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APRIL 2024 CASUAL FURNITURE WORLD Making Memories in Your Own Great Outdoors

Enjoy Spring in Old Salem!

Open Wednesday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

For tickets or more information, visit oldsalem.org

Join Us for these Special Programs!

Cornhusk Doll Workshop

Friday, April 19 6:30-8 p.m.

$45 for adults

$25 for children ages 8 +

Adults and children are invited to make authentic cornhusk dolls and other crafts reminiscent of the 1800s. A perfect family outing or even a date night, you can show off your creative side by personalizing your cornhusk doll as elaborately as you wish!

Pottery Workshop

Friday, May 17 6:30-8 p.m.

$75 per person (covers having your plate fired and glazed)

Visitors ages 13 and up can join in decorating their own pottery Slip Plate while learning the significant symbolism behind many creative Moravian designs.

Contemporary American Bistro | @sageandsaltbistro 300 S Liberty Street, Winston-Salem, NC 27101 | 336-829-5007 SageAndSaltBistro.com

This is a Cricket Power Wheelchair made by Golden Technologies. Crafted with an incredibly strong yet lightweight 100% carbon fiber frame, the Cricket weighs as light as 33 lbs.*, making travel a breeze! The slim sporty design is perfect for navigating indoors and out while sightseeing, shopping, or dining.

Call or visit us for an in-store demo.

336-768-5512 Monday - Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm 3033 Trenwest Drive Winston-Salem Local Delivery and In-Home Service Available! Providing our community with the best medical equipment for over 55 years!

ift Tighten Need a little


Tighten brows, lower face, and chin without surgery, needles, or excessive downtime with Ultherapy!

FDA-approved Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen and elastin deep within the skin, smoothing and tightening laxity with remarkable, proven results.

Book your FREE Ultherapy consultation today!

3580 SHALLOWFORD ROAD, STE. 130 LEWISVILLE NC 27023 lewisvillelaser.com 336.945.2076

Old Salem: Blending Learning with Creative Fun



Casual Furniture World: Making Memories in Your Own Great Outdoors


Bags to Benches: Local Eagle Scout Project for Recycling Plastic Bags

Autism Awareness Month

Free Family Fun at the Piedmont Earth Day on April 20th

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For the Love of BBQ: Smoked Beef Ribs

Reflections of a Southern Yankee

Fancy Fork: Blood Orange Citrus-Roasted Chicken

Child Safety Series: Beyond 911

Dining Guide: Mossy’s

Triad Moms on Main: What Will You Do When Your Child Wants a Part-Time Job?

It’s a Grand Life Artist’s

The View from My Section - A Father’s Perspective
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We’ve got a LOT going on in the April issue of Forsyth Family! Not only is it one of three summer camp issues, but it’s also our spring home issue!

Appropriately gracing our cover this month is Casual Furniture World! The amazing Jon Eric of JEJ Photos captured the cover images as well as the images on the cover story (find it beginning on page 22). In case you missed it, they have a GORGEOUS newly remodeled showroom! With the weather (finally) getting warmer, now is the time to freshen up your outdoor space. I don’t know about you, but I love spending all the time I can outside, and nothing beats relaxing at home in a cozy outdoor living space.

Check out our entire home section spanning from pages 18-35. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of inspiration to elevate your own space.

As we gear up for summer, our summer camp section, beginning on page 44, has you covered! Whether your child is into gymnastics and swimming, arts and crafts, farm life or innovative tech classes, there’s something to pique their interest.

We take great pride in spotlighting small local businesses each month, knowing how vital they are to our community. Your support means the world to us and to them. Letting businesses know you found them through Forsyth Family validates their marketing efforts and keeps our local economy thriving.

Speaking of supporting local, why not take a moment today to leave a review for your favorite small business? It’s a simple, free gesture that can make a world of difference to them.

And remember, our connection with you doesn’t end with the pages of our print publication. Stay engaged with us beyond the magazine by following us on social media (@forsythmags), tuning in to the Forsyth Magazines podcast (available on Apple Podcast, Spotify and now YouTube!), and attending any of our events throughout the year. From community gatherings to exclusive interviews, there’s always something exciting happening at Forsyth Magazines.

Here’s to a fantastic month of April filled with inspiration, growth and support for our community. Cheers to you and all the fun this month holds!


Brooke Eagle Brooke@ForsythMags.com


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JEJ Photos


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*others credited throughout accordingly


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Blending Learning with Creative Fun

Afavorite family destination for Triad residents and beyond, Old Salem Museums & Gardens in Winston-Salem shares the history of German Moravian, African American and Indigenous peoples in early North Carolina. Best of all, every event revolves around an authentic Moravian experience – with the opportunity to add in your own personal touch of inspiration.

Director of Education Tara Logue develops fun, meaningful and immersive programs that show families with kids of all ages what everyday life was like in the Town of Salem in the 1800s. These monthly hands-on workshops always delight guests with creative endeavors, and the chance to watch a bit of that history come to life.

As we head towards spring, mark your family calendar for these unique opportunities to catch a glimpse of Moravian history and even add your own mark!

On Friday, April 19th, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., adults and children are invited to make authentic corn husk dolls and other crafts reminiscent of the 1800s. A perfect family outing or even a date night, you can show off your creative side by personalizing your corn husk doll as elaborately as you wish! Workshop tickets are $45 for adults and $25 for children ages eight and up.


On Friday, May 17th, from 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., visitors ages 13 and up can join in decorating their own pottery Slip Plate while learning the significant symbolism behind many creative Moravian designs. The workshop’s $75 per person ticket price also covers having your plate fired and glazed afterwards.

Guests can also enjoy – and be inspired by – Old Salem’s Living Legacy Lectures on Friday, April 26th and Saturday, May 18th, from 6:30 p.m.8:00 p.m. in the Gray Auditorium of the Visitors’ Center. Keynote speakers will discuss African American history from the Town of Salem. Admission is free, but there is a suggested $10 donation for this event. This year-long initiative is dedicated to exploring the contributions of African Americans to the cultural, social and economic fabric of Winston-Salem and beyond.

Also this month, set aside Wednesday, April 10th and Thursday, April 11th for Science Alive – a popular program for school groups that focuses on using the history of Salem to teach and understand basic science concepts. Old Salem’s highly respected programs for school groups cater not only to students from Forsyth County, but also to those within a short driving radius that includes the Charlotte and Triangle communities.

Old Salem’s Freedom Day Celebration will also be held on Saturday, May 18th –commemorating the crucial emancipation announcement to the African American congregation in Salem. The day will feature a variety of special speakers and activities for the entire family.

For more information on any of the Learning in Place educational programs at Old Salem Museums and Gardens or to purchase individual or family tickets online, visit oldsalem.org. Old Salem Museums & Gardens is located at 900 Old Salem Road, Winston-Salem, NC, 336.721.7350, and is open Wednesday through Saturday, 10:00  a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Follow them on Instagram @oldsaleminc for updates and more details on upcoming events.

APRIL 2024 / 13


Imagine…a beautiful sunny day, the weather is a perfect mid-70s, the birds are out chirping, and beautiful flowers are blooming. On a day like that, what would your mood be like? Chances are, when you envision a day like that, you feel calm, peaceful or happy. Spending time outdoors has numerous health benefits for us, in many different aspects. It’s also a great coping skill that is free and low effort. Moving in nature is seen as highly beneficial, though even sitting outside can offer benefits. Here are a few named benefits and strategies to improve your time outdoors.


Spending time outside encourages us to move more. Taking a walk in the park or even around your neighborhood can boost endorphins in our brain, the “feel good” chemicals to help reduce depression and anxiety symptoms. Many different groups in the Triad offer walking meet-up opportunities. Local moms, check out Well Natured Walks on Instagram for mother and baby-friendly meet-ups to encourage nature and socialization. Speaking of socialization, spending time outdoors allows more opportunities for us to interact with others face-to-face! In our world of technology and busy schedules, we are often isolated from interacting in person. When we move into the outdoors, we are more likely to connect with others. According to the Mayo Clinic, “Socializing not only staves off feelings of loneliness, but it also helps sharpen memory and cognitive skills, increases your sense of happiness and well-being, and may even help you live longer.”


When we are connecting with nature, we become more mindful of the present by simplifying our sensory input. Disconnecting from technology, we are slowing down the information we must process. The many forms of media we use daily are providing us with large amounts of data to analyze at once. Hiking a trail, sitting by a lake or watching a sunset allows us to calm the mind and notice the natural state of plants and living organisms. When we are mindful, we are simply observing without judgment. We are viewing what’s directly in front of us which also allows us to be curious and notice what we feel within us. Relaxation improves with time in nature.

According to an article published by Yale Environment 360, “These studies have shown that time in nature – as long as people feel safe – is an antidote for stress. It can lower blood pressure and stress hormone levels, reduce nervous system arousal, enhance immune system function, increase selfesteem, reduce anxiety and improve mood.” The Triad is home to several parks that offer plenty of space and activities to enjoy the outdoors. Salem Lake and Tanglewood Park offer lengthy walking trails, beautiful greenery and sitting areas.


Spending time outdoors, especially in sunlight, can increase the production of serotonin.

According to PBS NC, “When sunlight enters your eyes, it stimulates the parts of your retina that then cue your brain to produce serotonin. Serotonin appears to play a role in regulating mood, emotions, appetite and digestion.” Sunlight itself also helps with improving our sleep cycles. As PBS NC explains, “It turns out your body needs serotonin to produce melatonin.

Your pineal gland (located deep in your brain in an area called the epithalamus) chemically alters one hormone to create the other. Your body’s sleep-wake cycle is affected by how much light (natural and unnatural) you’re exposed to, and the related production of these hormones.”

Have trouble with regulating your mood and sleep? Try spending more time in the sun, drinking your morning coffee on your porch or by a window. Have a meal outside – there are plenty of wonderful, outdoor dining options in the Triad.

Many of you are likely aware of the general benefits of being outside. However, it is easy to get busy with our schedules and activities during the day and miss out on simple time outdoors. I hope this information encourages you to be intentional about improving your health by increasing your time in nature, and it is a wonderful time of year to begin doing so! Happy Spring everyone!

SPRING HAS SPRUNG. 278 Harvey Street Winston-Salem 6339 Jessie Lane Clemmons LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED WWW.FLEETFEETWS.COM TrainingBeginner5K StartsApril27th! Find your next favorite restaurant on Hope du Jour, May 7. Neighbors Helping Neighbors for 50 Years On Tuesday, May 7, try a new restaurant or visit an old favorite to support Hope du Jour. Participating establishments donate 10% of that day’s proceeds to Crisis Control Ministry. For the growing list of participating establishments, scan the QR code or visit: hopedujour.org. APRIL 2024 / 15

All About Starting Baby-Led WEANING

Starting solids with a baby is such an exciting milestone, but it can also be a little daunting. If you have a child who is about to start solids or recently started, this article is for you!

There are two common approaches to starting solids with your baby – baby-led weaning and spoon-feeding/purees. They can either be used individually or in combination. There is not one “correct” way to start solids, as each family and baby has their individual needs.


BLW involves preparing soft finger foods for the baby to self-feed. This method usually starts with larger pieces of softcooked food that babies can grasp in their fists (palmar grasp).


Spoon-feeding with purees is the more traditional way to feed. All foods are cooked, pureed and served around 4-6 months of age. Gradually, you start to mash the food, finely chop and then serve finger foods around age one. With spoon-feeding, you also serve the food to the baby by placing the spoon in his or her mouth.


I like to recommend doing a combination for those who are on the fence about doing BLW. You can offer solid foods that you are comfortable with to start and also offer purees. Ideally, you would let your baby practice dipping the spoon in the puree and bringing it to his or her mouth. Letting your babies feed themselves is the best practice for raising children who are aware of their hunger and fullness cues.


*All five milestones need to be shown before starting BLW.

1. At least six months of age (for full-term babies)

2. Baby is able to sit with minimal support

3. Baby can hold head upright and steady

4. Baby can pick up objects and bring them to his or her mouth

5. Baby is showing interest in food


Have your baby sit with you during meal times by setting them in their high chair and giving them a spoon to play with. This will encourage interest in food and also help them explore using utensils and bringing the spoon to their mouths.

It is recommended that parents take some sort of CPR class whether it is online or at a local health facility.

Before starting solids, I always recommend that parents watch videos of gagging to get comfortable with it! Gagging is very normal and a good thing, so babies can learn how to safely eat.


1. Independence – the baby is in complete control.

2. Development – baby practices motor and oral skills.

3. Appetite control – babies are in charge of how much they eat and they learn to stop when they are full.

4. Easy – the whole family is eating similar meals.

5. Variety – exposure to a variety of textures and flavors which helps reduce picky eating later in life.

6. Fun – babies are curious, and exploring all the new flavors and textures is fun for them.



Sweet potato


Yogurt Eggs

*Tip for solid food – cook until tender and slice into strips that are as wide and long as two adult fingers.

The app, Solid Starts, is such a great tool and something I use often, especially when getting started with BLW. You can easily search for food, and the app will show you how to safely serve it by age. At the end of the day, if you are feeding your child responsively and offering a variety of flavors and textures, then you are doing a great job – no matter how you choose to do it!

.............. .............. .........
More info at bewelltable.com IG @beweltable 16 / FORSYTHFAMILYMAGAZINE.COM
C M Y CM MY CY CMY K SALEM_009238_05_SRC_SalemAcademyFlight3CreativeAds_HalfPage_Apr_OL_mech_JC_022624.pdf 1 2/26/24 8:55 PM Creating more choices for women Novant Health WomanCare 1730 Kernersville Medical Pkwy. Suite 104 Kernersville, NC 27284 114 Charlois Blvd. Winton-Salem, NC 27103 4130 Clemmons Road Clemmons, NC 27013 © Novant Health, Inc. 2023 Call us at 336-765-5470 or visit NHWomanCare.org Midwifery and OB-GYN care under one roof APRIL 2024 / 17

Welcome Home!

