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1 year of ATASSplus

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Customer Feedback 1 year of ATASSplus

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Lofer (AUT) …even more fun on the ski slopes!

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WHAT job is actually done by…? Markus Pfeifer

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Projects in Switzerland


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skistar AB

a vision in white

Projects in Italy


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A vision in white

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Projects around the world


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štrbské pleso

successful partnership

Projects in France/Switzerland

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Štrbské Pleso Successful business partnership

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down under


fun on the ski slopes

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Fun on the ski slopes Down Under

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Did you know,… all about TechnoAlpin!


september 2012 Dear readers, We are increasingly surrounded by electronics in our everyday

Once again we also bring reports on exciting projects

lives. We have long been dependent on electronics to help us

all around the globe – projects like the expansion of

with our daily routine tasks. People often ask whether this is

the snow-making systems in Lofer (AUT) and in Baldo

more of a curse or a blessing. We are convinced that automa-

Garda (ITA). The ski resorts of Meiringen-Hasliberg and

tion can bring about improvements and savings in all areas.

Davos Jakobshorn in Switzerland and Štrbské Pleso in

The same can be said about snow generation.

Slovakia have been relying on TechnoAlpin for years. Our write-up of the Scandinavian SkiStar Group illus-

We are aware that snow-making equipment is a considerable

trates a successful business model for winter tourism.

cost factor for ski resorts. Snow-making technology is becoming increasingly efficient, however, thanks to electronic sup-

We are especially pleased to bring features on two

port. Here at TechnoAlpin we want to exploit this potential as

Nordic projects in the year before the Nordic World Ski

well as possible. That is why we have been investing for years

Championships in Val di Fiemme, namely the snow-mak-

in the further development of the ATASSplus control software.

ing system for the Olympic ski jumps in Sochi (RUS) and for the cross-country ski runs in Cogne (ITA).

The version which was launched last year represented a major step forward for us – we can say this with pride on the basis

Happy reading!

of the feedback from the first snow season. ATASSplus has

Walter Rieder and Erich Gummerer

evolved into an intelligent system which makes snow generation simpler and more efficient. It helps save valuable resources and, of course, costs. A great deal has been achieved in this new version - but we are still keen to develop the software in all respects. We are already looking forward to taking more major steps forward in the next few years. We are pleased to present feedback on the current version in this issue.


h gumm ic r e & r e d ie r walter

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Snow Experts Editorial



product information

1 customer feedback

1 year of ATASSplus

Uniform slopes from peak to valley, from Fall to Spring

ATASS control software to the market. The internal

whilst keeping a watchful eye on the use of resources:

software division works continuously to improve and

this is the challenge of technical snow-making.

perfect it. Last year we released a completely updated version. Now, after the first snow-making season,

To meet these demands, years ago, TechnoAlpin released the

TechnoAlpin customers are telling us what they think:

„If you want to be one of the first ski resorts to usher in the season, a good snow-making system isn‘t enough. You also need intelligent software that can quickly process the collected data“ said Jürg Klopfenstein, technical slope manager at Lenk Bergbahnen (SUI). „We have been working with the new ATASSplus for a year. The interface is better structured and the number of devices that can be selected simultaneously has been increased. A big help for next season is definitely the stored data. The snow-makers also receive information on the system status continuously via SMS.“

Fabian Renggli, snow-making manager for the Saas-Fee (SUI)

each year for each pit. With real time statistics we can

ski resort, also believes that statistics are a big advantage to

continuously check to see whether the values from last

the system: „If you can‘t understand why it isn‘t snowing in the

year have been reached. If we‘ve reached the number

Fall, you can create graphics with all the weather data. This

of cubic meters, we are alerted so that we won‘t make

way you can find out, for example, that in the resort it‘s warmer

too much snow.“

at higher altitudes than it is at lower altitudes. We have saved the various sections of our resort in different profiles, so we can assess all the data quickly. The statistics also let us calculate how many cubic meters of water we‘ll need on average

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

„The new ATASSplus is more user friendly and is particularly useful in training new employees. The new system is structured in a very logical way“, explained Benne Sjökvist, slope manager for the Swedish Skistar of Lindvallen and Högfjället (SWE).

