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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010 Provider American Cancer Society

Criteria Only transport for radiation treatment.

Services Medication & limited emergency assistance if 200% of the poverty level and below. Breast cancer supplies, peer support, education programs, resource library, pink broomstick program and healing hands.

Cost Free Service

Waiting List Comments None This program is mostly volunteers. Volunteers are from this area. More services are listed on their website:

Ardmore Area Only. Serves seniors & adults w/disabilities (no children) Must not be able to use public transportation. Need minimum of 1 day advance notice. If possible need 3 days for medical appointments & if in a wheelchair.

Provides medical transportation, grocery shopping and hair appointments.

Free Service May make contribution to program.


Program staffed by volunteers. They try to assist as many people as possible but do not go out of the Ardmore Area. They are governed by a board made up of churches in the Ardmore Area.

No specific criteria other than live in Clemmons. Call for transportation 2 weeks in advance. Since some volunteers are older adults, caller needs to inform them of wheelchair use. Volunteers cannot lift wheelchairs.

Transport to medical appointments, pick up medications, grocery shopping, and hair appointments.

Free Service


Program is staffed by volunteers. They have served younger persons in need of transportation to medical appointments for themselves or their children. The volunteer may go above and beyond transportation if they feel they need to.

1-800-227-2345 Triad Area 866-277-4508 or (336)834-0844

Ardmore Transportation Ministry (336)722-5686 Answers phone from 10:00 to Noon

Clemmons First Baptist Church


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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010 Provider Forsyth Medical Center - Whitaker Rehabilitation Center Adaptive Driving Program To make referrals: (336)718-5780 Fax (336)718-9272

Criteria Serves people with: Stroke, amputations, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, visual, neurological, or cognitive impairments, orthopedic conditions, cardiac conditions, arthritic changes in upper and lower extremities, and loss of function due to aging. Must be at least 16 yrs old & have previous driving experience. Must have a valid driver’s license (if license has been revoked, a provisional license can be obtained…)

A written referral from a physician is required.

GroMeds to Go gromedstogo55@ (336)926-1643

Designed for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Services An occupational therapist specially trained in the evaluation and training of driving skills will assist patients to return to independence with driving and community mobility. Evaluation includes: driving history, physical assessment, visual/ perceptual assessment, cognitive assessment and on-road assessment. Therapist will determine whether training sessions are needed to improve specific skills and whether adaptive equipment is needed to improve safety. Recreation, shopping, employment, educational, social events. Will also pick up & deliver groceries, laundry & prescriptions. Medical appt. assistance.

Cost Evaluation: $200; In-Car Instruction: $100 (per session) Funding sources include: private pay, worker’s comp., vocational rehab. Payment arrangements will be made prior to services

Waiting List Comments N/A If the patient has any of the following conditions, referral to the driving rehab program may not be appropriate:     

Seizure activity within the last year Late-stage Alzheimer’s Dementia Constant positional vertigo Visual acuity deficits worse than 20/100.

CAP MR/DD Medicaid provider

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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010 Provider Here To There Van Service (336)923-5561 (office) (336)986-0151 (336)986-0127

Criteria Designed for seniors and adults with disabilities.

Services Medical appointments, errands and social opportunities i.e. shopping, church.

Joe’s Taxi

Limited cabs. Must call in advance.

Schedule ahead. Will assist.

(336)712-9700 King Medical Transport

Non Emergency transportation for those with limited mobility (wheelchair or ambulatory) (336) 528-3762 Lewisville Transpor- Older adults and adults with disabilities living in Lewistation Ministry ville area only. Need 2-3 day notice to get a (336) 945-3203 volunteer. They cannot help persons needing a wheelchair for mobility NuCare Carolina (336) 723-6377

Non emergency transportation to Dr. appointments etc. Client must have written statement that is medically necessary to be transported by stretcher.

Cost Social/ recreational transportation $17-$20 RT. Wheelchair $25-$30 RT.

Waiting List Comments None Rates Vary. Will adjust cost to fit individual need.


24 hour notice for service. Available 24/7.

$10-$25 base N/A rate + $2/mile Call for quote

Does not accept insurance. Accepts credit cards.

Transport to medical and dental appointments.

Free Service

This program is staffed by volunteers who often establish a relationship with the clients

Cost $250 plus $8 mile.


Bills insurance as needed.

