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The project at a glance • 4x T40 on 1.6 m tower • 5x TF10 on 2.6 m tower • 1x TF10 on 3.5 m tower • 1x TF10 on 4.5 m tower • 1x TL6 • ATASSplus

This is one of the main slopes located

this extension, a TL6 was installed in the

in the center of the resort. The opera-

„Envers“ section of the ski resort. The

tors insisted on bringing in TechnoAlpin

TL6 is the latest snow lance model and

experts for such an important section of

boasts six control settings for optimum

the ski resort.

performance adapted to the extreme

This expansion has allowed the resort

weather conditions on the mountain.

to increase snow production in this im-

ATASSplus is used to control the entire

portant region significantly. In addition to

snow-making system.




Profile for TechnoAlpin AG

SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN  

SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN