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Erich Gummerer


For the past 13 years, we have led the way in specialised snow-making solutions, in the form of complete systems, designed to meet specific requirements and the increasingly articulated needs of the customers. We soon realised that constructing only snow generators was not sufficient. Therefore, we decided to offer complete snow-making solutions, suited to specific individual circumstances. To this end, our efforts are focused on in-depth planning and construction of complete snow-making installations. This is our point of strength, confirmed by our references world-wide. In collaboration with selected suppliers, we have planned, tested and introduced in the market specific snow-making solutions, such as pumping stations, compressor stations, water cooling systems, field systems, connecting points, snow generators, all of which can be automated using the ATASS (Automatic TechnoAlpin Snowmaking System) data management and control system. In other words: TechnoAlpin, as a snow expert, offers all of the components that make up an efficient snowmaking installation, all perfectly integrated and installed.




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TechnoAlpin News: M18, a new entry on the road to success


TechnoAlpin News: the new high pressure snow lance


TechnoAlpin News:


State-of-the-art snow-making techniques


Installations: complete solutions, the strong points of TechnoAlpin


Alpinal: a strong partner for TechnoAlpin


Series: TechnoAlpin France


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TECHNOALPIN M18: A NEW ENTRY WITH GREAT PROSPECTS EXCELLENT performance · HIGH quality snow · MAXIMUM reliability These are the outstanding features of the new TechnoAlpin propeller-driven machine, the M18. TechnoAlpin has already produced and tested thirty M18 machines (mobile version) during the past winter months. The M18 inherits the structural framework of the M15 and has surpassed the productive results achieved by the M90/3 Automatic, used for many years with success. The M18 features 6 quadrijet fixed water nozzles and 12 adjustable nozzles with 6 nucleators. Furthermore, the M18 is an energy saving machine, as demonstrated by the data: power consumption is less than



20 kW (less than 15 kW for the turbine and 4 kW for the oil-free compressor). Another important advantage is its weight, which is significantly reduced with respect to the M90/3 Automatic model.

The TechnoAlpin M18 range comprises: · M18 Automatic mobile · M18 Standard mobile · M18 Automatic on tower · M18 Automatic on arm (2 arm lengths: 6 m and 10 m)

TECHNOALPIN H: A NEW CHALLENGE WITH EXCELLENT TEST RESULTS The TechnoAlpin L9/L6 snow lance (both Automatic and Standard versions, adjustable and on/off) has earned itself a place in the world-wide market of snowmaking technologies, with 480 machines sold in 2002. However, our snow experts do not rest on their laurels; rather, they have already started to develop an independent high pressure snow generator that has been extensively tested during the winter months. And the test results are more

than satisfactory. The TechnoAlpin H (H stands for High Pressure) model is available in 2 lengths, 3 m and 6 m. This snow generator, which is suitable for producing snow on particularly exposed slopes, also operates with low pressure water and its efficiency is not compromised by wind. The Techno Alpin H is agreat contributed to TechnoAlpin’s vast range of products.

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Andreas Bielser talking to the Snow experts.



The first snow-making installation was constructed in Sierra Nevada during the summer of 1989. Subsequently, in the six years that followed, it was expanded to a total length of 22 km. It underwent another significant expansion in 2001; since then, the installation guarantees snow coverage of 25 kilometres of ski runs. This installation is semi-automatic. The pumping and compressor stations, as well as the entire water supply network, are completely automatic. Approximately 25% quarter of the 350 snow generators are manual. The water used to produce the snow is collected from the Rio Monachil and pumped, through 2 collecting tanks (equipped with 4 pumps each), to the artificial basin for the snowproduction, situated at an altitude of 2.624 metres.


Total for year 2002/2003

Snow coverage in kilometres Surface area of snow coverage in hectares Compressor station total performance in m 3/h Pumping station total performance in m 3/h Number of connection points in the field Borreguiles collecting basin capacity Number of high pressure snow generators Number of low pressure snow generators (propeller-driven machines) Maximum snow production capacity in m 3/h

25 115 42.300 880 725 95.000 m 3 306 44 1.800 200 l/s water 36.500 m 3 record 12.1998

Maximum snow production in 24 hours

"A functional and efficient snowmaking system is the basis of the competitiveness of a skiing area!" The Sierra Nevada skiing area management focuses principally on the maximum efficiency of the snowmaking installation. In the event of a sudden and unexpected weather change, it is fundamental to produce the maximum amount of snow in the minimum time.




