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energy conservation


starts in the mindset!

EnergyEfficiency …starts in the mindset

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Hochgurgl (AUT)

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Vuokatti (FIN)

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What job is actually done by...?

Page 10 TechnoAlpin snow guns

minimizing noise impact


Sinaia (ROM)

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Bukovel (UCR)

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Minimizing noise impact …with TechnoAlpin snow guns

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Cermis (ITA)



relies on TechnoAlpin again…

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La Colmiane (FRA)

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Projects in Switzerland


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w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

Page 18 Říčky (CZE)

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Perisher (AUS)

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Did you know,…


september 2013 Dear readers, for us at TechnoAlpin, searching for the potential for optimi-

We will also bring you up to date on interesting pro-

zation is fundamental, even when it comes to products which

jects around the world, starting with the expansion

are already tried and true. This is why we strive to make it our

of the snow-making systems in Hochgurgl (AUT), Si-

primary objective to ensure customers not only optimum use

naia (ROM), La Colmiane (FRA), Řičky (CZE) and Per-

of available resources, but also a decrease in generator sound

isher (AUS). The two Swiss resorts of Lenk and Crans


Montana have also decided to continue placing their trust in TechnoAlpin systems. Cermis (ITA) has been

This is the case with the new V3ee lance, which combines the

working with TechnoAlpin for 20 years now and we

V3’s excellent performance in terms of snow quality with low

will discuss this close cooperation. And there is news

air consumption and reduced noise. In fact, the reduced air

of major new customers like Vuokatti (FIN). Pump-

consumption itself translates not only into energy savings, but

ing plants are the beating heart of any snow-mak-

also into noise benefits, making it the quietest on the market.

ing system: we will present the important project in Bukovel (URK) that requires a high efficiency

The latest TechnoAlpin fan gun, the TF10, also has charac-

pumping system.

teristics that make it one of the most powerful, but quietest, on the market. This is due to the new turbine with an internal

Happy reading!

motor and its 1,500 rpm rotation speed which also reduces

Walter Rieder and Erich Gummerer

vibrations. Because of its lower sound frequency, the TF10 is much friendlier on the ear. These characteristics make it the ideal choice for snow-making near residential areas or protected natural reserves, where sound emission limits are particularly strict.


h gumm ic r e & r e d ie r walter

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Snow Experts Editorial



product launcH V3EE

1 energy


starts in the mindset…

“Onwards and upwards” is TechnoAlpin’s motto. It

Oil-free 2.4 kW compressor

stands to reason that the company is always looking for

Needless to say, this new 2.4 kW compressor is also

potential improvements even to its established products

oil-free. The piston compressor is friendly on the en-

– and successfully so, with the new V3ee lance joining

vironment, through its efficient use of energy. At the

the TechnoAlpin range this spring.

same rate of air flow, an oil-lubricated rotary compressor will use more energy than the oil-free piston

The outstanding feature of the V3ee is its reduced air consump-

compressor, as it does not need to expend energy pro-

tion in comparison with existing products thanks to the further

cessing the oil. This involves separating the oil from

development of nucleators and nozzles. Firstly, the nucleation

the compressed air, for example, a process which is

process is better with the new nucleators and the ambient air

carried out in the trap cartridge. Rotary compressors

is used more efficiently. Secondly, the nozzles have also been improved, resulting in a better spray action. Naturally, all the nozzles on the V3ee come with long-life ceramic inserts, capable of standing the test of time in hard water with glacial sediment. The tried and tested round lance head has been retained for the V3ee. The proportion of the internal surface in relation to the external surface has been optimized to allow the transfer of heat from the inside to the outside, which keeps the head free of ice even in adverse wind conditions. The clever thing about the system is that the heat is generated by the water’s own energy and therefore uses no additional energy. This has brought about a 50% reduction in the air consumption of the lance. The V3ee makes a difference of 300 l/min to the air consumption. The stand-alone 2.4 kW compressor is therefore also new.

