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TechnoAlpin North America: Reliable and cost effective


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Erich Gummerer, Walter Rieder and Georg Eisath

TECHNOALPIN: ENHANCING THE STRONG POINTS The M5 operating at the SITC of Canazei ITA Foto: Pezzei

From the beginning, the TechnoAlpin philosophy has been to provide perfect snow quality, low production costs, minimum maintenance, simple operation and complete solutions for every snowmaking system. This broad range of expertise has enabled us to establish a good reputation in the market and is becoming more and more sought after. Our reputation for quality products is the driving force that propels our growth and encourages us to work harder in this direction. The M5 presented last year is currently undergoing intensive tests before it goes into mass production. TechnoAlpin is not only concerned with the development of new models, but also with the accessories for snowmaking installations. The new motor valve for the connection of snow generators in the shafts (see “News” for details) was developed in the past winter season and introduced on the market with great customer satisfaction.




SAM 2004 / Imprint




TechnoAlpin News: A really convincing M5


TechnoAlpin News


State-of-the-art snowmaking techniques: Bergbahnen Hohsaas


growag – a strong partner in the pipe management sector


TechnoAlpin solutions for field connections: Flexibility and safety


Alpinal – TechnoAlpin’s competent partner


Series: TechnoAlpin USA/Canada


© SITC Canazei (ITA) Foto: Pezzei

TECHNOALPIN A REALLY CONVINCING M5 EXCELLENT cost/benefit ratio · MAXIMUM performance and reliability Indeed, the characteristics of the M5, TechnoAlpin’s latest fan gun, could not be better! Already 25 M5 snow generators have been produced and tested for the 2003/2004 winter season (model on tower). The M5 features 5 quadrijet fixed water nozzles and 10 variable nozzles with 5 nucleators. Furthermore, the M5 has significant energy saving capabilities as is demonstrated by its outstanding power consumption data: less than 10 kW (less than 5 kW for the turbine and 4 kW for the oil-free compressor). The new M5 also features a singular tower structure that allows easy maintenance.





ISO 9001:2000 CERTIFIED Quality has always been TechnoAlpin’s guiding principle. The ISO 9001:2000 certification received on January 14 2004 is another milestone in the history of the company. The ISO certification confirms and reinforces the snow experts’ commitment to quality. All production processes and the entire organisational structure comply fully with this quality system in order to meet clients’ requirements, also in the future. Thanks to the determination and hard work of Techno Alpin’s collaborators, the new quality standards have been applied quickly and efficiently, which has recently culminated in the achievement of the ISO certification.

LECH SNOWMAKING TEST CONFIRMS TECHNOALPIN’S RELIABILITY The comparative test between the major snow producers in the world was held on 23rd and 24th February 2004 in Lech am Arlberg, organised by the Swiss technical magazine “Mountain Rider” in collaboration with the Lech ski lifts. TechnoAlpin participated with its propeller-driven machines M5, M18 and M20 and the snow lance L9V with local compressor. The TechnoAlpin snow experts clearly emerged not only in the comparative test with warm temperatures, but also with very low temperatures. At a temperature between –7 and -12° C wet bulb both the propeller-driven machines and the snow lances demonstrated their excellent snowmaking and snow quality performance.


MOTOR VALVE 2004 In 2003, TechnoAlpin developed a new motor valve in order to enhance the water valve assortment with an interesting product, both from a technical and cost effective point of view. The motor valve is designed for fixed installation inside the shaft, but can also be used in the mobile version. In this case, a hydrant is not required in the shaft, but simply a locking valve (e.g. a manual valve). In the event of a serious fault (e.g. power failure), the motor valve will automatically shut-off, thanks to the battery supply. The valve is activated by an electric motor, which is connected to the snow generator.




Christian Burgener talking to the snow experts.

BERGBAHNEN HOHSAAS AUTOMATIC SNOWMAKING, MAXIMUM FUN The Hohsaas high-altitude skiing area (maximum altitude 3200 m) offers a world of snow and sun, and a beautiful view on the 18 peaks over 4000 m of the Saastal, the highest Swiss mountains. The Bergbahnen Hohsaas has more than 35 km of ski runs, some of which are on a glacier. Almost 100 hectares of endless fun on skis.

snow experts has interviewed Christian Burgener, Bergbahnen Hohsaas snow making and rescue manager, about stateof-the-art snowmaking techniques. snow experts: How would you describe the development of snowmaking in the Kreuzboden – Hohsaas area until now?



Christian Burgener: The bases of technical snowmaking was started in 1981 with (probably) the first Swiss low pressure installation. At that time, a pumping station was built on the “Sandigen Boden”, with pipelines up to Kreuzboden. Snow coverage was ensured by 2 propeller-driven machines. Over the years, the installation has been upgradet with new pumping stations, and

also the number of collaborators have increased. In 1998, the decision was made to renew the installation from a technical point of view. TechnoAlpin replaced and automated shafts and pumping stations, and equipped the entire installation with data transfer cables. At present, we have about 12 km of pipelines (60 % completely automated)

and 6 automatic pumping stations with a maximum water capacity of approx. 120 l/sec. Snow coverage was ensured by 2 fan guns. snow experts: In Hohsaas, when do you begin to cover the runs with man made snow? Christian Burgener: We usually start at the beginning of November. Last year, though, the temperature conditions allowed us to start at the end of October. snow experts: Do any runs have priority, or do you open all ski runs at the same time? Christian Burgener: We have to set some priorities, because pumps and generators have limited power. Our fundamental target is to

cover the axis connecting Hohsaas to Trift (2050 m).

Short overview of Bergbahnen Hohsaas snowmaking installations

snow experts: According to you, what characteristics should a snowmaking installation possess? Christian Burgener: A snowmaking installation must be easy to use and ensure efficient operation, as the “good” period for snowmaking is relatively short.

The water is collected from 3 areas and is collected in an 8 km network through 6 pumping stations having a capacity of 120 l/sec. The water is supplied to 63 automatic shafts and 24 manual shafts into 49 snow guns and lances at a pressure of approx. 15 bar. With the new state-of-the-art snowmaking installation, entire snow runs or sections can be prepared rapidly. Thanks to the excellent quality of the snow, the ski runs offer perfect conditions for all levels of skiers.

snow experts: What is the role of installation functionality at limit temperatures? Christian Burgener: During the last two years, 70 % of man made snow has been produced in a range between –2 and –4°C. In these conditions, the Baby tower machines have been very useful. According to climatologists,




because of the heating of the earth, snowmaking at limit temperatures will become increasingly important. snow experts: According to you, how important is it to equip snowmaking installations with mobile snow generators, fixed propeller machines and lances? Christian Burgener: To ensure efficiency, mainly fixed machines are used, as they allow you to reduce to a minimum start-up and stop times and to make an optimal use of short time intervals. Besides the fact that only the fixed machines are automatic. Since most of our ski area is located at a high altitude and is often windy, we almost exclusively use propeller-driven machines. Also snow lances are a valid and economical alternative for the lower ski runs and sections that pass through forest. Anyway, I think it’s useful to have some mobile machines, because they are very versatile and may be used where it is necessary. A disadvantage is that they require more time to be installed. snow experts: According to you, what is the advantage of fully automatic snowmaking systems? Christian Burgener: I think that all installations are completely automatic now. As I said before, the ideal periods for snowmaking are very brief, so we have to make the most of them. Starting up and stopping 6 pumping stations and at least 50 snow generators manually means wasting too much time and energy. Automation is very functional: it saves time and personnel costs, and allows for ”intelligent” adjustment. snow experts: What challenges in the snowmaking field do you think you will have to face in the future? Christian Burgener: I believe that the continuous development of installations will be the basis of a well-organized skiing complex. As in other sectors, development at a standstill means backsliding. Snowmaking at limit temperatures will become increasingly important and will only be possible by using numerous machines and the power of the pumps. In order to maintain energy requirements within acceptable limits, the



small energy-saving fun guns on tower will be more and more interesting in the future. Furthermore, we will also take into consideration the integration of a water basin. The greatest challenge for all ski areas is to cover an entire ski area with snow in the shortest time possible: that’s what we are working on. snow experts: What are your targets for the future? Christian Burgener: Our next target is to extend the snowmaking installation and to increase water supply to ensure a ski run from Hohsaas (3200 m) to Kreuzboden. After the construction of a new gondola in to 2005, we will be able to offer our guests ideal conditions. It is for this reason that we want to automate also the small sections, such as the slope down to the valley and the connection with the glacier. Snow generators that have been used a lot will gradually be replaced. Thanks for the interview.