Franck Ansanay, snow-making manager in Praz-sur-Arly (FRA) also has a high opinion of the new version: „The updated interface gives us easier and quicker control of the system. The intelligent software also helps use resources efficiently.“

Mads Mørk, snow-making manager at Vinterpark of Oslo (NOR) has the same opinion: The control unit is now easier to use thanks to the logical structure. The new view of the machines and the ability to control from the map, made adjusting the snow guns even easier.“

„Thanks to the intelligent adjustments of ATASSplus, only the actual amount of water needed, based on the conditions, is used. The system also starts up only if it is working

„The new ATASSplus software version is undoubt-

properly. This helps with energy savings. The statistics also

edly the best control unit that TechnoAlpin has

allow us to see the amount of water used by each individual

released“, said Germano Alberti, snow-making

snow gun at the end of the season. This further contrib-

manager at the Madonna di Campiglio (ITA) ski re-

utes to the efficiency of the system“, said Michael Kössler,

sort. The system is easy to use and accessing the

snow-making manager at the Zauchensee (AUT) ski resort,

various areas is logical and intuitive. Even our new

as he described his experience.

employees have no difficulty in quickly learning how to use it.“

Snow Experts Product information



projEctS auStria


more fun on the ski slopes

in lofer

At the Lofer mountain ski resort (AUT) last winter, 46km of

agers in Lofer put their confidence in the snow-making

slopes, 35 of which can be covered with machine-made snow,

know-how of TechnoAlpin.

were available to skiers. This year the number of kilometers of ski slope will still further increase. A new eight-seater chair-

Lofer is in the region of Salzburg and, together with

lift is being built on the high Schwarzeck mountain plateau.

the three neighboring towns, it offers accommodation

The additional downhill ski runs will make the Almenwelt Lofer

for around 4,500 people. 10 lifts will be serving the

mountain ski resort even more attractive. It goes without saying

ski slopes from the coming season onwards. The spe-

that these new slopes will have the facility to run snow-making

cial highlight is the 9 km valley run with snow-making

systems - 10x TF10 fan guns will be installed for this purpose.

system. The mountain ski resort also has a snow park

Lofer will therefore be able to boast the most state-of-the-art

with 18 rails and jumps.

equipment. The TF10 is the most powerful snow gun in the TechnoAlpin range and was only launched last spring. The control system will also be modernized in the course of the expansion work. The entire resort will be upgraded from ATASS to the latest version ATASSplus, simplifying the control of the system. Not only are the different snow guns listed in the new version but they are also shown in a pane from which they can be controlled. All the machines can be operated via the device manager. It is possible to select and manage more than one machine at the same time. Other new features include the simplified search facility for specific snow guns and the filter option. This means that a clear overview can be maintained even with large systems. Lofer now has 60 snow guns. Back in 2002 and 2007 when work was done on the system, the man-

The project

at a glance • • • • • • • • •

6x TF10 mobile 4x TF10 on 3.5 m lift 16x standard pits 6x reinforced pits 1.1 km of cast iron pipe DN200 PN63 310 m of cast iron pipe DN250 PN63 200 m of cast iron pipe DN30 PN100 2.3 km of power cable Upgrade to new ATASSplus w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

W h at j o b i s a c t u a l ly d o n e b y … ?

3 called to be

a systems engineer

r e f i e f P s u k r …Ma Markus Pfeifer has been working at TechnoAlpin for 14 years

smooth processing of orders. Planning all the various

now. He started out in Production where he gained experience

aspects of projects to tight deadlines is one of the big-

with the way in which snow guns work - down to the very last

gest challenges in his job.

detail. He occasionally helped out in the Service department where he quickly became an integral part. In 2001 he began

Pfeifer also coordinates the construction of snow-making

working in Systems Engineering and has managed the depart-

systems all over the world and his overseas assignments

ment since 2005.

in past years have included New Zealand, the USA, Russia, China and Iran. “What I like about my job is that it

Today Markus Pfeifer leads a large team of people compris-

involves spending a lot of time outdoors rather than sit-

ing pumping plant engineers, installation engineers and the

ting at my desk day in and day out. I also have the oppor-

ATASSplus software department. His job requires him to have

tunity to travel to lots of different countries which I would

a wide-ranging knowledge of many disciplines, such as struc-

probably never have visited otherwise”. Site supervision

tural design, civil engineering, electrical engineering and hy-

is another of his responsibilities, which involves oversee-

draulics, and to apply his knowledge to his work. His job also

ing the correct installation of systems and ensuring that

involves writing purchase order lists in order to guarantee the

they are completed on schedule for customers.

