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TechnoAlpin …at the XXII Olympics in Sochi 2014

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TF10 & Rubis Evo …the best on the market

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Soldeu (AND)

TF10 & Rubis Evo

…the best on the market

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Projects in Austria

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Soldeu wins the


world cup with TA

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

Via Lattea (ITA)

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Projects in Argentina

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april 2014 Dear Readers, TechnoAlpin is preparing to take on a new challenge: as of May

We will also update you on all the interesting projects

1st 2014, TechnoAlpin and MYNEIGE, the two market leaders

we have been working on across the world, starting

for snowmaking, with a global presence, will merge to form a

from the expansion of the snowmaking systems in

single company. The aim of this initiative is to maximize the

Métabief (France), Engelberg Titlis (Switzerland), Sol-

potential of the two teams, with a common, clearly defined

deu (Andorra), Gerlos and Dorfgastein (Austria), Cerro

objective: offering our customers the best possible products

Catedral and Cerro Castor (Argentina). We will also in-

and performance.

troduce our close collaboration with the ski resorts in Kläppen (Sweden) and Via Lattea (Italy).

This is not only the Company which will benefit from this merger, but also the ski resorts. TechnoAlpin will be able to offer an

TechnoAlpin also takes care of snowmaking for sporting

even broader range of high-quality products, with an approach

venues, as it was the case for the U.S. Snowboarding

oriented towards finding new solutions, and offering over thirty

Grand Prix 2014. But that’s not all: TechnoAlpin had the

years’ experience and an unparalleled body of experts.

honor of covering the slopes for the Nordic skiing races for the XXII Winter Olympics in Sochi, 2014.

TechnoAlpin’s key products that have set new standards in snowmaking are the fan gun TF10 and the Rubis Evolution tow-

Happy reading!

er gun. The TF10 has been on the market for two years now.

Erich Gummerer, Walter Rieder, Régis-Antoine Decolasse

With two ski seasons behind it, the snow gun has demonstrated all of its strengths, confirming its high production performance at various resorts. The Rubis Evo tower gun proved to be just as good. Both products are the result of careful research carried out to reach high efficiency and performances.


e deco rieder, régis-antoin r te al w , er er m m erich gu

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Snow Experts Editorial




paSSion for SnowMakinG


the only partner

you need

TechnoAlpin and MYNEIGE, two of the leading players in seasonal snow-making all over the world, will merge to form a single company on the 1st May 2014. MYNEIGE has been supplying customised snow-making solu-

part of the TechnoAlpin organisation. The aim of the

tions to fulfil the needs of ski resort operators since 1976. The

merger is to maximise the potential of both teams in

company, which has a head office in Dardilly and branches in

achieving one clear objective: to offer customers the

Carquefou and Erbusco in Italy, was acquired by TechnoAlpin in

best possible service. The benefit of the merger will

2012. As of the 1st May 2014, both companies will merge to

therefore be felt partly by the companies involved but

form a single organisation, which will operate worldwide under

mainly by the world’s ski resorts. The new TechnoAlpin

the TechnoAlpin name.

will be able to supply a wider range of top quality products, dedicate more resources to the development of

While the MYNEIGE name will no longer be used, the company’s

new solutions, and offer over thirty years of experience

employees, products and know-how will remain unchanged as

from two unrivalled teams of experts.

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

TechnoAlpin and MYNEIGE have many characteristics in

All premises, in Bolzano, Erbusco, Carquefou and Dar-

common: both companies strive for excellence and custom-

dilly, will remain open, but the company’s French op-

er satisfaction, and are committed to delivering efficient

erations will assume the name of TechnoAlpin France.

products and innovative solutions. The coming merger will

Laurent Travers and Jean Biguet Mermet will assume

unite the expertise of the two top players in snow-making

the roles of international sales manager and export

systems under one name. It will lead to the formation of a

manager respectively. Both individuals have worked

large research and development department with two com-

for MYNEIGE for many years. Laurent Travers has also

petence centres, one in Carquefou specialising in lances

previously worked as international sales manager at

and one in Bolzano specialising in fan guns. There are many


reasons behind this decision, but one of the most important is the optimisation of the efficiency of both R&D centres.

Sales will be handled by a single, united team who will

The new organisation will allow both teams of developers

work in close collaboration, exchanging experience and

to concentrate on the products in which they have greatest

ideas. The contact persons with whom customers have


dealt until now will remain unchanged.