growag Mit Sicherheit aus guten Händen

GROWAG SUCCESS AT “ANDERMATT” Interview with Mr. Fredy Nager, snowmaking manager of the Andermatt Gotthard Sportbahnen. Clear concepts on a Swiss product. How important is snowmaking for you and Sportbahnen now and in the future? Snowmaking is extremely important for our ski season that starts at the beginning of November, because it allows us to ensure perfect conditions not only for our guests but also for the ski clubs that can start training early. Snowmaking will become essential in the future, due to the warming of the earth. Currently, how many snowmaking generators do you use? At the moment we use one TechnoAlpin M20, three M15, three M10 and one M18. How many km of ski runs are in your ski area and what percentage of them are covered with man made snow? In the Gemsstock area approx. 23 % of 29.5 km. Do you intend to implement your snowmaking installation? Yes, in 2004 we will install about 1.5 km of water pipelines, this helps to ensure good snow coverage in our ski area well in advance. Two years ago you implemented the snowmaking installations. Can you tell us why you chose TechnoAlpin? We chose TechnoAlpin for various reasons. First of all, the offer of complete solutions that allow us to save time and energy. Thanks

to the references provided by other Techno Alpin customers, we collected a lot of information. They said their snow guns were economical, and it is true. Another advantage is that we are very near the TechnoAlpin premises in Flüelen. Do you use growag high pressure hoses? How many? We currently have about 500 m of Final 2” high pressure hoses made by growag from Grosswangen. Have you always used growag hoses? At the beginning of snowmaking, about 10 years ago, we used normal fire hoses, which we soon replaced with growag high pressure hoses, for quality reasons. Why growag “Final” high pressure hoses? We have been using some growag high pressure hoses for more than 10 years now. They are very resistant and have a very good quality/price ratio. growag AG offers a hose maintenance service in Switzerland. Do you use this service? Hoses get often damaged and must be replaced from the installation. growag offers an excellent service and we use it at the end of the season. Faulty hoses are checked and shortened, so that our equipment is ready by the start of the new season.

Let’s talk about the future. What do you think snowmaking will be like in 20 years? I don’t think there will be big changes, except for a rapid growth of automation. Snowmaking will always be a major investment for the ski sector. Mr. Nager, thank you very much for the interview and good luck for the future.

THE SNOWTEX R+ High pressure hose with double shell, plastic spiral and EPDM rubber inside. The tissue is 100 % polyester, made in Switzerland. Snowtex R+ is generally 40 m long. For snowmaking lances custom products are also available. The hose features anti-crack protection. Dimensions

1 1/2 inches


1 1/2” or 2 inches with 11/2” fittings

Max operating pressure

64 bar

Bursting pressure

130 bar

Capacity Colour

330 litres per minute yellow, blue, red, orange




SAFE AND FLEXIBLE SOLUTIONS FOR FIELD CONNECTIONS As one of the leading snowmaking solution providers, TechnoAlpin’s first and foremost goal is to provide well-designed and optimised solutions, not only with regard to snow generators, but also to the accessories.

In the last few years, the following solutions for field connections have proved to be particularly valuable: 1. SAFETY in terms of quality and sturdiness of connections, in terms of compatibility, rate adjustment and use of the different components. 2. VERSATILITY thanks to the installation of inspection shafts that enable maintenance operations on the pipeline, electrical network, vent system and data transfer network, at any time and without any trench works.

3. MODULAR SYSTEMS that allow for extension, renewal and integration of the system at any time, easily and simply. All these features, as well as innovative solutions in the range of accessories, characterise the TechnoAlpin system. Indeed, continuous development is imperative to meet customers’ growing requirements.



Back in the 80’s, TechnoAlpin had already understood the importance of inspection shafts for carrying out electrical and pipe connections. Inspection shafts permit to check components or replace them for automation. Our concrete shaft is also used as a support for mounting electrical sockets and fixed snow generators that are part of the installation, such as snow lances and propeller-driven machines, on the so-called UNIVERSAL towers.