Snow Experts Markus Pfeifer



projEctS in SwitZErland

The project

at a glance • • • • • • • • •

1x 40 l/s pump, 250 kW, 400 m 1x 40 l/s pump, 75 kW, 100 m 1x 40 l/s submersible pump, 18 kW, 20 m 1.5 km cast iron pipeline DN150 PN100 25x PE pits 2x T60 mobile 1x T40 mobile 25x V3 central air Upgrade to new ATASSplus

4.1 meiringen-hasliberg

installs snow-making system on the ski slope The Bergbahnen Meiringen-Hasliberg mountain railways have

for the increased number of snow guns. And only the best

relied on TechnoAlpin’s know-how since 2002. Over 50 Techno-

will do in terms of the infrastructure offered to skiers. For

Alpin snow guns have been delivered to the Bernese Oberland

this reason a new information center and outlet is being

in the course of the long-standing business partnership. A new

built at the Twing station in Hasliberg-Wasserwendi. In ad-

lance system with 25x V3 lances is being installed on the Bid-

dition, the sanitary facilities at the Bidmi plant, which were

mi-Reuti valley run in time for the 2012/2013 winter season. The

too small, have also been completely refurbished.

lances are being installed on preassembled lightweight PE pits. Three mobile fan guns will also be delivered this year.

60 km of slope lie at the feet of skiers in the resort of Meiringen-Hasliberg. The “Skihäsliland” is where the

The control system is also being optimized and upgraded to the

little ones learn their first moves. And if that is still not

new ATASSplus. In fact, the new software will be used in future to

enough, there is night-time skiing once a week with

regulate the drinking water supply. The Mägisalp pumping plant

musical entertainment. A toboggan run from Mägisalp

has also been improved in order to cope with the demand for water

to Bidmi rounds off the facilities.

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

4.2 future plans

for a snowboarding paradise The collaboration between the ski resort of Davos Jakobshorn

added, and it is always pleasant and uncomplicated to

(SUI) and TechnoAlpin began in 1998 with two tower-mounted

liaise with the TechnoAlpin team”.

Baby models. Various suppliers had been tried out for five years before they finally decided to do business with TechnoAlpin.

The ski resort of Davos Jakobshorn is a trendsetter in

“The snow guns made by TechnoAlpin are still the best on the

other areas besides snow-making technology. It was

market”, said Gilbert Fiegl, Slope Manager at Jakobshorn, “and

one of the first ski resorts to cater specifically to the

we have been very pleased with their performance, especially

snowboarding market. To this day, out of all the Swiss

at borderline temperatures”.

resorts, Jakobshorn is still considered the snowboarding paradise. With 18 ramps, rails and roller jumps, the

In the meantime, a partnership has developed with the aim of

Jatz Park is indeed one of the biggest snowboarding

optimizing the snow quality on all the slopes. “The biggest ad-

parks in the Alps. There are now some 100 snow guns

vantage of TechnoAlpin is definitely that the company is a com-

in operation on the slopes at Davos Jakobshorn in order

plete supplier”, continued Fiegl, “so it’s like a one-stop shop for

to guarantee the large quantity and high quality of snow

us”. From the very beginning the managers were keen to plan


a system which would last and which could be sustained in the long term. The same thinking is behind the 2012 extensions. A pipeline network was created to optimize the water supply and the Brämabüel was linked with Usser Isch for snow-making purposes. Two kilometers of cast iron pipeline were laid to make this connection. The control system was also upgraded to the latest ATASSplus version. This offers new possibilities in terms of regulation and statistics, enabling the system to be run even more efficiently. The Fuxägufer pumping plant has also been renovated, increasing its output. As a pioneer in snow-making technology, Jakobshorn also decided to install a TF10, the latest fan gun to be developed by TechnoAlpin. From Fiegl’s point of view, however, there are more advantages to the business relationship than just the quality of the products. “TechnoAlpin has also proved its excellence in logistics over the years. We can rely on the company to deliver promptly”, he

The project

at a glance • Extension of Fuxägufer pumping plant • 2 km of cast iron pipe • 12x PE pits for mobile fan guns with retractable electrants • 6x PE pits for lift • 1x T60 on 4.5 m tower • 1x TF10 • 3x Piano mobile • Upgrade to new ATASSplus

Snow ExpErtS projEctS in SwitZErland



p r o j E c t S i n i ta ly

5.1 cogne

snow for cross-country ski runs The ski resort of Gran Paradiso is in the Aosta Valley (ITA) at the

Another pumping plant will be built in addition to the

heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park and on the edge of the

existing plant which is used for the snow-making sys-

Prati di Sant’Orso plateau. The resort ascends from 1,500 to

tem on the alpine ski slopes. A new flushing filter will

2,300 meters above sea level and offers a wide variety of facil-

also be installed with the two pumps to reach an output

ities for visitors. Besides boasting around 8 km of Alpine down-

of 170 m³/h.

hill slopes, it is primarily known for its cross-country routes which extend over some 80 km and serve as a venue for the

An additional investment will be made in new mobile

Nordic Ski World Cup.

fan guns and mobile lances. The whole snow-making system will be controlled by the ATASSplus software.