Sierra Nevada is no doubt one of the most famous skiing areas in Spain. This Andalusian skiing carousel with view of the sea comprises 70 km of ski runs, more than one third of which is covered with artificial snow. With an astounding capacity of 33,000 people per hour, more than one million skiers pour in Sierra Nevada every year.


The Sierra Nevada skiing area management has the following objectives for the future: 1. Efficiency implementation by maximising snow production, reducing to the minimum personnel and power consumption and optimising productivity at limit temperatures. 2. Installation expansion to other ski runs and/or portions of ski runs (e.g. the new “Montebajo” ski field). 3. Automation of the existing installation with the introduction of new automatic snow generators.


In this case, and at limit temperatures, the productivity of a snow generator becomes of fundamental importance. The installation has been signed to produce 1,800 m 3/h of snow with a wet bulb temperature equal to or less than -6°C. In Sierra Nevada this means that a ski run like the “Rio”, with a length of 3,250 m, can be covered with a 30-50 cm layer of artificial snow in approx. 3 days and can therefore open for skiing quickly. THE SKI RUN PREPARATION SYSTEM Since the Ski World Championship 1995, the Swiss Andreas Bielser has been in charge of the Sierra Nevada artificial snow technical department. From November to March his job is to ensure, with the help of a team of 6 to 18 people, excellent skiing conditions.



These “snow-makers” work three nine-hour shifts, thus creating the “basis” for the success of this skiing carousel. OBJECTIVES FOR THE FUTURE Thanks to the snow-making installations in Sierra Nevada, important and successful results have been achieved, year after year. The first result is a longer skiing season that starts a month earlier and goes until the beginning of May. Furthermore, the installation ensures better quality snow throughout the winter and allows the most famous ski runs, such as the “Rio”, “Maribel” and “Loma Dilar” to be skiable until late in the spring. This is not only an advantage for skiers, but also for the entire economy of the area. A total of 3500 jobs depend on its growth.


Georg Eisath


Š TechnoAlpin Cooltech with collecting tanks

The corporate philosophy of TechnoAlpin includes a commitment not only to providing superior snowmaking installation components (e.g. snow generators), but also to produce installations that meet the specific requirements of each client.

There is no doubt that snowmaking plays a decisive role in the activity of every skiing area. Skiareas with insufficient or poor-quality snow cover risk no longer to be competitive. Snowmaking is the basics for a successful tourist infrastructure, and is there fore the motor that drives the related economy. Top quality snowmaking requires not only great

expertise, but also professional installation. In the last few years, TechnoAlpin has demonstrated that it possesses the necessary expertise with regard to consulting, planning and installation of artificial snowmaking systems. Our installations stand out for the following features:



© M20 on tower at Davos, Jakobshorn (CH) Photo: Giorgio Marchelli

© Collecting basin Zwölferkogel, Hinterglemmer Bergbahnen (AUT)


1. 2. 3. 4.

Custom planning and installation Control simplicity Operation reliability Power of entire installation

During the construction of a new snowmaking installation, or when expanding or adapting an existing installation, the ski area managers are asked to make a series of choices. TechnoAlpin is an expert and reliable partner in every phase of the project: 1. Water resources Snowmaking requires adequate water resources. TechnoAlpin assesses the sources (springs, streams, wells, etc.) and their productive potential, as well as ecological aspects and investments. If necessary, TechnoAlpin require the construction permits for the installation and designs a water collecting reservoir of any type and size (lakes, underground or surface storage reservoirs, collecting basins). 2. Water preparation At limit temperatures, the productivity of

snowmaking systems is a fundamental factor. In case of “warmer” temperatures, an efficient water cooling system maintains an ideal temperature of the wet bulb, which allows the system to operate and thus improves its efficiency and productivity. The type of cooling system may vary depending on the circumstances: either by means of the agitation of the waters or with the aid of cooling towers. Mechanical water preparation, pumping station filtering is another important aspect. 3. Pumping stations They must be perfectly adapted according to the plant response curve and allow for possible expansion in the future. Pumping stations also include the central compressor stations for snow lances and high pressure systems. 4. Pipe lines and connection points Long-lasting piping (for water and air), adequate power supply, as well as sturdy and reliable components, such as the Techno

© Pumping station at Cerkno (SLO)



Alpin automatic water and air valves, are extremely important details. 5. Snow generators Every ski run requires its own generator. The TechnoAlpin range includes lances, propeller-driven machines (fan guns) and