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

need to operate at a minimum temperature to prevent ice from

build-up of condensation. The water and air inlets can

forming in the separator system. This is another process which

be attached easily and without the risk of confusion, as

requires energy. If this heating system stops working, it can

the connections are different sizes.

cause the trap cartridge to rupture, allowing oil to leak into the compressed air piping and therefore onto the ski slope. There

The right snow gun in the right place

is no risk of this happening with oil-free compressors. Even in

Energy efficiency in snow-making starts at the sys-

the event of a fault, not one single drop of oil will escape into

tem design stage. The requirements of any given ski

the environment. TechnoAlpin changed over to oil-free com-

resort must be discussed and precisely defined with

pressors in 1999 and has fitted more than 12,000 to date. The

the decisions makers in order to dimension the system

return rate is well below 1%.

correctly. The aim should be to design a snow-making system which can provide basic ground coverage within

User-friendly and low-maintenance

72 hours, using optimum windows of opportunity for

The lance construction has been modeled on the time-tested

snow generation. Another key aspect is the installation

and user-friendly mechanical system of the V3. The simple and

of the right snow gun in the right location. Therefore

sturdy plug-in connection makes it quick and easy to assemble

TechnoAlpin has a broad range of fan guns and lances,

and just as easy to dismantle when the snow gun is stored over

enabling various applications and providing scope to

the summer. Despite its compact dimensions and lightweight

factor in the conditions in any given locality. Fan guns

components, the galvanized steel base is extremely stable. The

for wide and medium-sized slopes are fitted with an

height is adjusted by means of a hydraulic cylinder, minimizing

automatic rotation mechanism in order to distribute the

the amount of energy required. A built-in throttle valve prevents

snow over a wide area. This also reduces the slope

the lance from jerking suddenly when moved. The template

preparation time. Lances are used on narrow, medi-

with locking pin is another feature which provides for maximum

um-sized slopes which are sheltered from the wind in

operational safety.

order to minimize drift.

Made of high-quality die-cast aluminum, the overground valve block is particularly simple to use. The perfected valve technology, the seamless wedge wire water filter insert made of nickel chromium steel, the heated automatic discharge valves and the reliable sensors guarantee failsafe operation and a long service life. The entire system is well ventilated through an opening in the underside of the cover which prevents a

Snow Experts Energy efficiency



proJEct in auStria

The project

at a glance • 20 mobile TF10 units • Upgrade from ATASS to ATASSplus • Installation of new piping for water intake • Revamping of „Untergurgl I“ and „Hochgurgl II“ pumping plants

2relieshochgurgl on TechnoAlpin quality

Hochgurgl (AUT), located in the Otztal Alps, is one of the

The slopes at Hochgurgl will also be improved with

most renowned ski locations in the Alpine Arc.

new fan guns. In fact, until last winter, M20 and T60

The Tyrolean resort technicians rely on snow-making systems

fan guns kept the slopes white. Starting this winter

to guarantee perfectly snowed and prepared slopes for their

20 TF10 mobile generators will be added. The TF10

guests, at any given moment during the season. For this com-

is TechnoAlpin’s newest generator, and it astonish-

ing winter season the resort managers have decided to expand

es with its incredible range, low noise frequency and

and improve their snow-making system, with some help from

impressive power at marginal temperatures, as well

TechnoAlpin. The main argument in favor of the choice was

as the constant and excellent quality of the snow it

the experience and skill that TechnoAlpin brings to the table,


going from design and installation, right up to commissioning Hochgurgl opted for mobile generators in order to be

of the system.

able to return them to the warehouse as soon as the The Hochgurgl project calls for the installation of piping for the

snow-making season is over, which usually coincides

water intake at “Gurgler Ache II”, revamping the “Untergurgl

with the beginning of the winter season. The resort

I” and “Hochgurgl II” pumping plants and the installation of

managers also decided to rely on ATASSplus control

various reinforced cement pits. Measurement, control and ad-

software, which will allow them to easily manage the

justment work will be performed in both “Gurgler Ache II” and

entire snow-making system.

in the two pumping plants.