Snow ExpErtS tECHnoalpin-nEwS



proJECt in SwEdEn

The project

at a glance



• • • • • • • • • • -

99 V3s 2 mobile M15s 13 mobile M18s 1x T60 mobile 1 M12 on 3.5 m lift 3 M18s on 3.5 m lifts 1 M18 on 10 m arm 1 T40 on 3.5 m lift 1 T40 on 10 m arm 2 pump stations 4 63 l/s, 44 bar, 400 kW pumps 2 62 l/s, 25 bar, 250 kW pumps and 2 32 m³/min. compressors • ATASSplus 3.2

more than 100 snow guns

The Kläppen (Sweden) ski resort is one of the most famous

says resort manager Gustav Eriksson. “These new in-

destinations for Alpine and Nordic skiing in the area around

stallations would enable us to render snowmaking even

Sälen. 36 km of slopes make the resort suitable for adults and

more efficient.”

children, and for lovers of all winter sports: Four snow parks and a further 43,3 km of prepared trails for cross-country ski-

The manager says that he is very happy with the col-

ing complete the offer.

laboration between Kläppen and TechnoAlpin: “Our choice fell on the snowmaking systems of the Bolzano

Kläppen has been putting its trust in TechnoAlpin’s snow ex-

snow experts thanks to the excellent quality of the snow

perts since 2000, while the first automation came about in

produced also at marginal temperatures. But not only

2002. Over the years, the managers of the Swedish resort have

this: the quality is always the same, regardless of the

put their faith in TechnoAlpin’s snow experts on numerous oc-

different weather conditions.”

casions. Thanks to the most recent two-stage project more than 100 snow guns now guarantee excellent snow on 21 of the resort’s 34 slopes. Kläppen has 24 fan guns and 99 tower guns. Water is pumped to the snow guns via three pump stations installed by TechnoAlpin, which also installed one compressor. All of this is managed by the ATASSplus control software. Currently 53% of the slopes have a fully automatic snowmaking system. “In future we would like to invest in more snow guns,”

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

proJECt in FranCE

The project

at a glance • • • •


3 new


86 Rubis Evolution tower guns 10 TF10s on towers 1 mobile TF10 1 pump station (2 410 m³/h, 24 bar, 355 kW pumps + 2 1,215 Nm³/h, 110 kW compressors) • 1 pump station (3 120 m³/s, 66 bar, 315 kW pumps)

On certain slopes, the operators of the French ski resort have opted for the installation of two different types of snow guns: on the narrowest slopes, 10 non-adjustable Rubis Evo SR tower guns have been installed. On the wider slopes, which are more exposed to the wind, Métabief has chosen TF10 fan guns. The TF10 achieves high

The French municipality of Métabief has launched an important

production performance, but keeping a low frequency,

investment program to equip its ski resort with a latest-genera-

which makes it ideal, above all, for the production of

tion snowmaking system. TechnoAlpin was awarded the design

snow near built-up areas.

and construction of the snowmaking system. In total, 5,000 m of pipes to supply water and a further 10,000 m of pipes for snow

In order to guarantee a supply of water and air to the

production have been buried. To guarantee snow on their slopes,

system, two machine rooms have been built. The first

the managers have decided to install 96 snow guns; these are

will supply water to a 100,000 m³ reservoir, while the

mostly Rubis Evolution R10 tower guns. This type of snow gun

second, situated downstream of the reservoir, will supply

achieves high production performance, while keeping energy

water both to the high-pressure part of the system, and

consumption low.

to the gravity-fed part of the system.

Snow ExpErtS proJECtS FroM around tHE world



wHat doES HE do…?


Elmar Walder

what does he do?

Elmar Walder is one of a team of pump station technicians. For four years he has been responsible for the regular maintenance of pump stations, carrying out the checks and work needed to guarantee the operational security of the entire system. In 2010, after finishing professional plumbing school, El-

pump-station components to participants and provides

mar joined the TechnoAlpin team: for the first six months, he

interesting ideas on the functioning and maintenance

worked in the warehouse but very soon another route opened

of pump stations.

up for him and, since October 2010, he has been an integral part of the team of pump-station technicians.

