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Sponsorship & Advertising Guide

Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation (Family and MWR) enhances the quality of life, supports readiness and promotes wellbeing of Soldiers, Families, Retirees, and Civilians who have made personal sacrifices to protect our country and preserve our freedom.

Family and MWR contributes to the Army’s strength and readiness by providing support services and programs that are aimed at, not only reducing stress, but building skills and self-confidence while fostering a strong sense of self and community. We are proof of the Army’s commitment to care for the people who serve and stand ready to defend the nation.


At Family and MWR, our commitment is to provide services that are as outstanding as the people we serve. Our goal is to be there for every one of our customers and meet their need for: • Exceptional service • Information and access • Consistent quality and value

MWR Philosophy

Soldiers are entitled to the same quality of life as is afforded the society they have pledged to defend. Keeping the Army ready to fight and win takes more than hard work and training; Soldiers need a healthy balance of work AND play! The Family and MWR mission is to create and maintain “First Choice” products and services for America’s service members, essential to a ready, self-reliant force.





e service a population of more than 120,000. The Family and MWR Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Program offers you the opportunity to present your business message in a variety of creative ways to our Army community. Sponsorship gives your company access to our service members and their families, and helps you build goodwill and enhance brand recognition among this loyal and growing market. By partnering with Family and MWR on Fort Belvoir you are enhancing our exceptional programs, events, and services, while simultaneously showing your dedication to the military. Most activities and events operated by Family and MWR organizations are eligible for sponsorship support. Financial or in-kind support of Family and MWR programs is used primarily to achieve specified business goals, and we offer event sponsorship as well as advertising opportunities to help you do just that. Family and MWR sponsorship offers the possibility of achieving several goals at once! Your company can benefit from sponsorship in many ways: Differentiate yourself from competitors. The simple act of sponsoring a Family and MWR event, especially an exclusive sponsorship, is a significant way to create competitor differentiation. Your company name has the opportunity to stand out above the competition. Be a good “Corporate Citizen” with your business. Another powerful Family and MWR sponsorship objective allows your company to be viewed as an “Army Supporter!” Supporting Fort Belvoir’s Family and MWR development is extremely powerful and creates goodwill. Most activities and events operated by Family and MWR are eligible for sponsorship support! By partnering with Ft. Belvoir, not only are you giving your business high visibility to a large target audience, but also improving the mind, body, and spirit of your local troops.

Why Fort Belvoir?

We offer you direct access to an incredibly diverse, financially stable, educated, loyal target audience. More importantly, an audience that continues to grow rapidly! Fort Belvoir is a unique military installation with one of the highest numbers of Active Duty, Reserve, Retiree, Family, and DoD Civilian personnel. It also houses thousands of military members and their families directly on post.

Installation Demographics Military Personnel 9,522 Civilian and Contract Employees 39,140 Military Retirees and Other Supported Population 67,600 Rivanna Station 3,090 Non-appropriated Funds Staff 651 Estimated Service Population =120,003 (Demographic data current as of May 2015)

Fort Belvoir Family and MWR Legal and Administrative Information The US Army has defined specific guidelines regarding the selection of sponsors and the responsibilities of both the installation and the sponsors: • This program authorizes the underwriting of Family and MWR events via cash, goods or services, or a combination of all three in exchange for stipulated marketing, promotional, and merchandising activities. • All sponsors and/or co-sponsors will be competitively solicited and selected; individual agreements will be negotiated with each sponsor. • Disclaimers must be announced and/or posted on all printed materials stating that the Department of Defense, the US Army, and/or Fort Belvoir does not officially endorse the sponsor’s name, product, or services. • Solicitation of alcohol or tobacco companies is not authorized. However, they may sponsor based on unsolicited offers. • An event sponsorship with Fort Belvoir is not: a promise to award future business, an official endorsement of a product or service, or the suppression of existing policies regarding the unsolicited.


Custom Advertising & Sponsorship Packages Fort Belvoir’s Family and MWR Custom Sponsorship Packages provide your company the opportunity to pick and choose events and programming you wish to be a part of. In order to build a custom package for your company, let us know which events and activities your company is interested in, as well as what type of budget you would like to maintain. We can develop a package based on advertising alone, sponsorship of events, or a combination of both. Take the easy route to advertising on the installation by letting us customize a package specifically tailored towards the needs of your company.