The resort is supplied by an irrigation system in the summer and by a snow-making system in the winter which used to use the same pipelines. While non-scheduled maintenance work was being done on the irrigation system in the summer of 2012, a start was also made on extending the snow-making system in order to separate the systems from each other. The goal is to have independent pipes for the two systems running parallel to each other in many places. The new snow-making system consists of a DN150 main line and a pumping plant. Further lines branch off from the 3.3 km main line and extend for another 1.6 km. The resulting snow-making network will stretch out around the “Coppa del Mondo” cross-country run and is designed to provide 41,150 m² of snow coverage. A total of 33 supply points with XE valves will be installed for

The project

at a glance • 2x 19.5 l/sec pumps, 45 kW, 137 m • 4.9 km of cast iron pipe (3.3 km DN150; 1.4 km DN100; 200 m DN80) • 3 km of aluminum cable • 4 km of data cable • 33x pits with XE valve • 3x T40 mobile • 3x V3 mobile • New ATASSplus

maximum flexibility.

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

The project

at a glance • Pumping plant with 2x 60 l/sec pumps, 315 kW, 382 m • Extension of pumping plant with 1x 16 l/sec pump, 110 kW, 435 m • Extension of pumping plant with 3x 30 l/sec pumps, 315 kW, 620 m • Cooltech cooling tower 75/B 100 l/sec • 2,000 m of DN250 cast iron pipe (water from power station) • 500 m of DN300 cast iron pipe • 4x M12 mobile • 6x M18 mobile • 2x M18 on 3.5 m lift • 1x T60 mobile • 17x T40 mobile • 8x T40 on 3.5 m lift • 10x V3 with compressor

5.2 above lake garda

fun on the ski slopes Cedars, olive trees, sunshine, wind-surfing – these are proba-

mate. The pumping plants of the snow-making system

bly the first things which come to mind when you think of Lake

were extended in 2009, and another one was added.

Garda. But just a few kilometers away, on the northern slopes

The water to make the snow will be taken from the

of the Monte Baldo chain of mountains, lies the very popular

power station supply line. A Cooltech cooling tower will

resort of Brentonico Ski, nestling between Lake Garda and the

ensure that the water is at the optimum temperature.

Etsch Valley. It boasts the Polsa and San Valentino ski slopes

There are now a total of 45 fan guns and 14 lances

and has modern lift systems and offers excellent conditions to

working to provide optimum slope conditions.

winter sports enthusiasts on over 40 km of slopes. The existing cross-country ski run, a ‘Baby Park’ in the snow for beginners, and a Snow Park with the latest equipment to entice young people up the mountain, are all part of the facilities offered by the resort every year to its many visitors. The existing snow-making system is in line for extension in the summer of 2012 in order to be able to guarantee snow from December through to the end of March despite the mild cli-

S n o w E x p E r t S p r o j E c t S i n i ta ly




6 skistar AB

a scandinavian winter wonderland SkiStar is one of Europe’s leading alpine holiday destination operators. It is a group of ski resorts mainly in Sweden and Norway, including what is probably the longest-established and most important Swedish ski center, namely Åre. Host venue for the Alpine World Ski Championships in 1954

ski center with a character all of its own is Hammarby,

and 2007, it is now a fixture on the “white circus” World Cup

a small resort near the capital, Stockholm. Bus, tram

circuit. Every year, the international ambience that they have

and boat are all convenient ways for visitors to reach

created here inspires numerous visitors of all ages and abilities

the ski lifts and leave their stressful urban lives behind

to come and put their skills to the test on a variety of slopes.

them as they take to the slopes or enjoy the amuse-

Not far to the south lie two other destinations: Vemdalen,

ment park.

a more laid-back setting that is ideal for a relaxing break, and Sälen, the largest ski center in Sweden. Embracing the resorts