Depending on the use, TechnoAlpin offers 2 types of shafts: standard shafts and compact shafts. The STANDARD SHAFT is composed of 3 elements: a base ring 50 cm high, an extension ring 100 cm high and a shaft closing system, available with various types of blackout. Shaft closing system with 1 blackout, which acts as access point. Shaft closing system with 2 blackout, which act as access points for the installation of recessed electric sockets. Shaft closing system with 3 blackout, which act as access points for the installation of recessed electric sockets and as support for fixed snow generators. The COMPACT SHAFT is composed of 2 elements and has been designed by TechnoAlpin for installations requiring suitability for helicopter operations. 3 types of closing systems are available also for this shaft.





The TechnoAlpin Hydromat SE offers maximum precision and safety. Thanks to the water pressure adjustment range from 0 to 100 bar, the conditions for snow generator operation are ideal. In the event of a fault or power failure, the Hydromat SE will automatically shut-off. This hydraulic-electromechanical hydrant is automatically controlled by the snow generator, which reads and compares set parameters and opens/ closes the hydrant. Furthermore, the Hydromat SE features an electric keypad for manual control, which can be activated mechanically on the product itself in the event of an emergency. A high pressure hose connects the Hydromat SE to the snow generator, while a drain valve empties the pipe and hoses. The Hydromat SE hydrant is installed in the shafts located along the ski runs and can be activated by all TechnoAlpin snow generators.

The electric socket is the connection point between the snow generator and the snowmaking installation. The electric sockets made by TechnoAlpin are specifically designed for technical snowmaking. There are various models, depending on the type of snow generator and adapted to customers’ specific requirements.

MOTOR VALVE 2004 In 2003, TechnoAlpin developed a new motor valve in order to enhance the water valve assortment with an interesting product, both from a technical and cost effective point of view. The motor valve is designed for fixed installation inside the shaft, but can also be used in the mobile version. In this case, a hydrant is not required in the shaft, but simply a locking valve (e.g. a manual valve). In the event of a serious fault (e.g. power failure), the motor valve will automatically shut-off, thanks to the battery supply. The valve is activated by an electric motor, which is connected to the snow generator.

VALVE BLOCK 2003 The new 2003 Valve Block is integrated into the “centrally ventilated” snowmaking systems as water/compressed air distribution and adjustment unit (operating range: 0 to 60 bar). It features the necessary sensors and measurement devices. Thanks to the new Valve Block, it will be possible to install in the TechnoAlpin shaft a single compact water/air unit, complete with adjustment device. This is another advantage in terms of speed of installation.

EXTERNAL FIXED SOCKET: It includes a galvanised stainless steel box with a steel door and key. The socket is mounted on the lid of the shaft while the electric part is located inside the electric board. RECESSED SOCKET: It includes the same elements as the external fixed socket, with the difference that this socket can be recessed when it is not used. For operation it is secured with the specific screw and safety socket. UNDERGROUND SOCKET: It includes a galvanised stainless steel box, on which the technical parts are mounted. The steel panel must be fixed inside the shaft. This model is usually used for fixed snow generators. The socket can be accessed only from the inside of the shaft.

E-MOTOR The e-motor is installed on any type of manual hydrant by means of a simple coupling system with an array of adapters. Thanks to the water pressure adjustment range from 0 to 100 bar, the conditions for snow generator operation are ideal. In the event of a fault or power failure, the battery-operated e-motor will automatically close the manual hydrant. The batteries are controlled by an integrated battery charger that charges them when necessary. The e-motor is an electric motor that is automatically activated by a control device inside the snow gun that reads and compares set parameters and opens/closes the hydrant by means of the e-motor. The e-motor can be moved and positioned using 2 buttons, while a simple coupling system allows for quick disassembly, after which the hydrant can be operated manually. The high pressure hose of the hydrant (where the e-motor is connected) connects the snow generator water supply. The automatic drain valve on the manual hydrant empties the pipes and connection hoses. The emotor is automatically activated by all TechnoAlpin snow generators.




Your trust is our success ... ALPINAL® - all over Europe Since its introduction on the market in 2000, the ALPINAL® system has acquired a leading position, with a total of 350 km of ALPINAL® pipes used in 11 European countries. Features such as reliability and the advantages of this system are the foundation of its success.

Sweden 10 km Finland 2 km

Norway 4 km

Germany 37 km

Francia 43 km

Switzerland 48 km

Austria 59 km

Slovakia 1 km

Italy 125 km Spain 7 km

Nothing is left to chance Using SAINT-GOBAIN GUSSROHR piping means leaving nothing to chance, thus avoiding consequent mistakes. The first step is an inspection and professional advice on the spot, followed by the planning phase and quantification of the material and personnel required.