Elmar is often out and about, not only in Europe but all over the world. Often he is alone or accompanied by a

Elmar is mainly responsible for maintaining pump stations

customer service technician. The team of pump station

at the end of the season: this includes aligning the pumps,

technicians is made up of four other young technicians,

measuring the vibrations of the bearings, checking the section

while during the high season period from June to De-

valves and pneumatic valves, checking the automatic flushing

cember, an additional 10 technicians are added to the

filters and also checking the centralized air compressor con-


trols. To be able to carry out this work, Elmar along with all the other technicians have taken training courses with the pump

“I like the work because I can work independently,”

and compressor manufacturers.

says Elmar. “I have a stimulating and varied job that

But not only this: Elmar also provides training courses for

enables me to be travelling around often and to see

TechnoAlpin’s customers. He uses models to explain all the

new places”.

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

proJECt in SwitZErland



for TechnoAlpin In the heart of a wild and breathtaking landscape, immersed in

TechnoAlpin offer. Besides supplying and installing the

a fantastic spot at the foot of Mount Titlis (3,238 m a.s.l.) is

snow guns, TechnoAlpin will also automate the eight

the Swiss resort of Engelberg Titlis. Open for both Alpine skiing

existing pump stations.

and Nordic skiing, it is in fact equipped with two ski jumps and trails for cross-country skiing. The ski season begins very

The entire system will be supervised by the ATASSplus

early: the resort‘s slopes are in fact open from October to May.

control software. In the future, the software will make it

To be able to guarantee perfect snow-covered slopes at the

possible to obtain excellent, constant snow quality, tak-

start of the season too, the managers have decided to put their

ing the maximum advantage of snowmaking windows,

trust in TechnoAlpin for the first time. Prior to this, they were

which have now become ever shorter. In this way, they

able to test two TechnoAlpin snow guns. Satisfied with the work

will be increasing the efficiency of their snowmaking

done by these snow guns, they have decided to take up the

system, saving both energy and time.


The project

at a glance • • • •

43 V3ees 10 V3s 8 PE pits Automation of eight pump stations and hydraulic optimization • ATASSplus

Snow ExpErtS proJECt in SwitZErland



… at t H E o ly M p i C S



at the XXII olympics 2014 From February 7 th to 23 rd 2014, the XXII Winter Olympics were held in Sochi, Russia. They were the first Winter Olympics to be hosted by Russia. The Games were certainly a success for the Caucasian city: the location, nicknamed the “Russian Riviera” for its position on the shores of the Black Sea, was, for more than two weeks, the center of the world for ice and snow sports. The name Sochi, once almost unknown outside of Russia, from now on enters by right into the history books. Nearly 2,900 athletes took part in all sports in the Olympics. But the beating heart of the Games was certainly the 25,000 volunteers who came from all over the world: fans and others, who decided to give up their time in an adventure lasting almost a month in Caucasus. During the two weeks of competitions, we got to know Sochi, the Adler area, where all the Olympic Park was located, and the installations of the Krasnaja Poljana mountain resorts, with the ski slopes of Rosa Kuthor, the Nordic ski trails of the Laura Ski Center and the ski jump at the RusSki Gorki Ski Jumping Center. It was precisely in these two last locations that TechnoAlpin had the honor and the task of installing snowmaking systems.

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

The project

at a glance Laura Ski Centre • 131 Borax tower guns • 96 Rubis Classic tower guns • 162 Rubis Evo tower guns • 3 machine rooms: - 12 pumps for snowmaking with a total capacity of 1,450 m³/h - 5 air compressors (2,200 Nm³/h, 315 kW each)

One of the main problems with which the Russian organizers

RusSki Gorki Ski Jumping Center • 1 T40 on 3.5 m lift • 1 T60 on 3.5 m lift • 1 mobile T40 • 3 mobile T60s • 8 V3 tower guns + overground valve block • Cooling tower system • 2 10 l/s pump stations for irrigation • 2 20 l/s pump stations for snowmaking

had to contend was the mild weather in Sochi; for this reason, it was decided to count on TechnoAlpin, whose snow guns make excellent snow even at marginal temperatures. For this

occasion, about 100 snow guns were supplied. Despite the mild weather, the systems installed by TechnoAlpin managed