SkiStar ascribes equal importance to its Norwegian

of Lindvallen, Högfjället, Tandådalen and Hundfjället, Sälen

resorts. One such is Hemsedal, whose breathtaking

offers a wide choice of fun activities for ski-loving families,

natural setting often draws comparisons to its coun-

with entertainment aplenty for young and old alike. A Swedish

terparts in the Alps; another is Trysilfjell, one of the

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

country’s most famous ski centres. Both are always very popular with tourists and can rightly be considered among Norway’s most famous resorts. SkiStar AB has a large chunk of the Scandinavian market. With

rent can often bring very mild Octobers and Novembers,

its 1,000+ dedicated staff, the company offers comprehen-

thus compromising the winter season to come. To en-

sive, high-quality visitor packages, featuring modern ski-hire

sure that it can always open on schedule and offer good

centers, a SkiPass for access to all the facilities, and hotels

skiing throughout the season until spring, SkiStar Group

and apartments to suit all budgets. But there are also plenty of

has been using TechnoAlpin automatic snow-making

leisure activities to enjoy, besides skiing. Holidaymakers can

systems for over a decade. The largest installation is at

arrange their trips quickly and easily using an ingenious online

Trysilfjell. There the conditions can be very tricky, with

booking system.

strong inversion or rapide temperature changes in very short periods. But the other centers – like Lindvallen,

Guaranteed snow for SkiStar destinations

Hammarby or Hemsedal – also have fully automatic

Even in Europe’s most northern countries, the heavens cannot al-

TechnoAlpin brand systems to offer their visitors the best

ways be relied upon to provide snow. The Gulf Stream ocean cur-

possible skiing conditions throughout the winter.

Snow Experts Scandinavia



projEctS around thE world

The project


at a glance • Pumping plant for irrigation system with 2x 10 l/s • Pumping plant for snow-making system with 2x 20 l/s • Cooling tower system • 1x T40 on 3.5 m tower • 1x T60 on 3.5 m tower • 1x T40 mobile • 3x T60 mobile • 8x V3 with overground valve block


Olympic champions

on snow from TechnoAlpin

When the ski jumping and combined events get underway at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi (RUS), the competitors will have TechnoAlpin snow beneath their skis. The snow

up to six fan guns as soon as conditions allow. This

experts won the contract to build the snow-making system on

will also suffice to supply the nearby cross-country run

the Olympic ski jumps.

with snow. A cooling tower will bring the water to the optimum temperature so that the system will be able

An irrigation system was installed back in the spring for the

to work efficiently even with borderline temperatures.

summer events. The system passed its first rigorous test during

4x V3 lances have also been installed on each of two

the Continental Cup ski jumping at the beginning of July 2012.

ski jump take-off ramps.

The snow-making system will also be completed by the winter. The major challenge of the project is the mild climate in

The new ski jump stadium for the Olympic Games

Krasnaya Polyana. The Gornaya Karusel ski jumping complex is

holds 15,000 spectators. They will be able to cheer

just 600 meters above sea level. A snow depot will be included,

on the athletes as they compete on the K125 and K95

however, to guarantee snow cover. This depot will be filled by



japan chooses


Skiing with a sea view is a luxury that few ski resorts can boast.

eration intelligently to the current outdoor conditions. It

One that can is the Daisen White Ski Resort in Japan. To opti-

reacts immediately to temperature changes, ensuring

mise the facilities here, in the south-west of the land of the ris-

that resources are used effectively and thus helping to

ing sun, TechnoAlpin is installing a fully automatic snow-mak-

counter Japan’s rising energy costs. The management

ing system as a turnkey solution. There will be ten V3 lances

also wants to set new standards in snow quality.

operated via the ATASSplus control software. The Japanese version of this control system is being used for the first time.

The Japanese managers recently came to TechnoAlpin’s

The system has been chosen for its ability to adapt snow gen-

HQ in Bolzano to learn how to get the most from their

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

7.3 clear fork

basic snow coverage in 20 hours There are nine slopes of varying degrees of difficulty at Clear Fork Resort in Ohio (USA). Ski lovers here will also have the privilege of enjoying guaranteed TechnoAlpin snow from the coming winter onwards. There will be 41 automatic T40 fan guns, making it one of the largest TechnoAlpin systems in the Midwest in the USA, with both mobile and fixed snow guns being installed along the slopes. The resort managers and the TechnoAlpin team have set themselves an ambitious goal in terms of initial snow-making time. At a temperature of -5°C wet bulb, an area of around 100,000 m² can be covered with

The project

at a glance • Pumping plant extension, 2x 57 l/s, 250 kW • Cooling tower system 75B 2x 90 l/s • 30x T40 on 4.5 m lift • 11x T40 mobile

snow in just 20 hours. There is a very good reason for this bold calculation. Clear Fork is situated in a zone with an extremely

mild climate. There are just a few days of snow in warm winters. The existing pumping plant will therefore also be extended and automated. The water will be brought to the optimum

maximize efficiency. This will increase the output of the

temperature by means of a cooling tower system in order to

snow guns at borderline temperatures in the fall.

The project

in a nutshell

new intelligent system. During their stay, they were trained in how to use the products to best effect and how the ATASSplus commands work. Also included was a visit to the installation at Val Senales glacier; our guests particularly enjoyed it, for none of the resorts in Japan have glaciers.

• Container pumping plant (96 m³/h, 350 m, 149 kW) • Container compressor plant (75 kW) • 500 m of cast-iron pipes • 10 PE pits • 10 V3s with centralized air • New ATASSplus

Snow ExpErtS projEctS around thE world



projEctS in francE/SwitZErland

The project

at a glance • 1x V3 • 4x TF10, tower-mounted • 1x TF10, arm-mounted

champ du feu

puts faith in TF10 made further extensions to its existing system in the summer of 2012. After careful consideration, the decision fell in favor of the very latest TF10 fan guns dur-

“Le Champ du Feu” (FRA), the ski resort situated at 1,099 me-

ing the 2012 extension work. The aim in opting for the

ters above sea level, is just a 40 minutes drive from Strasbourg

most powerful snow gun is to cover as large an area

and has nine lift systems, 14 downhill ski slopes and some 90

as possible with as few snow guns as possible. This

km of cross-country ski runs for winter sports enthusiasts.

should decrease the number of hurdles and increase

The ski resort, which is situated on a sparsely wooded plateau

the guaranteed slope availability. The fan system will

in the center of the Vosges in the Département of Bas-Rhin,

be combined with a V3 lance.


relies on TechnoAlpin snow guarantee Situated at 1,800 meters above sea level at the heart of Portes du Soleil, the ski resort of Avoriaz (FRA) was built in the 1960s and is an entirely car-free zone. It has 39 ski lifts and 49 slopes with a total length of 73km and has been a regular customer of TechnoAlpin since 2002. 577 snow guns guarantee snow coverage and therefore optimum conditions for winter sports lovers. There are plans to work with TechnoAlpin in order to improve conditions further still. This summer the TechnoAlpin team started working on a five-year project with plans for a reservoir, 6 km of pipelines, 80 snow lances and 3 pumping plants. Some 400m of pipe have already been installed to repair the damage which was done to the network when work was carried out on the cable

The project

at a glance • 400 m of pipe • 5x pits • 1x TF10, tower-mounted • Conversion of main machine room • 1x branch pit Overall project: 5 years: • 1x basic pumping plant • 1x booster pumping plant • 1x atmospheric pressure pumping plant • 2x compressor plants 1,250 m³/H, 1.400 kW • Reservoir - 75,000 m³ • 6 km of pipe • 80x V3

car station. Five new pits and one TF10 have also been installed, and the main machine room has been modernized.

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m


chosen for the lowest slope in the alps french-speaking The ski school of Sion in the Swiss canton of Valais has modernized the snow-making system there at regular intervals in the past few years. The ski resort has a lift and a magic carpet


counts on TechnoAlpin

and provides trained ski instructors for children. It is just a few steps from the center of the town and is open from mid-De-

Until a few years ago TechnoAlpin had a fairly low profile

cember to mid-March. The main aim is to teach children how

in French-speaking Switzerland. Thanks to the hard work

to ski.

of the team on the field, the snow experts are now firmly established in the majority of ski resorts in the region. A bilingual engineer has been helping to break down language barriers since 2011. Major steps forward in

The project

at a glance • • • •

the development of lances and fan guns in the past two years have also played a substantial part in the success of TechnoAlpin in western Switzerland. The new TF10 fan gun has sparked great interest. Turnkey systems have

1x TF10 1x pumping plant 1x ATASSplus 1x motorized webcam

been built in the holiday resorts of Verbier, Champéry and Vercorin. 100 snow guns and around 20 km of pipeline have been installed in the west of Switzerland in the summer of 2012. The high quality of the Alpinal range of

cast iron pipe supplied by Saint Gobain is another factor which has had a positive impact on growth.

