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The project at a glance • 51x TF10 on 4.5 m lift • 6x TF10, arm-mounted • 37 retractable pits • ATASSplus The entire area for the Olympic Games

will also be installed. The ATASSplus

were completed in a record time of just

– six competition slopes in total – will

system will be used to control the entire

four months starting in July 2015. Back

be equipped by TechnoAlpin with the

snow-making system. The two existing

in November it was already possible to

latest snow-making machinery. This will

pumping stations will also be automat-

produce the snow for the Olympic heats

include 51x TF10 machines mounted on

ed by TechnoAlpin and connected to the

which were held in February 2016. The

4.5 m lifts and six arm-mounted TF10

control system.

other ski slopes will also be equipped

machines. An additional 27 retractable pits for mobile automatic snow guns


with TechnoAlpin snow-making systems The Slopestyle and Ski Cross slopes

in the summer of 2016.



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SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN  

SnowExperts Magazine 01/2016 EN