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New improved SnowManager

ATASSplus in mobile app form

ATASSplus has been able to import and

ATASSplus has been available as a mobile app for all Android devices since the 2015

display data from different systems for

version. Not only can data be monitored in this way but all the main parameters can

snow depth measurement since 2014.

also be configured via the app.

With the 2016 update the average snow

The 2016 release now also features a graph of the pumping station, allowing all the

depth is now also displayed in cm as

pumping station flow charts to be displayed and used.

well as using color. The various minimum snow quantities

New improved user interface

can still be specified for the season as

Even more detail can be shown in the map view in ATASSplus 2016 because high-res-

it progresses, such as the minimum

olution orthophotographs can now also be used for the display.

amount required to open the slopes or

The filter and search facilities have also been upgraded, making the system even

the amount needed for the entire sea-

faster to use. The user interface has also been adapted to the new standards of es-

son. As menitoned earlier, the new

tablished programs and has become more intuitive. Very important information now

feature in the 2016 version is that the

stands out even more.

required snow depth can now also be shown in cm. The SnowManager then

Simplified maintenance

automatically calculates the amount

ATASSplus now includes important documents for the servicing and maintenance of

still needed for each pit and slope. As

the system, such as manuals, circuit diagrams, quick reference guides and exploded

soon as the limit is reached, the snow


operations team is informed and, if so

Any spare parts which are needed can be ordered via ATASSplus in the new spare

desired, the snowmaking process can

parts shop which has also been optimized. In the future ATASSplus will feature a

be stopped automatically.

history of spare parts purchase orders.




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SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN  

SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN