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The project at a glance 2014: • 2x M20 mobile • 41x V3 • Partial conversion of the existing pits (PE pits, ground anchors, concrete pits) • 2x TF10 mobile • 1x T40 mobile • 2x T40 mounted on 1.6 m tower • 2x TF10 mounted on 1.6 m tower • 1x TF10 rebuilt on existing arm 2015: • 7x TF10 on 3.5 m lift • 3x T40 mobile snow-making system in Stand. This was

park and the midway station area have

• 5x TF10 mobile

extended from the midway station of

already been installed and fitted. The

• 9x V3ee

Trübsee to the summit station of Stand.

pipe installation work is due to be com-

• PS200 extension:

This involved building a new pumping

pleted in 2016. Refurbishing the drink-

- 1x pump, 132 kW, 63 l/s and 155 m

pit below the new mid-way station to

ing water pipeline and drains for the

- 2 cooling towers, 40 l/s, withdrawal &

take the water from the new Trübsee

summit station of Stand was started at

extraction line. The existing pumps were

the same time. These pipes are being

reused and redesigned, and three new

supplied and laid by TechnoAlpin. The

high-pressure pumps were installed.

snow-making system has been designed

250 kW, 33 l/s and 550 m

There are also plans for new pits with

to allow for future extensions towards

- 2 new drinking water pumps

various fixed snow guns on this stretch,

the Jochpass mountain pass but mainly

and the first pits and lines for the snow

in the direction of the Titlis glacier.


feeder station to PS800 • PS800 extension: - 3x pumps with frequency converter,



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SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN  

SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN