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TechnoAlpin was founded 20 years ago. With its emphasis on reliability, quality and innovation, the company has grown to become the world’s leading supplier of snow-making equipment.



The latest T40 fan gun is the result of systematic redesign to refine the successful M18. Proven features, such as Quadrijet technology, are to be found in the T40 while many others have been modified and optimized.

With 230 hydrant stations, the snowmaking system at Montgènevre is one of TechnoAlpin’s biggest projects in the Alps. The 167 lances and 8 fan guns supplied by TechnoAlpin guarantee that the area has snow.



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It promises to be a great year for TechnoAlpin as we celebrate the company’s 20th anniversary. In the last two decades we have grown in response to the demand for our products and experience. 20 years – that amounts to a lot of high points but also a number of times when business was challenging, as in the past year. Many companies were forced to make savings. TechnoAlpin forged another path. “My interest is in the future because I am going to spend the rest of my life there,” Albert Einstein once said. It’s a maxim that TechnoAlpin follows. That’s

This spring, another fan snow gun was developed through to series production, namely the new manually operated MTS Manual Tower Snowgun.

why – even during the crisis in 2009 – we invested more than one million euros in our research & development department – and therefore in the future. And with success. This spring we are proud to launch our new products, the T40 and MTS fan guns and the V3 snow lance. But this is no time to rest on our laurels. We want to continue to improve. Only in this way will we be able to continue to meet the expectations of our customers. Experience paired with a love of innovation - this is the key to our success. And it is a combination which makes us a reliable business partner – as it has done for the past 20 years. Walter Rieder and Erich Gummerer



Dear Customers and Readers,

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20 years of TechnoAlpin For happy winter sports enthusiasts and successful ski resort operators

Guaranteed snow for 20 years

TechnoAlpin was founded 20 years ago. With its emphasis on reliability, quality and innovation, the company has grown to become the world‘s leading supplier of snow-making equipment. The “snow experts” are a one-stop shop - from water supply facilities right through to the provision of snow of the required quality in the right place. Low levels of precipitation prompted the tourist region of South Tyrol to undertake in-depth investigations at an early stage into the options available from snow-making technology, with the result that snow-making systems now guarantee a 90 % snow supply on the slopes at Dolomiti Superski the largest ski carousel in the world. A fact which figures on the list of key criteria for more and more tourists when it comes to choosing their holiday destination. According to research, only 20 % of holidaymakers will accept extras or hotel costs by way of compensation for

insufficient snow. Moreover, guaranteed snow can be a deciding factor for potential investors. Snow-making technology is thus fundamental to creating direct and indirect added value for ski resorts and entire regions. No wonder then that some 18,000 snow generators have left the assembly bays of TechnoAlpin since the company was established.

20 years of pioneering technology At the beginning of the 1980s, Georg Eisath and Walter Rieder


In many ski resorts, such as here in Sölden, several generations of snow guns are now in use.

were in charge of the Obereggen ski resort in the Dolomites in South Tyrol. As such, they were very keen to become more independent of the weather conditions and to be able to maintain regular skiing schedules from autumn all the way through to spring. Indeed, one thing was clear even back then, namely that being the first to kick-start the ski season in the autumn means being one step ahead of the competition in the long run. Hence the high level of interest and curiosity when the first fan gun arrived in Obereggen from the USA. However, the 100,000 dollar price tag was out of all proportion to the poor quality snow that the machine produced. In the winter of 1983/84, the two men therefore set about developing their own prototype. Their aim was to build a machine which was much more cost-effective than

the American model while being capable of producing snow of a higher quality. Another objective was to develop a machine for use at marginal temperatures which would guarantee snow quality and operate efficiently. Good progress was soon being made in collaboration with a local metalworking shop and using turbines from machines which were actually designed for drying hay. The representatives of the lift company in Obereggen were the first to be presented with – and subsequently to buy – the new “self-made brand”.

Leading the field in research & development The in-house R&D department at TechnoAlpin is the nerve center of the company. It was part of the original set-up and has since

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20 years of TechnoAlpin

grown to its current complement of 12 members of staff. In the last two decades, it has spawned a succession of innovations, beginning with the legendary Latemar M90 model which laid the foundation for the successful development of TechnoAlpin. The market launch of the innovative Quadrijet technology in 1992 opened up a whole new dimension in snow quality. Since 1999, all TechnoAlpin snow guns have been fitted with oil-free compressors, protecting the environment and substantially reducing maintenance. 2005 saw the launch of the revolutionary A-series lance with the round head. Efficiency is an issue which will play a key role in research & development in the next few years.

lished in 1990: to be a global supplier of snow-making systems. The goal has been achieved, and TechnoAlpin has been steadily expanding its customer base and list of references ever since. Thanks to their know-how and credentials, the snow experts now boast 936 customers in 41 countries around the globe, including a Who’s Who of the main World Cup destinations such as Bormio (ITA), Sölden (AUT), Schladming (AUT), Kranjska Gora (SLO), Levi (FIN) and Zagreb (CRO), and in Torino where TechnoAlpin was responsible for five of the nine snow-making systems for the Winter Olympics. Today, TechnoAlpin is supported by 25 subsidiaries around the globe. With TechnoAlpin’s global structure, help is always on hand to meet the customers’ every requirement, whether it be round-the-clock service, technical support or delivery of spare parts.

936 satisfied customers in 41 different countries TechnoAlpin set itself an ambitious goal when it was first estab-













The new headquarters will be completed in summer.

