buchholz, M.D., Executive Vice President and Physician-In-Chief; Sharon H. Giordano, M.D., Ying Xu, M.D., Linda Elting, DRPH, Chan Shen, Ph.D., and Jing Jiang, all with Health Services Research; Grace L. Smith, M.D., Radiation Oncology ; Gary J. Whitman, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Yu Shen, Ph.D., Biostatistics; Wei Yang, M.D., Diagnostic Radiology; Kelly K. Hunt, M.D., and Dalliah M. Black, M.D., both with Surgical Oncology. Jan M. Eberth, Arnold School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, is the study’s first author. The study was supported by grants from the following: Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas; the Cancer Prevention Training Program at MD Anderson; the American Cancer Society; Multidisciplinary Postdoctoral Awards from the Department of Defense; and from the National Cancer Institute, grant numbers CA16672 and T32CA77050.

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Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


Home Economics Patience and Preparation pay off By Dustin Wells Senior Vice President, IBC Mortgage


13 percent jump in home prices over the last year has a lot of people kicking themselves for not getting into the market earlier. And while everyone wants to get in on the ground floor, the first step in buying a home is getting a firm grip on real homeownership costs. You have to ask yourself, “How much home can I afford?” It’s a balancing act. Home affordability is based on how much of your income is currently being spent on monthly debt. It’s known as the debt-to-income (DTI) ratio and most lenders are going to want it to be less than 36 percent, including the mortgage for which you’re applying. FHA lenders may consider



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a higher percentage, but the rule of thumb is only around one third of your income should be committed to servicing debts. Anyone with a DTI of 20 percent or less is in great shape. There are countless online DTI calculators, but you’ll need to gather some data for them to use. First, you’ll need to determine your gross monthly income. This only includes regular and recurring documentable income. If it doesn’t show up on your tax returns, it doesn’t count. Then you’ll need to add up your monthly debt load. This includes all your monthly payments like credit cards, car loans, personal debts and ongoing expenses such as child support or alimony. For revolving debt, use the minimum monthly payment. With that information, you can work up a rough estimate of your DTI, at least close enough to have a ballpark range of how much you can borrow. Conventional wisdom is to start shopping for houses priced at about 2.5 times your annual income. But the cost of homeownership doesn’t end with the mortgage. Don’t forget taxes, insurance and maintenance. Buying a home is the single largest financial commitment that you will most likely ever make. Down payment and closing costs are up-front expenses you’ll have to take into consideration. If you’re not planning to stay in a home at least three to five years, you may not recover those costs. Then, there’s the loan term. Thirty years? Twenty? Fifteen? Those options will have an impact on your interest rate and your monthly payment. A 15-year mortgage will have a lower overall cost than a 30-year, but the monthly payment is going to be higher since the loan repayment term is only 180 months on a 15-year term vs. 360 months on a 30-year term. A number of lenders offer mortgages that require only a small down payment. For a conventional loan, 20 percent down is the norm. It’s a good idea to pre-qualify for your mortgage before you start shopping. Meet with a lender who can help you establish realistic mortgage expectations and start your search in the price range in which you’re most likely to succeed. It will help at the negotiating stage if the sellers know you mean business and have already lined up your financing. With the number of loan programs available today, there are lots of options and variables, but armed with some basic information you can make the move into homeownership confidently and successfully.

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


Fort Bend Cares grants over $160,000 to 22 area charities

All 22 grant recipients and Fort Bend Cares Board of Trustees.


he numbers are big. Over 20,000 disadvantaged children and youth in Fort Bend County will be helped in some way through $160,110 in grants to 22 area non-profits. Fort Bend Cares assembled the charities, volunteers and key sponsors for its annual grant reception on Monday, June 9th at Silver Eagle Distributors in Rosenberg to give out the awards. Everyone was on hand to also celebrate Fort Bend Cares’ work the last 10 years in the community, ultimately granting just over $1.2 million since inception. The organization’s thorough grants process still remains at a unique grass-roots level, engaging almost 40 community volunteers. Grants Committee Chairperson Robert Coffman said, “The committee did a lot of research and had to make many tough decisions. They are diligent so


Photo by Mary Favre & Liz Furman

as to ensure their recommendations to the Board of Trustees have been examined carefully and thoughtfully.” Some of the local non-profits that received grants included Pooh’s Panda Special Needs Academy for summer camp and childcare for children with special needs and their siblings and Knowledge First Empowerment Center for its drop-out prevention program and GED prep classes for those who have already dropped out of school. The Rosenberg Railroad Museum was awarded the Founders Grant, now in its second year. The grant is named after co-founders Dr. Robert McClendon and Jim Rice. It will help the museum provide free educational programming and field trips for Title 1 schools in Fort Bend. “So many valuable organizations do so much important work in Fort Bend County assisting the children, youth and families that may need help, and ultimately strengthening our community

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

as a whole,” said Fort Bend Cares Executive Director Angie Wierzbicki. Board Chairperson Walt White added, “We are excited to be able to support these dedicated charities by helping to bridge the gap. We couldn’t do it without our business sponsors, individual donors and volunteers. And we can’t wait to increase the support to the hardworking non-profits next year.” Fort Bend Cares raises money for the grants through a variety of events and individual contributions. Its signature event, “Road Trip,” is scheduled for Saturday, February 7, 2015 at Fluor in Sugar Land and brings in the most funds. The organization is looking for sponsors and volunteers for this event and other activities. To get involved, contact Wierzbicki at angie@ or 832-819-2005. For a full list of grant recipients and more information on Fort Bend Cares visit


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Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


“Mattress Mack” embraced by Fort Bend community Gallery Furniture’s largest store under construction in Richmond By Elsa Maxey


he largest of soon to be three locations, a new Gallery Furniture is being constructed in what is referred to as southwest Houston, but to be more exact, it’s in Fort Bend County. The store is scheduled to open by the end of this year as announced at the ground breaking of June 3. With an earth mover and other equipment in the background, the ceremony signaling the start of the effort featured Americana tunes on hand bells by The Brookwood Community choir. But before the groundbreaking, already Jim Mcingvale’s impending presence in Fort Bend County with the new store has been felt with so many locals embracing him with welcome

Jim McIngvale addresses groundbreaking celebrants with a message on capitalism with a cause.


arms. McIngvale was recently the keynote speaker at the Mental Health America Fort Bend fundraiser held at the Sugar Creek County Club, the guest speaker at the Hargarther organized annual Business Showcase Expo held this May in Sugar Land, and he also addressed Fort Bend Lawyers Care at the Sweetwater Country Club with impactful messages. Earlier in the year, he presented a business model to economic students enrolled at the University of Houston Sugar Land. At the groundbreaking, the iconic “Mack Mack,” joined by his supportive family, employees, friends and many others, said, “It is an honor and privilege to be in this great community, we were looking forward to it for several years and it is finally coming true now.” He said Gallery Furniture will continue to practice, as it has for 33 years, “capitalism with a cause,” which means “we’re here to make money, but we’re also here to give back to the community,” affirmed by his daughter, Liz, who also spoke at the groundbreaking. The 165,000-square-foot new furniture store in Richmond will undergo construction on a 100-acre property site on the Grand Parkway near the northbound West Bellfort exit, and will be located right next to the popular Santikos Palladium AVX Entertainment, which opened last year. “My wife, Linda, is in charge of construction, so it’s going to be built,” said McIngvale noting that she is more driven than he. She added that Gallery Furniture intends to hire many local, independent contractors for the construction project. The new furniture store will be at The Market at Long Meadow Farms in Richmond, which lies between Sugar Land and Katy. This is an area that is continuing to experience rapid residential and commercial growth. July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Jim McIngvale’s daughter, Laura McIngvale Brown, adjusts her Dad’s hard hat at the Gallery Furniture store groundbreaking of June 3.

Gallery Furniture’s two other stores are on the North Freeway and Post Oak Boulevard. By the time the new store is in full operation, “we will employ probably about 150 people at this location,” including veterans, said McIngvale. There will also be a full service restaurant modeled after one in New York, and it will feature “Texas type meals,” said McIngvale’s other daughter, Laura, who together with her husband, owns a steakhouse in Austin. The Fort Bend store will have an indoor playground, a tree house, and other amenities for customers and their children. It will also have “a store within the store,” a space for crafts, art work and other products to be sold by adults with developmental disabilities of The Brookwood Community. “At Gallery Furniture, we’re all about giving people a chance, we’re all about making opportunities happen,” said McIngvale. Another new business, Gallery Movers, was started by McIngvale earlier this year. “We are experts at moving furniture. It was a natural fit for us,” he said McIngvale. Fort Bend County Precinct 4

Commissioner James Patterson said Gallery Furniture is in the county’s assistance district allowing it to collect a penny sales tax from the store’s sales for infrastructure development. Already the district’s collections have funded a turnaround under West Bellfort and the Grand Parkway, a U-turn under the Grand Parkway, and another lane on a feeder road for preventing traffic congestion, said Commissioner Patterson. “We don’t have public transportation in Fort Bend County, but we believe we will be able to do some things with that one penny sales tax to bring public transportation to this area.” This southwest sector of the Houston metropolitan area is continuing to show business growth potential. Recent reports indicate that a site of over 100 acres near the Grand Parkway and Clay Road in Katy was bought by Chevron for future research and development facilities.

Greater Fort Bend EDC President Jeff Wiley, Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Keri Schmidt, Fort Bend County Precinct 4 Commissioner James Patterson, Keenon Rayner of Identity Architects, and Jim McIngvale celebrate the groundbreaking of the third and biggest Gallery Furniture to be opening by the end of the year in Richmond off the Grand Parkway.


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MD Anderson professor wins notable AAAS award


i Ma, Ph.D., assistant professor of Experimental Radiation Oncology at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, has been named co-winner of a distinguished award by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). She shares the AAAS Martin and Rose Wachtel Cancer Research Award with Jeffrey Tyner, Ph.D., assistant professor at Oregon Health & Science University. Ma’s laboratory is investigating novel determinants of tumor invasion, metastasis and therapeutic targets

in breast cancer. She reported in the October 2012 issue of Nature Medicine the identification of a receptor protein that suppresses local invasion and metastasis of breast Dr. Li Ma cancer cells. Her discovery of a protector for PTEN, a tumor-thwarting protein often missing in cancer cells, was reported in the December 2013 issue of Nature Cell Biology. Ma’s research focuses on understanding

how to regulate breast cancer metastasis, breast tumor radioresistance, and key breast cancer proteins and pathways, in hopes of developing new therapeutic strategies. The Wachtel Award is an annual prize that honors early career investigators performing outstanding work in cancer research. Winners receive $25,000, deliver a public lecture on their research and have their award entry essay published in the journal Science Translational Medicine. Ma is also affiliated with the Cancer Biology Program at the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. She earned her Ph.D. at Weill Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Cornell University. About MD Anderson The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston ranks as one of the world’s most respected centers focused on cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. MD Anderson is one of only 41 comprehensive cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). For ten of the past 12 years, including 2013, MD Anderson has ranked No. 1 in cancer care in “Best Hospitals,” a survey published annually in U.S. News & World Report. MD Anderson receives a cancer center support grant from the NCI of the National Institutes of Health (P30 CA016672).

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July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

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Is the 90A Commuter Rail a “viable” project for Fort Bend County By Karen Daniels


ntroduced to the US House by Transportation Secretary, Anthony Foxx, the dubbed, Grow America Act, is a “long-term” $302 billion transportation bill that would give more control over infrastructure funding to cities and local governments. Last week, a provision in that act was added for the restriction on use of federal funds for passenger rail on Richmond Avenue. According to Mayor Scarcella, who is in favor of 90A passenger rail and present during the vote for this provision, this does not mean that the funds set aside for the Richmond Avenue project will be transferred to a 90A project. In order for that to happen, Metro will need to submit an application quickly, which is not without complexity.

At this time, the project is in such early stages that the different modes of rail transportation – light, heavy, commuter – have not yet been decided. Mayor Scarcella “would prefer commuter rail” along the rightof-way, grade separated track(s) that Union Pacific owns and operates. Union Pacific has gone on record stating they never promised commuter rail with the installation of a second line. They want their lines used primarily to transport long distance cargo. In 2004 the results of a feasibility study conducted by the City of Stafford advised that passenger rail was “viable.” Ten years later, with higher numbers in population, this study result would likely be “more viable.” The Mayor stated, “How are you going to use public transportation if you have none?” Currently, the Gulf Coast Rail District is conducting a study (available late summer/ early fall 2014) that includes consideration of

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

the “Southern Bypass” which would move freight rail from 90A between Richmond/ Rosenberg and Missouri City, and move it outside city limits for safety considerations. This would require freight trains to travel approximately 225 extra miles per year. Costs for this project range around $1 billion. Union Pacific most likely is not going to want to pay for this. But for argument sake, if they did, this would only relieve 70% of rail traffic. There are businesses along 90A between these two points that use rail. The argument that Texans prefer their cars is an important component. Why build it if they won’t come? Dallas was able to make DART a success and Mayor Scarcella has hope that the people of Fort Bend will be the driving force for commuter rail. “Getting them interested and involved” he said, will make the difference.


New boardwalk and nature overlook in Cross Creek Ranch


new boardwalk and nature overlook is scheduled to open in Cross Creek Ranch where residents of the west Houston master-planned community can observe wetland plants, identify birds and wildlife, hone their photography skills and access nature trails. Scheduled to open in June, the new boardwalk and viewing platforms will provide an overlook of the community’s Polishing Pond, a 50-acre natural habitat and lush oasis which has become a permanent home for fish and turtles as well as a migratory stop for countless birds and wildlife.  