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

proJEct in finland



chooses TechnoAlpin

The Vuokatti ski resort is nestled in the Sotkamo territory in

includes a retrieval station, a pumping plant and com-

the eastern region of Kainuu. Specialized in Nordic skiing, it

pressors as well as 24 V3 lances with centralized air.

is equipped with cross-country trails and the Hyppyrimäki ski

Within the retrieval station there are three 32 kW sub-

jump. The Junior World Nordic Skiing Championships were held

mersed pumps, whereas the central pumping plant has

here in 1992, as well as several combined Nordic World Cup

a 100 m³ annexed reservoir with a cooling tower to

rounds and a Cross Country World Cup edition, as well as a few

bring the water to the appropriate temperature, as well

minor Alpine and snowboard competitions.

as 4 submersed pumps and 4 high-pressure pumps. The pumping plant delivers the water to two existing

For the first time the managers of the Finnish resort have de-

lines as well as to two that were under construction this

cided to trust in TechnoAlpin’s twenty years of experience,

summer. The construction project “Olympiacatti” has

to handle snow-making on their slopes. The particularity of

24 combined pits and use a V3 lance and an XE valve

Vuokatti is that it stands at just 140 m a.s.l., whereas the

on which a fan gun can be mounted. The other slope,

highest point reaches 320 m a.s.l. The TechnoAlpin project

the “Alakatti”, has 4 mobile pits installed on its line.

The project

at a glance • • • • •

24 V3s 24 combined pits with XE valves 3 mobile pits 1 retrieval station - 40 l/s, 50 m, 32 kW 1 pumping plant with 4 submersed pumps - 30 l/s, 13 m, 7 kW and 4 high-pressure pumps - 27 l/s, 380 m, 160 kW • 1 compressor plant - 20.7m³/min, 110 kW Snow ExpErtS proJEct in finland



w H a t J o B i S a c t u a l ly d o n E B y. . . ?


Juris Panzani

what job is actually done by...?

Juris Panzani has been working for TechnoAlpin for 14 years now. He remembers his first day at the company, 16 August 1999, as if it were yesterday. He started in the technical office where he worked on mechanical construction of the fan guns, lances and their accessories. After a few years, Juris took over responsibility of the mechanical division in the technical office. In 2009, when TechnoAlpin had by now become a solid organi-

specifications, improvements and advantages – all of

zation with more than 100 employees in the Bolzano office alone

this to increase customer satisfaction.

and more than 1,000 customers around the globe, the company saw the need to establish the position of Product Manager.

Juris has excellent knowledge of the snow sector. He often works alongside sales representatives at custom-

And so Juris became the fundamental link between the sales and technical departments. As such he contributes to the planning and coordination operations needed in order to develop TechnoAlpin products. His work revolves around the entire creation cycle: from design to production, from marketing to support. For this reason he is also responsible for introducing new products to sales and technical support, explaining technical

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

er sites, where he receives feedback, ideas for change

or improvement, and requests for special versions. Thanks to his experience and knowledge, he is better able to assess the possibilities of adapting and improving the marketed products. Also, he often works in close contact with the marketing department. In fact, every year he and his team create the product catalog, the main working tool for the sales department. He also contributes to designing product brochures and advertising campaigns as well as taking part in trade fairs. “The thing I like most about my work is that I’m involved in various development processes within the company and I work with numerous departments. This lets me provide the invaluable feedback from our customers during new product development and by doing this I can contribute to ongoing improvements. I also visit customer sites often to support sales, by finding specific solutions and solving any technical problems together. This part of my work is a pleasant diversification from office work, that also gives me the opportunity to constantly be in new situations and meet interesting people.�

Snow Experts Juris Panzani



proJEct in roMania

The project

at a glance • • • • • • • • •



13 mobile T40s with E-Motors 4 T40 units on 4.5 m lifts 8 T10 units on 4.5 m lifts 64 pits 5 valve shelter sections 8,600 m of ductile cast-iron pipes 13,400 m of aluminum cables 8,800 m of data cables 3 high-pressure pumps: 45 l/s, 540 m, 355 kW • 1 submersed pump: 10 l/s, 30 m, 75 kW • 1 compressor for lake aeration: 4.55 m³/min, 8 bar, 25 kW • ATASSplus

pearl of the carpathians

Sinana, the charming town in the Prashova district, is

The project calls for installation of all the material on

one of the most beautiful mountain locations in Romania

the lines, including cast iron piping, aluminum cables,

and is nicknamed “the pearl of the Carpathians”.