A birthday gift for the staff Just over a year ago, the foundation stone was laid in Bolzano for the new headquarters of TechnoAlpin. In next to no time, the innovative production plant at the “Via Einstein Sud and Via Areoporto” industrial park rose from the ground. Completion of the work is now imminent, and by June the first of around 150 TechnoAlpin employees will have already relocated to the new site. Now the date has been set for the official inauguration. The company’s new nerve center will be officially opened on Saturday 11 September 2010. The open day ceremony will be followed by a guided tour of the production and storage halls, test bays, training facilities and office premises, etc. Employees, customers and visitors can look forward to a building that has more to offer than just a stunning look. A team comprising the architectural firm Architects Veneri-Willeit-Niederstätter and the architect Roland Baldi from Bolzano was commissioned to undertake the architectural planning, while the contract for the structural design went to the Holzner engineering bureau in Lana. With a total building volume of approx. 140,000 m3 and a height of 20 meters, this major project is an impressive feat of architectural design. The white patterned glass shell is one of the biggest glass facades in Europe. The uniform white and translucent facade and not least the clean lines of the building form a symbolic link with the snow in that the building looks as if it has been carved from a single block of snow.

A new addition to the TechnoAlpin family

The new T40 has arrived! TechnoAlpin invests more than one million euros in research & development every year. The R&D department, which has now grown to 12 members of staff, has spawned a succession of developments and patents in recent years. Now the team headed up by Product Manager Juris Panzani has scored another big hit in the shape of the latest fan gun, the T40. Systematically refined from the successful M18, the T40 retains proven features, such as Quadrijet technology, while many others have been modified and optimized. The result is a next-generation fan gun which has an impressive range of perfectly coordinated components.


Bluetooth remote control is available as an option.

Perfectly coordinated components

Mobility and flexibility

The T40 is the best possible symbiosis of proven technology and pioneering innovation. For example, in this latest development TechnoAlpin has kept the wear-resistant Quadrijet nozzles with ceramic insert. In contrast, however, the nozzle support is new and has been designed to make it considerably easier to remove the heating plugs. Like all TechnoAlpin snow guns since 1999, the T40 is also fitted with an oil-free compressor to create a low-maintenance and environmentally-friendly machine. Changes have been also made to the water filter with the “wedge wire” profile providing maximum strength and easy cleaning.

Not obvious at first glance – and yet all the more significant for it – is the reduction in the size and weight of the unit, with the overall height of 2.45 m, width of 2.2 m and max. length of 2.6 m making the T40 Automatic Mobile model ultra-compact. The weight of the machine has been reduced to 600 kg which likewise contributes to its excellent handling and makes it entirely suitable for airlifting. The T40 is also available as an arm-mounted installation in standard lengths of 10 m and 6 m; alternatively it can be mounted on a tower at a height of 1.6 m or on a lift. As a lightweight mobile unit, the T40 can also be converted to operate as a lift machine. The front section of the two-part carriage designed especially for the T40 is removed from the snowcat blade with a few hand movements and the machine is linked up and attached directly to the lift carriage. The jacks and rear section of the carriage can then be dismantled. The snow gun is then connected, moved into the operating position and the complete carriage simply taken away with the snow groomer.

Maximum user-friendliness The new control panel comes in a very user-friendly design and is now located above the electric cabinet more or less at eye level. In addition, customers will find the optional Bluetooth remote control for the T40 particularly handy. With access to the swivel lever, height adjustment and valve block with filter all on the same side of the machine, the layout enhances user-friendliness, as do the lightweight PE covers which can be removed quickly in a few simple hand movements.

Working together since 2002

Montgènevre (FRA) relies on TechnoAlpin for guaranteed snow With 230 hydrant stations, the snow-making system in Montgènevre is one of TechnoAlpin’s biggest projects in the Alps. The 167 lances and 8 fan guns supplied by TechnoAlpin ensure that snow is guaranteed at this French ski resort. The four pump stations have a capacity of 1500 kW and supply the snow guns at a rate of 1200 m³/h.


The water comes from two reservoirs with a total capacity of 120,000 m³. In 2010, a water abstraction point with pressure booster station will be erected in the local town of Les Alberts. This will be located at 1360 m and will fill the pump station reservoirs in Gondrans at a rate of 28 l/s. When fully complete, capacity will be doubled. The pumps and submersible pumps at the Gondrans station have a total capacity of 710 kW. At a wet-bulb temperature of -4° C, the entire ski resort can be provided with snow in 120 hours. At a wet-bulb temperature of -8° C, the snow-making process takes 60 hours.

The successful collaboration between TechnoAlpin and the Montgènevre resort first began back in 2002. The first major project lasted from 2002 to 2006. This first snowmaking system secured the link between the Gondrans sector and the Rocher de l’Aigle sector. The next step was to install the snow-making system along the Le Vallon slope, the valley run to Montgènevre. This connected the two regions, Gondrans and Rocher de l’Aigle, to each other in both directions. The final stage of this first project was to equip the runs from Rocher de l’Aigle with snow guns as well. Rocher de l’Aigle is the highest point of the ski resort.