The new venue was made possible by a grant from the Cross Creek Ranch Community Foundation. “Families are amazed at how we have created a master-planned community with new homes while fostering a healthy, natural habitat for wildlife,” says Cross Creek Ranch General Manager Rob Bamford. “This new boardwalk and overlook will provide a spot for both casual observers and nature enthusiasts to observe spectacular, 360-degree views of the open water.” Roughly the size of 48 football fields, the Cross Creek Ranch Polishing Pond also functions as an engineered water quality basin where water is filtered for reuse

List your home for sale with a LOCAL real estate agent... the Fort Bend Home Showcase.


4655 Techniplex Dr. Suite 300 • Stafford, TX 77477


July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Shown is the Boardwalk, which is soon to be open.

throughout the development for irrigation. Along with its impressive Polishing Pond, the community is home to the restored Flewellen Creek, a project considered to be the most ambitious ecological restoration effort in west Houston. Winding approximately 150 acres through Cross Creek Ranch, the creek’s restored sections now cover 83 acres with more than 4,500 newly planted trees, including many lost in Hurricane Ike which now provide roosting places for birds and wildlife. Native grasses and new trails also have been added along side the creek. In addition to its nature-inspired amenities, Cross Creek Ranch offers the Adventure Island Water Park, a second resort-style pool, Flewellen Creek Park, miles of hike-and-bike trails along with winding creeks and lakes, a fitness center and sports complex with tennis, basketball and sand volleyball courts and playgrounds for all ages. The community also is home to the Flewellen Creek disc golf course and a one-acre Canine Commons Dog Park. Cross Creek Ranch is located minutes west of the Grand Parkway at the intersection of FM 1463 and FM 1093. For more details, visit www., like the community at and follow it on Twitter @crosscreektexas.

New Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center opens in July


issouri City residents will soon have convenient access to Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s leading emergency care capabilities. The new state-of-the-art Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center opens in July in the heart of Missouri City, at 8200 Highway 6 between the Sienna Plantation and Riverstone communities. The center will be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to treat patients of all ages who are ill or injured. The 9,600-square-foot facility includes 10 private treatment rooms, full-service X-ray, CT and ultrasound capabilities. Most importantly, Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center is staffed by boardcertified emergency medicine physicians specializing in emergency care from pediatric to geriatric patients. “The new Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center gives Missouri City residents a first-class ER right in their own neighborhood,” says Chris Siebenaler, CEO of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “Patients treated at the new center will have direct, expedited admission to Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital if needed, along with personal assistance from patient representatives in scheduling necessary follow-up appointments. And the center will accept all insurance plans that are in-network

with Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital.” “Our goal is to provide a streamlined, easy-to-navigate system for patients who enter the center,” says Dr. Scott Rivenes, emergency department medical director of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital. “The new facility will enable us to quickly assess patients as they come in, enabling them to see a board-certified emergency medicine physician as efficiently as possible. Since we have onsite imaging and laboratory services, we have access to the full range of diagnostic services our physicians need without patients leaving the building.” The new center is just part of Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s $131 million expansion to better serve patients from Fort Bend and surrounding areas. “Like many parts of Fort Bend, Missouri City has experienced tremendous population growth in recent years, and this new emergency center will definitely enhance our service to the community,” says Siebenaler. “It is an amazing facility that will provide a substantial positive impact on the availability of high-quality care for people living nearby.” To learn more about Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, please visit, and visit our Facebook page at methodistsugarland for the latest news, events and information.

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Houston Methodist Emergency Care Center is located between Sienna Plantation and Riverstone communities. Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

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Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital breaks ground on new patient tower

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Team breaks ground on new six-story patient tower.

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital celebrated the official groundbreaking for its new six-story patient tower in May. The new tower – part of a $131 million expansion effort under way at Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital – will add 104 beds, primarily for intensive care and medical/surgical patients, and will provide space for future growth as needed. Once the new tower joins the Main and Sweetwater Pavilions on campus, the hospital’s total capacity will reach 347 beds. “Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital continues to grow to meet the needs of the community,” says CEO Chris Siebenaler. “Our investment in new facilities, like our new patient tower, enables us to continue to expand our service offerings and provide the latest and most sophisticated procedures right here in Fort Bend.” The new tower should be open for patients in the Spring of 2016. The patient tower is just one of five


major projects included in the hospital’s current expansion plan, which also includes construction of a new 60,000-square-foot facility for Houston Methodist Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, expansion and relocation of the Heart Center and a stand-alone Emergency Care Center to serve residents of Missouri City. The relocation of the Heart Center will free up existing space to renovate and double the size of the hospital’s Birthing Center to support the growing maternity and newborn needs of our community. “Our expansion effort was undertaken following an extensive strategic review to determine what the community’s medical needs were today, as well as what they will be in the next 10 to 20 years,” said Siebenaler. To learn more about Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital, please visit, and visit our Facebook page at methodistsugarland for the latest news, events and information.

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Missouri City Green Electronics Recycling event huge success Missouri City Green Electronics Recycling event and the need for such a service was apparent in the turnout of area residents properly disposing of unwanted electronics. Many arrived well before their 8 a.m. start time and continued steadily throughout the morning. Texas Green Giant made six or seven runs with a full 24’ truck to their facility in Stafford. The last load left the PSH parking lot at 7:30pm. Traffic Controllers directed hundreds of vehicles safely through and survey-takers collected information from over 400 individuals while  unloaders quickly and efficiently removed often heavy and cumbersome electronics. The Hazardous Waste Booth handled a large number of requests for vouchers and data cleansing. Missouri City Core, MCPARD workers and County youths contributed to their manpower. Stacie Walker and Reggie with Missouri City Communications documented the event through film. This was an example of partnership resulting in a positive outcome for Missouri City.

Shown are Missouri City Green volunteers which contributed to the successful electronics recycling event.


University of Houston ranked among ‘50 Most Affordable Colleges with Best Return’ Student success is among the University of Houston’s top priorities. In helping its Cougars excel, UH takes great strides keep tuition costs low while delivering a world-class education. Recently, UH was recognized as one of the “50 Most Affordable Colleges with the Best Return” by Affordable Schools, an online guide to higher education institutions across the country. In its rankings, Affordable Schools balanced universities’ tuition costs from the 2013 – 14 academic year with the expected income of students graduating with bachelor’s degrees. UH’s in-state undergraduate tuition (at the time data was compiled) was $9,318. The salary for graduating students is approximated at $49,500 and mid-career earnings are approximately $85,200. Based on Affordable Schools’ criterion, the 15-year return on investment is $1,010,250. UH is the only Houston institution to

make this list and one of three Texas colleges to be ranked by Affordable Schools. In its profile of the University, Affordable Schools spotlights UH’s Carnegie Foundation designated Tier One status, its renowned Law Center, Cullen College of Engineering and C.T. Bauer College of Business. This year, the University is stepping up its efforts to provide an affordable college experience and help students graduate on time. UH in 4 offers incoming freshmen an optional four-year fixed rate plan, which requires them to complete 30 semester credit hours each academic year. Students who do not participate in UH in 4 will pay variable rate tuition. This initiative was developed in response to a policy decision from the Texas Legislature requiring universities to offer four-year fixed tuition plans. UH’s inclusion in the “50 Most Affordable Colleges” list complements previous rankings that reflect the institution’s commit-

ment to delivering a quality, cost-effective education. The University is ranked fourth in Policymic’s “12 Colleges Where Students Get the Best Bang for Their Buck.” UH also is listed among U.S. News and World Report’s list of Colleges that Lead Students to the Least Amount of Debt. To assist students in predicting tuition costs, UH offers a net price calculator. It also strives to make higher education accessible for students through incentive programs such as the Cougar Promise and the tuition rebate program. The Cougar Promise guarantees free tuition and mandatory fees to new in-state freshmen with family incomes at or below $45,000. The $1,000 tuition rebate program provides incentive to undergraduates who meet eligibility requirements, including graduating within four calendar years for four-year degrees

Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance Ribbon Cutting

Next Level Urgent Care - 7101 West Grand Parkway South, Ste. 180, Richmond - Shown from left: Kelly Shelton, Community Bank of Texas; Tiffany Pace, American PromoPrint; Daniel Guerrero, Next Level Urgent Care; Christa Rollock, Christa Rollock Insurance; Jim Hill; Janet Scudder, CPA; Lori Lee, Next Level Urgent Care; Lisa McGarity, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Kim Mecum, RN, Next Level Urgent Care; Rosanna Kallay, Next Level Urgent Care; Juliet Breeze, Next Level Urgent Care; Leigh Ann Dawson, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Rafik Sandford, Next Level Urgent Care; Julie Hinz, Next Level Urgent Care; Bill McGrath, Next Level Urgent Care; Lynn Hill, Mary Kay; Tom Wilson, Reading Road Professional Office Park; Tom Dutka, Tom Dutka Allstate Agency; Rob Clark, Brazos Bend Guardianship Services; Kay Garrett, Absolutely Brazos!; Shanta Kuhl, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Lisa Matthews, Servpro of West Fort Bend County; Lorenzo Lerma, RE/MAX Plantation.

Kathryn Robinson Realty – Keller Williams Southwest, 1650 Hwy 6, Ste. 350, Sugar Land - Shown from left: Lisa Matthews, Servpro of West Fort Bend County; Liana Salinas, Servpro of West Fort Bend County; Jim Hill; Jason Griggs, Kevin Patton State Farm; Lynn Hill, Mary Kay; Rebecca Haas; Dale Wooten; Mat Ontiveros, Springhill Suites by Marriott Rosenberg; Garet Robinson; Kat Robinson, Kathryn Robinson Realty; Kyle Johnston, Frontline Computer Services; Rob Clark, Brazos Bend Guardianship Services; Danielle Hope, Edward Jones; Sarah Passey; Tom Wilson, Reading Road Professional Office Park; DiAnna Barentine, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Shanta Kuhl, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Tiffany Pace, American PromoPrint; Lisa McGarity, Central Fort Bend Chamber; Kevin Patton, Kevin Patton State Farm.

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014



By Elsa Maxey


Dedicated to Outpatient, Advanced Treatment for Vein Disease We truly believe in the teamwork approach,” said Dr. Reincke noting that through the course of treatment, she sees each patient, also assisted by mid-level providers, the physicians and medical assistants also trained by Dr. Hamilton, “in the provision of the best possible care.


July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Tonie Reincke, M.D. Clinical Director Hamilton Vein Center Sugar Land


heir mission: To champion awareness of and relief from vein disease to end a patient’s vein pain and suffering. Providing almost immediate relief of leg pain and heaviness after treatment, the Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land is dedicated to offering comprehensive, least painful approaches in diagnosing and treating vein disorders. This is done on an outpatient basis using cutting edge medical technology with advanced, minimally invasive procedures. The flagship Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land has already treated thousands of patients since it opened in 2010 by its founder, Dr. Carlos Hamilton,

Hamilton Vein Center staff with Dr. Tonie Reincke.

III, a specialist with medical board certifications in Vascular & Interventional Radiology. The vein center, operating full-time, five days a week, is considered the area’s leading vein clinic and continues to serve many patients from surrounding areas in communities near and adjacent to Fort Bend County. The center has participated in health fairs locally and even provided pro bono treatment. Last year, Dr. Hamilton passed on the torch as he handed the Clinic Director position of the Sugar Land center to Dr. Tonie Reincke. She officially took the lead post in January. With his established brand as a vein expert, Dr. Hamilton’s trust in Dr. Reincke is partly due to the basis of her extensive background in the field diagnosing vein diseases and treating veins. Dr. Hamilton, who also further trained Dr. Reincke, said the credentials she brought to the practice are top-tier meeting his standards on every level. “We are passionate about helping people with vein disease and Dr. Reincke embodies

that passion,” he said. Dr. Reincke, expert in vein disease diagnostics, is a graduate of Wayne State University School of Medicine and completed her residency and fellowship training in interventional radiology at the Detroit Medical Center at Wayne State University. Before moving to Texas to join the Hamilton Vein team, she worked at the Mid-Michigan Brain and Spine Institute and also the Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. She also holds bachelors’ degrees in nursing and physician assistant studies and brings a well-rounded medical background to the practice at the Sugar Land location. “We truly believe in the teamwork approach,” said Dr. Reincke noting that through the course of treatment, she sees each patient, also assisted by mid-level providers, the physicians and medical assistants also trained by Dr. Hamilton, “in the provision of the best possible care.” This involves communicating extensively as they all work closely with each other in the assessment of cases, diagnoses

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

and treatments always supervised by Dr. Reincke. The clinical staff at the Sugar Land location ranges from 10 to 12 employees with rotating schedules. The three Physician Assistants helping Dr. Reincke accomplish the mission of the Hamilton Vein Center are Tina Elackatt, Cristina Salazar, and Rachel Kramer. It is important to spend the time and necessary effort to diagnose the true source of vein disease, maintains Dr. Reincke, as this is “a progressive medical condition that can lead to debilitating chronic conditions such as leg ulcers, which often go overlooked or misdiagnosed.” With treatment close to a patient’s home, coordinating care with a patient’s physicians is optimal. “We get to know a patient well and understand what is important to that individual in addition to knowing the expectations, which helps in the provision of a personalized treatment plan,” said Dr. Reincke.