Bulgaria 14 km

ALPINAL® ... one system, many advantages

Easy assembly The ALPINAL® system, which is made up of cast iron pipes and unions connected with couplings, can be assembled by trained personnel and ensures long life service. The spacing tubes further accelerate installation time since welding is no longer required.

Sturdiness and durability ALPINAL® pipes are galvanised in series to guarantee long life. After laying the pipes, it is possible to cover them re-using the excavated soil. NOVO-SIT

Tensile strength The internal pressure of 100 bar, the external pressure, ground sinking and movements do not jeopardise the stability of ALPINAL® pipes. Stability is provided by the NOVO-SIT and TIS-K couplings.


ALPINAL® piping systems do not require other protection with concrete counter bearings.

Watertight integrity The socket joints are absolutely watertight thanks to the TYTON profiled gaskets that ensure pipe tightness up to burst pressure (at DN 100 not less than 400 bar).


Text: Geir Vik

TECHNOALPIN NORTH AMERICA: RELIABLE AND COST EFFECTIVE Automatic snow making systems gaining momentum in North American.

The TechnoAlpin North America team Geir Vik CEO/ Sales, Marketing, Service

TechnoAlpin USA was established in 2002 with it’s main office in Park City which is located central in the Rocky Mountain region of Utah, also known as the host city of the majority of the Alpine events during the 2002 Olympic Winter games. During the first year in operation the US staff introduced automatic, fixed and mobile snow making technology to many of the major ski resorts in Colorado, Utah and California with great success. During this season TechnoAlpin produced quality snow for more than 10,000 hours without any major technical difficulties which can only be credited to the superb quality of the equipment. The North American market which is 98 % manually operated and known for it’s vast consumption of energy and water was impressed with the reliability and the fact that the snowguns required 30 % less energy to produce the same amount of snow compared to one of the leading fan gun manufacturers produced in North America. This means that ap-

Brian Alex “Tito” Sales, Marketing, Service Paul Skelton Construction, Service



proximately every 4th snowgun is running for “free” which equated to considerable reduction of the power bill when you consider that many of these ski areas have more than 100 snow guns running. Also significant cost reduction is seen in the infrastructure because the power system can be downsized. Not only the energy savings surprised many, but the fact that the snow guns could operate safely without human intervention for several weeks at the time which enable the snow makers to devote their attention to their manual snow guns other places in the ski resort. Consistent snow quality and ease of grooming are other benefits they discovered.

In 2003 TechnoAlpin Canada was established with a branch office near Whistler British Colombia which will host the majority of the alpine events during the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. A major milestone took place during the summer of 2003 when TechnoAlpin was awarded the contract to construct the fully automatic snowmaking system at Alpine Ski Club in Collingwood Ontario. This system which has a total of 70 snow guns, combines low energy guns the L6/9V, the H3 and the M18 automatic fan guns in a system which covers five ski runs in their new develop-

ment called the “Steeps”. The name is appropriate since some of these ski runs have a slope grade up to 90 % where snow production can only safely be done with the automatic system. Our goal is to continue to provide superb products and services to meet the individual client’s needs. We offer a wide span of services from

“Finding the Water to Delivering the Snow”.

How to contact us TechnoAlpin USA Inc. 2065 Mahre Dr. Park City, Utah 84098 Tel. +1 (435) 649 6610 Fax +1 (435) 649 7572 TechnoAlpin Canada, Snow Experts Inc. Box 42 Pemberton BC Canada VON 2LO Tel. +1 (604) 219 8240 Fax +1 (604) 894 9450

CANADA • Alpine Ski Club, Ontario • Fernie Ski Area, Alberta • Lake Louise Ski Area, Alberta

USA • • • • • • •

M20 Deer Valley (USA)



Aspen Skiing Company, Colorado Breckenridge Ski Resort, Colorado Keystone Ski Resort, Colorado Steam Boat Ski Resort, Colorado Deer Valley, Utah Sugar Bowl, California Moonlight Basin, Montana


TechnoAlpin GmbH/Srl

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TechnoAlpin France S.A.R.L. 46 A Chemin du Moulin Carron F-69570 Dardilly / Lyon Tel. +33 (04) 374 979 59 Fax +33 (04) 374 900 22

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