These Sochi Olympics were also an excellent launch

to produce the snow necessary to ensure that the games went

pad for TechnoAlpin into the Russian market. New pros-

well. The cooling towers installed ensured water at excellent

pects as regards the mountains of the Caucasus and of

working temperatures, enabling efficient operation at all tem-

Russia in general in fact are opening up.

peratures. TechnoAlpin did not supply snow guns only to the Russian venues that hosted the Olympics events: the managers of Laura decided, in fact, to ask TechnoAlpin to install a further 300 tower guns for the Alpine slopes of the resort. For years, TechnoAlpin has supported the organizers of major events such as the Winter Olympics or the Alpine and Nordic World Ski Championships. In the past, the snow experts have made sure there was snow during the 2002 Salt Lake City and 2006 Turin Olympics, the 2011 Oslo and 2013 Fiemme Nordic World Ski Championships, as well as the 2005 Bormio, 2007 Åre and 2013 Schladming Alpine World Ski Championships; To mention but a few.

S n o w E x p E r t S … at t H E o ly M p i C S



produCt inForMationS


the best on the market

It’s now two years since the TF10 fan gun was made available

not the only advantage offered by the TF10: with an

on the market. With two snowmaking seasons behind it, the

internal motor and a speed of 1,500 revs/min., it is

snow gun has shown all its qualities, confirming its high-pro-

much quieter than the other models. Thanks to its low

duction performance in various ski resorts. The energy-efficient

frequency, the sound is less of a nuisance: an advan-

Rubis Evolution lance has also shown that it is just as good.

tage, above all, for snowmaking near built-up areas

Both products are the result of the careful research carried out

or natural parks. Feedback from customers has been

into efficiency.

extraordinarily positive. In America, the snow gun was introduced in 2013. The first feedback that has arrived

The TF10 is not only one of the largest fan guns currently on

from American resorts is more than satisfactory. Buck

the market, but stands out also for its efficiency while making

Boley, the Manager responsible for snowmaking at the

snow. 24 Quadrijet nozzles and 8 nucleators are installed on

Alta Ski Resort (USA) has said that he is very satisfied:

the nozzle ring: it is possible to turn them on or off depend-

“The TF10 has made perfect snow on our slopes since

ing on the outdoor temperature. In this way, the quality of the

it was installed last October. Despite being extreme-

snow remains constantly high, even at marginal temperatures.

ly powerful, it has surprised us for its low frequency.”

Thanks to the valve block, this adjustment can be made eas-

Luke Stratford, manager of the Yellowstone Club resort

ily and continuously. This power of the machine at marginal

in Montana (USA), also says that he’s very satisfied:

temperatures is truly impressive. But power and efficiency are

“The TF10 has been very useful, above all on wide

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

gy consumption, both in new systems and in optimized ones. Very resistant to wind and ice, thanks to the shape of the head, the Rubis Evolution offers a concentrated jet that enables production both on wide slopes and on narrow ones, with extremely low noise emissions. This makes it suitable for slopes near housing and urban areas. But not only: the tower is easy to mount, is very reliable and requires minimum maintenance. On the east coast, in Wintergreen (VA), Jay Roberts, VP Resort Operation at the resort, says that introducing the Rubis Evo tower had the same positive effects as slopes and on slopes that need more snow. This is not only

automating the entire system years ago. “We’d nev-

thanks to its high snow output, but also thanks to its wide

er go back”, says Roberts. The satisfaction is amply


shared by other international resort managers, such as the managers of Courchevel (France), where the Oper-

The Rubis Evolution tower also surprises for its high-quality

ation Manager, Thomas Thor Jessen, says: “Among the

performance. The snow gun in fact makes possible to obtain

snow guns present in our system, the Rubis Evo tower

excellent performance in different weather conditions, even at

gun is the best-performing one. The different versions

marginal temperatures. Thanks to its moderate air consumption

of Rubis Evo fully meet the needs of the different types

(25 m³/h – on average), the Rubis Evo guarantees low ener-

of slopes we have.