Hamilton Vein Center Reception

Who is most likely to suffer from these ailments? Teachers, nurses, and restaurant servers are among the groups that come to mind as standing most of the day can lead to the development of varicose veins, but it’s not the only cause. Weight can play a role in developing varicose vein pain as do multiple pregnancies. Genetics have a lot to do with the development of varicose veins as does age, and women, show the statistics, have a higher incidence of developing varicose veins over time. Those most likely to suffer are in the 50 – 70 age range and both male and female though vein disease can affect people at any age and of any race. Men who also get varicose veins can suffer from more severe symptoms since they are less likely to seek varicose vein treatment and may ignore the signs. Symptoms to look for include restless legs and cramping, a leg heaviness and fatigue not associated with weight, swelling, pain, skin changes—both coloration and texture, and ulcers on lower extremities, which can become infected and all affect one’s quality of life. The myth about varicose veins being a cosmetic problem, not a medical problem unfortunately continues and needs to be dispelled. The fact is that varicose veins are caused by a disease, and can progress


into a more serious condition, if left untreated. The condition can cause leg pain, skin damage, including ulcers, and swelling. When the condition progresses, other more intensive treatments due to negligence may include extensive wound care and or debridement. As the most experienced in diagnosis and treatment of vein disease, the Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land with an elaborate clinic operation is the corporate base of what is now part of nine centers, most of them in Houston, one in Central Texas in North Austin, and another one in the making in South Austin. Hamilton Vein has made today’s highly effective and advanced vein treatments more easily accessible and convenient to those suffering with the discomforts of vein disease. With the minimally invasive procedures, patients in the clinic after treatment undergo little to no downtime. “Patients are walking and resuming normal activity immediately following a procedure,” said Dr. Reincke. The treatment of vein disease at Hamilton Vein Center involves the provision of procedures that include: • Diagnostic Ultrasound • Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) • Ambulatory Phlebectomy • Ultrasound Guided Sclerotherapy • Visual Sclerotherapy

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Under Dr. Reincke’s direction, the Hamilton Vein Center in Sugar Land has been helping people feel better and with the secondary benefit of looking better as a result of the treatment. “Hearing my patients tell me how much better they feel and that they’re doing things they haven’t been able to do in years is so rewarding,” says Dr. Reincke. “Every day is an opportunity to educate people and help them overcome their vein issues.” Dr. Reincke and her husband, Doug, live in Richmond and are the parents of two children, Malachi, 13 years, and Lazarus, 9 years, who attend Fort Bend Christian Academy. “I love Texas and the people in this area are so friendly and accepting with open arms,” she said. She enjoys volunteering and on occasion flies with her husband, a private pilot. With more than 30 million Americans suffering from vein disease, in addition to the Hamilton Vein Center operated by Dr. Reincke in Sugar Land, the other treatment centers in the Houston area are in Bellaire, Kingwood, Lake Jackson, Clear Lake, Willowbrook, The Woodlands and Katy. Varicose vein treatment is recognized as a medical procedure, not cosmetic, and most varicose vein treatments are covered by insurance plans.

To schedule a vein screening, interested persons may call 281-565-0033. For more information, please visit 4690 Sweetwater Blvd., Suite 200 Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-565-0033

Houston Community College Board of Trustees approves 4 more bond construction projects


he Houston Community College Board of Trustees has approved prime contractors for four additional Groundbreaker Bond Program projects, bringing the total number of approved contracts to ten. New contracts approved include: • Southwest College West Loop Campus, Skanska USA Building, Inc. • Southwest College Brays Oaks Campus, Turner Construction Company • Northeast College North Forest Campus, Durotech, Inc. • Central College South Campus, Manhattan Construction Company HCC’s $425 million Groundbreaker

Bond Program includes 14 construction projects at all six HCC colleges. The prime contractors will serve as Construction Managers-at-Risk (CMARs) for projects they are selected to manage. “Construction begins this fall on HCC’s Groundbreaker Bond Program, and we continue to make significant strides in our progress,” said Dr. Cesar Maldonado, Chancellor, HCC. “Our bond program aims to make a positive difference in the small business community, with 35 percent of overall construction work going to SBEs. Moreover, 85-90 percent of program funds will be spent at the sub-contractor level versus 10-15 percent at the CMAR level.” Prior to today’s announcement, HCC named the following project CMARs: • Southwest College Stafford Campus Tellespen Builders, L.P. • Southwest College

Missouri City Campus Turner Construction Company • Southeast College Southeast Campus Turner Construction Company • Northeast College Northline Campus Tribble & Stephens Construction Ltd. • Northeast College Acres Home Campus Jamail & Smith Construction, L.P. • Central College Central Campus Turner Construction Company Texas law requires that CMARs select subcontractors using a publiclyadvertised competitive procurement process at the end of the design phase. The subcontractor procurement process ensures that projects are constructed by the trade contractors who offer the “best value” to the project, taking into account both quality and price.

The Tradition Continues

Long known as Sugar Land’s premier destination, Sugar Creek Country Club provides a superior membership experience in an intimate country club setting. Continuing in 2014, a $2.5 million renovation of the golf course, clubhouse, swimming and fitness amenities will enhance what is already a celebrated retreat for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Inquire about membership opportunities by contacting Nicole Scarbrough, Membership Director, at 281.494.9131 or

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014



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Fort Bend County receives Gold Award for financial transparency Fort Bend County was awarded the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle “Gold” Award for the fifth year in a row for displaying a high standard of financial transparency online. The award spotlights those local governments that are opening their books to the public, providing clear, consistent pictures of spending, and sharing information in a user-friendly format that lets taxpayers easily drill down for more detail. The Texas Comptroller describes transparency as government opening its books to the public so that taxpayers can see exactly where their money is

Pictured Left to Right: Hopie Bethancourt, Budget Analyst II; Jennifer Ching, Budget Assistant; Pamela Gubbels, Director of Finance & Investments; Melonese Johnson, Budget Analyst II; Heratio Rodgers, Assistant Director of Finance & Investments.

going. Transparency ensures that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently by ensuring all decisions are made in the open and on the record. Transparency means that citizens can review and question policymakers’ decisions, examine documents, root

out inefficiencies and hold officials accountable for the way tax dollars are spent. The Comptroller of Public Accounts launched the Texas Comptroller Leadership Circle program in December 2009 to recognize local governments across Texas that are striving to meet a high standard for financial transparency online.   The “Gold” Award highlights those entities that are setting the bar with their transparency efforts. County Judge Robert Hebert stated, “Government works best when its work is done in full view of those it serves.  Using the Internet we now televise Commissioners Court meetings, post our annual budgets, monthly disbursement reports and annual audit reports for all to see. We’re proud of the recognition for the county, but we see transparency as an obligation rather than an option.”

Work Group Members named for UH Sugar Land Transition Team Guadalupe


Each duplex can accommodate four adults and four children or rent both for groups. More pictures at book at



The UH Sugar Land Transition Team has begun its work in earnest with the appointment of Work Group members. UH System Chancellor Renu Khator has reviewed and invited a diverse group of University and community stakeholders to participate in this important effort. A complete list of the members engaged with each of the Work Groups is included on the website: sugarlandtransition/ The Steering Committee, led by Paula Myrick Short, senior vice chancellor for academic affairs for the UH System, reviewed the charge of each of the four Working Groups in an initial meeting with the members. Short emphasized the July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

importance of an open and transparent process, with broad engagement and communication with all stakeholders. Robert McPherson, dean of the College of Education at UH, has been named to lead the UH Sugar Land Work Group.  The 21 members of this group are charged with planning and developing a viable UH branch campus in Sugar Land. Community leaders in Sugar Land and Fort Bend County and UH campus stakeholders are assessing the educational program needs of the area and the current capacity of the Sugar Land campus and facilities. A plan with timelines, costs and other needs will be developed to create a robust program of UH degree offerings at the Sugar Land branch campus.


Child Advocates of Fort Bend receives grant from Houston Endowment Child Advocates of Fort Bend was thrilled to receive a $100,000 grant from the Houston Endowment to be spread over two years for public awareness and age-specific programming. Community awareness of child abuse continues to be very low in Fort Bend County. Many in the community believe that abuse “doesn’t happen here,” particularly with all of the awards and recognition that Fort Bend County has received as one of the top places to live in the United States. Community outreach and education of adults, children and those individuals who work directly with children is insufficient. Part of the grant will be used to address this issue by increasing awareness of Child Advocates of fort Bend through community outreach projects and educating health care professionals, educators and childcare providers on signs and symptoms of abuse,

their obligation to report abuse, how to report, internet safety for children, parental controls on social media, and what happens when a child is taken into custody in Fort Bend County, among other things. The remainder of the grant will be used for age-specific programming for children in foster care which is showing early signs of having a significant and measurable impact on changing the quality and direction of children’s lives during childhood and into adulthood. With the support of the Houston Endowment Grant, Child Advocates of Fort Bend will be able to expand this programming to reach more children with more service offerings. From infants and toddlers to elementary-school-aged children to teenagers, each age has specific needs. The development and introduction of Child Advocates of Fort Bend’s Infant and

Toddler, N.E.S.T. and WINGS Programs, each targeting a different age group, have shown that multi-dimensional, individualized programming does work. The agency plans to expand each of these programs and reach more children. Child Advocates of Fort Bend provides a voice, heals the hurt and breaks the cycle of abuse and neglect for children in Fort Bend County. Through its Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program and Children’s Advocacy Center –more-(CAC) and more than 200 trained community volunteer advocates, Child Advocates touches the lives or more than 400 children each month. To become a volunteer contact Casey Davis at or 281-344-5172. For more information on Child Advocates of Fort Bend go to  

a time to REMEMBER 2014 Fort Bend ISD, Stafford MSD, and Spring Branch ISD You’ve worked hard to get to this point. The place where you feel as if your life might really begin. But that doesn’t mean you can’t come back and visit from time to time.

O rder a professionally-produced DVD of your commencement exercises from STAR DIGITAL STUDIOS. U nique memories – relive the moments, the achievement.

3 WAYS TO ORDER ONLINE : VISIT : Information and Payment MAIL/FAX : Refer to order forms

STAR Digital


4655 Techniplex Drive, Suite 600 Stafford, TX 77477

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

281-690-4280 27

Congratulations to the Fort Bend Leadership Forum, Class of 2014!


ongratulations to the graduates of the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Forum Class of 2014 generously sponsored by Classic Chevrolet. The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Leadership under the direction of Division Vice-Chairs Jeff Tallas and Emily Rhodes celebrates its tradition of providing the region’s premier leadership development program. This class represents the 26th year that a group of outstanding individuals participate in the rigorous program of leadership development and community engagement through active learning, expert insight, and experiential activities. The class participants are selected each year from a wide spectrum of the area’s population. The class of 2014 completed the program in Galveston on May 30th, 2014. As the premier leadership development program in the region, the Fort Bend Leadership Forum was designed to prepare for the community needs that demand the involvement of informed citizens. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum offers structured learning opportunities in an atmosphere that stimulates creative thinking and encourages participants to work together to utilize both new and proven tools to meet the challenges of today and to prepare for tomorrow. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum is a ten-month program, August through May starting off with a one and a half day opening retreat in San Antonio. The opening retreat is followed by monthly one-day sessions covering criminal justice, diversity, economic development/ infrastructure, health and social services, municipal/county government, and a twoday trip to Austin for the state government session. In addition, this year’s class will participate in a special three-day national government session in Washington D.C. The Leadership program is completed with a one and a half day ending retreat and


Presenting the Fort Bend Leadership Forum Class of 2014: Roger Adamson, Sonal Bhuchar, Dan Brightman, Cheif Douglas Brinkley, Cathy Britt, Robert Caltabiano, Mike Casiraghi, Dwayne Chobotar R.N., Rick Conley, Taylor Connor, Stacey Crews, Charles de Vega, Lawren Eckhardt, Matthew Ferraro, Dustin Fessler, Elizabeth Ford, Frances Goerlich, Tracy Golden, Michael Green, Shagonda Green, Alysse Harrison, Dr. Linda Huynh, Todd Johnson, Holly Kaminga, Linda Kilgore, Robert Langston, Arif Lawji, Brian Machart, DDS, Valerie Marvin, Ian McClintic, Stuart McMillan, Kelli Metzenthin, Justin Morales, Robin Nicholson, Leslie Norman, Ben Pressentin, Jonathan Pursch, Cindy Reaves, Debbie Richards, Cheif David Rider, Jim Spackman, Matthew Speed, Todd Thurber, David Timmermeyer, Tom Webb, Jana Williams, Beth Wolf and Tariq Zafar.

graduation ceremony in Galveston. The Fort Bend Leadership Forum Class of 2015 is filling up fast. For more information on the Information on the program and sponsorship opportunities contact David at David@ or 281-491-2497. The Leadership Forum Class of 2014’s program was supported and sponsored by Classic Chevrolet (Title Sponsor), Aliana Development, Associated Testing, Brown & Gay Engineers, Inc., Casanova Insurance, CenterPoint Energy, Costello, Danny Nguyen International, Daughtry & Jordan, P.C., Decca Consulting LLC, Devry University, EE Reed, Federal Maintenance Services, Inc., Fort Bend Financial, Frost Bank, GBI Partners, L.P., The Growth Coach, Houston Methodist, HR in Alignment, Hrbacek Martinez & Nestor, P.C., Iberia Bank, John Healey - District Attorney, Jones & Carter, Inc., Jones, Mays, July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Ramsey & Parikh, Keller Williams Southwest, McGrath & Co., PLLC, McGriff, Seibels & Williams, MD Anderson, Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital, Minute Maid, Mitchell & Duff, LLC., Municipal Ops, Nashkhor Management, Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, LLP, Planned Community Developers, PrimeWay Federal Credit Union, Prosperity Bank, Revolution Studio, Si Environment, St. Luke’s Sugar Land Hospital, St. Michael’s Emergency Rooms, Sterling McCall Lexus, Sterling Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Sugar Lakes Family Practice, Sweetpea Smiles Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, Tallas Insurance and Financial Services, TDECU - Your Credit Union, The Chris Morales Campaign, Traffic Engineers, Trustmark Bank, United Auto Auction, Victoria Heart & Vascular Center, PA, West Houston Medical Center, Westfall Constructors, Ltd.