In every issue of Forsyth Family, we celebrate families, and for many of us, home is our favorite place to gather with our family. It’s the place where we feel safe, loved, comfortable, and special. Our homes are more than just houses, apartments, or condos, they are spaces where families travel through life and make memories together.

Because of the vital role “homes” play in family life, the April and October issues of Forsyth Family are our home editions. They are chock full of relevant topics to make your home an extraordinary place to be. Also, there are tips for making the most of your personal decor.


If your business is interested in advertising in the fall home issue, please email us at Advertising@ForsythMags. com and mention the Forsyth Family home issue.

Pollen and dust is upon us! Call today to sign up for Preventative Maintenance to get your air conditioner(s) serviced and filters changed. 336.724.7439 Piedmont Sheet Metal www.piedmontsm.com Got Allergies? 99.9% UV Block • Lifetime Warranty • Clear & Tinted Films COOLVU WINDOW FILM Reduce Heat, Sun Glare, Fade & Lower Energy Bills Call for a FREE consultation 336-749-1947 CoolVu.com Locally owned & operated Call today & receive $200 OFF Ceramic window film installation Minimum 10 windows Expires May 31, 2024 BEFORE AFTER APRIL 2024 / 19

Weeks Hardwood Flooring knows home is where your heart is!

Not only are they the largest full-service flooring store in the Triad, their family ties and longevity in the area mean your trust in them is well-deserved.

This popular family owned business has been around for more than 40 years, first established by Founder and President James Weeks, and still flourishing with the dedication of his sons, Vice President Cameron Weeks and Operations Manager Luke Weeks. Not just hardwood experts, you can count on Weeks for high-quality carpet, laminate, luxury vinyl or stylish tile. They also carry area rugs for every room in your home.

As your family’s summer plans are starting to take shape, the Weeks Hardwood team suggests carving out time for a renovation or updated flooring project while you’re vacationing – and comfortable knowing your home will be in the very best hands!

“Our trusted, family oriented team uses only in-house labor crews for most of our projects, as well as thorough and direct supervision on every project, from start to finish,” explains Cameron.

He says they typically see larger-scale projects scheduled around a family vacation.

Update Your Home With A Trusted Friend

“That might include sanding the entire house or refinishing your existing hardwood floors,” says Cameron. “Or, installing new hardwood in a few rooms or even throughout your entire home as part of a larger remodel such as a kitchen addition.”

New flooring installations generally last one to three days, while sanding or refinishing existing hardwoods might take five to seven days. Picture this – you’re enjoying the sea and sand, relaxing with your family, while the Weeks team is putting the finishing touches on a perfect “welcome home” remodel!

Cameron adds the team is seeing trends right now of wide planks, lots of added character (knots and interesting variations in the wood) and light, more natural tones overall.

You can count on Weeks to guide you in choosing the best look for your home and delivering nothing less than first-class results – with the added bonus that they feel like family members you trust to work in your home while you’re away. From flawless customer service and a commitment to only the finest materials for every size job to consistently competitive pricing and reliability beyond compare, your peace of mind is guaranteed. Request a free consultation and estimate online, and learn about the Weeks Hardwood philosophy for keeping in close communication throughout every step of the installation process.

“Today I cleaned my hardwood floors, and they are beautiful! Weeks installed them in 2005, 19 years ago, and they still look brand new! They have never been refinished. All I do is sweep and damp mopping with Murphy’s Oil Soap. I wish I could add a photo to show off my floors! Bottom line is you get what you paid for! Thank you, Weeks Hardwood Flooring!”

Weeks Hardwood Flooring offers residential services in the Greater Greensboro/Winston-Salem/High Point area and commercial services across North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia – perfect to transform your current business space.

Visit their showroom, located just off I-40 at 107 Guilford College Road in Greensboro, to view an extensive collection of stylish samples. Getting to know the Weeks team will immediately put you at ease and ready to launch your dream project! Reach Weeks Hardwood Flooring at 336.697.6879 to arrange your free in-home estimate, and follow them online at weekshardwoodflooring. com and on Facebook and Instagram @weekshardwoodflooring. Showroom hours are Monday through Friday

8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

WEEKS HARDW D FL RING 336-856-0202 | weekshardwoodflooring.com Trusted by more families than any other flooring company in the Triad.

Making Memories in Your Own Great Outdoors

Family ties and a commitment to excellence is at the heart of Casual Furniture World, while bringing clients the perfect space to draw friends and family closer together is definitely their vibe!

President Josh Rowell, whose family has owned and operated Casual Furniture World for the last 40 years, knows this respected business from every angle, and he’ll tell you that impeccable service describes a company that goes above and beyond for its customers. Having literally grown up with the business, Josh is genuinely proud to lead a talented, dedicated team that strives to reflect the company’s family based focus with every transaction. Casual Furniture World was also honored with the Triad Business Journal’s “Family Business Award” in 2023.

From administration, design and sales, to the warehouse and delivery experts, the vision is the same, and the role of the “team” is essential.

For customers, what begins with a complimentary consultation follows through to a seamless “white glove” delivery that is nothing shy of perfection. The team doesn’t leave until every piece of furniture and each accessory is in place – exactly how you envisioned it!


Casual Furniture World in Winston-Salem held a grand re-opening in March to celebrate an amazing showroom renovation. Josh praises his entire team for pulling off the transformation.

APRIL 2024 / 23

“We had to essentially gut the entire store, move all the furniture and operate out of 1,500 square feet for a month,” said Josh. “From our sales and design team to our warehouse and delivery team, everyone has been instrumental in pulling this off.”

As we’re all thrilled to transition into the spring and summer months, that means outdoor spaces take center stage!

“Outdoor kitchens are huge right now,” said Josh. “People love to host friends and family and, with the right outdoor kitchen setup, they can be more present to make memories – not stuck in the kitchen inside!”

While assembling your new outdoor culinary area can feel slightly overwhelming, Casual Furniture World is excited to offer customers their free design services. Seasoned design team members can complete a consultation at either of their showrooms or in the comfort of your home if you prefer – where they will measure your available space, get an idea of what your home’s interior looks like and understand your wish-list for the new and improved outdoor space.

When it comes to style you’ll love coming home to, trends are spotlighting neutrals, blues, grays and hunter green, with a shift

from pure traditional to transitional styling – which combines traditional styling with more of a modern flair. Casual Furniture World can be your complete resource for customizing your outdoor oasis with the most popular fabrics and finishes, along with cushions from Triad Cushion Factory, their sister company. That gives you their personal guarantee on quality and value – including a five-year warranty on cushions that are ideal for kids and pets!

As part of a mission to give you more leisure time, they proudly offer collections of poly and composite furniture – which is both beautiful and durable all-weather, yearround furniture, including benches, tables, Adirondack chairs, rockers and porch swings. Built for efficiency and sustainability, you’ll see more products in the showrooms that have a wood-grain look – or are finished to look like marble – and both poly and aluminum products can have a wood/ marble look. Popular Castelle luxury outdoor furniture also offers clean lines and a timeless appeal, always a smart choice to elevate your space to pure sophistication. Their in-house brand Lighthouse Casual Living is designed to deliver luxury and functionality. Each showroom features more than 100 sets of the latest styles and highest quality outdoor furniture – and collections can be easily customized to fit your actual space.


With the ever-growing popularity of outdoor cooking and dining, Casual Furniture World is also relaunching their Big Green Egg ceramic charcoal grills and accessories, along with additional grill lines that include top-rated Napoleon, Kamado Joe, Alfa, Blaze, Green Mountain Grills and more. They also carry a wide selection of fire pits and outdoor heating solutions, from traditional wood-burning fire pits and modern gas models, to cozy patio heaters and even cozier outdoor fireplaces. Gas service technicians are always on staff and ready to install and service your grills – simply complete a service request online!

On the commercial front, you’ll also find collections from Casual Furniture World around town in both the Carolinas, from apartment homes to small businesses with inviting outdoor seating space. It’s always been the family mission to provide clients with endless creative design options,

accompanied by exceptional service – all brought to you in a relaxed setting that evokes a mood to inspire the look of your next amazing outdoor living space!

Josh shares that during the last five to 10 years, the company has seen more and more customers returning to furnish the outdoor areas of a second home, as Casual Furniture World’s tradition of loyalty continues to come full circle.

Visit Casual Furniture World soon, or schedule a consultation online, so their professionally trained sales and design team can help you realize your vision for a new cozy space in your home – not just for summer, but all year long! They are located at 1500 Hanes Mall Boulevard in WinstonSalem, 336.760.1766, in Greensboro at 3809 Lawndale Drive, 336.252.2640, and online at casualfurnitureworld.com. Hours are Monday through Saturday 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m., and Sunday from 12:00 p.m – 5:00 p.m. You can also visit their showroom in Myrtle Beach, SC, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram @CasualFurnitureWorld.

APRIL 2024 / 25

Improve Life at Home with Pella


Amidst myriad considerations for home improvement, the often-overlooked heroes are your windows, and yes, doors. Yet, they are the silent guardians, a subtle barrier between that outside world and inner sanctuary with which we all find balance in our home, the pieces of your home that let light as well as air in. They’re responsible for shielding your home from external elements while also providing key benefits beyond fresh air and light, like security, higher energy efficiency and even noise reduction – let alone peace of mind!


In this fast-paced world of mass production and shoddy work, the value of a live and local team dedicated entirely to your windows and doors cannot be overstated. The local experts with Pella Windows and Doors of North Carolina bring not only expertise to your home but a personal touch, as well – helping transform a replacement window project into giving you that “new home” feeling. Where, every time you step through your threshold, you have that ahh moment. And, we’ve been local for a while. Pella had its start in 1925 – celebrating 100 years next year – and made its way into its first North Carolina showroom in 1957. Since then, we’ve grown our footprint to more than eight showrooms across the state, including launching our state-of-the-art new headquarters in High Point last year.

We invite you to come by our new Triad showroom at 772 Gallimore Dairy Road to see the latest and greatest in window and door technology. Our service and replacement experts are on-hand to talk to you about your vision and how Pella can bring value into your life at home. Or, feel free to set a home consultation online at pella.com/locations/north-carolina. We’re not like other options out there – it’s a no-stress environment when it comes to our replacement projects and possibilities. Like anything else, we know homeowners are looking for dependable quality, affordability and top-tier service. That’s why our company motto is “To Improve the Lives of Those We Serve.”

Pella looks forward to serving you!

APRIL 2024 / 27


Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem, Mt Airy, Boone & the High Country is locally owned and backed by the resources of North America’s largest custom window coverings company. Their manufacturing partners are the industry’s leaders, and together they provide Style and Service for Every Budget


Whether you are building a new home, remodeling or just updating, your home deserves the latest fashions and style. Budget Blinds’ design consultants are highly trained and up to date on fashion trends and can guide you in creating the ambiance you desire.


We all know window coverings can provide privacy from the outside world, but there are more aspects to safety than just privacy. Selecting the correct window treatment for the job can enhance the safety of your family within your home. The professionals at Budget Blinds can steer you to cordless, motorized or home automated options which are inherently safer than old style corded treatments. And, when cord controls are necessary, they can ensure these treatments are selected and installed in ways to maximize safe operation. Also, with home automation, you can motorize, set timers and control your shades to look as if you are home when you are away.


From measuring, fit and design to functionality and safety, there are many things to consider when you’re selecting window treatments. That’s why it’s crucial to get a highly trained professional’s guidance. The design consultants from Budget Blinds can guide you each step of the way – fresh styles and color schemes to match your individual taste combined with functional and safe configurations for your home and family’s needs.


Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem, Mt Airy, Boone & the High Country offers the industry’s best warranty package. Their products are better, so the warranty is better. And, their No-Questions-Asked repair or replacement guarantee even covers damage you may cause. Ask for details; you’ll be amazed.

Discounts and financing are available. Ask them how Budget Blinds makes it easy.

Contact Budget Blinds of North Winston-Salem, Mt. Airy, Boone & the High Country for a free consultation at 336.701.5474, or visit BudgetBlinds.com/NorthWinstonSalem.

Style and service for every budget.® North Winston-Salem, Mt Airy, Boone and The High Country

Schedule your free consultation at home or work!

• Blinds

• Shutters

• Shades

• Drapes

• Home Automation

• Window Film

Freshen up your home’s style with new window treatments

— let the experts of Budget Blinds show you the latest fashions, fabrics, and functionality. From the Triad to Mt Airy, to Boone and the High Country, and everywhere in between — our design consultants are ready to help you make your home a calming oasis this spring.

Now offering a pay over time option with Affirm.

Budget Blinds of North Winston Salem, Mt Airy, Boone, and the High Country proudly serves Forsyth, Stokes, Surry, Yadkin, Alleghany, Ashe, Watauga, Wilkes, and surrounding counties.


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Spring HVAC Maintenance:

Keeping Your Home Comfortable and Efficient

Springtime – the season of blooming flowers, chirping birds and HVAC maintenance. Before you crank up the air conditioner for the upcoming spring and summer seasons, it’s crucial to ensure that your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system is in top-notch condition. Spring HVAC service plays a pivotal role in maintaining the comfort, efficiency and longevity of your system, ultimately saving you time, money and headaches down the road. Here are some essential tips for spring HVAC maintenance to ensure your system runs smoothly and efficiently throughout the season.


Start your spring HVAC maintenance by replacing the air filters. Over the winter months, filters can become clogged with dust and other debris, reducing airflow and forcing your system to work harder. By replacing filters regularly (typically every 1-3 months) you can improve indoor air quality and prevent strain on your HVAC system.


The outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner or heat pump can accumulate dirt, leaves and debris during the winter months. Take time to inspect the unit for any obstructions and clean the exterior surfaces carefully. Trim back any vegetation or debris around the unit to ensure proper airflow and optimal performance.


As temperatures rise, it’s essential to adjust your thermostat settings for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. Consider switching to a programmable thermostat. It can help save you energy and reduce utility costs while maintaining a comfortable environment.



While there are several DIY tasks you can perform to maintain your HVAC system, scheduling professional maintenance is essential for optimal performance and longevity. A trained HVAC technician can inspect and tune up your system by performing tests and checks to ensure that your system operates safely and reliably. They can also identify any potential issues and perform necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure peak efficiency.


Spring allergens can wreak havoc on indoor air quality, exacerbating respiratory issues and reducing overall comfort. Consider investing in air purifiers (such as Phenomenal Aire) and dehumidifiers to remove allergens, pollutants and excess moisture from your home’s air. These devices can help create a healthier indoor environment for you and your family, reducing the risk of allergy symptoms and respiratory problems.


Finally, use spring HVAC maintenance as an opportunity to prepare for the warmer months ahead. Clean or replace any window screens to allow for maximum airflow and ventilation. Check your attic insulation to ensure it’s properly installed and in good condition, as inadequate insulation can lead to energy loss and reduced efficiency. Don’t forget to test your ceiling fans to ensure they are set to rotate counterclockwise – this will create a cooling breeze to help keep your home comfortable during the hot summer months.

By following these spring HVAC maintenance tips, you can ensure your system operates efficiently, reduces energy costs and provides reliable comfort throughout the season. Don’t wait until the heat of summer arrives to address HVAC issues – take proactive steps now to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead. With proper maintenance and care, your HVAC system will keep you cool and comfortable all spring long.

Piedmont Sheet Metal takes great pride in taking care of the triad and surrounding areas heating and cooling needs. If you would like to schedule a preventative maintenance visit please contact us today at 336724-7439 or go to PiedmontSM. com. We would love to help keep you and your family comfortable in your home during this spring and summer season!

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CoolVu offers a transformative range of products designed to enhance privacy, reduce UV exposure, and create safer, more comfortable environments for homes and businesses. From window tinting to privacy frosted film, architectural surface finishes, and security glass solutions, CoolVu is your go-to source for elevating your most cherished spaces. The franchise, founded by Chu Wong and Billy Phillips in 2022, covers areas from Winston-Salem, Mooresville, NC, to Lancaster, SC, extending an invitation to residents to experience the rave-worthy solutions.

CoolVu is the franchise offshoot of Window Film Depot, a key player in the window film and graphics industry for nearly three decades. The Company’s efficiency and lean operations are very impressive. It ensures swift inventory delivery within 24-48 hours to allow installation shortly after customer approves the job. With products made in the USA under a stringent quality control process, it allows CoolVu to offer a lifetime warranty to residential customers and a 15-year warranty to commercial clients on most CoolVu branded products.

Elevating Spaces with Innovative Solutions

“Our products address real-life, everyday problems,” says Chu. CoolVu’s offerings encompass architectural film, window tinting, printed graphics, murals, and custom wallpaper solutions, providing stylish options to renovate surfaces while controlling heat, UV rays, and ensuring privacy and security. Window film tinting stands out as an energy-efficient, low-maintenance alternative to traditional coverings, reducing sun glare by up to 90% and enhancing natural light.

Safety and security film, available in various thicknesses, is a practical retrofit solution for existing window and door glass. Acting as a “clear shield” barrier, this film deters intruders and protects against the elements. CoolVu emphasizes ease and efficiency in project completion, offering free consultations, samples, measurements, quotes, and installation guidance for both residential and commercial clients.

CoolVu proudly serves as an authorized reseller of DefenseLite® and BulletShield™ security products from its sister company, Impact Security. DefenseLite Pro, a retrofit polycarbonate or security glass system, prevents forced entry at commercial buildings, and BulletShield offers ballistic resistance and protection against forced entry, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional bullet-resistant glass systems.

As a veteran-owned and independently operated business, CoolVu is committed to excellence. Located at 8322 Pineville Matthews Road, Suite 602 #1073, you can contact them at 833.426.6588, Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Explore their glass and surface solutions at CoolVu.com to discover how they can seamlessly integrate into the fabric of your home or business, offering a clearer view of what truly matters. To set up a free consultation meeting, please call 336-749-1947.

Here’s the good news: We destroy crabgrass year-round. Here’s the bad news: Crabgrass destroys beautiful lawns year-round. Call 336-760-1668 for a FREE lawn analysis! www.weedmanusa.com With Weedman, it’s all bad news for crabgrass and other weeds. We stop it before it ever starts to grow in your yard! Our annual program will take care of crabgrass in the spring, and take care of your grass year-round. Call us for nothing but good news for your yard! Call 336-760-1668. Jason Weedman 1/2pg ad.indd 2 1/11/12 5:37 PM @allondatheagent | allonda@thehawkinsgroupnc.com APRIL 2024 / 33

For the LOVE of


Pit Master Tip:

Beef ribs are an easy cook. Simple ingredients like salt and pepper as a rub are great. The key is to make sure the fat is rendered down, so when you take a bite, it is just the beef. I usually rest for one to two hours in a cooler before cutting them. This gives the juices in the ribs time to redistribute and make them juicier.

Smoked Beef Ribs

Great ribs for any get together or family meal!

Prep Time: 30 minutes | Cook Time: 5-6 hours

Yields: A rack of 3 or 4 ribs


1 or 2 racks of Dino beef ribs

2 T beef rub

First, set your smoker to 250-275 degrees. While the grill is heating up, trim off any excess thick fat on the ribs. You should not have to trim much. Use mustard as a binder to get your seasoning to stick. Season your ribs with your favorite beef rub. Set the ribs on the smoker and close the lid. Spritz the ribs with beef broth every hour until you achieve the desired bark you want. The key to perfect beef ribs is to render down as much fat as you can.

Once the ribs reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees, you can wrap them until they reach 203 degrees and let them rest. If the bark is not where you want it, just leave them unwrapped for the entire cook.

I smoked this on my new Kamado Konnected Joe over lump charcoal. The great thing about this grill is you can use it as a normal egg-style smoker, or you can set the temperature like a pellet grill and walk away. With the built-in ignitor, lighting your fire is a breeze. You can get this from my friends over at Casual Furniture World in Winston Salem and Greensboro.

You’re Invited! 336.760.1766 CasualFurnitureWorld.com Patio Furniture | Outdoor Kitchens | Fireplaces | Grills 1500 Hanes Mall Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC 27103 COME SEE OUR COME SEE OUR NEWLY REMODELED SHOWROOM NEWLY REMODELED SHOWROOM GRAND REOPENING GRAND REOPENING

A Season Everythingfor

As a mom, there are so many times life feels stagnant or unrelenting. From newborns to teenagers and everything in between, it’s easy to feel like the hard stages our children go through will never end. The good news is those stages will indeed end. I’ve found during those hard, seemingly long times, it’s so important to remember there is a season for everything.


The sleepless nights during infancy feel so very long. I have three girls and, each time, it felt that way. Every time during that sleep-deprived stage, I would catch myself asking if this would ever end. Of course, it does end. It never felt like it at the time, but those long nights came to an end like every other season of motherhood.


Just when moms get that sweet baby sleeping some of, if not all through, the night comes a different level of tiredness. During the toddler years, the tantrums, chasing after them and constantly teaching them new things gets exhausting. Again, it is always easy to slip into that mindset that this exhaustion might never end. Yet, that season has an end, too.


As the years progress, they shift into other motherhood trials, such as constant chauffeuring, never-ending extracurriculars and that dreaded school pick-up line (I mean seriously, why must we arrive like

an hour early to get a good spot in line?). With every new stage of childhood comes different hard aspects. It’s natural to keep slipping back into that feeling that hard times will never end. So, while it feels unending in that moment, remember that season will end.


Once those teenage years hit, the seasons feel drastically different. It’s filled with uncertainty for our children and their futures. From Driver’s Ed to taking the SAT, our teenagers face a mountain of challenges. As moms, these fearful moments of not knowing what their future holds or holding our breath while they are behind the wheel feel unrelenting. The sleepless nights sometimes return but for entirely different reasons. Believe it or not, this season will pass, too. Before we know it, we will blink and that angsty teenager will be an amazing adult.


Then, there are those seasons of life that feel like we are taking a beating. From March 2023 through January 2024, my life constantly kept throwing curveballs. You know that expression, “when it rains it pours”? Well, forget the pouring, it was full on monsoon season for me. Every time I felt like life might be swinging back

Make “This Season Will Pass” Your Motherhood Mantra During the Hard Times

to good times, a curveball was thrown my way. Of course, I kept thinking, will this monsoon ever end? Like any season, it did, things slowed down and the curveballs stopped, at least for a bit.


No matter what season of motherhood you are in, don’t forget it’ll end and change. After all, change is inevitable. Therefore, embrace your current season no matter what that might be at this moment.

Better yet, enjoy those moments, no matter how hard, as they truly are fleeting. Kiss your sweet newborn at that 4 a.m. feeding and get all the snuggles as they will be grown before you know it. Give your toddler a hug even when they break down at the grocery store because they still can’t express to you that you are their world. After your child gets in the car at the end of the school day, after that very long wait in the car pickup line, remind them you love them. When your teenager comes to you upset about the latest friend or relationship drama, listen with an open mind and no judgment because they are choosing to trust you with their most important issues.

Each moment, no matter the season, provides us with a chance to practice patience and reminders of all we have to be grateful for as moms. So, when a season is hard, remember, it’ll pass just like winter always turns to spring.

SATURDAY, APRIL 20 | 10 am - 4 pm WINSTON-SALEM FAIRGROUNDS PRESENTED BY SPONSORED BY 88.5 WFDD Public Radio for the Piedmont, Audacy, FirstHand Climbing, Foothills Brewing, Forsyth Country Day School, Harvest Table, Mast General Store, Parkway Ford Lincoln, Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation, Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC, Temple Emanuel, Vulcan Materials, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Utilities, Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools FREE COMMUNITY EVENT RAIN OR SHINE Locally-owned & operated. Providing excellent care in the Triad for over 15 years. 198B Hospital Street | Mocksville, NC 27028 | 336.901.2020 2341 Winterhaven Lane | Winston-Salem, NC 27103 | 336.760.2020 Call to schedule an appointment today Exciting News Our Second Location in Mocksville is Now Open! Due to the overwhelming support from our amazing community, we are delighted to announce the opening of our second location in Mocksville. NEW Address: 198B Hospital Street, Mocksville NEW Phone: 336-901-2020 HillcrestVision.com Mark Miriello, OD Juawana Hall, OD Seth Jones, OD APRIL 2024 / 37

Children’s Clothing That’s Stylish

and Affordable

Children inspire their parents to do and become many things. Parents aspire to be better people, role models and in Michele Mathias’ case, her daughter, Gretchen, a first grader at Meadowlark Elementary School, inspired her to open her business, Gretchen’s Treasure Chest, a children’s clothing boutique.

Michele Mathias was born and raised in Davie County and is now living with her husband and daughter in Lewisville. Before becoming a mom, Michele used her degree in business administration from High Point University to work within financial services and retail. But, when Gretchen came along, Michele became a stay-at-home mom, enjoying her time watching Gretchen come into her own, which included finding her inner fashionista at the age of three.


When Gretchen was in preschool at Lewisville United Methodist Church, Michele received compliments on the “fashion statements” Gretchen made each day, in outfits she picked out herself; teachers, staff and parents commented on what Gretchen was wearing.

“After two years of contemplating the idea, I started an online boutique and rented a small booth in a store in Kernersville in 2022. A year later, I decided to open my own brick and mortar boutique. After scouting out several locations, I decided Winston-Salem is the perfect area. So, in December 2023, we opened our store, Gretchen’s Treasure Chest,” said Michele.

Since the boutique bears Gretchen’s name, she approves 95% of the outfits; the other 5% are not Gretchen-approved, but Mom overruled.

“I came up with ‘Treasure Chest’ because I wanted more than just a boutique. Curating items for the store is like hunting for hidden gems, hence the name. We offer comfy, cute, trendy outfits for boys and girls, size newborn to youth 16, at affordable prices. Most of our vendors are also momowned businesses. The clothing is ‘small batch’ meaning the manufacturer makes fewer than 1,000 pieces per design, making them less common than the mass produced brands,” Michele commented.


Michele has done her research and sells some brands that make a difference in the community.

“Some of the brands I carry are Pete + Lucy, which originated in Apex, NC; Clover Cottage, from Tennessee and Charlie’s Project, which donates an outfit for every outfit purchased and

supports autistic charities. Most of the Charlie’s Project clothing is bamboo and tagless, which are wonderful for children with sensory issues. These brands are not only stylish and comfortable but durable, as well. You can pass them down to a sibling, give to a friend’s child or consign with good resale value. Several of the brands offer popular prints such as Bluey, Barbie, Minecraft and Harry Potter, to name a few. We also carry a wide selection of pretend play outfits from princesses to pirates, soft enough to play in all day,” Michele stated.


In addition to clothing, Gretchen’s Treasure Chest has bamboo crib sheets and blankets, some quilted, in various sizes; women’s leggings sizes 0-26, including Mommy & Me styles.

“There are lots of accessories such as matching purses and necklaces, handmade bibs, washable stuffed animals with removable, all-in-one stuffing, Usborne books, neverfull handbags for women and a wall full of adorable handmade bows. I have local handmade dessert candles that look and smell good enough to eat. I have all natural lip balm made in South Carolina and Lippy Clips Holders that attach to your bag. If you shop with your little ones, I have an activity area where they can play and color. I am so excited to share the brands we have with the area and hope everyone loves them as much as I do,” said Michele.