Snow ExpErtS produCt inForMationS



proJECtS in andorra

soldeu 8 wins the world cup with TechnoAlpin In 2013, Soldeu, the ski area which is part of the largest resort in Andorra, Grandvalira, renewed its trust in the TechnoAlpin snowmaking systems. In fact, after expanding its snowmaking system in 2012, the Andorran location decided to continue expansion works so as to be always able to guarantee a snow covering on its slopes. In 2012, the famous Andorran resort of Soldeu hosted two

to host the World Cup speed races too (Downhill etc.).

competitions for the Women’s Skiing World Cup: the giant and

Along the slope, which measure just less than 3 km,

special slalom races, won on that occasion by Tessa Worley

50 pits were installed on which the snow guns were

and Marlies Schild respectively. In 2013, the men’s giant sla-

then mounted.

lom of the European Cup was held. To be able to guarantee a secure water supply, In the wake of the enthusiasm following these major events, the

TechnoAlpin also modified and optimized one of the

skiing area managers decided to launch an expansion project

machine rooms. In the “Solannelles” pump station, an

for 2013. The work, which was done during summer and au-

additional pump was also installed, which brings the

tumn 2013, concentrated on the “Aliga” slope particularly. The

pumping capacity of the entire snowmaking installation

purpose of this work was to have a snowmaking system able

to 2,840 m³/h of water. In the same machine room,

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

variable speed drives were also installed, with the aim of reducing energy consumption. After the work this summer, the “Solannelles” pump station is now interconnected with the “Pla Espiolet” machine room; it is then possible to pump more water into the key areas of the snowmaking system, including on the “Aliga” slope. Finally, to reduce air consumption, the managers decided to replace 20 Rubis R6 Classic tower guns with the same number of Rubis Evo R6 tower guns. This entails a reduction in air consumption of almost 60%. Thanks to this modernization, it was not necessary to install

The project

at a glance • 60 Rubis Evolution tower guns + valves • 7 Safyr tower guns + valves • 1 pump station (200 m³/h, 40 bar, 355 kW) • 1 355 kW speed drive • Cast-iron pipes

any further compressors to supply air to the more than 500 snow guns at the resort.

Snow ExpErtS proJECt in andorra



proJECtS in auStria

The project

at a glance • • • •


18 TF10s on 4.5 m lifts 2 mobile TF10s 18 pits + valves 1 “Krummbach” pump station with 3 40 l/s, 690 m, 400 kW pumps and a 250 kW compressor • ATASSplus update • Liberty 2013 update + integration of the TA snow guns in Liberty

9.1 expansion

of the snowmaking system After the expansion of the snowmaking system in 2012, the

Thanks to the renovation work carried out at Gerlos, it

managers of the Tyrolean resort of Gerlos (AUT), decided to en-

will be possible, from the 2013/2014 winter season,

trust the 2013 expansion projects to TechnoAlpin again. While

to have basic snow coverage at -5°C wet bulb in ap-

the previous year’s project involved installing the new “Fußalm”

proximately 72 hours. It will therefore be possible to

pump station, a reservoir and two cooling towers, this year’s

maximize snowmaking windows of opportunity, now

project includes the addition of a second pump station, as well

always very short, also optimizing energy consumption.

as installing a series of fan guns.

TechnoAlpin aims to design and install cutting-edge systems, consuming as little energy as possible. This is

The new TechnoAlpin pump station will replace an older one located near the “Krummbach” valley chair lift, thereby tripling the efficiency of the old station, reaching a power of 3x 40l/s. Thanks to the ATASSplus control software, it will be very easy to manage the new pump station simply and efficiently. Thanks to total power of 580l/s, the pump stations located in the resort can feed water to all the snow guns located on the Gerlo slopes. From next season, the 20 TF10 fan guns installed this summer will replace the tower guns, which have been there since the 1990s.

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

the case also for the Gerlos system.



TechnoAlpin snow on the slopes

This autumn, the Dorfgasteiner Bergbahnen AG resort decided

to the range of its offer, the restaurants at the resort,

to expand its snowmaking system. The managers awarded the

and above all thanks to the preparation and snow

job of design and installation to the snow experts at Techno-

covering on the slopes, which are always at their

Alpin, world leader in this sector.

best during the entire season.

The resort, located at the entrance of the Gastein Valley,

Therefore, to guarantee perfectly snow-covered slopes

near Salzburg, has managed to preserve its character as

in all parts of the resort, the managers decided to con-

a typical Alpine town over time. Besides the more than

sider expanding the existing system. In addition, the

80km of slopes for Alpine skiing, perfectly laid out trails for

managers also decided to install the ATASSplus control

cross-country skiing, a slope for sledges and as many as

software. The software gathers all the data from the

115km of walking trails in a beautiful natural environment

snow guns, weather stations and pump stations, opti-

complete the offer. Opened in 1960, over the years it has

mizing snow production depending on the predominant

managed to distinguish itself from the competition, thanks


The project

at a glance • • • • • • •

5 T40s on 4.5 m lift 3 TF10 units on 4.5 m lifts 1 T40 on 3.5 m lift 4 mobile T40s 13 pits 1 electrical system, Fulseck station ATASSplus

Snow ExpErtS proJECtS in auStria



FroM unitEd StatES

10 excellent conditions at the US snowboarding grand prix From 16 to 22 December 2013, the 14 th edition of the U.S.

The very low air consumption made it possible to give

Snowboarding Grand Prix was held at Copper Mountain (CO).

the maximum priority to the “Catalyst” slope on which

The Copper Mountain was the first opportunity for the Amer-

the events were planned, without sacrificing the air

ican team to qualify for the Sochi Olympics. The Slopestyle

needed for the other slopes. In little more than 600

track, full of ramps, railings and obstacles, was particularly

operating hours, most of which in extreme marginal

difficult. Its design was used as a model for the track on

conditions, the 10 Rubis Evos produced approximately

which the athletes later competed during the Sochi Olympics.

35,000 m³ of snow. The TF10 made a total of approximately 7,000 m³ of snow in 450 hours of operation.

The snow on the track was all produced quickly at minimum cost using the TechnoAlpin snow guns. In the slopestyle

The second stage of the Grand Prix was held in Breck-

events, the Rubis Evo automatic lance had a leading role in

enridge (CO). The resort replaced Northstar at Tahoe,

preparing the slopes, assisted by the TF10 fan gun. All the

which had problems with snow coverage. The slope

snow guns were integrated into the Liberty software: this is

for the Slopestyle and Halfpipe events were made ex-

the first integration of the snow gun into the control software

clusively using T40 fan guns.

at Copper. The snow production began on October 10 th, so the fully automatic Rubis Evos had to work night after night in marginal conditions with numerous starts and stops, something that would have been almost impossible with manual machines. Working at the same time, the 10 Rubis Evos recorded minimal consumption of just 34 m³/h of air, for a total of 340 m³/h.

w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

The system

at a glance • • • •

11 skiing via lattea

593 tower guns 36 fan guns 848 pits 14 pump stations – total capacity of 910 l/s • 3 compressor plants – total capacity 2,600 kW • 81km of piping • 5 reservoirs with a total capacity of 158,800 m³

without borders

The Via Lattea (Italy) ski resort is one of the largest in Europe. The

providing six of the nine Olympic snowmaking systems

skiing terrain of Via Lattea includes the skis areas Sauze D’Oulz,

for the following slopes/sites: Biathlon at San Sicario,

Pragelato Sestriere, Cesana, Sansicario, Oulx, Claviere and the

Women’s Alpine Skiing at San Sicario, Men’s Al-

French site of Montgenèvre. The resort is located between the

pine Skiing at Sestriere, Freestyle at Sauze d’Oulx,

altitudes 1,350 m at Cesan and 2,823 m for Monte Motta and has

Ski Jumps at Pragelato, Training slope at Sportinia

72 ski lifts and 212 slopes, for a total length of 400 km. Past events and past seasons have demonstrated that This vast and varied resort allows satisfying both the most de-

TechnoAlpin is the ideal partner for snowmaking: With

manding skiers, thanks to the long and expert’s slopes, and

slopes prepared perfectly for every occasion, for the en-

those new to the world of skiing. After having organized numer-

tire season. TechnoAlpin also believes firmly in the future

ous international winter sport events, the Ski World Cup (since

partnership with this major resort.

1967), the Snowboard World Cup and the Alpine World Ski Championships of 1997, the resort was at the heart of the XX Winter Olympic Games, held in Turin in 2006. The ski resort has been using TechnoAlpin snowmaking systems for several years now: there are, in fact, over 600 snow guns installed along the slopes of the Via Lattea resort. There has been also a series of expansion works: certainly one of the largest was the modernization and expansion of the snowmaking systems for the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin. TechnoAlpin had the honor of

S n o w E x p E r t S p r o J E C t i n i ta ly



proJECtS in arGEntina

The project

at a glance


• • • •

8 mobile T40s 4 T40s on towers 24 pits + accessories ATASSplus

in the resorts furthest

south in the world TechnoAlpin is proud to be able to supply turnkey snow-

resort a spectacle worthy of the World Cup. The resort

making systems all over the world. During summer in the

managers have also decided to expand their slopes

southern hemisphere, expansion work began at two of

this year. At this point, TechnoAlpin’s snow experts

the most important Argentinean resorts: Cerro Catedral

were brought in to expand the snowmaking system: as

Alta Patagonia and Cerro Castor.

well as installing fan guns, cast-iron pipes and data cables were buried.