© Automatic filter of pumping station at Davos, Jakobshorn (CH). Photo: Giorgio Marchelli

© Compressor station at La Plagne Prajourdan (FRAU) © TechnoAlpin snow lance system at Zoncolan (ITA)

high pressure snow cannons. The choice depends on your needs in terms of time or quality/price relation. 6. Weather stations Perfect monitoring of temperatures, wind direction and speed. 7. ATASS automatic data management system The “Automatic TechnoAlpin Snowmaking System” is a system and component management software. 8. Energy control 9. After sales service Fast, simple and always available. All the reasons to plan, process and later build a snowmaking system, with the help of our snow experts. The unquestionable and long-lasting advantages are:

1. Snowmaking is studied and solved. The installation is planned and adapted according to specific individual requirements, keeping into account technical and economic aspects. Exclusively special tested products are used. 2. Economic advantage. Integrated systems stand out thanks to total costs that are lower than the costs for single solutions. 3. Advantage in terms of time. Techno Alpin project managers control, on-thespot, work progress and the compliance with agreed terms. 4. Simple organisation during the construction phase and the availability of materials in every phase. 5. Clear responsibility. The TechnoAlpin project manager is also the contact person for the customer and is responsible for the whole project. The data in the table near by give an idea of the commercial results achieved by TechnoAlpin last year, in the course of which we planned, constructed and started up 33 new automatic snowmaking installations all over the world (not to mention 10 manual systems). The Techno Alpin snowmaking system is not only the result of excellent technical know-how, but also of the use of components coming from a unique source (field lines, adjustable valves, pumps, hydrants, sensors, filters, weather stations, software and snow generators), which guarantee top quality.

TechnoAlpin: commercial year 2002 1. Fan guns (M20, M15, M10, M90/3 ECO): 490 items 2. Snow lances (L9V, L9E): 480 items 3. Total number of snow generators sold in 2002: 970 items 4. ATASS 8.0 (Automatic TechnoAlpin Snowmaking System): 33 new software installations 5. Installed pumps: 167 (of the brands KSB, Caprari, etc.) 6. Installed Alpinal ® piping: 72,757 km 7. Installed connection points: 1,605 items




… over the years. ALPINAL system advantages Maximum ease of assembly

The ALPINAL® system, which is made up of cast iron pipes and unions connected with couplings, can be assembled by trained personnel and ensures long life service. The spacing tubes further accelerate installation time since welding is no longer required. ALPINAL® pipes are galvanised to guarantee long life. After laying the pipes, it is possible to cover them re-using the excavated soil.

Maximum sturdiness and solidity

Maximum tensile strength

The internal pressure of 100 bar, the external pressure, ground sinking and movements do not jeopardise the stability of ALPINAL® pipes. Stability is provided by the NOVO-SIT and TIS-K couplings, which guarantee maximum adhesion in time. ALPINAL® piping systems do not require other protection with concrete counter bearings. The socket joints are absolutely watertight thanks to the TYTON profiled gaskets that ensure pipe tightness up to burst pressure (at DN 100 not less than 400 bar).

Maximum watertight integrity

Using SAINT-GOBAIN GUSSROHR piping means leaving nothing to chance, thus avoiding consequent mistakes. The first step is the field evaluation, followed by the planning phase and quantification of the material and personnel required.

Maximum support in the planning phase

Assembly technique TYT gasket


TYT gasket

TIS-K fixing ring



NOVO-SIT fixing ring

The connectors used in the points of change of direction or barrage armatures cause thrusts that are absorbed by the NOVO-SIT or TIS-K couplings. In each coupling, these pipes form an angle of max. 3°, so that in large piping systems, arcs will never have a radius greater than 115 m. Pipe assembly can be carried out using an excavator or assembly equipment that can also be used in the connecting points. In very narrow places, where a gripper-ditcher must be used, ALPINAL® pipes with intermodular sheathing can be hooked to the cutter in the form of coil and then laid in the ditch.

The only winter we can trust When winter leaves us in the lurch, we must rely on a safe piping system: ALPINAL速*). This piping and connector system that transports water to the snow guns and lances is able to withstand an internal pressure of 100 bar and does not require concrete anchoring. An easy system with couplings that can also be assembled by trained personnel.


ALPINAL速 pipes are galvanised in to ensure efficient corrosion-resistant protection. All ALPINAL速 products are factory-tested at a pressure greater than 100 bar. Make the most of the advantages of the ALPINAL速 system that makes piping installation for snow-making systems easier and ensures high safety and long life.