FALL BANKING AND FINANCE Fall brings on newness in many areas; school, new homes, home renovations. Many are in need of financial information and need to know where to go for loans and financial advice. Tell your story in the September issue of the Business Journal.

PRIVATE SCHOOLS IN FORT BEND COUNTY Fort Bend County is home to over 50 private schools. These schools cover all ages from daycare to high schools. This is your time to shine and give readers all the info they need to make educated school choices for their children.

PROSTATE CANCER With over 233,000 new cases in 2014 and over 29,000 deaths from it in 2014 nationally, Prostate Cancer is a disease readers would like to know more about. Do you offer diagnosis and/or treatment? This is the forum to deliver your message!

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Fort Bend/Katy

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


Membership The following firms have realized the importance of economic growth and development for the Fort Bend County area. They have pledged their support to the cause by investing their time and efforts in the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. Please support your community by calling on these organizations when you have a need for products and services.

Welcome New Members

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates

BLU Restaurant | Lounge Danny Sanchez, General Manager 2248 Texas Drive Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-903-7324 Restaurants


BodyBrite Missouri City Nicole Guillory, Owner 6214 Highway 6 South Missouri City, TX 77459 281-778-2639 Hair Removal CPG Energy Tom Skupnjak, Managing Director 5211 Birch Glen Richmond, TX 77406 281-344-8420 Energy Utility Dacott Energy Services Alan Van Dix, Account Rep. 3 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Ste 440 Sugar Land, TX 77478 713-664-8614 Energy Broker/Marketer Eglantine Laser Hair Removal & Med Spa Ali Salem, CEO/Manager 11333 Fountain Lake Dr., Ste E3 Stafford, TX 77477 832-762-8985 Hair Removal Gallery Furniture Jim McIngvale, Owner 7301 Grand Parkway Richmond, TX 77407 713-694-5570 Furniture

Indoor Comfort Specialists Houston, Inc. Jerry Egan, President 5303 Glenmont Drive, Suite F Houston, TX 77081 713-666-1101 Air Conditioning & Heating/ Sales & Service KB Home Tiffany Saxton, Marketing Coordinator 11314 Richmond Avenue Houston, TX 77082 281-668-3840 Home Builders Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Debbie Godshalk, Administrator 11511 Shadow Creek Pkwy S. Pearland, TX 77584 713-442-0000 Health Care LFH Photo Freddy Hinojosa, Owner 13610 Lynnwood Lane Sugar Land, TX 77498 281-467-1730 Photography NOAH’S of Sugar Land Brianne Benelli, Building Manager 16555 Creek Bend Drive Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-806-1511 Events

Novatex Solutions Jeffrey Mason, President 16525 Lexington Blvd, Ste. 240 Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-404-4188 Web Site Design & Programming Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Rajesh Desai, Financial Advisor 77 Sugar Creek Center Blvd., Suite 100 Sugar Land, TX 77478 281-340-8822 rajesh.desai Financial Products & Services Rich Products Corporation Joel Bearfield, Plant Manager 14847 Fairway Pines Dr. Missouri City, TX 77489 281-835-7111 Food Products Rita’s Ice Custard Happiness Samer Kadoura, Owner 1226 Museum Square, Suite 600 Sugar Land, TX 77479 267-664-5883 Restaurants Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP Raj Basavaraju, Project Manager 14515 Briarhills Parkway, Suite 100 Houston, TX 77082 832-243-1035 Engineering, Traffic & Transportation

For membership information, contact:

Juliette Bloomer

The Solomon School of Wisdom Barbara Greenhouse, Owner 10102 Mula Rd. Stafford, TX 77477 281-530-7769 Child Care Tierra Del Fuego Raul Negron, Managing Partner 2110 Town Square Place Sugar Land, TX 77479 832-999-4045 Restaurants UFC Gym Missouri City Randy Reyna, General Manager 10360 Highway 6, Suite A Missouri City, TX 77459 832-274-1378 Fitness Center World of Beer John Bird, General Manager 16535 Southwest Freeway, Unit 2605 Sugar Land, TX 77479 281-494-0338 Restaurants Xoco-Latte Joel Eliaz, Owner 4719 Lexington Blvd. Missouri City, TX 77459 832-243-6748 Bakery Xpress Urgent Care - Sugar Land Waseem Rana, CEO 10581 Hwy 6 S, Ste 103 Sugar Land, TX 77498 832-532-0162 Health Care

281-566-2161 • July 2014 H Fort Bend Business Journal

Call Juliette Bloomer for more information at 281-566-2161 or email

Brookdale Plaza First Colony

Custom Decor Solutions

16900 Lexington Blvd. • Sugar Land, Texas 77479 281-903-2000

7746 Highway 6, Suite H • Missouri City, Texas 77459 281-778-4680

Hearing Professional Center

Iron Tribe Fitness

1400 Creekway Dr., Ste 233 • Sugar Land, Texas 77478 281-302-5063

4729 Hwy 6 South • Missouri City, Texas 77459 615-337-2498

KB Home - Briscoe Falls Estates

Xpress Urgent Care - Sugar Land

25115 Easton Ramsey Way • Richmond, Texas 77406 832-969-5915

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates

To Schedule Your Business Ribbon Cutting

10581 Hwy 6 S, Ste 103 • Sugar Land, Texas 77498 832-532-0162

Fort Bend Business Journal H July 2014


Success is just around the bend 1 YEAR

Polka Dot Impressions Camille Rodriquez, 281-762-1120 Houston’s First Baptist - Sienna Jeff Rees, 713-865-7670 Wealth Design Group Rick Ray, 281-220-2700


City of Sugar Land - Councilman Joe Zimmerman Joe Zimmerman, 281-275-2313 City of Sugar Land - Councilman Himesh Gandhi Himesh Gandhi, 281-275-2707

Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates

Si Environmental Aaron Clark, 832-490-1500


Dan Martinez & Associates LP Robert Lozano, 281-494-7394 Upclose Magazine Gina Pizzini, 281-235-0600 Jan-Pro of Houston Michelle Goodman, 832-368-1555


United Planners Mark Hudec, 281-313-4015 City of Sugar Land - Councilman Harish Jajoo Harish Jajoo, 281-275-2313 City of Sugar Land - Councilmember Amy Mitchell Amy Mitchell, 281-275-2707 Ben E. Keith Robbie Fish, 281-498-7072 Heritage Wealth Management Brett Carleton, 713-871-9800 City of Sugar Land - Councilmember Bridget Yeung Bridget Yeung, 281-275-2707

Cynthia E. Hoelscher, CPA, PLLC Cynthia E. Hoelscher, 281-313-2300


HR Green, Inc. Mike Halde, 713-965-9996

Milestone Member 5 YEARS Neel-Schaffer, Inc. Sonny Smoak, 713-783-7117

Milestone Member 10 YEARS

Roberts Markel Weinberg Butler Hailey PC Himesh Gandhi, 281-207-7697 Greenscapes Unlimited, Inc. Marian Kozlovsky, 281-989-1887


Classic Chevrolet Don Kerstetter, 281-491-9000

Fort Bend Community Partners Rainbow Room Tonya Lewis, 832-451-2883

City of Sugar Land - Councilman Steve Porter Steve Porter, 281-275-2313

The Spencer Company Brad Wander, 713-222-6666


Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District No. 25 Brian K Sebesta, 281-277-0129

Sugar Land Antiques Lisa Anhaiser, 281-494-7082

Broadstone New Territory Norma Butcher, 281-340-5555

Touchstone Fine Properties Julia Mickum, 281-499-8181

Broadstone New Territory Norma Butcher, 281-340-5555

SMART HR Deborah Twigg, SPHR, 281-313-1315



American Business Women’s Association Michele Barnes, 281-732-6994 Hartford Services Mitch Rahim, (281) 261-3333 Orkin Pest Control April Shane-Wilton, 713-784-2706


Chili’s Bar & Grill John Edison, 281-499-0227 Fertility Specialists of Houston 832-553-5483

July 2014 H Fort Bend Business Journal

City of Sugar Land Mayor James A. Thompson James A. Thompson, 281-275-2313


Fort Bend Education Foundation Brenna Smelley, 281-634-1113 Fort Bend Financial Bridget Yeung, 281-277-0012

Milestone Member 15 YEARS

DigiTec Office Solutions Robert Evans, 281-565-1100 Parkway Properties Diane Grenwelge, 281-242-3700

Hamre’s Kitchen & Bath Remodeling Jamie Hamre, 281-494-9200


Amegy Bank of Texas - Sugar Land Mary Gayle Brindley, 713-232-2957 Sugar Land Baptist Church Phil Lineberger, 281-980-4431 Brooks & Sparks, Inc. Frank Brooks, 281-578-9595


Sundance Construction Company Steve Varney, 281-277-1000

leadership forum

SIGN UP TODAY AND JOIN the Fort Bend Leadership Forum Class of 2015! This is your opportunity to enhance your value personally, professionally and as a community stakeholder. This ten-month program consists of monthly sessions and retreats covering a variety of topics. For information please contact David Crowl at 281.491.2497 or


The Hunton Group Richard Hunton, 713-266-3900


Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce Member Updates


Coldwell Banker United Realtors Donna Dagley, 281-242-6200

Milestone Member 30 YEARS United Way of Greater Houston Fort Bend County Service Center Mary Vazquez, 281-207-2300


K2 Realty, Inc. Melvin Knesek, 281-491-5880

For membership information, contact: Juliette Bloomer 281-566-2161

Thank You to the National Government and Ending Retreat Sponsors! St. Michael's Emergency Rooms Sugar Lakes Family Practice St. Luke's Sugar Land Hospital Decca Consulting LLC Prosperity Bank West Houston Medical Center Memorial Hermann Surgical Hospital

Mitchell & Duff, LLC

Fort Bend Business Journal H July 2014

Daughtry & Jordan, P.C. Frost Bank Iberia Bank Sterling McCall Lexus

Municipal Ops


DBA (Assumed Names)

Data Beat (+) = More Names

This is a sample of the Assumed Names (DBAs) filed at the Fort Bend County Clerk’s office for April 2014. More Assumed Names may be viewed online at There were 529 Assumed Names for month of 2014. Hoyos Grete Dls Auto 12700 Stafford Rd #515 77477

Tabler Nelda Sue Nst Services 6118 Oxford Lake 77471

Fulshear Outreach and Development Corp Just Ride Fod 21222 Lochmere Ln 77450

Silverstein Keith H Fluent English Tutoring 2714 Williams Grant St 77479

The Dotson Foundation (+) Dotson Family Park 12935 Old Richmond Rd 77082

Miller Robyn (+) Gallerykicks 3031 Bonney Briar Dr 77459

O’brien Lenhurst F Customcare Detailing 1406 Helmsley Drive 77471

Big Bear Solutions LLC Bodybrite Usa - Missouri City 6214 Highway 6 South 77459

Jenkins Eric W (+) Modern Classic Design 2299 Lonestar Dr #513 77479

Truitt Steven Steven Truitts DNA Team 6903 Ladera Ln 77459

Mendez Daniel Superior Home Systems 4503 Dorrance Ln 77477

Armenta Daniel Island Party Rental’s 2440 South Main 77477

Suku Sunil (+) Sunrock Films 1258 Spinnaker Way 77498

Johnson Zena Lenora (+) Promise Planner 2923 Sage Bluff Ave 77469

Jacob Rakesh (+) Abcd Gear 20030 Crazy House Valley Dr 77449

C M Gordon Inc Cmg Fashion and Designs 30417 5Th Street Suite C-1 77441

Harris Karlisha Esther Thorough Hearth Ministrie 735 Dulles Ave #510 77477

Daredia Enterprises Inc Books ‘N Gift Shoppe 11246 S Wilcrest Dr Suite 160B 77099

C M Gordon Inc Cmg New Media 30417 5Th Street Suite C-1 77441

Huerdo Alvarado Maria Cristina (+) Just Purple Artful Gifts 24802 Garnet Shadow Ln 77494

C M Gordon Inc Christin Speaks 30417 5Th Street Suite C-1 77441

Buddenbaum Alexander Grant Kemosabe Executive Services 25111 Southbriar Ln 77494

Pace Tiffany (+) Sweet Life Distribution 841 Lakeview Dr 77498

Moreno Yessica Bowteeful Bowtique 2119 Hawthorne Brook Ln 77545

Saenz Claudia Reyes Claudia R Saenz My Agent Knows Best 24044 Cinco Village Center Blvd Ste 150 77494