Gretchen’s Treasure Chest is located in the Harper Hill Commons Shopping Center at 4915 Old Country Club Road, WinstonSalem, NC. Hours of operation: Wednesday-Friday 10:30 a.m.4:00 p.m. and Saturdays 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Hours will expand in the coming months. Follow on Facebook and Instagram for new items. For more information, call 336.306.9930, or visit gretchenstreasurechest.com.

by HONORARY CHAIR Ann Garner Riddle President & CEO, TW Garner Food Company

REFLECTIONS of a Southern Yankee

the last time

This may be the last time This may be the last time Maybe the last time, I don’t know, oh no

~ The Rolling Stones

I’ve seen a post on Instagram a few times that hits me differently than most posts. For the record, I’m mostly against all forms of social media. I feel that it has done far more harm and damage than good. I’m so thankful it didn’t exist when I was a youngster. But I digress, so I’ll step down from my soapbox.

The post I mentioned features a fairly generic picture of a group of kids (probably from the 80s), standing in a group with their bikes, with a caption that states that there was a last time you and your friends got together to play outside and no one was even aware of it. This struck me because of its absolute truth. I cannot specifically remember the exact last time I played with my friends, but I know for certain it happened (actually it happened several times because I moved several times as a youth). It is sobering yet bittersweet to think that there was a time when my friends and I played together (just like the thousands of times we had before), we said our goodbyes, we went home and, somehow, we never played together again. It’s a pretty good reminder that life does indeed go on – no matter what, it cannot be stopped.

As I contemplated this particular Instagram post, it started to occur to me that life itself is nothing but an endless series of “lasts.” The more I sat and thought about it, the more “lasts” started coming to me. There was a last time I hugged each of my grandparents. The last time I did a backflip into a lake off of the dock. The last time I launched my then young sons from my shoulders into the deep end of a pool. The last time I drove a stick shift. The last time I played hide and seek with my cousins. The last time I climbed a tree or took a spelling test. The last

time I wrote a letter to a loved one and put it in the mail. The list of “lasts” goes on and on and on. And, it’s only when I purposely sit and think about those “lasts” that I see how, at the time, they didn’t even seem like “lasts.” But, now they do.

What are the “lasts” in your life? What are things you’ve been putting off or haven’t done in a long time that could possibly become a new last? (Just because something never happens again doesn’t necessarily make it a bad thing.)

Try to make it a point to focus more in your life on those things that are your “lasts.” Cherish those moments. Hold them close in your memory and in your heart. Make more “lasts” if you can. And, do everything with love, energy and with a magnificent zeal simply because it could truly be the last time you ever do it, and you may not even be aware of it!


With a simple, painless vein check, our doctors can experiencing any of the leg symptoms below, Novant Health Vein Specialists can help.

If you experience:

• Swelling in your legs

• Leg pain and discomfort

• Tired or heavy legs

• Bulging veins

• Spider veins

• Skin discoloration Join us for a free vein consultation. RSVP required.

your way to healthy, great looking legs this year

Join us in Doing The Most Good and become a sponsor TODAY Tickets and sponsorship tiers are on sale NOW! Save the Date! Save the Date! April 18, 2024 | 6:00 PM | The Salvation Army Ken Carlson Boys & Girls Club THE FIFTH ANNUAL HANDS AND HEARTS DINNER the salvation the salvation army of greater army of greater winston-salem winston-salem presents: presents: Thank You to our Top Sponsors Free vein consultation Winston-Salem, Kernersville and High Point
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Triad Area Events in April

April offers a variety of interesting and exciting events for families to experience in and around the Triad. Here are some of the top offerings:

Southern Fried Funeral

Yadkin Cultural Arts Center, Willingham Theater

April 11-14, Various Times

Tickets $24

Funerals bring out the worst, the best and the funniest in people. The Frye family is no exception. This is a big-hearted comedy about family – Southern style.

Jersey Boys

Winston-Salem Theatre Alliance

April 12-21, Various Times

Tickets $21

With phenomenal music, memorable characters and great storytelling, “Jersey Boys” follows the fascinating evolution of four blue-collar kids who became one of the greatest successes in pop-music history.

The Ninth, Winston-Salem Symphony Wait Chapel

April 13-14, 7:30 p.m. and 3 p.m.

Tickets $10-$95

Join the Winston-Salem Symphony for the 200th anniversary of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and an exploration of why his work continues to resonate with music lovers all over the world.

2024 Spring Plant Sale

Paul J. Ciener Botanical Garden, Kernersville

April 13

8 a.m. to Noon

Shop a selection of shrubs and herbaceous perennials for sun and shade.

The Music of Star Wars, presented by the Greensboro Symphony Orchestra

Steven Tanger Center

April 13, 8 p.m.

Tickets start at $35

Take a journey to a galaxy far, far away as the Greensboro Symphony take you through space and time. Experience some of the most thrilling music ever written for the movies.

John Mellencamp: Live and In Person 2024

Steven Tanger Center

April 14, 8 p.m.

Tickets $75 and up

John Mellencamp is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Last year he reissued his seminal album, “Scarecrow,” which features bonus tracks and never before shared pieces.

Moulin Rouge! The Musical

Steven Tanger Center

April 16-28, Various Times

Tickets start at $33

“Moulin Rouge” won 10 Tony Awards, including Best Musical. It’s a world of splendor, romance, eye-popping excess, glitz, grandeur and glory. It’s more than a musical, it’s a state of mind.

David Gilbert: Flutter

SECCA, Winston-Salem

April 18-Aug. 18


“Flutter” is photography exhibition by David Gilbert, a Los Angeles-based artist. Gilbert creates photos that flirt with impermanence. He constructs playful sculptures, backdrops and scenes from found materials that are shown in distinctive views and dramatic light.

Los Tigres Del Norte Greensboro Coliseum

April 19, 8 p.m.

Tickets start at $49

Boasting a career that spans more than five decades, their piercing wails and songs passionately tell of blue-collar hardships, love, loss and the war on drugs. Los Tigres Del Norte continues to inspire legions of fans from both sides of the border.

Face to Face: Trevor Noah

LJVM, Winston-Salem

April 30, 7:30 p.m.

Tickets start at $75

Face to Face Speaker Forum welcomes Trevor Noah, comedian, best-selling author and host of “The Daily Show” for an on-stage interview.

Federally insured by NCUA.
A Relationship with Every Student FCDS.org l 336.945.3151 Schedule Your Tour Today! Our forward-thinking approach to learning fosters curiosity, develops talents and interests, and builds confidence to prepare students - age 2 to 18 - for what's ahead! Voted Best Chicken Pie in the Triad! 336-712-4636 | www.mysimplysouthern.com | 3570 C Clemmons Road | Clemmons, NC 27012 STORE FRONT HOURS: MON-FRI 12 - 5PM, SAT 12 - 4PM Get Ahead, Feast Later: Book Your Spring Catering NOW! Enjoy quality time with your family and leave the cooking to us. Call ahead or order online and pick up a hot meal (or sweet treat) to take home and enjoy. APRIL 2024 / 43

Guide to 2024

Forsyth Family is your local resource for the many outstanding camps and programs offered this summer in our area!

Spring Break 2024 Summer 2024 9 am - 1 pm $50 each Lunch provided Sign up at: www.homesteadykids.com The Conrad Family Farm, LLC Pfafftown, NC Spring Break on the Farm Homesteading Day Camps for Kids Summer on the Farm and APRIL 2024 / 45

Whether your children enjoy exploration, art, sports or serving others, FCDS Summer Camps have plenty of activities to let them discover new passions, build skills, create masterpieces, make friends and take learning to the next level. Our experienced instructors and beautiful campus will ensure a memorable summer experience for your child. FCDS Summer Camps offer more than 150 different camps as well as academic programs through the Johnson Academic Center for grades K-12.

Here are 10 exciting camps for your child to discover:

1 Ceramics –Grades 3-12

Ever wanted to make your own mug, bowl, jar, vase or teapot? This camp covers various hand-building techniques, such as hard- and soft-slab construction and sculpture, as well as an investigation of decoration techniques. Campers will also be exposed to wheel-throwing techniques and practices. It’ll be a messy and action-packed week of clay, and by the end, you’ll head home with some lovely handmade pottery.

2 Sports Camps – Grades K-12

Summer is a great time to be active and learn or strengthen your athletic skills. Our coaches and camp leaders teach fundamental skills at both the team and individual levels. This summer, we are excited to offer basketball (men’s state champs), soccer (women’s back-to-back

Which EXCITING Camp Will Your Child LOVE?

state champs), baseball, cheerleading, speed and agility, field hockey, tennis and volleyball!

3 Photography – Grades 6-10 Join FCDS Teacher John Kildahl for a week of photography exploration. Learn the fundamentals of how a camera works by building a pinhole camera, making photograms in the darkroom to learn how to use the enlargers and also shoot, process and print on 35mm film. Campers will learn how to take photographs with digital cameras, import them with Lightroom and make edits using Photoshop. Campers may bring their own camera, but it is not required.

4 Junior Enrichment – Grades K-2

Young learners, get ready! At FCDS Summer Camps, you can enjoy Time Travelers, Under the Sea, Storybook STEM, Literature Meets LEGO, Forces in Motion and Passport Around the World! Campers will create cool art projects, play games, read stories, participate in handson activities and have fun while exploring their camp’s theme.

5 Fishing for Fun – Grades 5-12

Grab a fishing pole and head to the water hole! Fun fishing adventures await. Campers along with their counselors and leaders will fish at our on-campus pond as well as travel off-campus to various local fishing holes in hopes of catching a whopper! Campers are welcome to bring their own gear, but poles and tackle will be available for students to borrow.

6 Sew Many Adventures – Grades

3-8 In this beginning sewing camp, campers will learn the basics of hand sewing and machine sewing. They will select their own fabrics to make hair accessories, pillowcases, felt animals, bookmarks and more! Campers will leave with a new skill and some fun, handmade items.

7 Animal Care – Grades 3-8 Do you love animals? Pooches Russell the Wonder Pup and Olive the Beagle will assist in teaching you advanced care for your pup or future pet! This fun camp includes interaction with real animals, so it’s not recommended for children with pet allergies. Come ready to learn how to care for pets!

8 Rocket League + Fortnite – Grades 5-8 Experience being on a real E-Sports team and create memorable face-to-face interactions. Campers will play Rocket League and Fortnite with a focus on team competition. Campers will need login information for Xbox, PlayStation or Steam. Get ready to compete together and have fun.

9 Young Leaders – Grades 6-10

Build leadership skills by learning, studying and applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey, a classic bestseller on leadership. Campers will complete the study guide and apply leadership principles to both personal and professional situations to help them prepare for future leadership roles at school, work and home. Young Leaders will also have the opportunity to spend part of their day as a counselor in training at FCDS Summer Camps.

10 Grossology – Grades 3-8

Ick! Yuck! Ew! If it’s gross, it’s Grossology, where science meets the icky, sticky and downright bizarre! This unique camp is perfect for young scientists with a passion for all things gross and fascinating. Campers will embark on a thrilling journey through the weird and wonderful world of biology, chemistry and anatomy in an engaging hands-on environment.

We hope your child will join us for FCDS Summer Camps! Half-day and full-day options are available. Lunch is included in the cost of full-day and morning camp sessions. If you need early drop-off or late pick-up, before- and after-care options are also offered. Everyone is welcome! Learn more and register at fcds.org/summer today. Space is filling up quickly!

Science & STEM
& Fiber Arts
Care Service & Leadership Is Your Child Ready for an Exciting SUMMER? Learn more and sign up at fcds.org/summer or scan QR code K-12 - Half Day and Full Day Options - Before & After Care Offered Come Play, Learn, and Discover at FCDS Summer Camps!
& Nerf Wars Outdoor Adventures
Baseball, Soccer, Tennis, Lax, Field Hockey & Volleyball All welcome! And many more!

Things to Look Forward to For The 13

The Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce supports its members and community to connect, grow and thrive through special programming, events and education opportunities including Clemmons Community Day! Mark your calendars for Clemmons Community Day on Saturday, April 20th from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. This amazing day is made possible by our special sponsors: Allegacy Federal Credit Union, Marzano Capital Group, Jerry Long Family YMCA, Novant Health, Ivybrook Academy, WTOB Radio and Truliant Federal Credit Union.


This beloved event is a staple for the Clemmons community and something that the chamber members and volunteers look forward to all year long! They have been planning this remarkable event and looking forward to it since 2023.

13th Annual

businesses, food trucks, music, a dance off and much more!



Clemmons Community Day is truly a labor of love to showcase what is so special about Clemmons. From the bounce houses to the trackless train, your little ones will be jumping with joy as they explore this day to remember.


You can expect to interact with so many different businesses and connect with other residents in the area as this day is all about uniting the community.



Rain or shine, this family friendly day is a partnership of the Chamber of Commerce, Village of Clemmons and the Jerry Long Family YMCA. This special day is one that you just can’t miss, no matter the weather!


Whether you have been in Clemmons your entire life or have just been calling Clemmons home for a few months, Clemmons Community Day is a priceless one stop shop to meet 100+ community vendors and have a blast with your family! It is sure to be full of fun, information, connections and memories!


Get ready to have a blast as you experience the local community of Clemmons through its

If you are looking to learn what Clemmons is all about, this is your special day. Clemmons Community Day is a free event through the Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber of Commerce because of support from sponsors, vendors, volunteers and the space provided by the Jerry Long Family YMCA.


Visitors are always encouraged to bring a food donation for the Clemmons Food Pantry, as this is a way we can support our community even more.