data cables and the implementation of ATASSplus control software. Fan guns, pits and a new pumping plant

The Sinaia Resort has 13 ski slopes of various difficulty levels.

will also be installed. Thanks to this new construction,

Some of the most popular are the Valea Dorului, Valea Soarelui

Sinaia aspires to become the preferred Romanian des-

and Carp slopes. In order to expand the offer for winter sports

tination for winter sport enthusiasts.

enthusiasts, the resort decided to create 8.8 km of slopes in a new area of the valley of Valea Soarelui. The new slopes are at the foot of the Varful cu Dor and Furnica mountains, between 1,750 and 2,090 m a.s.l. As for the snow-making system along the new slope, the resort managers decided to once again to turn to TechnoAlpin.

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

Progetto in ucraina


6 new pumping plant Bukovel – a name well worth remembering, since the ski re-

however, to be able to supply all the snow guns at the

sort in the west of the Ukraine seemed to arise out of nowhere

same time.

in 2001 and has now got a success story to tell like no other. 16 modern ski lifts and some 50 kilometers of slopes provide

TechnoAlpin is currently nearing the end of the lat-

fun for up to 12,000 ski enthusiasts every day. Bukovel has

est project in Bukovel which will see the addition of

risen through the ranks within one decade to become one of

a new pumping plant. The new system will increase

the largest and most modern ski resorts in Eastern Europe

output considerably. The individual pumping systems

and probably one of the most important. It is doubtful whether

are being combined to form one custom-made and

this success story could have been written in quite the same

efficient pumping system, which will guarantee the

way without snow-making technology; because, while the cli-

water supply for all the snow guns at the same time

mate in the Bukovel region is cold, it has not had very much

by doubling its capacity to almost 1,000 l/s. The

snow in recent years.

results are impressive: an area of 1,650,000 m² is covered with snow in 100 hours. Now that sounds

Bukovel has been working with TechnoAlpin since 2006 in

like record breaking results!

order to be able to guarantee the supply of snow. The existing snow-making system has been modernized and extended.

The speed is good for energy efficiency as the win-

TechnoAlpin has carried out the extension work in two stages

dows of opportunity for snow generation are now ex-

to date, building a snow-making system with a total of 370

ploited now be exploited to the maximum. The fact

lances and 50 fan guns to supply Bukovel with snow and to

that these windows have been getting shorter and

make the resort 100% self-sufficient in snow generation. For

shorter in the last few years makes it all the more

the snow production to function, however, each snow-making

important to speed up the snow-making process. In-

system needs its own pumping plant, which is like the beat-

deed, valuable energy can be saved by rapid snow

ing heart of the whole system. The pumping plant is also the

generation in optimum temperatures. The first re-

most customized part of the whole system in that it needs to

quirement for this to happen is powerful snow guns

be specially adapted to the local conditions. In order to be

but the second requirement is efficient pumping

able to supply the snow guns with sufficient water, Bukovel

systems tailored precisely to local conditions – at-

has had two separate pumping plants working independently.

tributes which definitely apply to the new automatic

The total output of the two pumps of 490 l/s was insufficient,

pumping plant in Bukovel.

S n o w E x p e r t s P r o je c t i n u c r a i n a



noiSE EMiSSionS



noise impact

with TechnoAlpin snow guns TechnoAlpin’s technical department is constantly working to innovating and enhancing our snow guns and components in order to make products that are even more effective and reliable. In the last two years, TechnoAlpin has added two new products to the portfolio: the unique TF10 fan gun, and the V3ee lance.