Free Joyce JF Jenkins Landscaping & Lawn Care 19510 FM 1093 Rd 77407 Parrimore-Williams Myrtle (+) Best Homes 6902 Manor Terrace Ln 77469 Escalante Houstonian Golf & Country Club LLC Black Hawk Country Club 12610 FM 1464 77407 Rampart Recording LLC The Railbirds (+) 3030 Edgewater Drive Suite 103 77478 Rampart Recording LLC Edgewater Studios 3030 Edgewater Drive Suite 103 77478 Fulshear Guns LLC Fulshear Guns 3602 Wellspring Lake Dr 77441


Norris Ricky V Jr (+) The Future-A Community Youth Mentoring Program (+) 5525 Reading Rd #807 77471

Torres Ernesto G (+) Vela Pizza 8433 FM 1464 N 77407

Moore Dewey Oren Jr Process Consulting 419 Jewel Landing Dr 77459 Abuachi Ifeanyi J (+) Core Concepts Care 1403 Hunter Ridge Ct 77545 Abuachi Ifeanyi Joseph 1403 Hunter Ridge Ct 77545 Bailey Darlette Johnson Kids In Dance/Kid Academy 2400 Texas Parkway 77489 Hardy Justin Truck’n Tractor Services (+) 8714 Gajevsky Rd 77464 Steele Sarah Sarah Steele Team 1650 Highway 6 South Ste 350 77478

Garcia Pedro Pete’s R & R Serv. 13308 Redfish Lane Suite 104 77477 Molina Adrian E Molinas Building Services 13619 Fernhill Dr 77498 Williamson Norman Im Solutions 4627 Plantation Colony 77459 Torres Michael A (+) Torres Insurance 205 Lane Drive 77471

Pickering Michael A The Sports Nutrition Edge (+) Po Box 492 77487 Beard Shelli Sew Fabulous 4603 Saddle Drive 77461 Hillenburg Linda E Ssh Associates 33202 W Haddon Ct 77441 Atobajeun Kayode Lushi Investment 1918 Glen Park Dr 77489 Bandic Samir (+) Bancoth 24626 Folkstone Circle 77494

Olivacce Debra (+) D Vacce’ Arts, Dance, and Fitness 6831 Dolan Bluff Ln 77469 Antia Ini Edet Iny Global Ventures 4710 Owens Glen Ct 77545

Johnson Denise K Filtration Solutions 6230 Clear Canyon Dr 77450 Ransom Road Partners LLC Venue At Richmond 5200 Pointe West Cir 77469 Ransom Road Partners LLC Venue At Richmond Apartments 5200 Pointe West Cir 77469 Ransom Road Partners LLC Venue at Richmond Luxury Apartments 5200 Pointe West Cir 77469

Emeghebo Roseline Freedom Driving School 2419 Texas Parkway 77489

DD Gaston Partners LLC Sovereign At Cinco Luxury Apartments 6800 Gaston Rd 77494

Bradley-Boone Denise M (+) Bradley Family Reunion 2103 Spur Canyon Ct 77469

DD Gaston Partners LLC Sovereign At Cinco 6800 Gaston Rd 77494

Nolan John Jr (+) J&L Janitorial Service 2231 Plum Square Ct 77545

Dd Gaston Partners LLC Sovereign At Cinco Apartments 6800 Gaston Rd 77494

Murillo Israel Roman Murillo’s Silver & Gold 10907 Redstone Ct 77459

Pastry and Chocolate Holding Company Choc Gapp Inc USA Xoco - Latte 4719 Lexington Blvd 77459 Saenz Armando Jr Saenz Digital 4802 Mission Lake Ct 77407 Browne Lauren (+) Winston Arts Publishing 5253 Luckel Drive 77493 Browne Lauren (+) Lala Michelle 5253 Luckel Drive 77493

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

Beatty Arthur E (+) Precious P Show Cattle 28006 Moss Fern Dr 77494 Usa New Homebuilders LLC New Home Builders of Texas 4110 Bluebonnet #1128 77477 Le Thuy Linh Best Friend’s Closet 12343 Murphy Rd # I 77477 Adame Jason Twin City Towing 208 Fleming St 77469 Reyes Alberto (+) Reyes Remodeling 5909 Herbie Dr 77469 Wilson Frederick II The Law Office of Frederick Wilson (+) 10101 Southwest Frwy Ste 400 77074 Vela Hector H & L Tractor Services 6314 Sprigg St 77441

DBA (Assumed Names) Soomro Aysha Sugar Bites 11447 Ashford Willow 77478 Morris Timothy (+) Pristine Cleaning of Katy 24757 Grand Harbor Dr Unit 1228 77494 APTBP LLC Bay Pointe Apartments 2205 Ave I St 117 77471 APTIB LLC Innsbruck Apartments 2205 Ave I St 117 77471 Fowler George Longe Star Trailer Parts & Repair 4639 FM 521 77545 Millennium Rx LLC Compound One 12560 Reed Road Ste 300 77478 Aronson Denise Splash Me Dash 23110 Lodgepoint Dr 77494

Data Beat (+) = More Names

Britt Sharee (+) 3Rd Coast Alumni Kickball League 3410 Ross Lane 77578 Marietta Margaret Sue Basket Creations Unlimited 7031 Chatham Lake Ln 77407 Apanpa Onorhe (+) Swanky Living 9801 Westheimer Suite 302 77042 Siddiqui Rafatullah Fish’ Tales Fry & Grill 11611 West Airport 77477 Lambert Sheryl Quotentials 3323 Meadowcreek 77459 Onoh Daniel C Ugwuonoh Motors 2326 Summer Wind Dr 77479 Stilgenbauer Adam Blue Door Antiques 521 Walnut 78934

Burgess Ronald K (+) Burgessdesigns 3074 Laquinta Dr 77459

Schmitt Alexandra D (+) Zermers 3435 Westheimer Road #1606 77027

Weiss Charles Charles Weiss Art 2022 Southern Place 77406

Schmitt Alexandra D (+) Zermers Realty 3435 Westheimer Road # 1606 77027

Jpac Panda Inc Panda Garden Chinese Restaurant 1043 Eldridge Road 77478 Holden Brenda M Holden Enterprise 2495 South Mason Road Apt 616 77450 J.Wess Industries Inc (+) Legacy I.T. Solutions 7115 Angel Falls 77459 Komolafe Bankole Ayodele Ancor Engineering and Environmental Services Limited 11731 W Bellford #480 77477 True North Land Research Dees Donna (+) 2414 Richard St 77471 Hammond Willie Jr Metro Eclipse Records 3610 Darnell Ct 77459 White Dedria R Vessels of Honor Unlimited 3938 Teal Run Place Ct 77545

Schmitt Alexandra D (+) Zermers Design & Marketing Lounge 3435 Westheimer Road #1606 77027 Poole Lucrue Randle Anita’s Cleaning Service 5823 Heron Dr 77033 Verrett Jamarcus Lil Silly Transportation (+) 3514 Evergreen Sq Trl 77545 LZRE Holdings LLC Thunder Ventures 3828 Cedar Springs Rd #8014436 75219 Morrison Eric Maximum Development & Construction 3947 Oak Plank Rd 77545 Richman Kelly (+) Lifetime of Clicks Photography 24819 Red Bluff Trl 77494

Cruz Dany Cruz Care Service 3242 Ebbtide Dr 77045

Ajanee Barkat (+) Akf Investments 5111 Beacon Point 77479

Nunn Udorn F Bonsai Arts 7338 Westmeadow Ct 77407

Adewoye Oyejide Julius Leadway Auto and Heavy Equipments Group Enterprises 9515 Abigail Dr 77498

Anderson Vicki L (+) Anderson Aviation Specialties 1122 Glendale Drive 77479

Simone Joseph III Joey’s Pool Service 1810 Pecan Lake 77406 Sims Management Inc Sugar Land Sleep, LLC. 3531 Town Center Blvd S #103 77479

Happier Healthier Women LLC Angelica Romero 3526 Junction Bend Ln 77494

Artani Hira (+) Surplus Medical Supply 10204 Fallstone Roade Ste 220 77099

Chu Emily Lee Daily Donuts Delight 4031 FM 1463 Rd Ste 80 77494

Phung Judy Serenity Nails & Pedispa 10705 Spring Green Blvd #800 77494

Sims Management Inc Sugar Land Neurodiagnositics, LLC 3531 Town Center Blvd S #103 77479

Taillon Randy (+) Stencilpal 6639 River Road 77469

Arrington Gina Gina Arrington - Old Sugar Land CC 10202 Rosebud Ln 77459

Carrasco Elaine U Resume Proficiency By Laney 12250 S Kirkwood Rd #314 77477

Williams-Battle Mary Dean Transportation R Us 7118 Towerview Lane 77489

Jenkins Adrin A A Mortgage 54 Sugar Creek Center Ste 311 77478

Hayob Joyce Griffin Fine Interiors 12214 Doe Meadow Dr 77477 Jordan Samantha (+) Sammie Joe’s BBQ 6927 Shady Lane 77479 AP Pool LLC Southwest Pool & Spa 5514 Deerbourne Chase 77479 Garcia Carmen Jungle Now! 9022 Dixie Dr 77461 Tyo Toi (+) Sassy Hair Hut 621 Double Ridge Crossing 77459 Sherbel Sherri Serenity Glass Art 3515 Tamarisk Ln 77459 Carey Erika Erika Carey Dba Carey For You Concierge 2726 Palm Harbour 77459 Faggett Chiquita Turnt Up Ridaz 7311 Towerview Ln 77489 Windswept Rv Park LLC Windswept Rv Park 14311 Sandy Ripple Ct 77498 Woodbridge Monica Melody Lane Fashion Design & Sewing School 13955 Murphy Rd 122 77477 Sahil Inc Tri-Mart 4005 Ave N 77471

Marasigan Miriam (+) 1St Jam Services 10615 Rockley Rd Ste A 77099 Waters William Foster Stone 6806 Knoll Park Drive 77479 Johnson Janice Signature Tax and Business Solutions P O Box 292 77545-0292 Mcdill Michael P Goldenwest Ems 7110 Glen Rosa 77494 Dawson Sydney C (+) SYD’S 2834 Sage Creek Ct 77406 Boone Rebekah All About Brew, L.L.C. 1410 Hwy 90A #300 77406 Adame Jason Hook”Em & Pull” Em Towing Service 207 Fleming St 77469 Biag Joy (+) Katuparan Travel & Tours 3006 Park Springs Ln 77479 Hamex Investments Ltd (+) Hamex Aviation Incorporation 19002 Mission Park Dr 77407 Elizalde Munizaga Carlos (+) Intercomercial LTDA 3503 Cedar Hill Ct 77459

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

Zenoma LLC (+) Venture Home Investments 4771 Sweetwater Blvd #116 77479 Miller Dana L (+) B and P Farms 327 FM 1875 77417 Safe Hand Gloves Inc Surpluis Medical Supply 10804 Fallstone Rd Ste 220 77099 Simpson Lecreame First Source Adjusters School 2103 Vermilion Oaks 77545 Heiman Angela Jill (+) Critters Pet Grooming 13838 FM 361 77461 Rose Michelle Kai & Mia 4930 Sugar Grove Blvd #3005 77477 Brazle Mark (+) Km&M Seafood 16327 Bandicoot Dr 77498 Banttari Jack R Jack R Banttari Geophysical Consultant 24200 Southwest Freeway Ste. 402-291 77471 Gray Steven B Katy Chaos 27219 Aspen Falls Ln 77441


Data Beat

June 2014 Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary Reports

Sales Tax Allocation Comparison Summary reports present data about monthly local sales and use tax allocation payments to local sales taxing jurisdictions. These net payments represent monies identified for the local jurisdictions since the previous month’s distribution. These reports will allow you to compare current year sales and use tax payments with the previous year. When used with other local economic indicators, they may help indicate present and future trends. County/City Fort Bend

Net Payment This Period

Comp Payment Prior Year

Percent Change

2014 Payments To Date

2013 Payments To Date

Percent Change

Arcola Beasley Fulshear Kendleton Meadows Place Missouri City Needville Orchard Pleak Richmond Rosenberg Simonton Stafford Sugar Land Thompsons

39,859.59 8,260.60 73,009.47 984.95 90,345.14 641,440.14 44,924.84 4,053.36 5,211.41 369,291.97 1,283,032.20 11,258.60 1,369,397.90 3,878,412.24 2,058.19

40,932.44 8,017.08 51,659.21 758.90 84,831.82 538,278.31 32,774.35 3,634.24 5,685.19 333,144.56 1,104,125.51 29,754.50 1,148,672.78 3,214,535.07 7,344.65

-2.62% 3.03% 41.32% 29.78% 6.49% 19.16% 37.07% 11.53% -8.33% 10.85% 16.20% -62.16% 19.21% 20.65% -71.97%

243,317.42 52,709.07 459,284.15 6,073.12 582,359.37 3,933,359.20 245,231.68 24,215.88 28,892.49 2,342,210.89 8,097,849.99 74,532.64 8,024,990.33 24,250,754.04 15,982.64

220,578.68 48,640.84 355,578.31 4,838.96 548,131.52 3,543,917.20 201,005.07 20,719.57 28,288.91 2,261,352.49 6,785,141.95 91,700.71 7,568,985.10 21,816,885.68 12,879.77

