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Suga r Land 2015 OFFICIA L NEWCOM ER

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he Sugar Land Newcomer’s Guide 2017 is an invaluable resource to residents of Fort Bend county both new and old Moving to a new city and/or to a new state, can be very overwhelming. Hello Sugar Land puts the answers to many questions in a beautiful publication that has a shelf life of 1 full year. Content includes Sugar Land feature stories, school district information, both public and private, voter and car registration information, local demographics, local events and leaders, Sugar Land airport information, Sugar Land history, important phone numbers, Sugar Land hospitals and much more!

Don’t be left out call:

281-690-4200 Put your business into the hands of Newcomers!

Deadline: February 3, 2017 Published: February 23, 2017 wcom erguid sugarl andne


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Sugar Land di to re-invent thdn't have they just refin e wheel, ed it. By Michael Sudhal


generic shoppi ng And that didn’tcenter. IMPERIAL MARK happen ET, set to automaticall open next year, y. blends Dennis Parme Sugar Land’s hen I drive r, director of the Sugar past. Johnson future and down U.S. Land Heritage Develo Foundation, 90-A, it’s will ensure that pment was history Land city counci a Sugar would be preser easy to have an appreciation from 2003-09 l member new project. (Artistved in the who was Land’s histor for Sugar renderin instru g by mental in y. Johnson Developm The company that the develo seeing ent) town grew into a small maintained its pment incorporated character. city in 1959, Some Sugar and blossomed into has residents were Land Houston’s – andone of to see history hesitant go by the best suburbs. America’s – wayside, after the Palms But the best Theat er – where thing about the former Imper local folks had many seen their property is that ial Sugar first motion pictur e – was of Sugar Land) public (City knocked down during the (Johnson Develoand private 1990s. entities worke pment) Imperial Sugar d together stopped for the best intere operating the facilities in st of the community. 2003, and four Perhaps our citizens decide years later, friend d that s any to the north developer must in maintain Harris Count Houston/ three iconic featur y can take es of the some lessons from the effort old sugar plant – the water and quit dragg tower, charho on the future ing their feet refinery itself.use and the purpose of the Astrodome. Sugar Land By spring 2017, wanted to keepleaders Market in Sugar Imperial aspects intact the historic Land will , have nearly 270,00 want to over-b but didn’t urden a 0 square feet of retail and restaurant developer with deman ds of space. keeping a large number of Alamo Drafth things. popular theate ouse, a Luckily, Shay that combines r chain Johnson Develo Shafie, dining, will be movies and General Mana pment’s Imperial Gener ger of the the developmenta big part of Imperial year.(Submitted al Manager Shay Shayfie, Marke photo) pictured right, names of other , and the has gone above t project, discusses the high-end store prominent, plans for Imper in the preser and beyond vation ial Market, set be revealed. are soon to Shafie, a former aspect. to open next preser vation of A 91-year-old University of structures is the Charhouse Texas footba the placement Heritage Foundation, which that’s been sitting ll of two museu player, knows is temporarily Sugar Land a idle thing ms, and the for or two popula more than a a “new” feel, about preser on the develo housed decade r Imperial Farme the area was ving tradition. But histor pment, will become the 120-ro will first rs He Marke wasn’t move t, which Stephen F. Austin settled by makes him y is what required into a new buildi om Aloft Hotel. Don’t to include ng every Saturd takes place as part of the be surprised in the early 19th ’s Old 300 every morniwant to wake up ay morning. mixed if aspects several other out-of-town visitor ng, -use Centu and there’s The Children’s development. ry – nothin of the curren hence the reason t g more even Fort Bend s – and property into Center – a branchDiscovery History buffs 250 years later, why nearly than seeing exciting the new one, fill it up on a residents – the Houston’s Childr of out the museu can check regular basis. but he saw the benefit Gerald Hines developer with the future past blend m of it named his But the best for the citizen Museum – will en’s in perfect the difference and learn new development s harmony. betwe development part of the customers of and future , “First increase Sugar only milling and refinin en is Colony.” the “Imperial Marke it won’t simply the fact that Perhaps even property. reputation as Land’s They can hear g sugar. be another Parmer grew have tremendous t will more a Parmer importantly friendly comm familycharacter tell the story Mississippi and up in than the to it,” Parme unity. of Sugar like r said. “It’s big many And the Sugar Land’s histor others, he came for the north y. Land to the part of Sugar the 1959 incorp Even though Houston Land, but it’s area to oration gives Oil & Gas Industwork in the than that.” much bigger ry. msudhalter @



Sugar Land’s onstruction of t venue live entertainmen a formal with began last fall ng southeast groundbreaki sity ay 59 and Univer ed in the of U.S. Highw expect is etion Boulevard. Compl il at fall of 2016. Land City Counc , Joining Sugar Group ACE Theatrical ment; the event were r in the develop the City’s partne Architecture; Linbeck nson er; Martinez+Joh construction manag the LLC, , Group rs. project partne and many other inment venue is The live enterta of 38.5 acres of located on a portionwill provide unique that City property and anchor a ies activit destination ment envisioned mixed-used develop tial, office, residen to include retail, t entertainmen commercial and plaza – an vibrant public ive surrounding a that will be attractand environment ts ations, residen to major corpor





E 12 • Hospitals • Restaurants • Important Phone Num bers • Much mor e...