*) an international brand of SAINT-




TECHNOALPIN FRANCE: A REALLY PROMISING FIRST YEAR A turnover of 3.2 million Euro, 105 L9/L6 snow guns, 26 low pressure M20 and M15 snow generators, 7 snowmaking installations and 7 completely satisfied customers: this is the balance of the first year of Techno Alpin France. Established in April 2002, Techno Alpin France has demonstrated the excellent performance of its products and technologies in less than a year. Indeed, TechnoAlpin France has already gained a leadership position in the French market.

TechnoAlpin France TechnoAlpin France is a branch of Techno Alpin with office in Dardilly, near Lyon, run by Eng. Andreas DORFMANN (”President”, Bolzano) and Jean-Luc ROUILLET (Managing Director, Dardilly). The French team also includes Franck TIFFREAU (installation sales and production manager), a support technician, a secretary and an accountant. The French team is able to provide complete solutions, from the planning to the delivery of the installation. It can also rely on the efficient and professional support of the Bolzano TechnoAlpin



partners in every sector, from marketing to research, from development and logistics up to installation. TechnoAlpin: the company TechnoAlpin produces snowmaking systems and is specialised in a fast service to satisfy the specific needs and demands of the various national markets. To this end, it is able to guarantee, both for current production snow generators and custombuilt snowmaking installations, a high qualitative standard of assembly, production processes, materials, technical documentation and source traceability. TechnoAlpin assists the TechnoAlpin France branch with: - an efficient marketing department which helps TechnoAlpin France work out suitable offers for the French market in few weeks. This department provides a documentation that enables TechnoAlpin France to be competitive in regard to consulting, to develop business strategies and conquer new markets. - an innovative research and development department in the fields of hydraulics, pneumatics, electro-mechanics, computer

technology and automation. This department processes, examines and uses technical documentations and software, in constant collaboration with the Dardilly team. It also allows all partners and suppliers to work on the spot without delays and use functional and qualitative processes. - an efficient team that deals with sales, groundwork and logistics. On the basis of a precise programme, it is able to supply resorts and customers with all necessary technical elements (snow generators, wells, pumps, compressors, valves, sensors, electronic locking, control programs, etc.), using its own products and a network of selected and prestigious suppliers that are constantly monitored. This team handles great amounts of material in stock, deals with industrial quality control, assures the conformity of materials in every installation and the traceability of all products. - a team in charge of the installation operations and customer service that, with great satisfaction of French customers, is able to set at work a new installation in less than two days. Thanks to this efficient organizational structure, TechnoAlpin France (and all the other TechnoAlpin branches) has the necessary means to handle any job in any moment. TechnoAlpin: high quality snow generators TechnoAlpin offers a wide assortment of snow generators. The TechnoAlpin product range is not only the widest in the market (with 5 models of low pressure snow generators, as well as high pressure generators), but also better adapts to climatic conditions and to individual operating requirements.

“Thanks to its generators, TechnoAlpin has proved also in France that it is possible to obtain large amounts of excellent snow, even at limit temperatures.” TechnoAlpin snow generators stand out not only for the snow quality, but also for the low power and air consumption, the exceptionally low minimum pressure used, reliability, easy manoeuvrability, start-up and compatibility of all snow generators within the ATASS data management system.

TechnoAlpin: the progress TechnoAlpin France is part of a worldwide company. Indeed, its collaborators can always rely on new experiences and a valuable know-how. For a market which is so aware of quality as the French, to have snowmaking installations equipped with different elements (e.g. installation on arm, mobile or on tower low pressure snow generators) means progress. A company philosophy inspired by the motto “excellent snow conditions for maximum skiing pleasure, from the first

fail snow to the end of the season”. TechnoAlpin in France In 2002, TechnoAlpin snow generators and installations were installed in 7 resorts (Ancelle, Avoriaz, Chaillol, La Plagne, Montgenèvre, Saint François Longchamp, Thollon) and 20 skislopes. Customers see the quality of our products and technologies with their own eyes, not to mention the reliability, ease of use, functionality and efficiency of the Techno Alpin service.

France France S.A.R.L. - Lyon Dardilly



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Editorial Editorial Alpinal Alpinal A strong partner for TechnoAlpin A strong partner for TechnoAlpin TechnoAlpin France: a really promising...


Editorial Editorial Alpinal Alpinal A strong partner for TechnoAlpin A strong partner for TechnoAlpin TechnoAlpin France: a really promising...