Clemmons Community Day has been an annual treat and is attended by 100+ vendors and 5,000+ people of all ages. What a special place to join in on the fun.


It is sure that you will see sweets and treats as you make your way around our amazing vendors. You will get to support small businesses and satisfy your sweet tooth!

The Village of Clemmons will be kicking off the 2024 season of the Clemmons Farmers Market this day. Clemmons Community Day and the Farmers Market are happening on the same day, at the same time and place. Help us start off the season with the first Clemmons Farmers Market of 2024.


Lewisville-Clemmons Chamber President Kristin Johnson, says, “The word of the year for our Chamber is IMPACT! Clemmons Community Day is our annual effort to celebrate, champion and have FUN with our community. This effort has an impact on our business partnerships as sponsors and vendors in the form of visibility, exposure and opportunity to meet the community in which they serve. The effort has an impact on individuals who attend as it provides a safe, fun, energetic way to bring your entire family for a day of engagement. Music, food, farmers market, kids activities, YMCA programming, local vendors...we have a little bit of everything. Our goal is to have a positive impact on all those who are part of this wonderful day. We do hope you’ll join us!”


The 13th Annual Clemmons Community Day is coming soon as we await Saturday, April 20, 2024. Join us from 10:00 a.m.2:00 p.m. at the Jerry Long Family YMCA, 1150 S. Peace Haven Road, Clemmons. To learn more about Clemmons Community Day, visit LewisvilleClemmons.com, or call Executive Director Denise Heidel at 336.907.5100.



Experience water in all its wonderful forms by controlling a waterfall, sculpting an ice block, and playing with light in a tunnel of fog.

Wonders of Water is just one of the exciting, hands-on exhibits in the newly opened Kaleideum, where learning and fun collide!

Downtown Winston-Salem

120 West Third Street (336) 767-6730

Learn more at kaleideum.org

Imprints Cares Summer Enrichment Camps

Calling all campers, summer is just around the corner! As one of the largest summer camp providers in Forsyth County, Imprints Cares offers several summer enrichment camps for families with students ages pre-K through rising 6th grade.

Our program offers the opportunity for your student to engage in activities that encourage imagination, critical thinking and problem solving. Our curriculum allows them to thrive in a safe and encouraging environment and is designed to immerse students in new activities and experiences, which create opportunities for them to build friendships as well as social and emotional skills. Our goal is to provide students with memorable experiences that promote teamwork and encourage creative play.

Your student will be nurtured and encouraged by highly qualified teachers and staff who undergo extensive training and implement an interactive, themebased curriculum. Each uniquely themed week features 2-3 field trips, which are integral parts of the Expanded Learning Summer Enrichment Camp experience.

For the second year, we are excited to expand our summer enrichment camp program for rising kindergarten students, Footprints to Kindergarten Camp! This nurturing and developmentally appropriate camp is specifically designed to help prepare rising kindergartners to be ready for school. Campers will have their own space within a classroom setting that will offer activities including circle time, developmental play, arts and crafts that pertain to the weekly themes, outside fun, story time, social and emotional learning activities, and more. As we work on promoting their kindergarten readiness skills, campers will also work on self-help,

following directions, taking turns and other activities that will help promote their selfconfidence. Each week, the campers will take one full-day field trip and one half-day field trip as it relates to the weekly themes.

For students with exceptional needs, we offer our on-site Summer Enrichment Camp experience, which is designed specifically for students with neurodivergence and/or developmental disabilities. We are currently renovating our main location at 711 Coliseum Plaza Court to create our Center for Thriving Families where we will double the number of students able to be served onsite. As we undergo these renovations this summer, our staff and students will be located on Crossnore’s main campus. Our exceptional students will have the opportunity to take weekly field trips, visit with the onsite farm animals and partake in the community gardens.

Our camps are open from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily, making them an ideal choice for working families. Families may also select their weeks and locations. All camp supplies, field trips and snacks are included in the affordable weekly rate. Our locations fill up quickly; ensure your child will enjoy a summer filled with discovery, play and fun!

Registration is now open! Visit ImprintsCares.org/SummerCamp, or call us at 336.722.6296. Happy camping!

Imprints Cares is an education nonprofit that has been serving the Forsyth County community for more than 54 years. Our

holistic, multi-generational model promotes positive parenting, improves social drivers of health and enhances opportunities for children and their families to thrive. This comprehensive portfolio of services is evidence-based, grounded in research and offers highquality support services for children and their families from before birth through middle school. Together, we are nurturing children, strengthening families and building community.

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Community Makerspace, a WinstonSalem based non-profit, is a haven for creatives, artists and innovators, or anyone who wants to be. Their mission is to grow a creative community that provides equitable access to tech, tools and knowledge regardless of experience or background. The 7500-square-foot facility is located in the Industry Hill neighborhood of downtown WinstonSalem boasting a variety of amenities including a woodshop, 3D printers, metalworking shop, industrial laser cutter and so much more. Mixxer believes that, by improving access to these resources, people can build more meaningful lives, pursue rewarding careers and strengthen their communities.

Providing leadership and guidance to Mixxer is Director of Wake Downtown and Chair of Mixxer’s Board of Directors Alana James. James, an Ohio native, fell in love with Winston-Salem as a student at Wake Forest University and has been a proud member of the community ever since. During her tenure as Mixxer’s Board Chair, Alana has championed the growth and development of Mixxer STEAM Education, the organization’s programming for middle and high school students designed to introduce them to STEAM fields and highlight career

pathways. Her commitment to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) education is rooted in the belief that these disciplines are key to preparing young people for a rapidly evolving future.

Alana emphasizes the importance of adapting to the changing economic landscape, particularly in Winston-Salem, where traditional industries are giving way to technology and innovation. “I think STEAM, in particular, is the next frontier. Allowing kids to have early access to these subjects, and to see that there’s a way for them to get there is really important.” she explains. “You also want to ensure that people who are growing up here know that they don’t have to leave to do some of the most incredible groundbreaking and fulfilling work.” This forward-thinking approach is about ensuring that children understand they have a place in the future of their community and the broader world.

Alana and the team at Mixxer are on a mission to cultivate a generation that is curious, capable and creative. They see the potential in every child to become a maker, an innovator or a problem-solver. As the community looks ahead to the summer, the invitation to join Mixxer’s STEAM Summer Camps stands as a call to action for parents and children alike to embark on a journey

of discovery and learning. These camps offer a diverse range of subjects that cater to varying interests, from Drone Innovation to Fashion Design to Coding, ensuring that every child finds something that sparks their curiosity. Borrowing a common refrain from Mixxer’s Executive Director Elaine Lamson, Alana shared “You want to create that SPARK, that moment of inspiration that can set off a chain reaction of ideas or actions. Then you want to IGNITE it and create a catalyzing process that leads to increased activity, excitement and growth. Finally, that creates an INFERNO, the highest level of impact, evoking a strong and memorable impression, which allows students to take what they’ve learned, add in their own ideas and creativity, and make it their own.” Mixxer STEAM Summer Camps are just one part of Mixxer’s enduring commitment to empowering the next generation of leaders, thinkers and creators.

For those looking to give their children a fun, transformative summer experience, Mixxer’s STEAM Summer Camps are an unparalleled opportunity to ignite passions and unlock potential. To learn more about Mixxer, STEAM programming and summer camp experiences, go to wsmixxer.org/STEAM. Enter Promo code FORSYTH24, and receive a 10% discount on any summer camp registration.

JUMP INTO SUMMER FUN FIRST YMCA CAMP HANES • Overnight Camp • Day Camp • Rafting/Caving Adventure Camp • Campers in Leadership, Leaders in Training, and Counselors in Training Sessions camphanes.org APRIL 2024 / 53

Totally Kids Camps are Salem! totally

No other Summer Camp offers Swim Lessons, Gymnastics and Ninja Classes in the Triad

Spring is already here and before you know it, summer will be too. Summers are especially fun at Salem Gymnastics & Swim! For years, we have hosted Totally Kids Camp, where kids from all over the triad have enjoyed spending their summer days.

Salem’s Totally Kids Camps are unique and unlike any other because every week of camp is a month’s worth of Salem classes! Each week your child will receive TWO life-saving swim lessons, TWO gymnastics lessons, and TWO ninja courses! They will also spend time playing outside and in our amazing facility and doing various activities! Your child will not only have a great time, but they will also be learning multiple unique skills from our professionally trained staff. After all, no one knows swim and gymnastics better than Salem Gymnastics & Swim!

Every week of camp at Salem Gymnastics & Swim is action packed. We also offer different themes each week! Each week the theme is changed so that those children who come multiple weeks still get that feeling of added excitement with new things to explore. Themes range from Wizards & Magical Creatures to Ninja, Olympics, and more. You can sign up for your child’s favorite or try them all!

When children arrive at Salem Gymnastics & Swim for camp, they are greeted with smiling, loving faces and high fives! Your child will make new friends that they will share the week with. On day one, children are assigned an appropriate swim level for their lessons while attending camp. Kids bond with their camp counselors throughout the week! Our camps utilize our entire indoor facility where everyone can jump, run, tumble, swim, and climb. Children use their imaginations to bring themes to life and are guided through theme driven activities. Our warm water pools in warm air create an environment where camp kids are super excited to learn new life saving, swim skills and play various water games and activities. The gymnastics classes expose campers to learning skills on various gymnastics equipment such as beam, bars, vault and floor. Ninja classes use unique indoor obstacle courses that are designed to teach agility and strength. Swimming, gymnastics, and ninja all require a safe facility with experienced instructors, you won’t find a camp like this anywhere else!

A couple of goals at Salem are to introduce children to healthy movement, teach children the sport of gymnastics and develop the lifesaving skill of swimming in everyone. Learning how to swim not only can save your child’s life but teaches them how to be brave and self-sufficient. Gymnastics teaches self-confidence and patience. This is the cornerstone of Totally Kids Camps at Salem Gymnastics & Swim!

Totally Kids Camps, is a great summer opportunity for your child to have a wonderful experience while learning something new and gaining confidence while doing so. And most importantly, it is so much fun for them. To sign your child up for camp Salem go online to salemgym.com, call us at 336.765.4668, or visit us at 4870 Country Club Rd. See you soon!



Two professional gymnastics lessons and two formal swim lessons plus two new ninja courses each week (All the best of Salem in every camp)!

Each week of camp has a theme that ranges from Wizards and Magical Creatures to Ninja, Olympics, and more!

Gymnastics classes expose campers to learning skills on various gymnastics equipment such as beam, bars, vault and floor.

Totally Kids Camps are a great summer opportunity for your child to gain confidence while learning something new!

336.765.4668 SALEMGYM.COM

Peanut Butter Jelly Time:

5 Simple & Delicious Variations on the Childhood Classic

When I say that the peanut butter and jelly sandwich has played an important role in my life, I’m not exaggerating. Some of my fondest memories growing up with my late father include making him a double decker PB&J when he got home from work, and we were sitting on the couch together watching baseball. He always told me I made the best one he’d ever had.

The same sandwich would then go on to be mentioned in my husband’s wedding vows to me in front of our closest friends and family, as he swore that the day I made him his first PB&J is the same day he fell in love with me. Coincidence? I think not.

In celebration of “National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day” on April 2nd, I’m putting this childhood classic in the spotlight where it belongs! Here are five different variations of the fan favorite sandwich that even the most basic of chefs can master, this month.

#1 The Traditionalist

Peanut Butter, Honey & Banana Sandwich


• Peanut butter or nut butter of your choice

• Bananas, sliced medium to thick

• Honey (remember, local is best!)

• White or wheat bread, lightly toasted

Spread your peanut butter across both sides of your bread, placing banana slices on top in single rows, overlapping each slightly. Drizzle your honey in any pattern you like on each side. A large glass of milk is all you need to dig in and maybe a napkin or two for the stickiness!

#2 The Sweet Tooth

PB&JFT: Peanut Butter & Jelly French Toast


• Eggs

• Milk

• Vanilla

• Bread

• Creamy peanut butter or nut butter of your choice

• Strawberry jam or preserves

• Powdered sugar

• Butter or nonstick cooking spray

Spread your peanut butter and jelly on your sliced bread, forming your sandwich. In a large bowl, whisk together your eggs, milk, and vanilla. Next, dip both sides of your sandwich in the mixture. On medium heat, melt your butter in a large skillet then place your sandwich for 2-3 minutes on each side until golden brown. Slice up your French toast diagonally, sprinkle with powdered sugar and brunch is served!

#3 The Fancy Foodie

PB&J with Red Pepper Jelly and Brie


• Brie, sliced thin

• Red pepper jelly

• Crunchy Peanut butter or nut butter of your choice

• Sourdough bread

• Butter or nonstick cooking spray

Spread your peanut butter evenly on both sides of your bread, carefully layering your slices of brie on one slice of bread atop the peanut butter. Next, spread a glob of your jelly on the brie side, layering your other slice on top, making a sandwich. On medium heat, melt your butter in a large skillet, then place your sandwich for 2-3 minutes on each side until the brie begins to drip out slightly over the edges. Dig in!

#4 The Savory Lover

PB&J Bacon Burger


• Ground beef, seasoned

• Hamburger bun

• Applewood smoked bacon

• Peanut butter or nut butter of choice

• Grape jelly

Prepare your ground beef into burger patties, seasoning to your preference. Once your burger and bacon strips are fully cooked, put aside. Lightly toast the buns, spread jelly on the inside of the top bun and peanut butter on the bottom. Add your burger patty and bacon, sandwiching together between the hamburger bun and dig in! Warning: you may need to lie down after this meal!

