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It’s your Snow...!

The world of mountain industry professionals is changing, and technologies as well as operating practices continue to develop. MYNEIGE anticipates and support these developments and demonstrates that it remains loyal to its desire to adapt to the new challenges faced by ski area operators. In addition to technological and environmental innovations that have always been its strength, MYNEIGE develops and provides dedicated solutions for these innovations. The management of resources and climate variations requires increased control over snow production capabilities: Fast system response, remote control, remote viewing and sharing of information… from «produced» snow to «groomed» snow, ready to ski, the operators shape trails for the enjoyment of winter sport fans with a dual objective in mind: operational efficiency and 100% satisfaction.


Innovative technologies serving the snowmaking industry The snowmaking solutions proposed by MYNEIGE are certainly the most advanced in the market. We have identified all the production requirements in order to address them, point by point, in order to cover the vast majority of situations encountered by operators. Owing to the technologies deployed, the snow produced is less expensive and of optimal quality, regardless of whether manual, semi-automatic or automatic production methods are used.

State-of-the-art equipment Whether its snow producers, valves, machine room equipment, our technical solutions are the result of more than 35 years of research and development. Our solutions, veritable technological wonders and packed with features, embody power and operational flexibility and offer unprecedented energy ratios, proof that improving performance remains one of our highest priorities.

Highly-scalable software solutions and man-machine interfaces Whether its the Liberty software or the Snow Maintenance System (S.M.S.) platform, our interfaces adapt to the multiple uses of the field operators. Genuine partners in performance, our interfaces give you total control over your snowmaking installation. More powerful, more complete and more mobile, your snowmaking installation can even be controlled remotely, from a tablet computer or a Smartphone.

Putting ourselves in the operator’s shoes Our «à la carte» solutions - New projects, optimisation and retrofitting of existing systems - enable us to assist you with maximum efficiency to ensure that your installations operate at optimum capacity.

Engineering At the heart of our processes Each site is different. Every project has its own characteristics and each operator his expectations and dreams. Installation design and sizing takes into account all the requirements and constraints in order to provide a high-quality, custom snowmaking installation.

Studies, recognised expertise Firstly, the project is analysed. Our teams have developed extensive expertise in the field. The parameters to be taken into account for each site are multiple and complex. Internal parameters: the operator’s needs and objectives, existing installations, safety requirements and budgetary framework‌ or external parameters: special climatic features, geographical configuration, availability of water resources‌ must all be taken into account. The audit conducted by our specialists offers an exhaustive view of the constraints and opportunities of the site to be equipped.

The design phase, a step-by-step process In order to make better use of the data collected, the project is designed in close cooperation with the operator at each step. Every detail of the snowmaking process itself is carefully defined in order to best meet the operational requirements. The solutions chosen are unique and specific to each site.


A wide range of scalable snow solutions MYNEIGE proposes a complete range of snowmaking solutions, from the most simple (mobile snowmaking equipment, manual installations without machine room management), to the most complex (multiple trail automation, full machine room and process control automation), taking numerous variables into consideration such as the water supply, the electrical supply, machine management, network control, valves and snow guns, and the availability of production data, etc. The solutions that MYNEIGE proposes are scalable and up-gradable in order to follow changes in ski areas.

Machine rooms & network Designed by our teams, the machine rooms and networks allow managing the production and distribution of the compressed air and water needed to make snow. The machine rooms house the installation’s main components: • • • • •

Water pumps; Air compressors; Air after coolers and moisture separators; Power cabinets; Control cabinets (PLCs, variable speed drives).

Snow producers MYNEIGE snow producers are derived from knowhow that is unequalled in terms of air and water technology. Developed by the R&D teams, each snow gun family offers the most innovative and high performance features: Head shape, nozzle angles, type of nucleation, linear variation of the flow rate, reduced air consumption, etc. MYNEIGE snow producers offer an operational response to all production problems. The snow producers line consists of 3 product families: Rubis Evolution, Borax and Safyr, with each family being able to adapt to specific operating conditions.

Liberty, controlling production and management of resources. The Liberty software suite, specially developed by the MYNEIGE teams, gives each operator the possibility to control his snow production installation with flexibility, reliability and power. Supplemented with different operating modes, office mode and nomad mode via tablet PC or Smartphones, Liberty can control all installation sizes. A «light» version of the Liberty software suite is also available for installations without a machine room to manage.

Accompanying the life of the installation MYNEIGE’s expertise, along with the technologies used, allows them to accompany developments and changes in installations. The MYNEIGE teams can conduct performance diagnostics at sites in order to offer optimisation or retrofit and modernization solutions for existing equipment.

Service Prioritising your needs In order to offer you long term support, MYNEIGE has developed a complete range of Service & Maintenance products and solutions to ensure the sustainability and availability of snowmaking installations. A dedicated team of roughly fifteen people, supported by a hundred technicians, work throughout the year in order to support the Service activity.

«A la carte» contracts In order to include installation maintenance in a more long-term approach, MYNEIGE proposes «à la carte», annual and multi-annual contracts. These contracts provide scalable solutions based on the expectations and available capabilities of each operator. They provide operators the possibility to develop a true maintenance strategy for their snowmaking installations.

Hotline Associated with the Service Contracts, a Hotline is able to provide answers to questions from MYNEIGE installation operators. If necessary, the Hotline can also perform diagnostic tests and conduct remote troubleshooting operations.

Snow Maintenance System The Snow Maintenance System software is a platform for tracking the maintenance operations of snowmaking systems. Developed in partnership with field operators, it is a real memory of the life of the installation and its maintenance.

Your «Primary Contact» In order to make the Service experience even more user-friendly and efficient, MYNEIGE has designated «Primary Contacts». Each operator has their own designated «Primary Contact», a person who is well acquainted with the installations under his responsibility, and who is able to give advice, offer guidance and process all requests, notably in terms of service.

Environment Securing the future

For MYNEIGE, preserving the environment remains a priority. Starting in 2005, we developed the «»Juste Neige®» (Balance snow) initiative with the goal of producing a raw material that protects the production resources (water and energy) as much as possible. In order to reinforce this environmental commitment alongside operators, MYNEIGE concentrated its efforts on ISO 14001 certification, which was obtained in March 2008. The objective is to secure the future and the development of ski areas.

Protecting resources The preservation of resources, water and energy, remains one of our top priorities. MYNEIGE implements technology solutions intended to limit the impact associated with snowmaking: by proposing operating configurations that are best adapted to the site (gravity feed production mode, switching of available resources from one sector to another, maintaining water pipe full, production objective per shelter), and also thanks to the equipment on the slopes with high-performance and energy-efficient snow producers.

Environmental integration We are continuing our efforts relative to the limitation of environmental impacts. These efforts address noise emissions, the manufacturing of products, recyclability and the end-of-life management of components and materials… Beyond the environmental aspects, they also have a very positive impact on the performance of our products.

Crédit photo - MYNEIGE© ISO 14001

BUREAU VERITAS Certification

MYNEIGE 3 chemin du Jubin, bat. 2 Mini Parc de Dardilly F-69570 Dardilly Tel. +33 (0)4 72 20 91 60 Fax +33 (0)4 78 35 01 89

It's your Snow...!  

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