Expansion in Chalvet sector as well Immediately on completion of this first major project, work began on the second. This involved modernizing the Chalvet sector to boost activity in this section of the resort as well. This second construction project has been under way since 2006. When both of these major projects are completed, 50 % of the 65 kilometers of slope can be supplied with snow. Montgènevre is in south-east France on the border with Italy and extends from 1860 m to 2700 m. There are 37 lifts to take winter sports enthusiasts to the mountains. As well as 65 kilometers of slope covering all degrees of difficulty, the oldest ski resort in France also has freeride and cross-country skiing facilities. A snow park has also been constructed. Due to increasing visitor numbers, there has also recently been investment in ski lift systems and two new telemix systems have been installed (i.e. a combination of chairlift and gondola). One of these replaces the outdated Chalmettes gondola lift. The second telemix opens up the summit of Le Chalvet and with it new opportunities for skiers.

East Europe

Competitive position enhanced by modernization Kohútka - Javorníky (CZE): Five years ago, planning started at the Kohutka ski center to thoroughly modernize the area to ensure that it continues to be competitive. The aim was to improve quality and quantity while strictly adhering to nature and landscape conservation orders. A reservoir and a modern snow-making system were installed in addition to a new four-seater chairlift. When it came to the snow-making technology, the customer put their trust in TechnoAlpin’s 20 years of experience. In future, 60 % of the slopes will be supplied with snow from snow-making systems. The Kohutka ski center extends from 715 to 913 m, with 6.6 kilometers of slope and 18 km of cross-country routes available. Winter sports fans have the use of a four-seater chairlift and five T-bar lifts.

Key project data: • 3.5 km of pipelines • 6 km of power cable • 4 km of data cable • Installation of 31 concrete pits • Installation of ATASSplus control software • Supply and installation of the following snow guns: - 4x A30 with compressor - 6x T60 Automatic mobil - 3x T60 Automatic on tower • Installation of the following pumps: - 2x 30 l/s or 250 kW - 2x submersible pumps with a total capacity of 30.7 l/s or 22 kW - 2x submersible pumps with a total capacity of 30.1 l/s or 30 kW

Proven recipe for Slovakia Key project data: • 1.6 km of pipelines • 3.5 km of power cable • 2.5 km of data cable • Installation of 29 concrete pits • Installation of ATASSplus control software • Supply and installation of the following snow guns: - 5x A9 with compressor - 10x T60 Automatic • Installation of the following pumps: - 1x 50 l/s or 75 kW - 4x 24 l/s or 132 kW - 2x 24 l/s or 110 kW

Štrbské Pleso (SVK): Back in the mid-1990s, snow-making technology was first considered at Štrbske Pleso to deal with a specific problem. The wind was blowing the snow off the slope into a stand of mountain pine to the side of the slope. This resulted in skiers following the snow and ending up negotiating the woods with increasing frequency. Snow-making technology finally helped to solve the problem in that the snow stayed on the intended run - and with it the skiers as well. In the light of this experience, a decision was taken to acquire snow-making technology for the newly built Furkota route as well. The order for the system went to TechnoAlpin.



Hélène Fink, … 36 years of age, mother of two small children. You’d be hard-pressed to name this young woman’s occupation in one guess. Hélène is responsible for the slopes at Val d’Allos (FRA). She first took up her duties working on the slopes 17 years ago. But not content with that, Hélène steadily developed her career and climbed up the professional ladder until she finally took on responsibility for the slopes four years ago.

Hélène Fink doesn’t mind working among men. “We work well together”, she continues, “although sometimes it can be difficult to command the necessary respect.” But Hélène always manages to assert herself somehow. After all, she is the boss.

Her family and friends have now become accustomed to her unusual choice of career. But whenever Hélène meets anyone and tells them about her job, people are often surprised. “It’s not usually the job itself that surprises people. They are more amazed by the fact that I am responsible for my team - and in what is traditionally a man’s world as well,” grins the self-assured Frenchwoman.

“What do I like best about my job? Well, what I like best of all is the aspect which also worries me most of all. I have managerial responsibility and therefore I have a lot of administrative work to do. On the one hand, it’s fun but, on the other hand, it doesn’t leave much time to work with my team. I’d like to go out onto the slope more often.”

But it isn’t always possible to combine family and work. “But which job is ideal in that sense?” shrugs Hélène. Organization can be particularly difficult when there are avalanches to deal with. Then work starts at 4.30 in the morning.

The Val d’Allos resort is in France’s southern Alps and consists of two areas, Le Seignus and La Foux, which are now connected. Val d’Allos has 230 kilometers of slope and 62 ski lift systems transporting skiers from 1400 to 2600 meters.

Tailor-made to customer requirements

The new MTS has arrived As well as the T40, TechnoAlpin’s research & development team has seen another fan gun through to production and success this spring, namely the new manually operated MTS Manual Tower Snowgun. Proven features, such as Quadrijet technology and an oil-free compressor, are also to be found in the MTS while many others have been modified and tailored to specific customer requirements. TechnoAlpin fulfils customer requirements With its 25 subsidiaries worldwide, TechnoAlpin is never far from the customer and ready to respond at all times to their requests and requirements. Requests had been increasingly coming in, especially from the USA, for a manually operated, tower-mounted fan gun, which delivers high performance and energy efficiency in equal measure. These requests now have a specific response in the new Manual Tower Snowgun.