The snow-making system is a major challenge. The slope is

A high level of technical expertise was funda-

482 meters above sea level. The public water supply which is

mental to the many projects in the summer. List-

used is at a temperature of about 10 degrees. Not an easy task

ed below is just some of the work:

for TechnoAlpin.

• Installation of class DN400 PN100 cast iron pipe

Despite the limited size of the slope (50x 100 m), a long decision-

• Installation of a drainpipe parallel to the water

making process ended with a decision to use the very latest

conduit from the glacier to the valley

snow-making technologies. The first TF10 in French-speaking

• Implementation of a hydropower project

Switzerland, combined with the ATASSplus control software, a

• Extraction of water from streams

motorized webcam, a new pumping plant and the know-how of

• Installation of various pumping plants

the local TechnoAlpin team, will now provide the coveted white

• Integration of over 10 km of slope in the ATASSplus


control software

Snow ExpErtS projEctS in francE/SwitZErland



projEctS - tEchnoalpin EaSt EuropE

štrbské pleso…

9 successful

business partnership

Štrbské Pleso (SVK) is a well known winter sports resort in the High Tatras in Slovakia with perfect ski slopes, a ski jump, cross-country ski trails and a varied entertainment program for its visitors.

The tradition of winter sports goes all the way back to

operation for the ski jump back in the 1972/73 winter

1943 and 1944 when the first lift system was built - a Von


Roll-Habegger ski lift. At 3km, this installation was one of the longest in Central Europe in its day. The profile of the resort

The positive experiences with the ski jump snow-mak-

was also raised by the 1970 Nordic World Ski Championships.

ing system and the introduction of the low-pressure

Even in those days, however, the unpredictable snow condi-

fan guns eventually paved the way for snow-making

tions unnerved the event organizers. This prompted new in-

technology on the alpine slopes in Štrbské Pleso. Var-

vestment. A high-pressure snow-making system was put into

ious snow guns were tried out in an extensive test

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

The system

at a glance phase which saw TechnoAlpin prevail against its competitors with its Latemar M90, laying the foundation for a long-standing business partnership. In 2007 the ski resort purchased 5x T60. The excellent snow output took the working relationship with TechnoAlpin East Europe to another level. The acquisition of 10 more T60 fan guns and 5x A9 snow lances marked the start of the development of the present-day fully automatic snow-making system. Today the system consists of four pumping plants. 5x V3 lances were installed on the Furkota slope in 2011. Five more have been added for additional support. In order to exploit the

• 1x pumping plant, 2x 50 l/s, 2x 75 kW and 1x 30 l/s, 1x 30 kW • 1x pumping plant, 4x 24 l/s, 4x 132 kW and 1x 25 l/s, 1x 18.5 kW • 2x pumping plant, 4x 24 l/s, 4x 110 kW • 520 m of cast iron pipe linking the water extraction point and pumping plant • 5.8 km of cast iron pipe • 15x T60 • 5x A9 • 10x V3 • ATASSplus

water resources from the Štrbské Pleso mountain lake systems to the fullest possible extent and to counteract frequent damage to the pipe system, all the old plastic pipes were also replaced by Alpinal cast iron pipes in 2011. “The intensive support and input from TechnoAlpin and the use of TechnoAlpin lances and fan guns enable us to provide optimum skiing conditions despite the difficult snow conditions here, especially on the Solisko slope”, said engineer Peter Tomko, Technical Director of the ski resort of Štrbské Pleso, “and the biggest bonus is the company’s flexible and rapid responses to our requirements”.

Snow ExpErtS projEctS - tEchnoalpin EaSt EuropE



down undEr

10 down under

fun on the ski slopes While building work is in full swing for next winter in the northern hemisphere, the season is just coming to an end in the southern hemisphere. Many ski resorts in Australia and New Zealand had upgraded their systems in time for the 2012 opening. The snow operations managers in Oceania also had the privilege of being the first to test the TF10. ski resort of Perisher extends along a ridge with seven mountain peaks and has 47 lift systems. It is popular on account of its convenient location between Sydney and Melbourne with easy access to main routes. TechnoAlpin also has a long-standing business relationship with the ski resort of Mt. Hotham which is also in the state of Victoria in the south-west of Australia. On account of the difficult snow conditions at borderline temperatures and at high levels of air humidity, the opinion of the snow operations team at A demo version of the TF10 was put into use in the Australi-