The TF10 TechnoAlpin’s latest fan gun. Newly operation-

excellent snow-quality and -quantity performance with

al this year, it passed its first northern-hemisphere winter

low air consumption and reduced noise emissions.

examination with flying colors. Its many unique features include high snow output, incredible range, and great ease

Painstaking development work on the lance’s nu-

of use. But that’s not all that the TF10 has to offer: despite

cleators and nozzles at the technical department in

its considerable power, this gun is one of the quietest cur-

Bolzano has optimized water nucleation and atomi-

rently on the market. “It’s all down to the new turbine with

zation, yielding a 50% reduction in air consumption

an internal motor and the 1,500-rpm engine speed, which

compared to the previous model. To call it revolution-

also reduces vibrations. What’s more, the TF10 has a lower

ary is no overstatement: with an air consumption of

sound frequency, which is easier on the ear,” explains Wal-

300 l/min, the V3ee is the most advanced lance of

ter Rieder, head of TechnoAlpin’s technical department. The

its kind on the market. The round lance head with

TF10 is therefore ideally placed for snowmaking duties near

an intelligent distribution system, which has already

residential centers or protected natural areas, where noise

proved its reliability on the V3, even in adverse wind

emissions are tightly regulated.

conditions, is incorporated in the V3ee too.

The new V3ee is the latest addition to TechnoAlpin’s range of

The lower air consumption not only reduces energy

lances this spring. This innovative product combines the V3’s

costs but also cuts noise levels. Indeed, with its sig-

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

Noise level L A - Calculated Left [L] [dB]

Right [R] [dB]

Distance [m]

Front [ V ] [dB]

Back [H] [dB]





















compressor and Results at 50Hz full load with


Facts and figures. [R]


Dis tan ce [m]









water emission





Results at full


Technic al repo

load and water

rt: 23-149 -01

[H] [L]





result s





- Calculate d





Rig ht [ R] [ dB]





Lef t [ L] [ dB]




Noise level L

Bac k [ H] [ dB]



Technical report: 22-00 2-1






from 27.0 5.2




LwA [dB]

L wA [dB]

Fro nt [ V ] [ dB]

L wA = 97 dB Left L wA = 104 dB Back L wA = 97 dB Right


L wA = 92 dB L wA = 97 dB






















1,25k 1,6k


2,5k 3,15k

Sound 90


Front Average









60 10k 12,5k 16k

Frequency [Hz] 50

LwA = 97 dB LwA = 93 dB LwA = 97 dB


LwA = 99 dB LwA = 97 dB

30 12,5




















1,25k 1,6k


2,5k 3,15k

Lef t Bac k Rig ht Fro nt Ave rag e





10k 12,5k 16k

Frequency [Hz]

rpm makes the TF10 nal motor running at 1500 y. The new turbine with inter Reduced turbine frequenc more pleasant sound much a has It . sions emis noise and significantly reduces the less sensitive to vibrations in residential areas. s suitable for use on slope . The TF10 is therefore more thanks to the lower frequency

Reduced noise output. With 50% lower air consumption, in terms of ene the V3ee sets rgy efficiency. new standards This is a lance – and not jus that runs much noise emission t quieter than tra s help further protect the env ditional model s. These lower ironment while near residentia sim plifying the sno l areas. w-making pro cess on slopes

nificantly quieter performance due to the reduced air usage,

energy efficiency. From system design to pumping

this lance can be operated at night near residential districts.

plants and snow guns to control units, we are always

So the V3ee is the most advanced, quiet and high-perfor-

looking for ways to optimize our systems – and the re-

mance lance of its type available today.

sults are clear to see. With our intelligent snowmaking systems, in recent years TechnoAlpin has consistently

TechnoAlpin is committed to setting new efficiency standards

improved not only the energy efficiency but also the

for snow guns, in terms of noise emissions, productivity, and

noise impact of our guns.

Snow ExpErtS noiSE EMiSSionS



p r o J E c t i n i ta ly

8 a 25-year partnership


With perfect snow-covered pistes from December to April and one of the longest runs in the Trentino Alto Adige region – the Olimpia slope – the Alpe Cermis ski resort is one of the finest in the Dolomites. The slopes’ excellent aspect and their artificial snow-making systems provide a further promise of great snow quality, for top skiing conditions even in less favorable periods of the winter season. TechnoAlpin has been working closely with the Trentino ski

Efficiency through optimal planning

resort Funivie Alpe Cermis for a quarter of a century. Look-

“Together with the TechnoAlpin technicians, we tested

ing back, the resort managers installed their first snow guns

the various snow guns available and then choosing for

in 1988, when the Bolzano firm was still known as WI.TE. In

our slopes those best suited to the existing conditions.