The Newcomer Guide will be direct mailed to 10,000 new residents that have moved into single family homes in Fort Bend County in the past year. Another 10,000 guides will be available for pick up in rack locations throughout Fort Bend County for all of 2017. The Official Sugar Land Newcomer Guide provides: • Distribution throughout 2017 throughout Sugar Land and Fort Bend County. • Informative editorial coverage similar to that of the local newspaper, The Fort Bend Star. • Every ad in the magazine will appear in print and on line at www. and be linked back to your website. The guide is a traditional tabloid format with full color on high-grade HiBrite paper. the tab will have four ad sizes to achieve a clean look and feel throughout.


: to Sugar Land Coming soon s Center rt A Performing

• Parks • Libraries • Churches • Schools

visitors. will not only change “This project but the of Sugar Land, the landscape said Mayor ler and olitan region,” Land; David Stueckboth g entire metrop ted by the son. “We are buildin Craig Fredrickson,LLC; revenues genera ACE will that James Thomp , by any other – one be a part of the of Linbeck Group Christopher facility and paid is grateful to a facility unlike t and, and start.” performance Kirk B. entertainmen Jennifer May also fund the project from the approval Markowitz and er, they will bring jobs, tourism dollars that City of a g ng, both of the Togeth on voters’ The project has of region, makin ann. Steubi our Based venue. of th Feldm most importantly, Zimmerman, budget tools in inment in economic streng 175 years Sugar Land; Joe total construction million, of the financing offer more than will support the culture and entertas and City Himesh y $84 City’s goal destination for and success Steve Porter, approximatel of our citizen 2008 and the of experience Sugar Land a t Yeung, ially Construction a long-held vision al and Gandhi, Bridge including the to create a financ in local, nation accordance with t contract Amy Mitchell ionally selfentertainmen indoor Harish Jajoo, Manager at Risk Linbeck feasible, operat international Council.” and advanced , the indoor ed to set a Thompson, ng pioneering to most flexible facility ed award the y James includi ing of es, expect and one recentl As sustain ventur nation, it’s Land of new music venue will be venues in the change the members of Sugar Becker, Group, LLC. performance the development performance industry and tax dollars Allen h a unique Woodlandsvenues, as well in the touring No general fund City Council; funded throug and theatrical new standard the “Houston-The innovative on and Gary l funding on the project inment to fill t landscape in of David Anders will be spent package of specia as the enterta entertainmen Through the use ACE Theatrical ed to create an y expand metro region. Becker, all of that is expect sources. them. Sugar Land” facility will literall imately r, ance the region and Bogard, of the Sugar Land’s approx The City’s partne iconic venue for e an annual Group; Allen “This new perform ts moveable walls, te settings of illion g Land; Sunni create intima made a $10-m will allow residen City of Sugar capable of hostin projected to provid nity of – ACE, venue and contract to 6,400 the Markowitz over commu ution to al music shows of and the Markowitz, Gary benefit to the equity contrib of Sugar Land 3,300 to larger including nation inment, ann, of sales to over 30 years. of performances, and Kirk Feldm $26.1 million family enterta project. A portion may surrounding area a wide range ical Pictured , children’s and that and performing experience a level of live Photo Caption: all of ACE Theatr ez, tax revenues and comedy artists productions and cultural breaking economic t that until Group; Gary Martin (L-R)at the ground only be used for entertainmen theatrically staged ez+Johnson purposes and Tommy Cole and (ACE) to been available,” are ment not LLC Martin of has SL, event develop now arts attractions. red with ACE and Adam Ball n, both of occupancy ical Group . ACE, Architecture; Michael Johnso Sugar Land partnethe state-of-the-art facility a portion of hotel restricted said ACE Theatr tch, both of , LLC; Mike uct Becker. , brings an and Louis Gurwi funds that are Linbeck Group Chairman Allen design and constr ny is ACE Theatrical Group ay, Group. cultural tax t industry compa initiatives will um and Jim Callaw ing a first class ACE Theatrical tourism Goodr entertainmen to “Bring whose parent . -based of Sugar of locally , TONY the project t venue to the both of the City be dedicated to experienced team project, led by Allen J. Becker ainment entertainmen ntial rent Land is an to the In addition, substa an of PACE Entert Brian City of Sugar professionals s founding chairm unity, and ACE team also include A. exciting opport Award-winning ive execut ACE Gary Corporation. The Becker, David M. Anderson, D. E. Becker, Gary

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