Mt. Hotham is particularly important to the develop-

an ski resort of Perisher. The feedback from snow operations

ment department. The resort was therefore an obvious

manager John Palmer was short and sweet - “WOW!!!!” was

choice to test out the TF10. And the feedback from

his only comment. The ski resort in the south-east of Australia

Tony Kewish, who at 68 is the old-timer among the

is aiming for a snow-making system for an area of slope meas-

snow operations managers, was entirely positive: “The

uring 110 hectares. In a bid to come closer to this target, 7x V3

TF10 is really impressive. It doesn’t ice over, not even

central air, 1x T60 central air, 1x T60 mobile and one mobile

when it is very humid. We experienced great quality

lance were installed this year on the Roller Coaster slope. The

and volume of production here”.

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

3x V3 with central air this year to upgrade its facilities. The ski resort near Queenstown and TechnoAlpin have something of a joint success story to tell. Before the start of modernization work in 2008, the local snow-making system consisted of two reservoirs, very limited water circulation and 61 manual snow guns. Now the resort boasts the largest snow-making system in the southern hemisphere with some 130 fan guns and 80 lances. In 2010 the clever design of the water management system at the ski resort was granted the New Zealand Engineering Excellence Award. The ski resort of Ohau is also situated in southern New Zealand. The resort had relied on snow lances until this year when the snow operations team had an opportunity to test a mobile T60. It was used mainly on particularly challenging areas and did an impressive job. The system there is controlled by the ATASSplus The ski resort of Falls Creek is not far from Perisher and Mt.

software. Not only has the intelligent software been

Hotham. Not only are ski lovers in for a treat on the alpine

welcomed by the staff but it has also got the local

slopes there, but with more than 60 km of cross-country runs

press talking: “Snow operations manager Craig Oven-

and four snow parks, Falls Creek has the right mix to cater for

den literally has the snow-making system in his hand.

every taste. This year 3x T40 mobile and 1x T60 were delivered

He controls the system with one click on his laptop

for even more snow reliability.

and produces precisely the kind of snow he needs”, reported the online newsroom ‘’. Sometimes

The ski resorts in New Zealand are in no way inferior to their

intelligent and fully automatic snow generation seems

Australian neighbors. Coronet Peak, for example, ordered

to work like magic.

Snow Experts down under



did you know…

1 that

making snow is an absolute dream job? At

least that’s what it says in the Australian magazine “Engineers”. The cover story “Dream Jobs” featured 10 engineers who have each landed their dream job. One of them was Tony Kewish, snow manager in the ski resort of Mount Hotham in the Australian state of Victoria. Now aged 68, he has been working for Mount Hotham since the 1970s. The idea of snow-making systems hadn’t been thought of back then, and Kewish was still working on the design of lift systems. It was not until the winter of 1993 when Mother Nature failed to come up with the goods and the ski resort had to close early that work began on the snow-making system. Kewish has been relying on the TechnoAlpin guarantee of snow since 1998. Victoria’s ski lovers have also been sure of tip-top conditions since then. Tony Kewish assesses the snow in person every day to make sure it is of optimum quality. That’s also what he likes best about his job – the morning quality control check before the slopes open.

2 that

customer feedback is particularly important to TechnoAlpin? Online surveys were sent out to many

customers in the spring to canvass their opinion on a number of subjects. More than 130 questionnaires were completed. The feedback indicates that the main strengths of TechnoAlpin lie in design, advice and service. More than 90% of those surveyed rated the company’s performance in each of these aspects as good or very good.

3 that

machinery in the location now resembles a museum. Impianti Scoter in San Vito di Cadore (ITA)

All the different generations of snow guns are working

celebrated its 40th anniversary this year? Its managers have

side by side, from the Latemar model, which was still

been insisting on TechnoAlpin snow quality for more than 20

sold by the predecessor firm Wi.Te. at the beginning,

years. Impianti Scoter was one of the first customers of the

right through to the T60. TechnoAlpin congratulates Im-

snow experts in 1990. The 10 km of south-facing slopes are

pianti Scoter on 40 successful years and wishes them

situated at between 1,000 and 1,580 m above sea level. The

every success for the future.

w w w.t E c h n oa l p i n .c o m

4 that


! n i p l A o n h c e T all about

TechnoAlpin held the official opening of its

new headquarters in Bolzano in spring this year? The new TF10 fan gun also made its public debut during the opening ceremony. A spectacular acrobatics show was put on to celebrate the unveiling.

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