Robust technology that’s easy to operate The MTS was designed as a low-pressure fan gun. The galvanized turbine unit with fan motor, water manifold and nozzle ring as well as a newly designed molded PE cover is installed on a fixed tower at a height of 3.3 m. This allows the MTS to utilize the benefits of a tower machine in respect of snow output. At the same time, the equipment is operated conveniently from the ground, while the compressor, electric control cabinet and

valve block are located near the base of the tower for superb ease of servicing. The compressor has a capacity of 4 kW and is of course oil-free. The manually operated, heated valve block is fitted with a top quality nickel chromium steel filter insert. The MTS is likewise pivoted manually and has a manual height adjuster.

Uncompromising performance The new MTS is the ideal snow gun for all those who like, quite literally, to take a hands-on approach when it comes to snowmaking. The machine is supported by software which calculates and recommends optimum settings. The MTS offers an impressive range of features with its robust technology, ease of operation and solid construction with a minimum of components. In short, the MTS is designed for anyone who is passionate about manual snow-making but wants to save on costs and yet is not prepared to compromise when it comes to performance.


Innovation is in the many details

V3 Snow Lance True to the slogan “power comes from the head”, this spring TechnoAlpin is bringing a new snow lance to the market. In the V3 model, the patented lance head has been fully optimized. Other lance components have also been refined and perfectly coordinated. The innovative design is evident in its many features.

New lance head with nucleators and nozzles

cal structure. The simple and sturdy plug-in connection makes it quick and easy to install and just as easy to dismantle when the snow gun is to be stored over summer. Despite its compact size and minimal weight, the base which is made of galvanized steel provides great stability. The height is adjusted by means of a hydraulic cylinder which ensures that the height can be adjusted with a minimum of effort. A built-in regulating valve allows the lance to be lowered slowly. The template with safety locking pin also provides for maximum safety. The entire redevelopment work for the V3 snow lance was undertaken by TechnoAlpin’s own research & development department. The many improved features result in an all-round optimized product with perfectly coordinated components.

In refining the lance head, its size has been reduced. At the same time, the external surface is smaller and the internal surface increased by adding cooling fins. This optimizes the proportions between the surface areas which improves and sustains heat transfer. In addition, the new, flush-mounted anodized aluminum nozzles with ceramic inserts support heat transfer between the head and the nozzle shaft. This ensures that the lance head remains free of ice even at cold temperatures and in windy conditions. As part of the modification of the lance head, both the opening angle between the nucleators and the fixed nozzle units and the arrangement of the controllable nozzles have been changed which achieves a substantial increase in snow output.

Compact and user-friendly


The low-maintenance oil-free aluminum piston compressor with built-in cooling circuit is remarkable for its performance and environmental impact and is strikingly compact in size. A new development is that the V series of snow lances now only uses the 4 kW oil-free compressor. This saves energy as well.

Since the first TechnoAlpin snow lances came onto the market, their success has continued unabated due to the range of benefits they offer:

The newly developed overground valve block is easy to access and is made of top quality die-cast aluminum. With its perfected valve technology, built-in “wedge wire” water filter in nickel chromium steel, heated discharge valves and reliable sensors, the V3 guarantees fail-safe operation and a long service life. The entire system is well ventilated through an opening on the underside of the cover which prevents a build-up of condensation. The water and air inlets can be attached easily and without the risk of confusion, as the connections are different sizes. User-friendliness is enhanced with the newly designed mechani-

• Considerable projection range • Large angle of snow distribution • Best snow quality even at marginal temperatures • Perfectly coordinated control • Reliable automation • Ice-free lance head with no additional heating required even at extremely cold temperatures • Perfected valve technology • Extremely easy to operate for more information, visit

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from around the world

Mongolia Think of Mongolia and the image you conjure up is bound to be one of vast expanses and a unique nomadic culture. But the country is more diverse than you might think. The “Sky Resort” ski resort opened in Mongolia in the 2009/2010 winter season. The resort is just a few kilometers from Ulaanbaatar, the country’s capital, which has a population of approximately one million. With a mean

daytime temperature in winter of -25°, it is certainly very cold here but also very dry. The aim was to tackle the uncertainty associated with the conditions and the solution therefore was to opt for snowmaking technology. Thanks to TechnoAlpin equipment, the snow supply for the six kilometers of slopes is now 100 % guaranteed. The beating heart of the snow-making equipment is composed of two fully automatic pump stations with a total output of 50 l/s and 375 kW. The compressor station boasts an output of 16.6 m³/min and 90 kW. 14 km of air and water pipelines have been laid. The snow for the slopes is produced by 15 manual A30 snow lances. The project involved a huge amount of organizational input, both in terms of working with local business partners and in terms of logistics and customs clearance. All TechnoAlpin snow-making equipment is produced and tested at the headquarters in Bolzano. In order to minimize delivery times, the lances and the pump and compressor stations were delivered overland all the way from South Tyrol to Ulaanbaatar via Russia. The rest of the equipment made its way to China by sea and then continued on its way overland to Mongolia. In spite of all these difficulties, the system was successfully put into operation in September 2009.



Xiling Snow Mountain is close to Chengdu (CHN), the capital of Sichuan Province. Many winter sports fans visit the year-round resort, but the area suffers from low levels of precipitation, and so for a number of years now operators in Xiling have resorted to snowmaking technology. Now a fully automatic Lance system has been installed the full length of the 600m slope with the installation of 10 TechnoAlpin A30 Automatic snow lances with centralized air, two of them masters and eight slaves. All the lances are fitted with an overground valve block. This provides improved protection against moisture for the sensors that govern the air pressure, water pressure and water temperature. Other benefits include reduced installation time and easy maintenance. The lance system is controlled using ATASSplus software which was installed in China for the first time. The biggest challenge at Xiling Snow Mountain is the relatively high average winter temperature. This is where TechnoAlpin snow lances can fully demonstrate their strengths, as it is precisely in borderline temperatures that the snow experts’ specialist snow-making technology comes into its own.