#5 The Spicy Señor

Peanut Butter & Sriracha Sandwich Bites


• Challah bread

• Peanut butter or nut butter of your choice

• Orange or apricot marmalade

• Sriracha

• Butter or oil

On medium heat, melt your butter or oil in a large skillet. Spread your peanut butter and marmalade onto opposite slices of bread, adding sriracha generously to the peanut butter side. Assemble your sandwich and place it carefully inside the heated skillet, grilling until golden brown on each side. When finished, place onto a cutting board and slice lengthwise into 3 even strips and each strip into 2 halves, creating small bites. Enjoy sharing with a friend or family member!

Make it extra special!

Take a page from The Food Network and make it a contest, with each family member making their own and vote on who’s the best! Try one of these recipes or create your own, with whatever favorite spreads and special ingredients you like!


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Local Eagle Scout Project

How many times have you been asked, ‘paper or plastic?’ at the grocery store? In an effort to cut back on the cutting down of trees to produce paper bags, plastic bag usage increased exponentially in recent years. Worldwide, up to five trillion plastic bags are used every year; many, after serving their purpose of transporting groceries and other items, find their way into landfills and oceans. But, did you know plastic bags can be used to make benches? Local Eagle Scout Will Bumgarner of Winston-Salem, began collecting plastic bags with the intention of turning them into benches as his Eagle Scout project.

Will Bumgarner joined the scouts in the second grade, sharing an interest in scouting with his dad, Steve, who was an Eagle Scout and is on the Old Hickory Council. When Will began considering ideas to gain his Eagle Scout badge, he looked into how different recycled items were being used to make furniture items.

“I heard about different types of furniture made from recycled plastics, and I thought the concept was interesting. I did a lot of research and decided which program would be the best fit for my project. I landed on the program through NexTrex, which involves the collection of any type of plastic bags or packaging. The majority of the bags I collected were grocery bags, but lots of plastic bags were acceptable like plastic shipping packages, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags, wrap-around plastic on paper towels and cases of water, bread and cereal bags were among some of the plastics that could be used,” said Will.


Will began his plastic bag collection by setting up drop off bins across town. Getting the word out through flyers and social media posts.

“These bins were set up at different businesses, and many of them helped spread the word on their own. People began talking about it, and the

Recycling Plastic Bags

Bags to Benches for

idea spread quickly. Many people organized mini collections in their neighborhoods or churches and would then contact me to pick them up. I also held a bag drop event where people could bring bags and get some ice cream in return. That event was to push us to our goal of 40,000 bags and tie up the project with some fun,” Will commented.

As the bag donations came in, Will’s job was just beginning.

“I had been sorting the bags along the way, counting each one. We put 50 bags in one grocery sized bag and then we would fit 10 groups of 50 into a large trash bag. This meant there were 500 bags per trash bag and about 87 large trash bags in total by the end. We then contacted Lowes Foods, which helped schedule a truck that could bring the bags back to their distribution center. Their parent company, MDI, is one of the partners of the program and their distribution center is a drop-off location. We took five car loads to the Lowes Foods, and then they handled them from there,” stated Will.

After all bags were counted and processed, the bench was customized to Will’s preferences, and he donated it to his former school, Wiley Middle School. Will also held a large trash clean up to improve the state of the Hanes Park and Wiley area and promote a more positive litter free environment. The bench is currently outside the front of Wiley Middle School along Northwest Boulevard in Winston-Salem.

Schedule today for a hearing screening and hearing ad cleaning! NICHOLS HEARING AND AUDIOLOGY Happy Spring 3640 Westgate Center Circle, Suite B Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.842.3437 hearwelllivewellnc.com Kerri Stewart QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor PAYROLL BOOKKEEPING QUICKBOOKS CONSULTING Free initial consultation for bookkeeping THE STARBOARD GUARANTEE Complete, Accurate, Timely Bookkeeping & Financials 336.397.4974 | StarboardAccounting.com APRIL 2024 / 59

Binge-Worthy Shows for Moms

Catch a Mental Break or Grab Some Laughs With This List of TV Shows

Motherhood is tough. That’s why sometimes we moms need an outlet for an escape from reality, laughs or reminders of some of the important relationships in our lives. Wondering how that’s achieved? Binge-worthy television shows, of course! Below are shows that will help you get all that and more!


Television shows filled with drama and suspense are a great momentary mental break from the trials and tribulations of reality. They allow us to focus, sometimes intensely, on something other than constantly changing our baby’s diapers, helping teens prepare for tests and life after high school, or the never-ending errands motherhood entails.

These dramas are all great ones for moms to “get lost in” –if only for a moment!

• Madam Secretary – Even if you don’t care about politics, this TV show is great for twists and turns and really just female empowerment.

• Good Girls – Every mom needs to watch this show; in particular, the episode that clarifies once and for all that moms count age by months until two-years-old.

• Virgin River – This show is full of drama, suspense, romance and laughs, seriously, it has it all.

• Suits – One of the best things about this show is it combines drama and sharp wit in such a sophisticated and fun manner.

• Gilmore Girls – You do not need to be a single mother to appreciate this drama about all the intricacies of a mother-daughter relationship.

• The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – From stay-at-homemom to a comedian, “Midge” Maisel reminds moms throughout each episode that they aren’t alone in the trials that are motherhood and just being a woman!


Laughter really is the best medicine. It helps us decompress and destress. That is why, even if you are a drama-loving momma, binge-watching a comedy every now and then is simply a must.

All of these comedies are sure to make you laugh – from a chuckle to possibly literally rolling on the floor laughing!

• Schitt’s Creek – There is seriously no other show as funny as this one; it’s simply comedy at its very best.

• Scrubs – This comedy is full of laughs and heart, plus, shockingly, it’s actually the most medically accurate show according to doctors (sorry Grey’s Anatomy fans).

• Fuller House – Capture all the nostalgia “feels” by watching this show, which is a spin-off of the 90s comedy, Full House.


As moms, friendship and sisterhood (even if not blood-related sisters) is so important. These are the women we vent to, cry with and cheer alongside. They are often our rocks in all the hard times. So, naturally, in a list of TV shows for moms, it’s important to include ones that are rooted in strong female friendships.

All three of these shows truly showcase what it means to be a friend!

• Firefly Lane – Based on Kristin Hannah’s book, Firefly Lane, this series shows all the ups-and-downs of friendship among two women.

• Friends – This show never gets old, so no matter how many times you’ve seen it, it is always binge-worthy and a great reminder of the importance of friendship.

• Sex & the City – This show, and later movies and a rebooted TV series, unprecedentedly showcases friendships among women from the 20s all the way into their 50s.

So, grab your drink of choice and remote, and binge-watch these awesome shows!


Several Ways to Show Support During AUTISM Awareness Month

Every April, the world shows support and understanding for those with autism during Autism Awareness Month. Kicking off on April 2nd with World Autism Awareness Day, April is a time for not only increasing knowledge about autism but promoting wide understanding of it, as well. This April will mark the 17th Annual World Autism Awareness Day.

Originally created in 2007 by the United Nations, World Autism Awareness Day was created “in order to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism, so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society.” Founded by the United Nations, which is grounded on the principles of celebrating diversity and promoting the rights and well-being of people with disabilities, World Autism Awareness Day was unanimously declared as a method to provide wide support for those with autism.

While we know much more about autism today than we did years ago, there still are various misconceptions about the neurological condition. At the core, it is vital to know autism is a communications disorder. According to un.org, this disorder “is characterized by its unique social interactions, non-standard ways of learning, keen interests in specific subjects, inclination to routines, challenges in typical communications and particular ways of processing sensory information.” Again, it truly is a communications disorder which can, at times, make it difficult for those with autism to function according to day-to-day set social norms.

During Autism Awareness Month, there are a variety of ways to show support for those dealing with autism as well as the caretakers of those individuals. Curious about how you can show your support? Read on for FIVE simple ways to celebrate those with autism this month.

AUTISM ACCEPTANCE SUPPORT METHOD #1: Deck yourself out in BLUE! Wearing blue this month shows that you support and care about those dealing with autism. You can wear a simple blue ribbon to work or a blue tee from the Autism Speaks website which empowers those with autism.

AUTISM ACCEPTANCE SUPPORT METHOD #2: Promoting acceptance versus awareness. While even the title of the month still includes “awareness,” today, many are already aware of autism. This said, society needs to move away from simply being “aware,” and into the realm of how we can fully “accept” all dealing with autism. Acceptance can look like listening to stories from autistic individuals and showing support to them as they tell you their experiences.

AUTISM ACCEPTANCE SUPPORT METHOD #3: Join Autism Speaks through social media! With more than 2.8 million followers, Autism Speaks is a huge support organization for those with autism. This group helps foster understanding and acceptance by sharing the diverse stories of people on the spectrum. Consider submitting your own story about your experience with autism or your loved one’s experience on their social media pages.

AUTISM ACCEPTANCE SUPPORT METHOD #4: Light the city blue! Home Depot, along with other major home improvement stores, are exclusively selling blue light bulbs for individuals to insert into their regular lamps and lights. Thousands of homes, offices, buildings and landmarks will be lit in the telltale blue color this month, showing their solidarity in support for worldwide autism acceptance.

AUTISM ACCEPTANCE SUPPORT METHOD #5: Promote kindness for all by taking part in the Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign. The Autism Speaks Kindness Campaign encourages acceptance, understanding and inclusion with daily acts of kindness. By going to their website, it is easy to sign up for The Kindness Campaign anytime of the year. The campaign offers three diverse ways to take part. From “Live with Kindness,” which enables individuals to participate in their own kindness campaign; to “Lead with Kindness,” which allows businesses to participate in a kindness campaign; to finally “Learn with Kindness,” which is a kindness campaign for schools; joining one of these campaigns is a surefire way to celebrate World Autism Month in April or World Kindness Day in November.


• Many treatments last only 15 months

• Eat without restriction

• Great for an active lifestyle

1063 W. Northwest Blvd. Winston-Salem, NC 27101 336-725-5757 SalemSmilesOrtho.com
iTero Scanner eliminated gooey
Call today for your FREE consultation! Orthodontics for Children & Adults . . APRIL 2024 / 63

Kids ask tough questions about money. It’s how they learn. As a parent, these are teachable moments that offer a chance to impart some financial wisdom.

Start by asking them questions for clarification. After all, “Why does a lawyer always answer a question with a question?” Answer: “Why shouldn’t a lawyer answer a question with a question?”

While you want to be forthright with them, you both learn more by asking questions. This gives you perspective on why they are asking and helps them develop critical thinking abilities.

Consider these types of clarifying questions:

• Why do you ask?

• What do you mean by that?

• What does “rich” mean to you?

• What do you think you’ll do for work when you get older?

• How do your friends spend their money?

Even with the best questions, you’ll still want to be prepared with some answers of your own. Think of answering honestly, but age-appropriately. Here are some of the more common questions we hear:


Explain that being “rich” means different things to different people and that you are very fortunate to have the resources that you do. This is also a great time to remind them that wealth is not the only indicator of happiness or success and that you value many other things in life such as relationships, experiences and personal growth.


Explain that even wealthy families have budgets and that not all expenses are justifiable. You can also use this as an opportunity to discuss the importance of making wise financial decisions and understanding the true value of money.


“None of your business” is a possible response, but not the appropriate one. Disclosing a number isn’t usually wise either. Explain that most adults don’t share how much money they make. Use this as an opportunity to talk

Making Dollars, Making $ense

Answering Your Kids Toughest Money Questions

to your child about the importance of a healthy relationship with money. Understanding its role in our lives can help them make wise decisions as they grow up.


Explain that different families have different priorities and financial situations. While it may not be possible to go on a big vacation at the moment, you can focus on making other fun memories and experiences together as a family.


It’s not necessary to disclose the specific cost of your home. You can explain that owning a home is an important investment and that you are working hard to make sure it’s a safe and comfortable place for your family to live.


If you decide to give your child an allowance, explain that it’s important to use it wisely and to save some of it for future goals. You can also talk about ways they can earn extra money by doing chores or other tasks around the house.


It’s important to reassure your child that even if a challenging situation were to arise, you would find a way to get through it together as a family. Additionally, it can be helpful to use this as an opportunity to teach your child about the importance of saving money and having an emergency fund, as well as the value of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity.

Remember that the key to answering tough money questions is to be honest, open and sensitive to your child’s age and maturity level. By having these conversations early and often, you can help your children develop a healthy and positive relationship with money that will serve them well throughout their lives.

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Fancy fork

Welcome back to the Fancy Fork – your seasonal produce insight and farm-style recipes that are made to satisfy.

The month of April is filled with warmer days and new sprouts promising summer flavors on the ground. It’s the last month for most of your favorite winter produce but also the beginning of those new brighter and crispier bites. When it comes to fruits, you’ll find apples, rhubarb, pineapple, avocado, bananas, some citrus and, now, strawberries! The veggies are racking up in numbers with lots of carrots,

celery, collard greens, kale, Swiss chard, sweet potatoes, radishes, parsnips, leeks, lettuce, artichokes, broccoli and cabbage.

This month’s recipe feature is all on blood oranges – and it’s the last month before they’re out of season! Largely popular in Italy and Spain, they are rich in antioxidants which help reduce the stress of oxidation and lower your risk of chronic health problems like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. They’re incredibly versatile, too, usable for sweet drinks, savory dishes and desserts.





4 lbs. Whole Chicken

2 Blood Oranges

2 large Shallots, thinly sliced

1 Fennel, thinly sliced

1/3 cup Granulated Cane Sugar


1. Preheat the oven to 430 degrees F.

1/4 cup Olive Oil

1 T Dijon Mustard

1 T Fresh Rosemary, chopped

1 T Dried Italian Herb Seasoning

2. To spatchcock the chicken: Use sharp kitchen scissors to cut on the sides of the chicken’s spine (on the backside). Cut to remove the spine completely. Remove any intestines, if needed (usually it’s already done). Flip the chicken over and press firmly down, so you hear it crack. Flatten the chicken as much as possible.