The Cerro Catedral – Alta Patagonia resort, located near San Carlos di Bariloche, is one of the major ski resorts in South America, with more than 100km of slopes and ski lifts with a total capacity of 35,000 users per hour. The resort takes its name from the high peaks that tower above the resort and that seem like the spires of a Gothic cathedral. The managers of the Argentinean resort have decided to expand their snowmaking system, installing 12 T40 fan guns. One of these snow guns is the thousandth produced by TechnoAlpin in production year 2013. For TechnoAlpin, it is an honor that the thousandth snow gun is to be installed at the Cerro Catedral resort: this is because it is the first collaboration between the Argentinean ski resort and TechnoAlpin. Cerro Castor, 26km from Ushuaia, in Tierra del Fuego, is the most southerly resort in the world. Inaugurated in 1999, it offers 10 ski lifts, 29 km of slopes and a snow park. Despite being almost at sea level (195 – 1,057 m a.s.l.), the resort hosts many of the national Alpine Skiing teams every year, from June to October, thus giving the other guests at the

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1 TF10 on 4.5 m lift 1 T40 on 3.5 m lift 2 T40s mobile 13 pits + accessories 2,100 m of cast-iron piping 5,400 m of data cables ATASSplus update

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TechnoAlpin was proudly able to add a new

country to the list of those where it has installed its products: namely South Africa. In January, in fact, an M90 fan gun was sold to Tiffindell, the only ski resort in South Africa.


TechnoAlpin is a partner of the Czech Olym-

pic Committee? At the same time as the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics, the Czech Olympic Committee in fact had an Olympic Park built in the center of Prague. The aim of the Letna Olympic Park construction was to bring the Czech population closer to winter sports. All the Olympic events were broadcast on giant screens. All over the park, various stations were installed where it was possible to try various Olympic sports. TechnoAlpin supported the Czech Committee during preparation of the Olympic Park. Four


latest-generation TF10 snow guns produced the snow

necessary to cover slopes and snow parks. The TF10 sup-

Audi advertising campaign. We appear in the ad

ported the technicians very well, above all in view of the

“Russia, Land of Quattro”

far-from-optimal temperatures this January: the snow guns

com/watch?v=T5iaWsT_GDM and in the Laser

worked ceaselessly producing excellent snow, without a

Show organized at the Chinese resort, Changbai-

trade-off with snow quality. Two mobile pumps on carriag-

shan. Furthermore, Audi advertises its cars as

es sucked up the water, previously cooled in two mobile

“snow guns”.

TechnoAlpin is the star of the new

cooling towers.

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snow guns do not necessarily make snow just

for ski-resort slopes?! At Lycksele, a town in southern Sweden, training courses and refresher courses are held every year on the subject of snow removal from the runways for the employees of various European airports. This year, during the course, a T40 snow gun with a mobile pump was used.


TechnoAlpin supports the Bolzano Am-

ateur Sports Group for the Blind and Partially Sighted? From January 19 to 26 2014, the Group organized its annual cross-country skiing week in Val Casies, in the province of Bolzano. The 38 participants from across Italy and Germany completed courses of various lengths, learning or developing Nordic skiing techniques together with a specially trained team of guides. TechnoAlpin is proud to have been a part of this exciting project.


the Scottish Cairngorm resort recorded almost

of this snow. “These are the results of many blizzards,

10m of snow this winter in some places? The snowmaking

which struck us many times this winter”, said Colin

technicians had to dig the TechnoAlpin snow guns free from all

Matthew, slope preparation Manager at Cairngorm.

! n i p l A o n h c e T t u o …all ab w w w.t E C H n oa l p i n .C o M

14 partners

We would like to take this opportunity to extend a special thank you to our partners. The commitment and professionalism they demonstrate is what makes TechnoAlpin a leading Company.

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