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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010

Provider Truliant Mobile Transport (now NEPAT) (336)784-1015 or (336)671-9428

The Shepherd’s Center of Greater Winston-Salem (336)748-0217

Criteria Non-emergency wheelchair transportation services provided to the special needs community. Contracting to nursing & rehab facilities, community service organizations, transit authorities, hospitals


Resident of Forsyth County. Age 50 and older with a need. Must call in to register. Unable to transport wheelchairs.

Transportation to medical appointments and to grocery store ONLY. Allows 1 medical appointment per week and two grocery visits per month. Must call no later than Wednesday for appointments in the following week.

Cost Round Trip $45.00 Within City Limits. $1.75 per mile for trips outside city limits.

No Fee. Donations welcomed. Services provided by volunteers using their own vehicles. Taxis may be used for emergency trips as required.

Waiting List None Call 24 hours before appt; same day of transport may be possible.

Comments All drivers are certified Para-Transit Drivers trained in:  Red Cross CPR  Red Cross First Aid  Blood-borne pathogen  Transportation of special needs passengers  Proper wheelchair restraint techniques  Proper wheelchair lift procedures Currently no There is no van availwaiting list able for transport. Volfor transunteers drive their own portation. vehicles and are unable to lift anyone. Client must be ambulatory or able to transition to car. Walkers are usable.

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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010 Provider The Shepherd’s Center of Kernersville (336)996-6699

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center Comp Rehab Adaptive Driving Program (336)716-8004

Winston-Salem Transit Authority Regional NonEmergency Medical Transportation (336)727-2000

Criteria Age 60 and above or permanently disabled 18 and above, must live in the Kernersville, Walkertown, Oak Ridge Area.

For an individuals recovering from a physical or mental injury or illness. Designed to help determine if it is safe for an individual to resume or continue driving. A written order from a physician and current driver’s license or permit is required. For 60 years and older, or disabled. Must have an ADA form completed/ signed/ dated by physician and returned to WSTA. Service within city limits; reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance; trips may be scheduled up to 14 days in advance.

Services Transportation to medical appts with 2 days notice. Will travel to Greensboro, WS or High Point. Personal errands (grocery, beauty parlor, post office) in Kville available weekly. An occupational therapist evaluates an individual’s driving skills and assesses the need for special adaptive equipment if a loss of function has occurred. The evaluation includes both a clinical and behind the wheel assessment.

Cost No fee Operated by volunteers and retirees.

Waiting List Comments None Van available for transport.

$410.00— Payment sources may include private ins., vocational rehab, workers comp or private payment.

One month notice suggested as occupational therapist has other duties.

To be transported anywhere. TransAid vans are equipped with wheelchair lifts.

50 cents each way; free to Medicaid recipients

Notify WSTA if using a wheelchair

Respite 2 hrs/wk), Visitation (1 hr/wk) & Daily telephone contact also available. Contact: WFUBMC CompRehab Plaza 131 Miller St. Winston Salem NC 27103 1.800.828.2001

Trans Aid provides transportation for medical appointments in Forsyth Co. Client must have documentation from a doctor on ADA form or receive Medicaid. Client must be a “register user.”

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Forsyth County Transportation Services June 2010

Provider PART Out-ofRegion NonEmergency Medical (336)662-0002

Piedmont Authority for Regional Transportation (PART) (336)235-6653

Criteria Service for those needing to go to an appointment or surgery at Duke Hospital or Chapel Hill Hospital. Also service to local hospitals. Must be able to meet the PART bus, which has several locations. If client receives Medicare or Medicaid the client must be certified by a Medicaid worker for authorization for the county to assist in payment.

Services Provides transportation services to and from these locations. Client cannot need help from PART employees. Client may be able to bring someone to assist.

Cost $45 to airport $65 round trip to Duke and Chapel Hill

For ages 60+ or disabled adults.

Can accommodate 2 wheelchairs. Service to various areas in Triad. They have 13 routes.


Waiting List Comments Call for ap- PART Out-of-Region pointment Non-Emergency Medical only assists those who need transportation to medical apt. and/or surgery with Chapel Hill or Duke Hospitals. They can transport clients in wheelchairs or scooters. PART also provides transportation back to Forsyth Co. PART offers bus service in the AM and PM. They are a government entity.

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Only transport for radiation treatment. Triad Area 866-277-4508 or (336)834-0844 Medication & limited emergency assistance if 200% of th...