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Beautiful Monotony

Rhythms of the Modelwijk

INTRODUCTION It was really not easy to find a topic for my publication and I tried a lot of times but I didn’t see or didn’t think about one interesting thing called rhythm which plays quite big role in art. Modewlijk is that place where you can clearly see rhythms which are made from different kind of repetitions. Actually it’s kind of monotonic place with strictly structured rhythms but my idea was to show the beauty of it and translate architectural language to graphic design also using my musical skills which helped me to find similar things in different art expressions. So I tried to use and show that monotony can be a good basic for a creativity but not boring and sad object.


Tadas Ciudaras, writter and designer

Cité Modèle – Modelwijk The district is a clearly-defined area, originally containing 12 blocks containing some 1100 flats. The communist architect Renaat Braem saw the construction of buildings nos. 5, 6, 7 and 8 as ramparts to hold back the ‘ugly’ city. He was convinced that the grass would be greener on the other side! The intention was to build offices and flats for the 1958 World Exhibition that could subsequently be used as social housing. In the end, building work did not commence until 1958 and it wasn’t until 1963 that the first residents were able to move in. Even though they had to be given bales of straw to soak up all the mud, this was a veritable ‘Eldorado’ for the new tenants! By the standards of the time, the flats were ultramodern, with central heating, fitted kitchens, bathrooms and suchlike.

RHYTHM Systematic recurrence of elements

Repetition Of Differences

Repetition Of Shapes

Repetition Of Lines

Repetition Of Dimensions


This tool helps you to see beauty in the monotony and shows how complex graphic design patterns are made of structured rhythms.





These design patterns are based on Modelwjik architectural rhythms which are very clearly expressed in that area.


The grids are very simple but it’s very useful for graphic designers to remind that layouts or forms can be created by simple grids.

Basic grid sistem can be useful in making graphic design

Another example how patterns can be created by using a simple grid system

MONOTONYCAL ARCHITECTURE RHYTHMS MAKES PLAYFUL GRAPHIC DESIGN Stylized balconies of four stages building in the Modelwjik

One balcony module

Conected modules

Repetition of the balcony modules makes a 3d illusion which is also repetitive in dimension

Vertical 90 degrees reflections of module

This is just a small detail which was founded in Modelwjik too. It has a clear metal surface with such a ornament on it. The ornament was transformed in graphic design way which also gives you a 3dimension illusion. So it’s rhythmical and playful.

Different repetition of lines clearly shows you illustration of some architecture detail

The wall and the exit with security shutters

Logo whcih is based on 3D rhythm

Windows in few rhythms

This is collumns which are under the tunnel of Modelwijk hause which makes rhythm in dimension. Also the forms of cropped images makes the rhythm, when two rhythms are in one you can see stronger effect of the same thing

This tools helps you to see beauty in the monotony and shows how complex graphic design patterns are made of structured

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Beautiful Monotony / Rhythms of the Modelwijk