Please contact the Family and MWR Commercial Sponsorship and Advertising Manager for custom packaging and pricing at 703.805.9577. For more information, visit www.belvoir.armymwr.com. (Scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the blue box that says “Sponsorship and Advertising”)

Sponsorship Levels

PLATINUM Attendance: 1,000+ Value: $2,000 or greater

GOLD Attendance: 701-999 Value: $1,000 or greater

SILVER Attendance: 351-700 Value: $750 or greater

BRONZE Attendance: >350 Value: $500 or greater

**All events are classified by the type of event; pricing and exposure of each event determines the base price as well as the event classification, i.e. Special Events, Community Events, or Programmed Events. Pricing is based on attendance, participation, sponsor benefit levels, category exclusivity, and potential advertising exposure to the event. Also, please note that in order to participate with smaller events or programs, sponsorship will be bundled with multiple events to increase value of participation. Any cash sponsorship participation must total $500 or greater**


Calendar of events

Health and Fitness Expo


(events subject to change)

Valentine’s Day Brunch


Wounded Warrior Golf Program Spring Run: Heroes vs. Villains 5K*



Brunch with the Easter Bunny Trout Fest


Military Spouse Appreciation Annual Travel Expo Volunteer Appreciation


Kids Mud Run Father’s Day Brunch Summer Reading Program Movie and Concert Series (3 months!) Float-in Movie Series (2 months!)

*Commander’s Race Series


Kids Fitness Challenge


Wounded Warrior Golf Program (Fall) Hawaiian Luau


Who’s the Fittest Challenge Pooch Plunge


Oktoberfest Breast Cancer Awareness 5K*


Turkey Trot*

Veterans Day Basketball Tournament

Military Family Appreciation DECEMBER

Brunch with Santa Christmas Officers’ Club Member Appreciation New Year’s Eve Gala



is Family and MWR’s PREMIUM EVENT! Each year, for four days, we set up our huge festival tent, bring in the carnival, make room for food vendors, and celebrate! With an expected attendance of more than 25,000 guests, this merriment of German heritage delights adults and children alike! Want to get your brand in front of this many people at once?

Then don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a proud sponsor! While we welcome your interest at any time, for maximum exposure be sure to sign up by the deadline!

** To participate with full benefits, you must notify the Sponsorship and Advertising Manager as early as today, but no later than July 1, 2017, to receive maximum exposure.

Title Sponsorship Level

Receives all benefits included in lower levels, plus:


• Major recognition of sponsor; logo and website link on www.belvoir.armymwr.com website for six (6) months ($1,500 value) • One advertisement placed on all 19 digital display screens in Family and MWR facilities for twelve (12) months ($7,200 value) • Large, centralized booth and display space for eight (8) tables with appropriate seating for all four (4) days of event • Prominent logo recognition on all event advertisements, to include printed and electronic media and promotional material • Public announcement during event thanking sponsor • “Proud sponsor of Oktoberfest” shall be displayed on any off-post event advertisements that Family and MWR purchases including newspaper, radio and/or television ($2,500 value)

Munich Level

Receives all benefits included in lower levels, plus:


• Recognition of sponsorship for event on www.belvoir.armymwr.com • Booth and interactive display space in high-traffic area for three (3) tables with appropriate seating on the day of the event • A total of three (3) sponsor banners to be displayed at the festival. Banners to be provided by sponsor, location of display determined by Family and MWR

Bavarian Level


Receives all benefits from Bohemian and Hofbrau levels, plus:

• Booth and display space in high-traffic area for two (2) tables with appropriate seating on the day of the event • Space for one (1) 3’ x 6’ banner at the event, location determined by Family and MWR • Sponsor’s logo on all printed and electronic promotional material for event

Hofbrau Level


Bohemian Level


• Booth and display space in high-traffic area for one (1) table and appropriate seating on the day of the event • Space for one (1) 3’ x 6’ banner at the event, location determined by Family and MWR • Sponsor’s logo on all printed and electronic promotional material for event

• Placement of one (1) 3’ x 6’ banner at festival site for four (4) days of event, placement determined by Family and MWR


If you’re looking to achieve longevity, we offer numerous high-traffic advertising opportunities throughout the garrison! This allows you maximum exposure in places such as: Fitness and Aquatic facilities, Child Care facilities, Clubs and Restaurants, and more!

Sponsorship Pricing Worksheet


THE PRESIDENTIAL ($70,000 VALUE) $45,000

Take part in all Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze sponsorship events and programs to include sponsorship benefits. By participating with this package, your company would benefit from a wide variety of Family and MWR advertising opportunities such as: homepage web banner advertising, digital displays, social media advertising, table tents (where applicable), bowling center screen advertising, BUZZ newsletter, and more!