3. In a large bowl, combine the zest of 1 blood orange, juice of 1 blood orange, sugar, dijon, chopped rosemary and dried herbs. Season generously with salt and black pepper. Mix well.

4. In a large baking dish, alternate between the remaining blood orange (thinly sliced), sliced fennel and sliced shallots. Add the spatchcocked chicken on top.

5. Rub the citrus marinade evenly over the chicken. You can prep this the night before or continue to the next step for baking instructions.

6. Bake for 1 hour 20 minutes until, when poked with a fork, the juices are flowing clear.

7. TIP: Keep an eye on it every 20 minutes, covering the edges with foil as needed to prevent burning.

We are in the Novant & Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Networks. lyndhurstgyn.com 304 Mountainview Road King, NC 27021 336.765.9350 Call us today to schedule your mammogram and wellness exam at the same visit! Good breast health puts a spring in your step! Schedule your mammogram! An annual mammogram is one of your best defenses against breast cancer. We offer our patients the best technology available for breast cancer screening. 111 Hanestown Court, Suite 151 Winston-Salem, NC 27103 336.765.9350 445 Pineview Drive, Suite 110 Kernersville, NC 27284 336.993.4532 1908 Caudle Road, Suite 101 Mt. Airy, NC 27030 336.789.9076 Follow us @ forsythmags APRIL 2024 / 67

Free Family Fun

On Saturday, April 20th from 10 am–4 pm, celebrate the community and the planet at the Piedmont Earth Day Fair at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. The largest Earth Day celebration in North Carolina, it’s presented by Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) and is packed with family friendly activities and demonstrations, delicious food, student artwork and more – all free to the public.

“Earth Day is a great time for people of all ages to connect with our planet, build community and take action locally to support the environment,” said Piedmont Environmental Alliance Executive Director Jamie Maier.

“Families love the fair and leave with new ideas, native plants, reusable swag, loads of crafts and enthusiasm for environmental action.”


The fair is a great spring tradition – a fun day for families to explore the booths of 100+ local companies and organizations that promote conservation, solar energy, sustainable food sources, green jobs and more. Exhibitors have kids’ activities galore, so the whole family stays entertained. As you explore, you can take a break to have great local snacks or a meal and listen to local musicians. The best part? Admission and parking are FREE!

Here are some activities the whole family can enjoy:


The fair offers a range of activities for kids, including arts & crafts, live animals and insects, face-painting and children yoga. Don’t miss the two Kids’ Zones, which feature special activities hosted by Forsyth County Public Libraries, Piedmont Forest School, the Art SHAC and other favorite organizations.

at the Piedmont Earth Day on April 20th


Local artists will award prizes for student art, with an environmental theme. See sidebar for information on submitting your young artist’s work!


Learn about how you can adopt an environmentally sustainable lifestyle, with topics on saving water with rain barrels, gardening for pollinators, growing mushrooms and more. Find tips about “greening” your home (and the tax incentives that make it easier) with information about recycling/reuse, energy-efficient appliances, solar panels and more.


Enjoy delicious foods from local vendors and food trucks, some of them powered by mobile solar panels! And, while you’re enjoying a meal, listen to local musicians performing on two stages thanks to the North Carolina Songwriters Co-op. What would be a celebration without great food and music?


A highlight of the fair is an array of electric vehicles in all sizes, from plug-in cars to trucks and an electric school bus. Visitors can learn about electric charging options as well as the recent rebates and credits that make electric vehicles good for the planet and affordable.


Fairgoers will experience Piedmont Environmental Alliance’s innovative education programs live at the fair. Ride

the Energy Explorers bike to learn about energy use and conservation. Interact with the PEA Stream Table and learn why Every Drop Counts. Check out the Live Debate tent to hear high school students from across the Piedmont discuss the pros and cons of using cars.

Your family is sure to leave happy and inspired, ready to make changes that protect our planet.


Winston-Salem Fairgrounds

April 20th from 10 am–4 pm

Free • Rain or shine

Learn more at peanc.prg/edf

Earth Day Fair Art Contest

Learn how to submit student art and register at peanc.org/art.

Based in Winston-Salem, NC, Piedmont Environmental Alliance (PEA) drives action for a more just, resilient and sustainable region, with education programs, events and local advocacy. Learn more at peanc.org.


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Orthopedic trauma

Novant Health

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Novant Health

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine - King King Medical Building 167 Moore Road Suite 202 King, NC 27021 336-673-6500

No need to be in pain one minute longer. Book now.


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Child Safety Series Beyond 911: Teaching Essential Safety to Kids

Each month, this series will provide important facts and tips surrounding child safety in an effort to support parents and caregivers as they navigate reducing risks and creating the safest environment possible for the children in their lives.

Teaching children how to dial 911 in case of an emergency is important, but don’t stop there. Children of all ages should be given the opportunity to learn key information and skills that they can lean on in a variety of safety situations effectively.


It’s easy for time to go by each day without actively thinking about teaching safety to your children, unless there’s an accident or event that brings it close to home. The truth is, creating simple and short opportunities where you sit down to intentionally teach safety skills with your kids prepares them for life. While some schools cover basic safety as part of the curriculum, the fact is, safety starts at home.

If you feel overwhelmed with where to start or how to approach teaching safety skills to your children, remember to keep it simple. The goal of this month’s column is to help you stop overcomplicating and start choosing basic safety information for your children confidently, in ways they can learn and comprehend.


If your child becomes separated from you in a public place or in the event of an emergency, you don’t want to rely on them having a phone to dial 911 in order to get help. According to safety experts, here is the most important information your children need to know.

#1 Personal Information: Teach your children to memorize their full names, along with the full names of their parents or guardians. This is especially important in the case of a lost child, as you can imagine how unhelpful it is for first responders trying to locate “Mom” or “Dad.” Emphasize the importance of knowing their home address, including city and state.

#2 Emergency Contact Numbers: In addition to learning 911, ensure your children know how to reach you or another trusted adult in case of an emergency. Practice memorizing phone numbers (including area code) and dialing together.

#3 Allergies and Medical Information: Make sure your children can communicate their important food or medical allergies as well as medical conditions. Teach them to recognize symptoms and seek help from an adult when needed. Of course, getting your child a medical bracelet for easy reference is another line of defense.


Your goal is to empower your children with these essential safety lessons, and teaching them through engaging methods is the best way to help drive each of the above safety information home. Regardless of your children’s ages, here are a few tried and true methods for developing the skills and confidence they need to learn and memorize this potentially life-saving information.

• Creating Songs or Rhymes: Whether it’s full names of family members, phone numbers or addresses, you can sing or chant them to different memorable tunes.

• Repetition and Mnemonics: Practice makes perfect! Review the information regularly through repetition, and try incorporating mnemonic devices, such as acronyms or silly phrases.

• Writing it Down: For older children, practice writing down important information, such as name, address and emergency contact numbers. Writing can reinforce memory and serve as a reference for them to review.

• Create Visuals: Utilize visual aids like flashcards or graphic illustrations to help remember key concepts, especially if you have a visual learner!

• Role-Playing Games: Engage in role-playing scenarios where your children practice using the safety information they’ve learned. Act out situations like getting lost in a store and ask them outright questions like “what’s Mom’s phone number?” Then guide them through the appropriate responses.


Try using a combination of these methods with your kids to both help make learning this safety information enjoyable but also to find out which methods are most effective for them. When you experiment with different approaches, you’ll start to really see which resonates best with your child’s learning style and be able to lean in as you continue to add in new age-appropriate safety skills and information.


Dining Guide : MOSSY’S

With winter behind us and longer days ahead, neighborhood favorite Mossy’s Eats, Ales & Spirits is spring cleaning and revamping over the Easter holiday to prepare for the resurgence of socialization and warm weather. Mossy’s Eats, Ales & Spirits is always packed with sports-lovers, bar food fanatics and long-time friends looking to relax with a signature Mossy’s Mojito. There’s never a dull seat in the house with an upbeat waitstaff and television screens offering non-stop sports. From buffalo chicken dip, boneless buffalo bites and other bar bites, Mossy’s also offers a creative list of cocktails, wines and beers to keep customers hydrated. For calorie-conscious diners, there are ample salads, soups of the day and healthy entree options, as well.

Since 2008, Mossy’s has been the brainchild of Little Richard’s BBQ Owner Nick Karagiorgis, as well as Brick Oven Pizzeria patriarch Chris Pritsis. Nick’s son,

Stephen Karagiorgis, is also frequently spotted as part of Mossy’s management and has his hands full with managing the multiple Little Richard’s BBQ locations throughout the area. As a familiar face to Clemmons dwellers, Manager Bob Bullock is beloved not only by patrons, but also by his family of loyal staff. Being able to boast of low staff turnover is rare for restaurant management, but the Mossy’s crew is tightknit. Customers are able to depend on seeing familiar faces and menu items upon each visit, which attracts a strong crowd of regulars looking forward to taking advantage of the restaurant’s daily specials.

Wind down after a long day or week at work with the Mossy’s team. Friday and Saturday nights are popular at Mossy’s, so call ahead to make a reservation, or arrive early for quick seating.


With a spacious patio, lots of bar seating and a large dining room, Mossy’s is ideal for a night out with friends or family. Its location is in the heart of Clemmons, with other nearby hotspots such as First Watch, Cugino Forno and East Coast Wings around the corner. Stave off the “Sunday scaries” by spending Sunday afternoons with your Mossy’s neighbors and fellow patrons.

Sweet-toothed diners will be delighted to try the chocolate chip cookie skillet, red velvet cookie skillet, red wine-infused brownie sundae with ice cream or the homemade cobbler a la mode. Choose from more than 20 beers on tap, bottled beers or a basket of homemade chips for the table to share. Can’t settle on just one appetizer? Choose the Mossy’s Sampler and have your pick of mozzarella sticks, southwest egg rolls, buffalo bites and homemade chips. Current Clemmons resident Jordan Sebastian first discovered Mossy’s six years ago while commuting to and from work in Clemmons on a daily basis. He enjoyed taking a break from the workday at Mossy’s while snacking on homemade chips and sipping sweet tea. “The staff always made me feel welcome,” explains Jordan. “Bob was always a friendly face and made me feel right at home.”

Can’t make it out to Mossy’s for dine-in? Order to-go meals online at mossysclemmons.com. Keep tabs on the Mossy’s team on Facebook and Instagram at @mossyssportsbar. Want to call ahead? Speak to a team member directly at 336.766.7045 or stop by in person at 6235 Towncenter Drive, Clemmons, NC, 27012.

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APRIL 2024 / 73

What Will You Do When Your Child Wants a Part-Time Job?

of a Southern Yankee

Some studies show that teens who work part-time jobs have lower grades and higher risk for issues like alcohol and drug abuse. Other studies show that early employment leads to higher graduation rates and increased lifetime earnings. What’s a parent to believe?

It turns out that there’s some truth on both sides of the argument, and the choices you make can help determine the outcomes. Read this before your children ask you if they can mow lawns or work at the mall.


1. Limit the hours. Most of the negative outcomes for teens who work are associated with putting in more than 15 hours a week. As long as you stick to 15 hours per week or less during the school year, you can eliminate most of the risks for a decline in school performance or forming questionable new friendships.

2. Write out a budget. Another potential drawback is the tendency for teens to pick up extravagant spending habits that will be tough to break when they’re in college or settling into their first home. Make a plan for how to use their paychecks responsibly.

3. Emphasize safety. Some jobs pose more hazards than others. You may want to give your approval for tutoring and counseling at summer camp rather than delivery or construction work.

4. Research labor laws. Federal and state laws regulate the hours and type of work that minors can do. Ensure you follow the rules for work permits and other requirements.

5. Visit the workplace. Take a first-hand look at where your son or daughter will be employed. Introduce yourself to their new boss. Observe their co-workers.

6. Put academics first. Remind your teens that completing their education is their primary job. Agree in advance that being permitted to work is conditional upon maintaining their grades and participating in school activities.


1. Develop soft skills. Dealing with a demanding boss and dissatisfied customers instills qualities like punctuality and patience. It’s a good complement to classroom education.

2. Save for the future. While your teens may want to keep some of their paychecks for buying burgers and music, encourage them to put aside money for something more lasting. The funds will come in handy as tuition costs or living expenses rise.

3. Review career plans. If possible, consider a job that aligns with your child’s interests in sports medicine or ethnic jewelry. They’ll feel more motivated and may even find a mentor.

4. Practice job hunting. Just looking for a job is valuable training. Your children can practice browsing job boards,

filling out applications and interviewing before they face the financial pressures that come with living on their own.

5. Gather references. Wherever your sons or daughters work, their supervisors can provide positive recommendations for college applications and future jobs. These early contacts can be the beginning of your children’s professional network.

6. Provide supervision. Are you concerned about what your teen is doing in the hours between school letting out and your arriving home from work? A shift at the local coffee shop will fill that time.

7. Teach diversity. A part time job can be a unique opportunity to introduce teens to a wide variety of citizens from different backgrounds.

As a parent, you can guide your children toward making their first work experience a rewarding investment in their future. Hold down the number of hours and discuss responsible budgeting, so they’ll be prepared for academic and career success.


Here are some local jobs that teens deem favorites. Minimum age requirements are next to each business, however, check with each place as they may vary from location to location.

