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High quality components for operating efficiency.





1 The turbine with internal motor running at 1800 rpm makes the machine less sensitive to vibrations and reduces the noise emissions. 2 The nozzle ring is ďŹ tted with 24 Quadrijet nozzles and eight nucleators. There are 16 variable stages of water flow for optimum adjustment to the prevailing conditions. 3 The tried and tested “wedge wireâ€?-type nickel chromium steel water filter guarantees maximum strength and simple cleaning. It does not have any seams, nor does it have the conventional mesh, but it is rolled from a triangular high-grade steel wire. 4 The oil-free aluminium compressor with integrated cooling circuit is to be thanked for the fact that not a single drop of oil will leach into the environment. The TF10 can be positioned on any angle on the slope without problems because the low-maintenance oil-free compressor does not need leveling. 5 The TechnoAlpin meteostation enables precise measurement of temperature and relative atmospheric humidity.





1 The new user interface with color screen and LED-backlit keys, protective canopy and anti-vandalism features simplify the control process. 2 Bluetooth remote control is available as an option. 3 The rotating mechanism allows horizontal rotation of 360° and an oscillation pivoting angle of up to 180°. 4 The height adjustment process is simplified thanks to an angular gear with a ratio of 2:1. This enables a vertical tilt range of up to 45°. 5 Access to the key-board, height adjustment, horizontal release, rotation and Emergency Stop are located on the same side of the machine increasing user friendliness.


The new Generation.





1 TF10 arm mounted. The rotating arm is also height adjustable. The standard length of the arm is 33 ft. 2 TF10 mobile. The undercarriage provides mobility and flexibility. The tried and tested three point transport system is straightforward and compatible with any snow grooming machine. 3 TF10 tower mounted. This fixed installation is most frequently used on sections of the slope which require large amounts of snow and are difficult to access. Universal tower height: 6' - 2''. 4 TF10 lift mounted. Manual or hydraulic adjustment facility – standard high: 15 ft.

Facts and figures. B


H H1

H2 B2 B1


Electrical characteristics

Nominal voltage

A3 A2


480/600 V

Snow gun

1,611 lb 9 oz 363 lb 12 oz

Nominal frequency

60 Hz

Transport frame with jacks

Nominal current (480 V)

41 A*

Lifting hook

28 lb 11 oz

Nominal current (600 V)

33 A*

Kit for mobile carriage tow (USCCU003)

165 lb 6 oz

Connection plug

4x 60 A


Nominal power - largest motor (turbine)

24.8 HP

Operating temperature

-13 - +36°F


5.36 HP

Number of revolutions

1,800 rpm


0.7 - 2.4 HP

Dimensional data

Turbine inclination

45 deg.°

Horizontal rotation

360 deg.°

Swing (automatic)

180 deg.°

Snow gun length A

6‘ ft

Snow gun width B

4‘ 11‘‘ ft

Snow gun height H

7‘ 1‘‘ ft

Operating water pressure

Undercarriage height H2

1‘ 2‘‘ ft

Water filter

8‘ 2“ ft

Water connection - Camlock

Total height H1


116 - 580 psi 250 micron 2“

Length [max.] A1

9‘ 10‘‘ ft

Nozzle configuration

Length [without steering] A2

8‘ 10‘‘ ft


8 8

Length [without front jacks] A3

7‘ 9‘‘ ft

Fixed nozzles - quadrijet type

Width [max.] B1

7‘ 9‘‘ ft

Controllable nozzles - quadrijet type

Track [wheels] B2

6‘ 7‘‘ ft

The figures are subject to changes based on the type of plant and/or country of installation (always refer to the wiring diagrams). * Data collected at 820 ft above the sea level (50°F).


W W W.T E C H N OA L P I N .C O M 08.2017 - Subject to technical modifications.

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