10.30% 8.36% 29.16% 25.50% 6.24% 10.98% 22.00% 16.87% 2.13% 3.57% 19.34% -18.72% 6.02% 11.15% 24.09%








Top 20 City Sales and Use Tax Comparison Summary - June 2014 Please note that Sugar Land is 17th in sales tax revenues in the state. City

Houston San Antonio Dallas Austin Fort Worth Arlington Corpus Christi El Paso Plano Amarillo Round Rock Frisco Midland McAllen Lubbock Irving Sugar Land Odessa Grand Prairie Tyler


Net Payment This Period

51,286,395.49 24,847,899.24 20,473,255.24 14,981,556.23 10,288,493.98 7,846,486.53 6,336,604.69 6,204,289.49 5,591,193.45 5,531,693.56 5,675,712.64 5,357,025.63 5,444,743.32 5,060,901.86 4,801,197.00 4,413,366.77 3,878,412.24 3,548,355.23 3,648,618.99 3,165,910.14

Comp Payment Prior Year

% Change To Date

47,652,686.34 21,417,491.96 18,935,590.00 12,356,371.92 9,140,940.51 7,403,929.27 5,818,085.19 5,969,957.38 5,333,439.93 5,142,779.33 6,541,387.08 4,347,458.15 4,679,050.68 4,520,372.01 4,445,940.76 4,095,992.98 3,214,535.07 3,094,458.22 3,516,356.43 2,849,844.26

7.62% 16.01% 8.12% 21.24% 12.55% 5.97% 8.91% 3.92% 4.83% 7.56% -13.23% 23.22% 16.36% 11.95% 7.99% 7.74% 20.65% 14.66% 3.76% 11.09%

2013 Payments To Date

319,745,162.72 152,025,163.35 127,381,176.17 91,418,405.78 62,859,045.89 46,292,020.88 40,413,874.61 39,834,804.39 37,344,083.55 36,045,808.90 35,276,166.84 32,886,773.27 32,734,048.77 32,545,258.32 31,027,796.05 28,323,228.01 24,250,754.04 21,994,558.96 21,877,582.23 20,648,523.98

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

2012 Payments Change

300,295,749.52 127,276,269.70 119,054,934.78 82,686,167.60 58,484,922.65 48,566,131.37 37,478,630.54 38,859,397.61 34,680,427.59 34,171,537.66 34,793,261.86 28,825,651.50 29,077,339.44 32,028,351.85 29,864,669.86 26,109,916.32 21,816,885.68 19,588,193.83 21,457,484.61 18,512,884.46


6.47% 19.44% 6.99% 10.56% 7.47% -4.68% 7.83% 2.51% 7.68% 5.48% 1.38% 14.08% 12.57% 1.61% 3.89% 8.47% 11.15% 12.28% 1.95% 11.53%

Data Beat

Commercial Building Permits

Some significant building permits in cities in Fort Bend during the month of May ADDRESS




STAFFORD 10225 Mula Rd Ste 140

Commercial Building


12603 Southwest Freeway

Commercial Building


Dobson Construction

10707 Corporate Drive Ste 120

Commercial Building


Crain Martin & Martin LC

12510 Sugar Ridge Boulevard

Commercial Building


ITT Pro Services

11110 West Airport Boulevard

Commercial Building


RCC Holdings

Grand Total Valuation (Commercial)



510 Industrial Blvd

Commercial Addition


16535 Southwest Fwy Ste K5575

Commercial Addition


12727 W Airport Blvd

Commercial Addition


18211 B Univerrsity Blvd

Commercial Addition


Sugar Land Ranch Development LLC/DL Meacham LP

1600 Industrial Blvd

Commercial Addition


Sabin Americas Inc/Evans Construction

1227 Museum Square Dr #D

Commercial Buildout


NNP-Telfair, LP/Bey Commercial Construction

636 State Hwy 6 Ste 400

Commercial Buildout


Hwy 6 & 90, LTD/P&P Landscape Management

12560 Reed Rd Ste 300

Commercial Buildout


Pelec Development, Inc/Stewart Builders

13425 University Blvd Ste 400

Commercial Buildout


NNP-Telfair LP/All Phase Renovations

13425 University Blvd Ste 350

Commercial Buildout


NNP-Telfair LP/Topique Construction

1226 Museum Square Dr Ste 700

Commercial Buildout


NNP-Telfair LP/Urban Constructors, Inc

7616 Branford Pl

Commercial Buildout


Ft Bend LID #17/American Commercial Contractor

16605 Southwest Fwy Ste 460

Commercial Buildout


Methodist Hospital/South Coast Const Services Inc

18717 University Blvd Bldg 2

Commercial New


Timewise #303-05/TDK Construction Company

18721 University Blvd Bldg 1

Commercial New


Timewise #303-05/TDK Construction Company

16535 Southwest Fwy Ste 3000

Commercial Remodel

1212 State Hwy 6

Commercial Remodel


1327 Lake Point Pkwy Ste 100

Commercial Remodel


Dr. Hernandez/Cactus Builders, Inc

1327 Lake Point Pkwy Ste 200

Commercial Remodel


Dr. Hernandez/Cactus Builders, Inc

12946 Dairy Ashford Rd Ste 460

Commercial Remodel


14023 Southwest Fwy

Commercial Remodel


KFLP Partnership LTD & JDLP/South Coast Const Services Inc

17500 W Grand Pkwy S 1st Floor

Commercial Remodel


Memorial Hermann Hospital/Endurance Builders

15890 Southwest Fwy Ste 300

Commercial Remodel


Lake Pointe Town Center LTD/Net Construction

3665 State Hwy 6

Commercial Remodel


Kroger Company #26B/DCB Construction

2587 Town Center Blvd N

Commercial Remodel


Weingarten Realty Investors/TCB Construction Group, LLC

16535 Southwest Fwy Ste 740

Commercial Remodel


420 Sugar Creek Blvd

Commercial Remodel


10405 Corporate Dr

Commercial Remodel


16659 Southwest Fwy Ste 301

Commercial Remodel


1600 State Hwy 6 Ste 300

Commercial Remodel


Grand Total Valuation (Commercial)






Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

KW Industries Inc/TDK Construction Company First Colony Mall LLC/Finn LLC Amerisource Bergen Corp/Kajima Building & Design Group

First Colony Mall, LLC/Fred Oliveri Construction Co Bank of America NA/Golden Sands General Contractors

Gupta Sugar Land Plaza Limited/Houston Remodeling Inc

First Colony Mall LLC/VC Construction Inc Sugar Creek Country Club/Qualified Construction Inc City of Sugar Land/E Contractors USA LLC TMH Medical Office Buldings/South Coast Const Services Inc KBS Offices at Kensington, LLC/Herring Construction


Accounting / QuickBooks Experts

VM Wasek CPA, LLC 281-435-7147 Got QuickBooks? QuickBooks is all we do. We are Fort Bend’s top QuickBooks experts certified by Intuit. Customized QuickBooks training, set up, consulting, conversions, and integrations. QuickBooks bookkeeping and accounting services. QuickBooks extreme makeovers. We work with all versions of QuickBooks – Enterprise, Premier, Pro, and Online. Free up your time and let us worry about the numbers. Visit our website to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation. Christeen Seymour, CPA 281-969-7976 Phone 13110 S. Gessner Rd, Ste 100 713-410-3778 Cell Services: Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll Services, Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation, Consulting, Non-Profit Accounting, QuickBooks Setup and Training, Contract Controller/CFO. Advertising


Fort Bend Focus 281-690-4242 Fort Bend’s ONLY feature magazine Direct mailed to almost 40,000 homes every month in Fort Bend’s most affluent subdivisions.


Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER Newspaper. Air Conditioning

Vista Air Services, Inc. 713-433-6311 COMMERCIAL AIR CONDITIONING SPECIALISTS Vista Air Services, Inc. specializes in Commercial/ Industrial Air Conditioning Services. Established in 1978 Vista provides Service, Repair, HVAC Remodeling and Design, as well as flexible Preventative Maintenance Plans. Vista is WBEA and HUB Certified and licensed in the State of Texas (TACLA 4677C). Business Owners, Office Managers, Facilities Managers, and Commercial Contractors, are invited to call us at 713-433-6311.

Alterations & Tailoring

LIZ’S TAILOR and ALTERATIONS 281-242-3193 3626 Highway 6 South (In the Luby’s/Big Lots Shopping Center) Sugar Land, TX 77478. Our Alterations Service for Ladies and Gentlemen include: Full resizing of your dress or prom to make a perfect fit; hem pants & jeans, taper in and out; shorten jacket sleeves and zipper changes. We fix your clothes at affordable prices. We offer professional tailoring. We will make your clothes from a catalog or pattern. For one-day or immediate service, please call Liz at 281-242-3193. We offer free estimates or visit us at or email us at liz@ Auto Repair / Maintenance

Auto Central-Automotive Service & Sales 281-499-9684 2526 Fifth Street, Stafford, Texas 77477, Fax: 281-499-0183, Fast, Friendly and professional automotive repair. ASE Blue Seal Certified, State Inspection Station, Diesel Repair, Open Monday-Friday 7-6pm. Saturdays by Appt. only. Charlton’s Auto Body Repair and Vehicle Detailing 281-499-1126 Chuck Charlton, 1131 Staffordshire @ 5th Street, Stafford, Texas 77477, Charbody@aol. com, Fax: 281-499-1694, Complete collision repair. Frame & Unibody straightened. Expert computer color matching. Custom painting & pin stripping. Honest service. 79 Years Strong and 3 Generations Proud! Colony One Auto Center P - 281-980-4440 F - 281-261-0048 Are you tired of searching for a AAA approved auto repair center? Colony One Auto Center is a family-owned and operated business, having serviced more than 210,000 vehicles since 1991. The BBB has rated Colony One Auto Center its highest score, capturing an A+ rating. Angie’s List has designated Colony One Auto Center its highest rating as a “Super Service Provider,” also garnering an A+ rating. Colony One Auto Center has a complete state-of-the-art automotive repair and maintenance facility. Your search is finally over. Bring your vehicle to Rod Tate at 1131 Dulles Avenue, Stafford, 77477.

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal

First Tire & Automotive 281-313-2886 Craig Popp, owner, 3 Sugar Land Locations. 960 Eldridge, 281-313-2886 & 2303 Williams Trace Blvd. 281-980-2666 (First Colony), 20015 Southwest Freeway. 281-343-5666 (Greatwood), Diagnostic testing and evaluation, Manufacturer’s routine recommended maintenance, domestic and foreign vehicle repairs, AAA approved, ASE certified. Ask about our Fleet Service! Banks

The State Bank of Texas 281-494-6686 Nicki Black, 13010 Murphy Road, Stafford, TX 77477, Fax: 281-494-6747. Locally and independently owned - our prime interest is you! Catering

Salata Salata is a fresh and unique way to eat healthy and create your own freshly prepared hand tossed salad or salad wrap. Offering over 50 toppings of fruits and vegetables with the option to add chicken or seafood. Salata’s Signature Dressings, Soups and Sauces are made in house and are Gluten Free. We cater and deliver for any occasion including business meetings or training sessions. In a hurry? Go to Salata. com and we’ll have your order prepared and ready to go. We are conveniently located across from the Marriott and in the corridor of the Coca-Cola/ Minute Maid building. For catering service contact Vilma (cell) 832-279-5323, Fax: 832-886-4591, Email: Country Clubs & Golf Courses

Quail Valley Golf Course & City Centre 281-403-5900 (General) 281-403-5910 (Golf Shop) The Quail Valley Golf Course and City Centre offers 36 holes of championship golf, full practice facilities and gorgeous event venues. After your round, stop by the Bluebonnet Grille for a cold drink and a satisfying meal. The City Centre is perfect for your special event. We host golf tournaments, weddings, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, fundraising galas and so much more. All with beautiful views of our award winning golf courses. For more information, visit Quail Valley Golf Course & City Centre, 2880 La Quinta Dr., Missouri City, Texas 77459.


Stafford Dialysis 281-568-9911 12220 Murphy Road, Stafford, Texas 77477 Quality Care for A Quality Life. Stafford Dialysis promotes the highest quality care and treatment for patients with chronic renal disease. State of the Art technology and certified professionals provide patients the highest ethical standards and education related to kidney failure. Certified through Private Insurance, Medicare and the Texas Department of Health, you can trust your care to Stafford Dialysis. Economic Development

The Katy Area Economic Development Council (Katy Area EDC) 281-396-2200 The Katy Area conomic Development Council (Katy Area EDC, a 501 (c) 6 non-profit corporation, is a full service economic development corporation representing the Katy ISD area (Katy Area). Katy Area EDC : recruits new businesses, helps retain and expand existing businesses, helps create new businesses, facilitates the construction of business infrastructure and helps improve the quality of place and quality of life of the Katy Area. Floral

Flowers By Tiffany LLC 281-208-8681 13230 Murphy Road, Suite 400, Stafford, TX 77477. 281-208-8681. 2011 CMUS Power Award Winner – Internet Customer Service Award. Beautiful Flowers for all occasions, Weddings, Events, Funerals, Plants, Fruit & Gourmet Baskets. Member of the Better Business Bureau and Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. Mention the Fort Bend Business Journal for a special discount.