In 2008, the Kopaonik ski resort (SRB) opted for snow-making technology for the first time - and decided to put their trust in the snow experts at TechnoAlpin. 38 lances with a compressor for centralized air and a pump station with a capacity of 50 l/s now provide guaranteed snow. Last year, TechnoAlpin received the order to extend the snowmaking system. The snow-making equipment which was installed on the blue and black Duboka I and II slopes in 2009 comprised 13 M18s on a 4.5 m lift, six M18s on a 1.6 m tower and 17 lances. An additional compressor for centralized air was also installed. Moreover, the pump station capacity was ramped up by a further 50 l/s. The entire snow-making system at Kopaonik is controlled by ATASSplus. Adopting snow-making technology proved to be exactly the right decision in view of the dry and warm winters experienced in the past two years, as without it, there could well have been no skiing at all to enjoy on the slopes of Kopaonik. The Kopaonik ski resort is part of Ski Resorts of Serbia which includes a total of four ski resorts: Divčibare, Zlatibor, Stara Planina and of course Kopaonik. This makes Ski Resorts of Serbia the biggest ski resort operator in Serbia. Kopaonik is situated at a height of 1770 meters, and its 44 kilometers of slopes and 23 lift systems extend up to 2017 meters.

Ellmau The temperature of the water is one of the key factors in the process of snow-making technology. Using water which is at the correct temperature helps to optimize the performance of snowmaking equipment. The latest cooling towers in the Cooltech series were specifically designed for use in snow-making systems. These new cooling towers were used for the first time in Ellmau (AUT) which is part of the Wilder Kaiser-Brixental skiing region. The cooling tower system at the Tanzboden pump station has a capacity of 210 l/s and employs 3 x triple cooling towers of Cooltech type 75B. The whole of the Ellmau and Going ski resort was also converted to ATASSplus control software. As well as Ellmau and Going, the Wilder Kaiser-Brixental skiing region comprises the areas of Westendorf, Söll, Scheffau, Itter, Hopfgarten and Brixen and is therefore the largest contiguous skiing region in Austria.

Romania Azuga (ROU) is right at the center of the Prahova valley in the southern Carpathian mountains. Preparations for the European Youth Olympic Festival to be held here in 2013 are already well underway throughout the valley. The winter games are the first great event of this type to be held in Romania since 1981, when the Universiade games were contested here. The typical climate enjoyed by the Prahova valley is warm and dry, and therefore poses a great challenge as to where to organize winter sports. Last year, the Azuga snow-making system, which dates back to 2004, was extended. The following snow guns were supplied and installed by TechnoAlpin: 3x T60 on 3.5 m lift, 1x T60 mobile, 2x M18 on 3.5 m lift, 5x M18 mobile, 5x A9 with compressor. The quantity of cables laid also gives an idea of the extent of the project. 11 km of aluminum cables were required to complete the extension. Two pumps each with a power of 32 l/s were also installed. The whole system is managed by ATASSplus.

• Supply and installation of the following fan guns: - 15x M18 AT - 16x M18 Mobile - 16x T60 AT - 12x T60 Mobile - 13x PIANO • Supply and installation of the following snow lances: - 5x A30 Autonomous with compressor - 35x A30 with centralized air • Installation of ATASSplus control software incl. integration of all pump and compressor stations • Automation of Hartkaiser pump station • Constr. of new Tanzboden pump station with a capacity of 350 l/s • 3x triple cooling towers Cooltech 75B

Saas-Fee Since as far back as 1998, the Saas-Fee ski resort (SUI) has looked to TechnoAlpin to guarantee its snow. The system in the canton of Valais is constantly presented as a model project – even to snow operations managers from other ski resorts. A snow managers’ meeting with 140 participants recently took place on February 25 2010, where TechnoAlpin demonstrated the new T40 automatic fan gun and the new V3 snow lance. As well as the new products, participants also viewed the existing system. The biggest challenge in the Saas-Fee ski resort – for skiers and snow-making equipment alike – is the gradient of the terrain. In order to ensure that all their winter sports visitors reach the valley safely, the operators decided to add a bridge at the steepest part. Without further ado, the snow experts promptly took the opportunity to build the pipes for the snow-making equipment into the bridge. Participants at the snow managers’ meeting were clearly impressed by this solution as well as by the whole system. The snow-making system is a combination of various fan machines and lances. Now several generations of snow guns are operating in Saas-Fee. TechnoAlpin’s baby and M90 fan machines have been in use since 1998. All the snow guns that were purchased are still in use and have the same Quadrijet nozzles they arrived with, as their top quality ceramic inserts are particularly resistant to wear.


Key data for the Ellmau and Going equipment:

16 17

Technoalpin’s 20-year history Astrid Torggler

20 years of TechnoAlpin right from the start!

Our longest-serving member of staff: Astrid Torggler, who has worked at TechnoAlpin for 19 years.