THE WASHINGTON ($50,000 VALUE) $25,000

3 4

THE JEFFERSON ($20,000 VALUE) $10,000



Take the opportunity to directly impact a variety of events and audiences! This package includes your choice of two Platinum events, two Gold events, and all Silver and Bronze events. This package also includes four semi-annual Family and MWR advertising opportunities, to include digital displays, electronic communications, BUZZ newsletter, and bowling. **

Gain great exposure while your company takes part in two Gold, three Silver, and all Bronze events throughout the year. This package also includes two semi-annual Family and MWR advertising opportunities. **

THE LINCOLN ($15,000 VALUE) $7,500

Want to get a taste before making a full commitment? This package offers you the choice of one Gold event, one Silver event, all Bronze events, and one semi-annual Family and MWR advertising opportunity. **

(** Does not include banner installation.)


What to Expect with Sponsorship of Family and MWR Events Family and MWR’s sponsorship program gives businesses a chance to enhance specific activities by supporting continuous events and programs throughout the Garrison of Fort Belvoir. When a company participates in sponsorship, the funding, products, or services provided by that company will go towards that specific event or program. This allows us to provide better quality events to our Soldiers, Families, Retirees, and DoD Civilians within our community. The sponsorship program offers companies the option to “preplan” the calendar year and gain access to more options within the military community. This program is offered to companies who want to receive brand recognition, direct position into the military and civilian market, and high profile visibility. Furthermore, in exchange for your participation your business could receive these exciting benefits: • Sponsor logo on event advertisements including internet presentations, digital displays, print media and newspaper print ads, if applicable • Verbal recognition via public address • Space for a table and booth at the event, and space for a banner (provided by sponsor) • Opportunity to collect data via approved forms • Opportunity to provide company branded samples, promotional goods, and drawing prizes • Space for a canopy or tent at event, if applicable • Opportunity to host a contest, if applicable • Space for vehicle display

ADVERTISING RATES AT A GLANCE 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months

Family and MWR Website Logo/Banner (728 x 90 pixels) $750



Family and MWR Website Tile (300 x 250 pixels)




Digital Screens (Garrison-wide) $1,800 $3,500 $6,500 Bowling Center Digital Monitors




Facility Banner 3’ h x 6’ w $720 $1,350 $2,500 Facility Poster (2) 20” x 30” $375 $700 $1,250 Golf Course Banner (2) 3’ h x 6’ w $800 $1,500 $2,000 Pop-up Facility Banner $375 $500 $725 Golf Course Scorecard (Annually) per .75” x 4” block N/A



Golf Course Monument Markers (Annually) *Price dependent based upon course hole Family and MWR Newsletter




Family and MWR Welcome Booklet (back cover)




Family and MWR Welcome Booklet (inside back cover)




Family and MWR Welcome Booklet (inside page, half) N/A



Family and MWR Welcome Booklet (inside page, whole) N/A



Large Mesh Golf Course Banner 10’ x 20’




Sponsor Logo on Team T-Shirt (Various) *Pricing based upon event; speak with Sponsorship and Advertising Manager for details



3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

(1500 x 844 pixels)




An advertisement displayed on all of our screens placed strategically throughout the garrison and Family and MWR facilities guarantees maximum exposure! Places such as the Sports and Fitness facilities, Garrison Headquarters, the Identification Card facility, the Welcome Center, and more! Get the most bang for your buck!

WEBSITE Leaderboard Ad (750 x 90 pixels) Square (Tile) Ad (300 x 250 pixels)

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months







An ad on the Family and MWR website is a link to your business’ website directly connecting our customers to yours! The website receives more than 78,000 views each month.


3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Golf Course Scorecard (Annual) per .75” x 4” block N/A N/A $650 Golf Course Monument Markers (per hole) (Annual) #2 - #17 N/A N/A $1,000 Golf Course Monument Markers (per hole) (Annual) #1 & #18 N/A N/A $2,000 Golf Course Banner Large Mesh 10’ x 20’ $1,000 $1,800 $2,000 The Fort Belvoir Golf Club boasts two championship courses! With over 70,000 visitors to this facility each year, you are guaranteed the most views in these beautiful locations!

WANT TO BUNDLE? GREAT! Talk to the Sponsorship and Advertising Manager to see all the ways you can save!

January 1, 2017

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Fort Belvoir MWR Sponsorship & Advertising Guide 2017  

Invest in Fort Belvoir Family & MWR! You can increase your sales through sponsorship and advertising. Nowhere else can you get this kind of...

Fort Belvoir MWR Sponsorship & Advertising Guide 2017  

Invest in Fort Belvoir Family & MWR! You can increase your sales through sponsorship and advertising. Nowhere else can you get this kind of...