2004, after enduring a few tough years, the resort’s manage-

That’s how we found the solution to optimize the sys-

ment put their faith in TechnoAlpin, which has modernized

tem’s energy efficiency,” adds Silvano Seber, CEO of

and extended the existing snow-making system. “We chose

Funivie Alpe Cermis SpA. “We took into account the

TechnoAlpin mainly because we have a genuine relationship

width of the slopes, the height difference, the effects

with them. Their stand-out quality in the marketplace, besides

of the wind, and the quantity of snow required. Now

their reliability and advanced products, are the people working

that we have an entirely automated installation, we can

there,” explains Giulio Misconel, President of Funivie Alpe Cer-

also exploit the ever-narrower windows for artificial

mis SpA. “It is always a pleasure to work with such a can-do

snow-making to the full. What’s more, we operate the

group of young people.”

whole system from before the season starts: from the start of the base snow making until April. It is an ex-

The 2004 project saw the installation of new snow guns, ma-

tremely reliable and efficient system.”

chine rooms, and cooling towers, not to mention underground pipes to carry data cables, water, and air. The entire system

Another winter will soon be upon us. The two man-

was then automated, and in 2012 the software was upgraded

agers are confident: the aim this year is to repeat

with the implementation of ATASSplus. Today, the 99 guns –

the 210,000 first entrances of last season. They will

made up of 66 fan guns and 33 lances – ensure excellent

be backed by the TechnoAlpin guns, which will start

snow cover over 613,000 m² of slopes, for a total investment

up at the first cold snap to begin the base snow

of around €11 million.


w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

P r o je c t i n f r a n c e

la colmiane

9 completely automatic

snow-making systems The French La Colmiane ski resort located in Valdiblora has re-

Since the snow-making windows are becoming shorter

lied on TechnoAlpin snow-making systems for 10 years now. In

and more random, TechnoAlpin completely redesigned

fact, in 2003 TechnoAlpin expanded the snow-making system,

the snow-making system in order to be able to react

equipping the “Câbles” and “Verte” slopes with M20 and M5

quickly to sudden climatic changes. All of the gener-

type fan guns. At that time the pumping plant was expanded

ators supplied the past years by TechnoAlpin were in-

and its capacity was increased to 240 m³/h. Between 2004 and

stalled in a fixed position, especially in the lower part

2008 the system was further expanded with A9V- and A30-

of the resort, whereas a compressed air system was

type lances that were installed along the “Verte” slope.

supplied for the highest part. The machine room will be equipped with 4 pumps with a total output of 400

In 2012 the Common Union for the Development of the Vesubia

m³/h and 2 compressors – 250 kW capacity each. A

and Valdiblora valleys, the Valdiblora Municipality and the com-

cooling system will also be installed. All of this will then

pany that manages the stations, decided to allocate funds to be

be supervised by the most recent version of ATASSplus

invested in a new snow-making system. The project calls for a

control software 3.2. Along with the existing pumping

new 42,000 m³ reservoir upstream of the lake that is already

plant, the entire snow-making system will be able to

present. Meanwhile, a building will be constructed downstream

produce 1,400 m³ of snow per hour on 10 km of slopes.

to act as the new machine room. The resort managers also decided to build a new green slope designed for less experi-

Thanks to this operation the La Colmiane resort will

enced skiers. And as for snow-making, the “Verte”, “Bachas”,

be able to handle the climatic risks in time for next

“Avocat”, “Slalom”, “accès télésiège” and “Suc” slopes will be

season, meaning snow-covered slopes throughout the

equipped with a turnkey snow-making system.

entire winter.

S n o w E x p e r t s P r o je c t i n f r a n c e



proJEct in SwitzErland

The project

at a glance • • • • •

14 V2 lances 5 mobile planes 7 mobile T40 units 3 T40 units on 1.6 m towers 1 T10 on 4.5 m lift


10.1 renews its trust

in TechnoAlpin

The well known tourist area of Lenk im Simmental is famous

pumping plant bringing water from the new Brenggen-

for its heavy snowfall during the winter season. Even so, for

mäder reservoir, a compressor plant and pits along

several years the resort directors have relied on TechnoAlpin

the slopes. The purpose of this new equipment is to

snow-making systems, promptly reacting to the signs of cli-

reduce base snow-making time, from 180 to 100 total

mate change. Ambitious snow-making projects in the past have

hours, taking maximum advantage of the snow-mak-

led to 73 TechnoAlpin fan guns and 9 lances being positioned

ing windows. This way they will be increasing the

along the resorts’ slopes. With this set up, the generators cov-

efficiency of their snow-making system, saving both

ered 60% of the slopes, making 1.500 m³/h of snow.

energy and time.