On the occasion of the company’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to turn the spotlight on our longest-serving staff and business partners and talk to them about TechnoAlpin. Astrid, would you tell us please about your early days at TechnoAlpin? Astrid Torggler: My first day was June 3 1991. At the time I was responsible for virtually everything: delivery notes, quotations, invoices, price lists, the stores, doing the errands. Sometimes, I even loaded the machines myself. It’s unimaginable today. Now all these jobs have been divided up between lots of staff. I take care of the travel expenses, customs documents, office supplies, time sheets and mainly the reception.

In all those years, is there one thing that stands out that you‘d like to tell us about? Astrid Torggler: No, nothing specific, but definitely the biggest and most significant change in all these years is the fact that

every desk now has a computer. At the start, we only had one computer – all you could do on the computer was type and then delete what you had just typed. It didn’t do anything else.

What are your hopes for TechnoAlpin in the future? Astrid Torggler: My main hope is that we will keep the excellent working environment and the family atmosphere. If the work continues to be so much fun for everyone then the business will be successful.

What is special about TechnoAlpin? Astrid Torggler: You are allowed and encouraged to work independently. We work together on a cooperative basis, but the efforts of each individual are still appreciated. That makes it very enjoyable to work here.

What is your favorite ski resort? Astrid Torggler: Racines. It is not all that big as ski resorts go and yet there are lots of facilities and scope. I like it there.


TA Deutschland GmbH

TA’s oldest subsidiary TechnoAlpin Deutschland was founded in Bavaria in 1997 and hence is the longeststanding subsidiary. Since that time, the number of staff has increased to 9 and the customers to more than 70. How did TechnoAlpin Deutschland GmbH come to be set up? Ulrich Gall: There were a number of factors which played a decisive role in setting up the company. On the one hand, there was a growing demand for snow guns in Germany as well. At the same time, the authorities were about to put into place a somewhat simpler process for the approval of snow-making equipment. And the first sales success in Germany and prospects for a large order for snow-making technology in Mitterfirmiansreut inspired the original founder, Eberhard Gall, to push through with his plans to establish a TechnoAlpin subsidiary. How are winter sports currently faring in Germany? Ulrich Gall: Germany is a country that loves its winter sports and has a wide range of resorts from the Alps to low mountain ranges. Although the low mountain ranges have a shorter season and the runs are not as long, nevertheless they often have a large catchment area. There has been a lot of investment in the Alps in recent years, and with the right kind of equipment you can gain a foothold in the market and be successful. The last two winters with the snow extending down to the lowlands have been good for creating a new generation of skiers, and lots of occasional skiers in the towns and cities have also wanted to come to the mountains for a skiing break as a result of the snow in the lowlands.

What projects do you particularly like to look back on at TechnoAlpin Deutschland and why? Ulrich Gall: Naturally, we’re very fond of the snow-making system at Mitterfirmiansreut – after all, it was the very first project for TA Deutschland. We subsequently developed an excellent working relationship with the resort for many years, as well as with the cross-border ski region of Fellhorn/Kanzelwand. We received our first order there in 1999, and then in 2008 the contract for a major extension went to us again. What are the trends in Germany for snow-making technology? Ulrich Gall: How we interact with nature is becoming an increasingly important issue in winter sports. One of the key factors for the future is the quantity of snow produced in relation to the energy required, and TechnoAlpin snow guns always perform very well in this respect. Regulating the snow quality is also important to our customers, and equally the option of low-noise operations with our Piano model which was developed specifically for this purpose. In terms of all these issues, TechnoAlpin is very well equipped for the future with its strong research & development department. We regard one of TechnoAlpin’s major strengths to be providing the customer with a fully inclusive quotation – from planning to execution.

Technoalpin’s 20-year history

Oldest sales partner HAE IN COMMERCE Co., INC was founded in 1969. Since 1993, the Seoul-based company has been TechnoAlpin’s commercial agent in South Korea. Which TechnoAlpin product has been most successful for Hae in Commerce up until now? We’ve achieved our biggest sales successes with the legendary M90. Korean ski resort operators value their sturdy construction and outstanding performance at marginal temperatures. These are the major strengths of the T60 as well, which is now attracting great interest in our ski resorts.

What do you value about collaborating with TechnoAlpin?

How is skiing currently faring in the Republic of Korea? At the moment, we have 17 ski resorts in our country. Winter sports are really very popular; the number of skiers and snowboarders has almost tripled in the last ten years and stands at 6.6 million at the moment. Most winter sports fans are to be found among the younger generation and the number of snowboarders exceeds the number of skiers. South Korea is bidding to hold the Winter Olympics in 2018 at Pyeongchang, a small winter sports town in the province of Gangwon.

What was your most recent order? Our latest order came from the Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski World, which is about 70 minutes’ drive from Seoul. We installed nine M18 Standards and two M18 Automatics there in 2009.