• Jimmy John’s (16 in store; 18 for drivers)

• Rockin’ Jump (16+)

• Panera Bread (16+)

• Best Buy (16+)

• Target (16+)

• Chuck E Cheese (16+)

• Lowes Foods (16+)

• Harris Teeter (16+)

• J. Crew (16+)

• GAP (16+)

• Starbucks (16+)

• Lifeguard

• Chick-fil-A (15+)

• Subway (15+)

• Publix (15+)

• McDonald’s

• AMC Cinema (14+)

• Baskin Robbins (14+)

• Ben & Jerry’s (14+)

• Dairy Queen (14+)

• Publix (14+)

• Childcare/Camp Counselor

Starting a business is also a viable option for teens. Not only does it look great for colleges and future employers, but it can be incredibly rewarding (and sometimes lucrative), as well. Here are some popular entrepreneurial ideas for teens:

• Babysitting

• Lawn Care

• Dog Walking

• Pet Sitting

• Washing Cars

• Yard Sale/Consignment

• Mother’s Helper

• Errand Runner

For more articles like this, log on to www.TriadMomsOnMain.com
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It’s a Grand Life Grand

Showing Kindness

My youngest grandchildren attend a parochial school. Each Wednesday, they attend chapel. The last Wednesday of each month, a student who exhibited a certain trait is chosen from each class by their teacher. This student is the student of the month for the following month. My pre-K grandson was the student of the month for December for displaying responsibility. My granddaughter, who is in second grade, was chosen student of the month for March for the attribute of kindness. I love their school for acknowledging these types of values.

For several years, I followed a blog written by a young mother whose child was diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. This syndrome is a genetic disorder, but not necessarily inherited. It is cruel in that its characteristics are external, affecting deformities of the ears, eyes, chin and cheekbones. The degree varies from mild to severe. Those who are born with this syndrome may need hearing aids or have problems seeing, breathing or have a cleft palate; however, they have a normal lifespan and intelligence. The movie “Wonder” was based on a book about a young boy who had Treacher-Collins Syndrome.

Recently, after not seeing her blog for quite a while, I came across a letter she had written concerning her precious daughter. This child who was smart, happy, talented and loved by those who took the time to know her now faced schoolmates who were most unkind. Her

mother, like any decent parent would be, was understandably bereft seeing her child so miserably unhappy and hurt by such cruelty of words and actions aimed at her. The words, “I wish I’d never been born,” tear at a parent’s heart. The mother’s plea to those who read her letter was asking parents to speak to their children about kindness. I hope her plea was taken to heart by those who saw it.

Teaching children about showing kindness to others begins at an early age. Most parents agree that the restrictions COVID placed on children were very hard on them. Their young lives were turned upside down. Most children like having a schedule. They wake up, eat breakfast, go to school and then either go home or to an after-school program. Besides studying a number of subjects, school gives them the opportunity to socialize and make friends. This opportunity was not afforded to them when schools were closed.

Parents need to have serious and in-depth discussions with their children about showing kindness to others. People are different, and many of those differences are in their outward appearance – the easiest thing to point out in a negative way. Very young children may be curious when seeing someone who is in a wheelchair, or who has a scar, or who just looks different from most. This behavior is understandable and opens an opportunity for a conversation which will answer their many questions.

The major lesson that needs to come from this discussion is one of kindness. Usually, the person being cruel to someone has issues in their own life that need to be addressed. Apologizing for one’s behavior is a good first step. Coming to one’s defense after observing cruelty taking place is another act of kindness. Treating others as you wish to be treated is an important lesson.

If you, as a grandparent, have an opportunity to start a conversation about how to show kindness to those who are being hurt by words or actions, it may make a difference to those who are suffering from such cruelty. We could all not only use, but also show more kindness every day – and, oh what a wonderful world it would be.

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3 2 4

“Creativity takes courage.” - Henri Matisse


Yadriel Chavez 2nd Grade

Ward Elementary

Jill Potts, Art Teacher

Kylee Glenn 5th Grade

Vienna Elementary

Whitney Warlick, Art Teacher

Tamari Hairston 7th Grade

Wiley Middle School

Emily Fuldner, Art Teacher

Amelia Choplin 12th Grade

Atkins High School

Amy Davis, Art Teacher





Trained and certified AARP Tax Aide volunteers will assist in preparing and e-filing your 2023 Federal and State personal income tax returns. Everyone is welcome regardless of age or income. Clients do not need to be a member of AARP. Available at the following locations: Reynolda Branch Library: 2839 Fairlawn Drive, Winston-Salem (Monday & Tuesday); Central Branch Library: 600 W. 5th. St.,Winston-Salem (Wednesday & Thursday); Clemmons Branch Library: 6365 James St, Clemmons (Friday); Beginning March 13th: Southside Branch Library: 3185 Buchanan St., Winston-Salem (Wednesday & Thursday). To get started, visit wstaxaide.com or call 336.777.6189 to schedule an appointment.



690 Jonestown Road, Unit 200 in W-S



Join Goalgetters for a fun evening of networking and learning about SEO Strategies for Success, Maximizing Your Online Impact. Goalgetters is an entrepreneur club for women in the Greater W-S area.

ᏓᏗᏬᏂᏏ (WE WILL SPEAK) a/perture cinema

APR 3-5



The Cherokee language is deeply tied to Cherokee identity; yet generations of assimilation efforts by the U.S. government and anti-Indigenous stigmas have forced the Tri-Council of Cherokee tribes to declare a State of Emergency for the language in 2019. This featurelength documentary was shot on-location in Oklahoma and North Carolina throughout 2019-2022; through intimate interviews, vérité footage of community gatherings and extensive archival materials, the film explores the nuanced ways the Cherokee language is vital to maintaining a unique cultural identity and relationship with the world.


Benton Convention Center

Sheroes In Action is committed to empowering women in law enforcement and first response by fostering a resilient and growth-oriented mindset, equipping them with tools and support to thrive in personally and professionally. This groundbreaking event promises to be an incredible opportunity for empowerment, education and excellence through knowledge sharing and professional development. Visit sheroesinaction.com for more information.


Historic Bethabara Park


Celebrate spring and the opening of the Park’s 2024 season by creating sun prints and sun catchers; playing Colonial games; hand plowing a row in the garden; planting seeds and taking them home to grow; making a spring sachet; petting a sheep or two; exploring a wooded trail; participating in a scavenger hunt; interacting with a number of 18th-century craftsmen; and enjoying Moravian music in the 1788 Gemeinhaus. Admission is free!

APR 13


120 Kinderton Boulevard in Bermuda Run

APR 13


$5 per brown grocery bag or equivalent size box. Cash only. Rain or shine. Proceeds go to various Davie County community organizations supported by the Garden Club. Contact Marie at 336.650.5518 with questions.


Körner’s Folly


Join us for a day of exploration of history, art and theater at Körner’s Folly Historic House Museum! This event is open to all Girl Scouts, Troop Leaders and their parent chaperones of the Peaks to Piedmont Council. Scouts will tour the 22-room house with a special scavenger hunt, complete hands-on activities and play historic yard games to earn the Körner’s Folly Patch. Sign up with your troop or individually! Admission is $6 and includes the Körner’s Folly Patch.


APR 13


Lam Museum of Anthropology

Join us as we celebrate the diversity of African music and culture through live music, dance, crafts and activities for all ages. Visitors will also be able to explore exhibits about African music, status and power in Africa, and the art of the Ivory Coast. Admission is free.

APR 13

APR 18


Piedmont Jazz Alliance

Experience the vibe! Tickets and information available at piedmontjazzalliance.com.


APR 19

APR 19-21

APR 20

APR 20

APR 20

APR 27


Legacy Stables & Events


Pinnacle Access Area, 1580 River Highway (Highway 150) in Mooresville (Rain or shine). Food, beverages, prizes! A great day of fellowship. All festivals are free to wounded warriors/DVets and approved caregivers. You can show your support by registering to serve as a host boater; food, beverages, prizes and/or financial contributions are also needed. Email mailbox@operationnorthstate.com for more information or call 336.406.3459.

1-4PM 5:30-11PM

Enjoy cocktails, appetizers, a silent and live auction with incredible items, dinner and, of course, your favorite casino games! Plus, win amazing prizes! Tickets can be purchased at onecau.se/tccn24. Pretty In Pink Foundation’s mission is to provide uninsured and under-insured breast cancer patients in North Carolina with financial assistance for quality, life-saving medical treatment.


Historic Downtown Mocksville

A weekend of all things cycling – the first annual NC Cycling Festival is a weekend long celebration of bicycles and cyclists. But, it also has lots to offer the non-cyclist as well! Live music on Friday night and all afternoon and evening on Saturday, beer and wine available to purchase in the social area, a vendor fair with artisans and exhibitors, a vintage bike show, food trucks, shopping, kid’s activities, something for everyone! Don’t miss this festival that will put Mocksville on the map as a hub for cycling!


The Farm at Henley Hill, 6890 Henley Hill Drive in Pfafftown


What is goat yoga? Well, you will get an amazing hour of yoga led by our certified instructor, Fontaine Gervasi, while the goats enjoy grazing and hanging out with you. Yoga is for all levels and most ages. The goats are very gentle and completely adorable. All you need to bring is a water bottle, a yoga mat or towel and an open mind.


Körner’s Folly

Featuring the best of local, handmade and vintage items for sale from 35+ vendors, this outdoor market will feature something for everyone. On the lush grounds of Historic Körner’s Folly, shoppers can meet and chat with the artisans and craftspeople who create one-of-a-kind treasures, while supporting the local businesses that make our community great. Market is free and open to the public. Pair your shopping experience with a tour of Historic Körner’s Folly – tickets available for purchase online or on-site inside Aunt Dealy’s House. 9AM-2PM


Winston-Salem Fairgrounds

Piedmont Earth Day Fair is the largest Earth Day event in the state, drawing crowds of more than 8,000 people! This event is free to the public and held yearly at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. There will be local business and organization exhibitors, food, music and sustainability/science attractions. We also have a Kid Zone.


This is a one-day, self-guided crawl to boutiques around the Lake Norman area! There will be 10+ participating stores ready to roll out the red carpet for you and your crew! Your general admission ticket is your all-access pass to exclusive discounts, specials and refreshments at all participating boutiques! There will also be gift card giveaways, door prizes at every stop and a grand prize giveaway! But wait, there’s more! Start the day at our pre-game party where we will have sponsor booths, music, photo ops, and coffee + treats to get you energized before you head out for the crawl! tinyurl.com/LKNMagBoutiqueCrawl24


*Event details are subject to change. Please check event websites & social media pages for updates as the dates draw near.*

The View from My Section – A Father’s Perspective Feeling Alive Again

One of my favorite memories from being a parent (of which there are many), revolves around wanting to experience new things with my children. It’s especially nice when it’s an experience I’ve never had myself, and therefore, it’s a new experience for both of us. One example involves a family trip to Carowinds. My nine-year-old son (at the time) immediately saw the roller coaster and started pressing me about riding it with him. Quick note – aside from my fear of falling (heights), falling at a high rate of speed doesn’t make it any better. So, I advised we would have to sit this one out. He was disappointed, but then I found a compromise on the younger side of the park. There it was, the Woodstock Express, towering a full four stories above the ground, a less menacing roller coaster for those not-so-adventurous. I thought, I’ve stayed that high up in hotels before, so I should be fine, and he was very excited. He impressed me with his sense of fearlessness. A trait, surprisingly, he continues to this day.

As we waited in line, routinely, we heard the roar of the coaster flying past us. He was not fazed by it in any way, and I was most assuredly not pressing him to go on it. I had slight reservations, even though it was about one-third the size of the average coaster. Nevertheless, we reached the stage before the very next ride. I instructed him that we didn’t want the front (too scary), we didn’t want the very back (too fast, bumpy), and that somewhere in the middle would be fine. As we boarded, precisely in this area of the coaster, I noticed an older teenager was riding by himself in the car just behind us. I acknowledged that this was more my speed, and he agreed the same for him. And, then I made a brief – albeit unwise – comment about how my son didn’t seem to be afraid of anything.

The ride began, and we rode smoothly through the level portion of the track, all was well. Then, as the front car reached the beginning of the climb, we came to an abrupt halt. I looked down at him and said, “Are you ready?” At which point I raised both my arms high in the air. He chose to keep both hands securely on the safety bar, a wise move. As we continued to ascend, I sensed his enthusiasm was wavering. I pulled my arms

down to put one arm over him and tried to use the old trick of pointing out interesting things to see in the distance; trying to avert his attention away from how much further we still had to go. I knew once the first car reached the apex that we would slingshot down the other side very quickly. He, unfortunately, did not know this. Of course, he saw this multiple times as we awaited the ride, but, as most of us know, it’s different when you’re in the car.

I became worried that he was getting scared, and it wasn’t like we could just step off the ride. I gently pulled him closer to me and, at that precise moment, I felt the hesitation before the plunge. I looked over at him and saw his eyes open wide, oh crap. Off we went, and I must admit it was considerably faster than I anticipated. But, for me, it was fun. For him, it was a nightmare. He began screaming from the moment we initially descended until the ride was complete. Not an extreme panic type of screaming, more like the adrenaline screaming you typically hear on coasters. Except, generally those screams are from excitement and fun. These, unfortunately, were not. I pulled him tighter to me and yelled for him to duck his head under my arm and he’ll be fine. He responded immediately. Next, I did the one thing I knew left to do, knowing the ride had only just begun. I began laughing out loud and cheering as though I was having the absolute best time of my life. I kept saying to him “isn’t this great!” I reminded him that he was okay, and I continued to portray it as a great experience, and he continued to yell into my shoulder.

As the ride pulled back into the station, I praised him for how brave he was. He looked up, relieved it was over. As we departed the car, the young man behind us smiled and said, “He really doesn’t like coasters does he?” I laughed, just as it makes me laugh every time I recall this moment. Not because I witnessed my son being terrified but because I knew the entire time he was completely safe next to me and no harm would come to him. And, more importantly, I knew he knew this as well. I can only hope he remembers it that way.

Musical Selection: Adventure of a Lifetime by Coldplay

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