For the 2013/2014 winter season the ski resort manag-

In the future it will also be possible to implement a

ers decided to invest 8.1 million Swiss Francs. The project

larger number of snow guns, thereby covering 80% of

includes the installation of 16 fan guns, 14 lances, a new

Lenk resort’s slopes.

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M


a n a t n o m s n a r c

skiing world cup

the story continues During the FIS Conference, held in Dubrovnik at the beginning of June, it was decided that two rounds of World Cup

women‘s skiing would be added in the first weekend of March on the slopes of the Swiss Crans Montana ski resort.

The project

at a glance • • • • • • •

25 V3 units with centralized air 6 T40 units on 3.5 m lifts 3 T10 units on 3.5 m lifts 1 T10 on 6 m arm 1 T10 on 10 m arm 36 pits 1 pump station, 2 pumps - 160 m³/h, 280 m, 200 kW In anticipation of the return of the World Cup competition on the

arms were installed this summer on the World Cup

slopes of their resort, this summer the managers decided to

slope. Thanks to the simple installation of TechnoAl-

revamp the infrastructure and upgrade the snow-making system

pin systems, the Crans Montana Aminoma SA (CMA

on their slopes. “Sun Valley”, as Crans Montana is also known, at

SA) technicians will be able to install the generators

more than 1,400 m a.s.l., is a perfect fit for winter sport enthu-

entirely on their own, whereas TechnoAlpin will take

siasts: 140 km of slopes for Alpine skiing run side by side with

care of fine tuning the pumping plant. This system

a snowpark for freeriders and snowboarders, 350 km of cross

marks the starting point of future expansion, des-

country trails, and slopes that are illuminated by night.

tined to allow snow-making on the Bellalui slope as well, where the men’s World Cup competitions are

A new pump station and 9 fan guns, in addition to two 10 m


Snow ExpErtS proJEct in SwitzErland



proJEct - tEcHnoalpin EaStEuropE

11 a 100%-


TechnoAlpin project

Nestled among the Orlické Hory mountains (literally translated

its performance at the first frost: 10 completely au-

- Mountains of the eagles), SKI – Centrum Říčky is one of the

tomatic T60-type fan guns managed by snow-making

largest and most important resorts in the Czech Republic. In

technicians with ATASSplus control software made it

fact from the year it was established in 1962 right up to today,

possible to cover the entire resort with snow in just a

thanks to its height above sea level, the ideal positioning of its

few hours. This allows the resort to be one of the first

slopes, their lenght and variety, the resort has been a reference

to open, offering perfectly prepared slopes for snow-

point for enthusiasts and a training center for internationally

sport enthusiasts.

renowned skiers. “For us ATASSplus was a life saver this year. UnforIn recent years resort managers decided to revamp the out-

tunately we didn’t get much snow during the season,

dated snow-making system, which had become outdated.

but thanks to the automatic system we were able to

Together with TechnoAlpin technicians, a safe and highly-ef-

take advantage of the ideal snow-making windows,”

ficient system was designed and then installed before the

explained resort administrator Petr Kánsky, continuing:

beginning of the winter season. The system demonstrated

“In addition to this, thanks to the software we found

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

The project

at a glance • • • •

8 T60 units 2 T60 units on 4.5 m lifts 2 pumping plants - 25 l/s 2 transformer stations 100 kVA to 630 kVA • 66 connection points (hydromat + electrant) • 5,343 m of piping • ATASSplus

excellent snow quality both at optimum and marginal temperatures, saving energy and consequently reducing production costs.” Once the winter season had ended the resort managers and their technicians attended training courses at TechnoAlpin headquarters where they were able to acquire more information on snow gun configuration and operation, as well as on maintenance and servicing.