Foundations / Sprinklers

Root Wall Pro 832.776.2338 3346 East T.C. Jester D-47, Houston, TX 77018. Stop! Before you uproot your mature trees as the solution to your foundation issues, call us! Simply adding peers to a faulty foundation is a misguided, incomplete solution when trees are also a part of the puzzle. One needs to also address mature tree roots. We can handle any size job in solving deep root foundation structure issues. Adding a deep root watering systems to your sprinkler system or any Root Wall Pro foundation watering system is crucial. With more than 20 years experience, Root Wall Pro offers the perfect solution to faulty foundations with our perfected barrier system and root watering system. Keep your mature trees (at a distance from your home) that add value to often your biggest investments--your home and business. Root Wall Pro is endorsed by Randy Lemmon and other local engineers. We also offer financing. We’ll alleviate your worries and give you the solution you need. Call us. You won’t be disappointed and will see the results quickly! Golf Carts / Mobility Scooters

CBC Golf Cart Services, Inc. 281-494-1164 Scooters by CBC 281-494-3454 Fax 281-494-1189; www.mobilityscooters. com., 203 Ulrich Street, Sugar Land, TX 77498 (Behind Imperial Sugar). CBC offers Sales, Service, New & Used, Rentals (daily, monthly or yearly) and Parts for two lines of products, GOLF CARTS and MOBILITY SCOOTERS. Authorized Dealer for Merits and Pride Mobility products. We rent all sizes of golf carts from 2-8 seaters and also short- and long-cargo boxes. Glass Block/Showers/Windows

South Texas Glass Block 281-355-8882 www. We offer complete glass block solutions, providing excellent service and product to all of our customers. We have been in business since 1995, serving the entire Houston and surrounding areas. Our excellent workmanship is unmatched both in the commercial and residential arena. No job is too big for South Texas Glass Block.

12 MONTHS LISTING FOR ONLY $300 Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

Home Health Care

Texas State Healthcare & Hospice Care 281-208-4344 or 979-323-7099 What we do: Skilled Nursing - Home Health Aide Physical / Speech / Occupational Therapies - Medical Social Worker assisting with durable medical equipment needs and helping to provide Resources & Services in the Community - Wound Care - Catheter Care Diabetic Care Lab Services - IV Therapy and more... “Hometown Nurses Helping Hometown People” Ice Cream Specialties

Southern Ice Cream 281-499-9837 Great for all occasions! Reward your employees, clients or families. Serve delicious ice cream specialties from Southern Ice Cream in Stafford, Texas. Do you have a special fundraising project or marketing project on your mind? Schedule a push cart, ice cream truck or vintage ‘Original Good Humor’ truck to deliver these speciality deserts. Southern Ice Cream prides itself on personalized service delivering frozen treats efficiently to cool down even the hottest Houston days! It’s easy to book this unique and rewarding ice cream experience, just visit www. or call Michelle at 281-499-9837.


Riverbend Country Club 281-269-2526 Hawks, 1214 Dulles Avenue, Sugar Land, TX 77478. Conveniently located in the heart of Sugar Land, Riverbend Country Club is just 25 minutes south of downtown Houston, Texas. Established in 1957, Riverbend continues its tradition as Fort Bend County’s only member owned club. Whether you’re looking for championship golf, fine dining, pools, tennis, fitness facilities or a wide variety of social and golf activities Riverbend is definitely the place to belong.

Insurance Agencies

Prince Benefits Group • 281-325-0384 Insurance Agency, that works with individuals & companies to purchase health, dental, vision, life & 401K. We represent Aetna, BCBS, United Healthcare, Guardian, Humana, Principal and many others. Don’t pay a 2014 TAX Penalty for being uninsured due to the new Healthcare Reform laws. Call us for affordable credible coverage. Insurance Solutions of Texas 281-565-2222 • 281-341-5060 Jay Harris, Auto, Home, Business, Flood Insurance. 14140 Southwest Freeway, Suite 150, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. 281-565-2222, Fax 281-565-3333. 2515 Ave. H, Rosenberg, Texas 77471. 281-341-5060, Fax 281-3415558.

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Gold Connection Jewelers 281-344-9900 • We Buy Gold We are a full-service jewelry store in your neighborhood. We offer diamonds, gold and silver jewelry and watches. Repairs are done on our premises. Custom design is our specialty. We offer front door parking for your convenience. Our hours are M-F from 10:00-6:00 pm and again on Sat from 10:00-4:00 pm. We are located at 206 Hwy 90A, Richmond, 77406. Come see our fabulous inventory! Live Music

musicSource, Inc. 281-242-3049 281-204-7716 - Cell Set the mood with LIVE MUSIC at your next event. Vince Ramos and The Continental Combo will provide music for your Gala Event or a casual Oldies Party. One Man Band to 8 pc. MusicSource, Inc. will provide Acoustic Music and any genre including Rock-n-Roll, C&W, Jazz, Dixieland and Holiday Music. European and Hispanic International Theme Music? Luau, Pool Party, Margarita Party.......etc. Let’s have Fun. Give us a call. Outdoor events? No problem, we have portable power. Call or e-mail Vince Ramos 281-242-3049 ramusica@wndstream. net.




Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal 281-690-4200 Fort Bend’s ONLY business publication. Reaching over 10,000 businesses monthly. The place to advertise to reach the vital Fort Bend County business community. Fort Bend Focus - 281-690-4242 Focus on Women - 281-690-4242 Fort Bend’s ONLY feature magazine Direct mailed to almost 40,000 homes every month in Fort Bend’s most affluent subdivisions. Nature’s Pest Control

Nature’s Own Pest And Lawn Service 281-656-2847 18035 W. Little York Rd. Ste. F, Katy, TX 77449. Using an exterminator that will practice the safest and most natural techniques for pest control can be reassuring and December be the only consideration

for those who are determined to live green in every way. Natural pest control with the best guarantee in the business. At Nature’s Own, we will eradicate your bugs and make your home bug free once again. Don’t lose any sleep over these pesky bugs. Call Nature’s Own today. Mention Fort Bend Business Journal and receive a special discount. Newspaper

Fort Bend Star 281-690-4200 We have been delivering a free community newspaper to homes throughout Fort Bend County longer than ANY OTHER Newspaper. Open MRI

Upright MRI of Sugar Land 281-494-0505 CLAUSTROPHOBIC? Upright MRI is the only True OPEN MRI in Sugar Land. We scan patients standing, sitting, or lying down. For the first time, patients can be scanned in weight-bearing postures and in their position of pain. It is ideal for patients who have difficulty lying down due to respiratory or cardiac problems. Mention this ad and receive $25 off your first scan. 2655 Cordes Drive #150, Sugar Land, 77479. Open Monday – Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Optometrists

Elissa R. Wedemeyer O.D., FCOVD, F.A.A.O 281-499-2600 6026 Hwy. 6 Missouri City, TX 77459. Therapeutic Optometrist; Visual Perceptual / Binocular Therapy; medical management of eye infections and diseases. The office has a large selection of fashion frames. Pest Control

Austin Exterminating Co., Inc. 281-342-4328 2714 Avenue I, Rosenberg, Texas 77471 CA00566484 • TPCL 148. Owner operated Monday - Friday. Pest Control Company specializing in service designed for customers who are looking for something different. “We don’t just spray baseboards.” Pharmacies

Ed’s Pharmacy 281-499-4555 Ed Sziy, 3740 Cartwright, Missouri City, TX 77459, Fax: 281-499-7088. July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal


Immunizations & Drug Testing IMU Southwest, The IMUnization Clinic 281-313-7468 3727 Greenbriar Dr., Suite 403, Stafford, TX 77477- Vaccines for children and adults for school, fertility, work, immigration, or travel needs. Daytime, Evening, and Saturday hours and no wait appointments available. Vaccine titers and Drug Testing for individuals or corporations. Certified Drug Testing Center & CDC Designated Yellow Fever Provider. We perform oral HIV testing also. Mobile onsite clinics available for churches and corporations. We are now in network with Blue Cross & Blue Shield. Printers / Graphics

Star Printing - 281-690-4200 We professionally design and print flyers, postcards, brochures, magazines, newspapers and catalogs in high-quality digital graphics. Colliers International, formerly Curtice Commercial Real Estate 281-494-4769 Kolbe M. Curtice, CCIM, CLS, 15999 City Walk, Suite 250, Sugar Land Square located at U.S. Highway 59 & State Highway 6, Fax: 281-494-3227, Brokerage, Development, Investment and Tenant Representation, 25 years experience in Fort Bend. Riverstone Development Co. 281-499-8700 Tom Wilcox, 4855 Riverstone Blvd, Missouri City, Texas 77459, Fax: 281-499-8704, Luxurious waterside living in Fort Bend from $200s to the many millions. Jeanne Gregory, CRS, GRI 281-344-8918 14905 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas 77478, Fax: 281-242-6754, Re/Max Southwest. Residential real estate sales & corporate relocation. Jennifer Weaver, ABR, CRS, GRI 281-207-5037 RE/MAX Southwest, 14905 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas 77478. Residential sales and corporate relocation since 1979.

Remodeling / Outdoor Living

Living Improvements - 281-499-7000 AWARD WINNING - 2010 & 2011 Houston’s BEST “Outdoor Living Space” Living Improvements’ commitment to excellence makes us the perfect fit for your building needs. We have over 200 years cumulative in-house experience in the remodeling and construction industry making us highly skilled, professional and detail oriented striving to exceed our customer’s expectations. We feature outdoor living spaces, custom homes, interior and exterior renovations. Our commitment to excellence is just one of the reasons we have over 5,000 satisfied customers. SERVING FORT BEND & SURROUNDING COUNTIES FOR OVER 35 YEARS. Video Services

Star Digital Studios 281-690-4280 A full service video production studio providing all phases of video production including professional writing, videography, editing, DVD duplication, distribution; also video deposition services to the legal community. For video needed for a TV commercial, website posting, employee training, promotional DVDs, special presentations, coverage of live events/trade shows, or corporate videos, give us a call. If you are interested in something you do not see on our website, let us know and we’re ready to accommodate your needs! Water Softening and Purification Systems

RS Water Service 281-416-9353 R & S Water Service is a Full Service Licensed Water Treatment Company. We offer CostEffective and Long-Lasting Water Softeners. We are 30%-50% less expensive than other water softening companies and we offer the best customer service even after the sale! Sales, Service and Installation of Water Softeners, No Salt Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis Systems, Well Water Systems, Ambassador II ChemFree Iron Filter Systems and Chloramine Removal Systems. We also can test and repair Back Flow devices. For other services or any questions please contact us. 281-416-9353 or **List with the BBB. **Licensed members of the TWQA Texas Water Quality Association.

For your corporate meeting, seminar or private event, Santikos Palladium AVX provides the picture-perfect setting. Comfortable stadium-style seating to accommodate 50-440 guests

Dining options from grab-and-go boxes to buffet, wine, beers and cocktails

State-of-the-art digital projection and sound with full A/V capabilities

Dedicated support and service from arrival to departure

To host your next event at Santikos Palladium AVX, call 281-239-4205 or email Visit us at 7301 Grand Parkway (just south of Westpark Tollway).

Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014


Fort Bend/Katy


e h Car


are althc Aide te He a t S Health dical s a e 4 x m 4 m e o T o care.c s - Me 08-43 l g-H 281-2 xstatehealth led Nursin al Therapie le medica n .t b il a k w io r s& t S u e a : d c p ww r o u u d we with /Occ Reso What al/Speech assisting to provide - Cathete e ic g r s r a in y e C h lp k y an r e P d herap and h l Wo Woun Socia ent needs munity - vices - IV T wn Peop m o r Cove equipm s in the Co re Lab Se ing Homet elp ng Ca indow ice i H v s r W ic i s t e t e / e S r s s n Nur - Diab Adve Blind 8499 rnal Care “Hometow 1306 -416s Jou , . t 1 s .. it 8 e e r 2 m n : o i im m us s Fax s ob D Blind 459, om end B encie dget getblinds.c B ity, TX 77 personal n. Fort B 90-4200 om u io t B a c li ce Ag C d , n c b n li s u i 6 r. u r b g . a a t .b p t u r 1 n in e s o s w r 8 u d s 2 atio ww itt@budg 01, Miss ow cove Ins ortben busine install Texas d www.f nd’s ONLY bdimm 92, Suite 4 stom win asuring and ns of 1-5060 242 o 4 i t e 0 o u t l B e u 9 0 4 So -6 iled Fort FM 1 0-8051, C xpert fit” m 281-3 ance - 281 d I ct ma t Insur 65-2222 • tionsoftexa ess, Floo u 2-22 ultant, “e e Dire end’s mos Focus 3 8 in d z in n lu S a s 5 s o e g B u , s n a u B t 1 0 B e o c r t 5 8 c m c o o , r f 1 n 2 F e o F style nsura uto, Hom ay, Suite rtbend NLY feature y month in 1 .i o 8 w .f 2 w w w r O ww Fax reew ris, A es eve end’s y Har outhwest F 565-2222, 471. 281 Clubs a y J r Fort B 40,000 hom s. t 7 S 7 81t n Coun 14140 77478. 2 berg, Texas almos t subdivisio 00 Club en s 2 s y n y a 4 r o e it x t s R u e n 0 n e , T fl u ll af Du Cou 1-69 Ave. H 8. comm 214 bend g r - 28 2515 1-341-555 free ort Bend River 69-2526 ntryclub.or Hawks, 1 ntly located d Sta a n 8 e F 2 . B g r x u rin Fa out pape Fort ortbendst 281-2 iverbendco om. Tricia 8. Convenie ntry Club is delive rough News www.f ave been homes th OTHER ww.r @gmail.c , TX 7747 rbend Cou on, Texas. w h st nd lers bcc ive We aper to than ANY s triciar , Sugar La ar Land, R ntown Hou its tradition Jewe p e s weler . g w s r u b u new Aven heart of S outh of do continue wned clu longe ion Je Gold t c e y t n d uy ce on Coun in the minutes s 7, Riverben member o golf, fine We B old C tenan The G 44-9900 • t 25 d in 195 y’s only mpionship e variety Main s / ju r s i io iamo t 3 t e e a sh un wid cha Sal Rep 281- oldconnec y store. D do Establi t Bend Co oking for cilities or a efinitely the vice & lr s Auto .g r e ir e w a w r S p w d a lo je o f w ice d is s. Re ess y otive as F r you’re th e is, fitn s Riverben ll serv nd Watche ur specialt utom if h n u A t F n F e l e h t a r 6 , a o ie W t 2 it ls y n 5 s e o iv r e lr a t 2 o a e x , C c p a , lle, ign Jew d, Te 0183 Auto 99-9684 iz dining l and golf Fauve hmon m des -499b Custo y 90A, Ric socia elong. b 281-4 utocentral. biz. David , Fax: 281 epair. f u l o C w l. 7 r try to b 206 H www.a autocentra exas 7747 utomotive Coun place wn C a T Golf & & n a i david@ Stafford, rofessional g / La lf n o n i o g t p s a , p u o ivate ailable. ndsc Street iendly and repair. The H 94-4245 v ip Pr r o 3 $ La -4 -1126 ngo Membersh bership a 1 9 ia Fast, f proved aut 8 9 n 2 4 o 281-4 t p rd, .hous rbrough, ed mem - 281 are • ty mai o f w C f r i a AAA a w n t a w S aw er Sca Rep .com. St., llision *Limit JDT L ercial prop red pro ir Body o @ 5th Nicole club, m su ton’s nsbodyrepa ffordshire omplete c xpert l m y in r r o t a C y n h ll u E C C ta co and a vice e, fu harlto . 694, 131 S servic er service were r Ser e www.c Charlton, 1 281-499-1 traightened ting & pin h s i u s in custom employees y ser xting Chuck 477, Fax: Unibody ustom pa rong and 3 t ll 7 C t Fire E vice S r e s and a . High quali r S a TX 7 Frame & atching. r ty ishe 79 Ye n . m u u ir g o a r . n C p e i lo e t o r ic x ial t serv uter c Fire E ident e comp g. Hones Gillen ercial/Res ull lin 0 4 ! in 4 d zine p 4 u s a f rvices, m e 0 m 9 id 8 strip tions Pro v o 6 9 o C 9 Maga a 42-6 Service pr s and se rvice. x: - 281 a 3 F r , 1 e Gener 7 8 t le 2 e 47 en illenSe ns, sa and s uisher usine uto C , TX 77 otive www.G Fire Exting r inspectio spections rovide fire end B star. One A ue, Stafford art autom B y t n r e p r in o o l h u n F e n n h e Co Gille extinguis exit sign n even of yo rtbend olonyo te of t lles Av d’s ONLY For all ca w . s f www.c te, 1131 Du omplete sta f e f fire as lighted a e o t en a ll ed s mploy Fort B business Rod T 1-0048, C ce facility. as we ighly train g for your e tinguisher. 00 6 86 n 2 a 8 ,0 h x n 0 in 2 1 E e al F 1 in t 8 r 3 2 Ou Fire r tra -31 the vit & main ge, - 281 guishe s, call Gillen teach id in r t e repair x v ld i e E t o 960 need o Autom vices tions. . 281-980safety end F & Ser ut . d Loca Tire & d s t Fort B nd Fo c First rsttireanda Sugar Lan s Trace Blv t Freeway u 6 d 6 o 2 a r l 2 3 r P , s 65 Pea on W cial opp, owner 303 William Southwe testing and 281-5 Finan 2 C, Focus ortbe oup F r h Craig P 3-2886 & ny), 20015 Diagnostic ommended G C l a i , c y 1 c n A o 3 lo ), e , a r A R o d www.f nd’ oo e s, A 281 (First C om H. #430 k Fin e reatw routin repair ! ford ions, r Cree reekgroup.c Robert h s a Fort B 40 A g 2666 3-5666 (G facturer’s ign vehicle et Service u S st garc 46 Dairy lth, Pens 4 le o re u u 3 F o n f .s r lm a 1 d a u w 8 M n o a 2 e 29 dst ww nt s tion, estic a about ife, H . 77, 1 @win afflue evalua nance, dom tified. Ask robroy 81-565-22 77478. L individuals r e t e d 2 c ain 2014, ASHE Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal Fax: TX July m es an Land, ved siness appro Sugar ents for bu Med m ters Invest Scoo 0 TX 7-010 81-27 tafford, 2 erS d n n w e o Fort B Freeway, Serving ers. k k a n 3, g Ba thwest n m 2 n io i 2 l is r 0 c e e St Sou 281-277 local d ith 12840 , Fax: ses w 7 7747 d busines e t opera rings






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FOOD, DRINK, ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE WHERE TO EAT NOW - The following is a list of exceptional restaurants throughout in Fort Bend County & Katy Area. Prices reflect the average cost of a three-course dinner for one person, excluding drinks, tax and tip. $$$$=Very Expensive ($60 & Up). $$$=Expensive ($40-$60). $$=Moderate ($20-$40). $=Inexpensive (Under $20) . FB=Full Bar. WB=Serves Wine & Beer.

Bombay Palace Do you want to savor some of the best Indian food in all Bombay of Fort Bend, surrounded by Palace elegant furnishings, a majestic mahogany full-service bar and soothing background music? You can also book your very own private wine room that seats up to 14. Bombay Palace offers fine dining at affordable prices. Savor two of their finest dishes: Rack of Lamb that is skillfully marinated with ginger, garlic and our secret spices or the fabulous Chilean Sea Bass that is topped with a garlic spinach. Both dishes are served for under $20. Bombay Palace is open seven days a week for lunch: M-F – 11:00-2:30 p.m. Saturday-Sunday Brunch – 11:30-3:00 p.m. and then again for dinner every day from 5:3010:00 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday, come in and enjoy either the delicious Tawa Special or Chat Corner. We cater for any sized party! Book your holiday party now. We promise you won’t be disappointed! 15295 SW Freeway, Sugar Land, 281-325-0071, $$ • FB Cafe India Come enjoy the best Indian food in Fort Bend County! Sultan Momin is not only the friendly owner but also one of the experienced chefs in this quiet, very clean family-owned restaurant. Cafe India offers an excellent, fresh lunch buffet selection from 11:00-2:45 every day (except closed on Tuesday). From MondayThursday, come in and have an a-la-carte dinner and then enjoy a free dessert! Cafe India has not only received excellent reviews but is affordable and specializes in catering for any event. There is no better Tandoori Chicken, flavorable vegetable samosas, lamb dishes or biryani in town! Cafe India offers an excellent meal selection for two or four people. Cafe India is also open for dinner Monday, Wednesday,

Thursday and Sunday from 5:00-9:30 p.m., and then on Friday and Saturday from 5:00-10:00 p.m. Affordable, fresh, authentic Indian food while also offering wine and beer in a relaxed atmosphere. Cafe India is located at 2319 Williams Trace, Sugar Land, TX 77478. Call 281-565-5881 or visit www. $ • WB Duranni’s Tandoor n Grill “Service with a Smile” Indian, Pakistani, and Meditarranean Cuisine. Finest Desi Restaurant with great ambiance. Elegant Banquet Hall seats up to 150 guests. 12 ft. screen and video screen. State of the art surround sound system. Light musical evening in the banquet hall (Free event for almost Friday evenings) Free Wi-Fi nice patio. Party trays orders to go. Open 7 days a week. Lunch buffet Mon. Fri. 11: 30-3:30 p.m. Weekend Brunch Saturdays and Sundays. 11:30- 3:30 p.m., Mon. to Wed. 11:30 a.m.- 10:00 p.m. Thursday to Sunday 11:30 a.m.-11:00 p.m., 10581 South Highway 6, Sugar Land, Texas 77498 (at the corner of South Highwy 6 and West Belfort). $$ Hoggs n’ Chicks At Hoggs & Chicks, we have a casual atmosphere for everyone’s dining pleasure. We serve a delicious and original French/Southern influenced cuisine that satisfies those with ‘Small Bites’ to those with a Larger Appetite. As we like to say; “Southern Fried with a French Twist” – Frédéric Perrier (chef)! Hours Monday-Thursday 11:00am – 8:30pm, Friday 11:00am – 9:00pm, Saturday 10:30am – 9:00pm, Sunday 10:30am – 8:00pm. Saturday and Sunday Brunch 10:30 – 2:00pm. We now have Shakes, Smoothies, and Frozen Lemonades. 8817 Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal H July 2014

Highway 6, Suite 900, Missouri City, Texas 77459. 281-778-4644. Visit us online at www.hoggsnchicks. com. $$ Las Haciendas Mexican Bar & Grill Santos Escobar and his brother Ascension Escobar serve up dozens of heaping traditional gourmet Mexican plates. Lunch Specials run weekdays from 11am - 3pm. Great margaritas, fajitas and much more. Catering available as well as a party room for private parties. • 12821 Southwest Freeway. 281-240-3060. $ • FB QQ China Cafe QQ China Cafe, a family owned Restaurant, has been serving a variety of oriental cuisines for over 3 years, Szechuan, Hunan, Mandarin, and Mongolian. Only 100% vegetable oil is used and you will never find MSG. Located between Sienna Pkwy. and Fort Bend Pkwy. on Highway 6 in Missouri City., QQ China Cafe is open 7 days a week. Visit for a quiet, quaint, enjoyable lunch or dinner and take out is always available. Sunday - Thursday, 11AM - 10 PM, Friday and Saturday 11Am - 10:30PM, 10330 Hwy. 6 #G Missouri City, TX . 77459. Call 281-431-7777 or 281-431-7773. $ Regal Seafood Lounge “The Freshest Seafood “Hong Kong Cantonese. Open 7 Days a week, Sunday- Thursday 11: 00- 10:00 p.m., Friday- Saturday 11:a.m.11:00 p.m. 12350 Southwest Freeway , Stafford, Tx. 77477. (Between W. Airport and S. Kirkwood) Phone 281-494-8888. $ $ continued, on page 44


FOOD, DRINK, ENTERTAINMENT GUIDE WHERE TO EAT NOW - The following is a list of exceptional restaurants throughout in Fort Bend County & Katy Area. Prices reflect the average cost of a three-course dinner for one person, excluding drinks, tax and tip. $$$$=Very Expensive ($60 & Up). $$$=Expensive ($40-$60). $$=Moderate ($20-$40). $=Inexpensive (Under $20) . FB=Full Bar. WB=Serves Wine & Beer.

Veritas Steak & Seafood

continued, from page 43

The Rios family invites you to come and experience a superb quality cuisine and impeccable service combined with an elegant and warm ambiance at Veritas Steak & Seafood. Join them for a wonderful culinary adventure featuring USDA certified prime beef, chops, fresh seafood, soups, sandwiches, salads and an outstanding wine selection. They are open for both lunch and dinner Monday – Thursday 11:00 – 10:00 pm, Friday 11:00 – 11:00 pm, Saturday 4:00 – 11:00 pm, and closed

Supper 6 Buffet “Biggest Selection in town”with 10 Buffet tables. Chinese, American, Sushi, Hibachi Grill and Chocolate Fountains. Banquet and Party Room Available. Open 7 Days 11a.m.-10 p.m. Senior Citizen Discount. 5425 Hwy 6 South Suite A100, Missouri City, Tx. 77459 (Across from Kohl’s near Riverstone Blvd.) Phone 832-539-6633. $

on Sunday. Partake in their happy hour specials from 4:00 – 7:00 pm Monday – Saturday. 1550 Lake Pointe Parkway, Suite 500, Sugar Land • Call 281-491-2901. $$ • FB Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse is the premier steakhouse in Fort Bend. Tradicao, pronounced Tradee-son, was named after the Brazilian word for “tradition” and founded on the idea to continue this traditional way of grilling. They are a family owned and operated churracaria whose goal is to make sure your dining experience is one you will never forget. Their prixe fixe menu includes 14 cuts of perfectly grilled meats brought to your table side, a large salad bar and hot sides. Private dining and catering is available. Tradico would like to invite you to come join them, sit back and relax. Lunch Mon-Fri 11am-2pm and Sun 12-3pm. Dinner Mon-Thurs 5-9:30pm, Fri 5-10pm, Sat 4-10pm, Sun 5-9pm. Phone: 281277-9292. 12000 Southest Freeway, Meadows Place, TX, 77477, $S • FB


Open 7 Days A Week Sunday - Thursday 11:00 a.m. -10:00 p.m. Friday - Saturday 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

12350 Southwest Freeway Stafford, Texas 77477

281-494-8888 44

July 2014 H Fort Bend / Katy Business Journal


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July 2014 - The Business Lifestyle Magazine Digital Edition  

The Business Lifestyle Magazine Digital Edition

July 2014 - The Business Lifestyle Magazine Digital Edition  

The Business Lifestyle Magazine Digital Edition