The development department at TechnoAlpin is always hard at work optimizing snow-making technology and designing it to be as efficient as possible. If ever they are needed on site, the service engineers are always there promptly. For us, both of these factors make TechnoAlpin a strong partner.

the Obereggen ski resort

20 21

The first snow-making system at Obereggen (ITA) was built back in 1982. It was continuously expanded and improved over the following years, so that today Obereggen and the entire Latemar Ski Center is one of the most reliable areas in the Alps for snow. What are the benefits for you of TechnoAlpin systems compared to those of other suppliers? Siegfried Pichler: The large range of snow-making products as well as the expert professional support provided when planning the construction and expansion of the snow-making system, and the reliability and quality confirm time and again that TechnoAlpin are the right people to go to. Particularly when it comes to producing snow at marginal temperatures, TechnoAlpin’s snow guns are in a different league to those of other suppliers. To what extent has snow-making technology changed in the past 20 years in your view? Siegfried Pichler: The first large-scale snow machine appeared in Obereggen 28 years ago. At that time the machines were imported from the USA. In all the years since then – and thanks as well to TechnoAlpin – snow-making technology has undergone rapid development. The success of a ski resort and an entire winter sports destination depends almost exclusively on the guarantee of snow and the excellent condition of the slopes which is only possible with snow-making technology. How many kilometers of slopes at Obereggen use snow-making technology? Siegfried Pichler: The Latemar Ski Center covering Obereggen, Pampeago and Predazzo has around 50 kilometers of slopes and a natural toboggan run. Both can be supplied 100% with snow. According to “Internationaler Skiareatest”, the international ski resort quality standard, the Obereggen ski resort has the best prepared ski slopes in the Alps. What do you do better than the rest?


A customer right from the start:

Siegfried Pichler: Obereggen and the Latemar Ski Center have one of the best equipped and most modern systems for snow-making in South Tyrol. When conditions are good, the entire ski resort can be supplied with snow in just a few days. As well as the excellent technical equipment – the hardware – you also need first-rate skilled staff with many years’ experience. Josef Gummerer, who has been responsible for managing our snow-making operations and preparing the slopes since 1986, was awarded the title of “Schneemeister des Jahres” [Snow Operations Manager of the Year] by Skiareatest in 2007. What can visitors expect in the coming season at the Obereggen ski resort? Siegfried Pichler: Last year the toboggan run at Obereggen was extended and the new “Torre di Pisa” slope was constructed at Predazzo. Both investments brought further improvements to the quality of our ski resort last winter season. Next season, Obereggen will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the lift company. Several anniversary events are scheduled to mark the occasion, starting with a huge party in December to celebrate the opening of the 2010/2011 skiing season. What are your hopes for TechnoAlpin on its 20th birthday? Siegfried Pichler: On its 20th birthday, I wish TechnoAlpin all the best for continued success and I hope that those responsible succeed in their pioneering work in snow-making technology. I also hope that I can continue to expand the excellent and constructive working relationship that exists between TechnoAlpin and Obereggen AG. Siegfried Pichler is the Managing Director of Obereggen ski resort.

Springtime is trade fair time.

TechnoAlpin Live 2010! Once again this year, TechnoAlpin attended the Alpitec/ProWinter trade fair in Bolzano (ITA). Exhibitors presented their products to trade visitors from April 13 - 15. TechnoAlpin again benefited from its proximity to the showground and invited visitors to its headquarters. More than 600 visitors from all over the world were pleased to enjoy the hospitality offered at the company’s premises. On display to the public were the T40 automatic fan gun, the MTS manual tower machine and the new V3 snow lance. Guided tours around the company’s premises were also laid on. Director Erich Gummerer had other priorities on his mind, however, saying, “We want visitors to come here and enjoy themselves. After all, this year we’re celebrating our 20th anniversary.“

SAM 2010 After Alpitec in Bolzano, the TechnoAlpin show team headed directly to Grenoble (FRA), where just one week later, from April 21 - 23, SAM 2010 was taking place. Although the ash cloud which had grounded air traffic at the end of April prevented many guests from traveling, SAM was delighted with the increase in visitor numbers. TechnoAlpin had a stand in the exhibition hall as well as some products on display in the grounds. On show were the T40 and T60 automatic fan guns as well as the new V3 snow lance and the ATASSplus control software.

Save the Date! TechnoAlpin announces official opening of new headquarters TechnoAlpin will have a new home as of this summer. A new building is being erected in Bolzano and work is due to be completed shortly. Now the date has been set for the official inauguration ceremony, and the new nerve center of the company is to be officially opened on 11 September 2010. This open day ceremony will be followed by a guided tour of the production and storage halls, test bays, training facilities and office premises, etc. We look forward to seeing you there!


TechnoAlpin photo competition:

the winners are confirmed!

Tomáš Pečírka (CZE) & Zuzana Zidekova, TechnoAlpin East Europe

From January to March, amateur photographers roamed the ski resorts of the world in search of the perfect motif. TechnoAlpin had asked for photos to be submitted on the subject of snow-making technology in a competition entitled “TechnoAlpin in focus”.

in Davos (SUI). Also pleased to receive a gift hamper was Julian Seeber, who makes sure that the slopes are in perfect condition at Sexten (South Tyrol/ITA). He collected his prize directly from TechnoAlpin’s headquarters in Bolzano during Alpitec 2010.

The only condition was that the pictures had to feature TechnoAlpin in some form or other. At the end of April, the best were selected from the huge number of photos submitted and the winners were announced.

Luckiest of all was Tomáš Pečírka. He came out of the hat as the winner of the main prize, and the editor

One of the gift hampers went to Gerhard Aneter, Snow Operations Manager at the model ski resort of Nassfeld (AUT) in Carinthia. A special talent for photography was equally demonstrated by Swiss contributor Remo Brülhart, a member of the Snow Team

of the members’ magazine of the Czech cable car association, the SPLV, was delighted to receive a voucher for a long ski weekend for two in a ski resort with snow supplied by TechnoAlpin! We would like to thank all those who entered for their many submissions and look forward to our next grand TechnoAlpin photo competition.