Snow ExpErtS tEcHnoalpin EaStEuropE



down undEr

The project

at a glance • • • • • •



32 V3 lances 3 TF10 tower mounted 1.6 m units 3 TF10 lift mounted 4.5 m units 1 TF10 lift mounted 3.5 m units 1 mobile T40 unit 1 T40 tower mounted 1.6 m unit

relies on TechnoAlpin again

High among the Mount Nevosi mountains, inhabited for thou-

Perisher has relied on TechnoAlpin and their turnkey

sands of years by Australian Aborigines and unexplored until

snow-making systems since the early 2000’s. In fact,

the beginning of the 19th century, stands the Perisher ski re-

in those years the Australian ski resort was struck by

sort. Here, between 1,720 and 2,054 m a.s.l., is one of the

a dry spell that limited precipitation. In October 2012,

largest and most important winter sport centers in Australia.

right after a booming season, the resort managers de-

As far back as 1939 the first skiers were able to enjoy these

cided to rely once again on TechnoAlpin snow experts.

slopes, reaching them with the help of trained horses. Today,

And so, during the spring of 2013, (Australian autumn),

on the other hand, 48 modern ski lifts and 1,244 hectares of

work began on automating the “Excelerator” slope at

skiable slopes ensure maximum skiing pleasure for anyone.

Blue Cow, where 27 snow guns were installed. The “Lower Escapade” slope at Centre Valley was also supplied with 14 new snow guns. Skiers and snowboarders also enjoyed the new halfpipe, as well as the benefits of new TechnoAlpin snow-makers along the slopes. In fact, Perisher is famous for its seven snowparks, one of which is also illuminated for night use.

w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

13 that

did you Know …

! n i p l A o n h c e T t u o …all ab the Mount Hotham (AUS) fan guns are not only

used in the winter, but that they are also essential in combatting the devastating fires that spread across the mountain in the hot summer months? The snow guns become vital sprinkler systems capable of extinguishing fires, thus protecting the infrastructure, the environment, and above all the people who live and work in the affected areas.


in March 2013, TechnoAlpin gained EN ISO

3834-2 certification for the quality of its fusion welding of metallic materials. This underlines the great importance afforded to welding and welding quality at TechnoAlpin. Welding quality is tough to verify. In fact, the quality of a welding process cannot be fully monitored by checking the product. Instead, it must be “built in”, and that’s why TechnoAlpin decided to obtain EN ISO 3834-2 certification, which defines the “Quality requirements for fusion welding of metallic materials”. This way TechnoAlpin guarantees ample controls in the welding process to demonstrate our ability to make products of quality.


a new TechnoAlpin App is available on the iTunes

App Store? It’s a measurement converter. Just look for the “TechnoAlpin Converter” App, download and enjoy! The App includes the following conversion categories: power, temperature, volume, weight, length, flow and thickness. All the measurements needed for snow-making systems, plus more.

Snow ExpErtS nEwS



did you Know …


TechnoAlpin organizes training courses every year at our headquarters or even directly on site with our

customers? These courses are intended for snow-making technicians so they can acquire more information on the configuration and functions of snow-making systems, the yearly servicing thereof, ATASSplus control software and pumping plant management.


many snow-making technicians and skiing enthu-

siasts build entire ski resorts and snow-making systems with their own hands? Philipp Hofstatter built a slope with 8 T60 units, 2 T40 units and 3 V3 lances. It’s a shame we can’t ski on it!!


the Biathlon center in Val

Martello (ITA) stored 4,500 m³ of snow for the “summer dormant period” that they will be able to use for preparation of the cross country slopes in October?

! n i p l A o n h c e T t u o …all ab w w w.t E c H n oa l p i n .c o M

14 partners

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to our partners. The commitment and professionalism they demonstrate is what makes TechnoAlpin a leading Company.


ALP14-0281336+37+38-155x25-it+de+eng.indd 3



9th - 11th April 2014 | Bolzano, Italy International Trade Show for Mountain and Winter Technologies

24/09/13 17.55

Snow ExpErtS partnErS



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