Alain De Cian

A. Dubois

A. Rachetti

Arno Hafner

Arnold Antoni

Astrid Torggler Christian Bonini Christoph Ganthaler Dagmar Geis

Elmar Rainer

Elmar Walder

Erich Gummerer Erika Marchio

Heinz Viehweider Herbert Plattner H. Hochkofler

Alexander Bauer Alexander Borgia Alexander Klapfer Alexander Leitner Alexander Pixner Andrea Cavatton Andreas Gutgsell A. Schwingshackl Andreas Weiss A. Kompatscher Anja Berents

Horst Schmid

Daniel Heiss

Daniel Lantschner Daniel Widmann Daniele Neri

Armin Grasberger Armin Reichhalter

Dietmar Larcher Dominik Pellegrin Dominik Psenner Elisabeth Kofler Elmar Kanestrin Elmar Kaufmann

Erika Unterweger Fabian Kompatscher Federico Tricotti Florian Schwalt Florian Villgrattner F. Zambaldi

G. Reichegger

G. Cassiolari

Giorgio Ghezzi Hannes Larcher H. Hochwieser

Heidi Vonmetz

Irene Pancheri

Juris Panzani

K. Terrabona

Kathrin Pfeifhofer Klaus Bacher

Manfred Scherer

Ivan Gross

Jakob Mumelter Johann Kaufmann J. Untermarzoner Jozef Durˇcák

Kurt Marschall

Manuel Domanegg Manuel Furlotti Manuel Nössing M. Planötscher Marco Benvenuto Marco Moratti M. Mahlknecht Markus Pfeifer

Martin Coser

Martin Eppacher M. Gamberoni Martin Hofer

Martin Margesin Martin Noggler Matej Budaj

M. Centofanti

Michael Prantl

Michael Wieser Michele Marsonet Mirko Brunner

Monika Hornikova Nicole Thaler

Mauro Ficara

Mauro Freno

Othmar Kanton Patrizia Pircher Paolo Alberti

R. D‘Agostino

Rudolf Prantl

Max Vieider

M. Hawlin

Paolo Bagozzi

Paolo Nardone Patrick Peintner P. Platzgummer Peter Mittermaier Peter Rottensteiner Peter Unterholzer Philippe Ronin

Meinhard Prünster Meinhard Rassler Michael Elsler

Sergej Ragosin Siegfried Göller Siegfried Rieder Stefan Egger

Stefan Malfer

Stefan Miglioranza Stefan Zöschg

Pierpaolo Salusso Renè Schiess

Robert Maoret Roberto Begliatti

Stefano Locatelli Stephan Psenner Thomas Burger Thomas Damian Thomas Faller

Thomas Lunger Thomas Möltner

Verena Pattis

Walter Rieder

Walter Weger Wolfgang Hanni Wolfgang Lechner Wolfgang Mair Wolfgang Psenner A. Aichhorn

H. Grünbacher

Manuel Schöpf Markus Egger

Martin Zeiser

M. Kirchmayer

R. Kramberger

M. Zurbriggen

Patrick Varonier Remo Bulgheroni Stefan Gisler

Thomas Riedl

Thomas Kempf Alexander Reindl Bernhard Maier Gerti Zandt

Wolfgang Zangerl Brice Lacorre

Jutta Scheitler

N. Baumgärtner Norbert Gruber

Richard Reifer

Thomas Pichler T. Strumpflohner Ulrike Oberrauch U. Marchesan

Markus Goller

Damir Casu

Albert Gomig

D. Schatt-Orecchini Florian Grimm

Bianca Zanona David Dietrich

Georg Zeller

Ivana Kempf

Marco Albiez

Manfred Huber Rainer Großmann Roy Zimmerman T. Weingartner Ulrich Gall

Valérie Vacher Alena Mihova

Jaroslav Kral

Jozef Jablonický L. Podmanicky

Lowy Ladislav

Marek Vesely

Milos Slosiar

Roman Hotera Zuzana Zidekova Ben Siefert

Kevin Jennings

Paul A.H. Lambert Steve Daly

Peter Söderholm Veikko Mantila A. Olsson

C. Andersson

Jan Mangborg Lasse Nordström Jan-Erik Nilsson Magnus Hedlund Martin Bergström Jong Woo Won Kwan Hee Won Tae Ha Kim

Hanspeter Pleisch Giorgio Noulikas A. Mechkov

Asya Mechkova S. Mechkova

K. Kawakami

Raul Garcia

L. Radovanovich Slawa Kalugin

Rosa López

Petre Popa

Serban Sovaiala Caba Gere

Stefka Miteva

Ilker Cumbul

Gregor Vehovec Anton Faltynsky Serge Sirotko

A. Turiakovà

Branislav Kukula Igor Schmidt

C. Hemming

David Kennedy Dennis Kinsella Eric Campbell

Aurelien Vaginay Bernard Ligori

Mathieu Verriere Michael Payan Michel Gallois

Lue Shengming Xing Xin

Anna Fablova

Marcel Ehrler

Corinne Vascon Didier Blanchard Franck Tiffreau Henri Philip

Martin Měrka

Matteo Paterno

Stefan Ties

Ali Rahimi

A. Rodriguez

Thomas Peintner Paul A.H. Lambert Santiago Hardt

Ján Duchlanský Ján Lietavec

Ángel Jaraiz

Geir Vik

Jan Podmanicky

Greg Miller

Chris van den Berg

Cristina Osado Oscar Fernandez



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