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Calibration of pressure devices

Traceable and accredited calibration • We carry out on-site calibration • We offer a wide range of equipment to cover all aspects of calibration • Additional specialized services available

Calibration of pressure devices Our broad range of services allows you to choose the one that is most ideally suited to your needs. On-site or in the laboratory, we will check the compliance of your equipment to your own metrological specifications. The calibration location will depend upon your production needs and the precision of measurement you expect.

On-site or in the laboratory? The calibrations we carry out in the laboratory are based upon state-of-the-art technology. Our computerised systems mean that our work is both rapid and flexible. Any instrument that you return to our workshops will be calibrated to a very high standard. When carried out on-site, calibration reduces equipment downtime to an absolute minimum. In accordance with the ISO 17025 standard, you will receive a verification certificate and, if necessary, an adjustment certificate. In addition, the expertise of our technician will enable you to optimize the compliance management of your measuring equipment.

Place of calibration

In the laboratory (at E+H)

Calibration range*

• -0.85…20 bar (relative) • 0.15…21 bar (absolute)

• 0.01…100 mbar in the vacuum • 0…500 bar (absolute) • -1…80 bar (relative)

Category of calibration

• Absolute pressure • Relative pressure • Hydrostatic pressure

• Absolute pressure • Relative pressure • Hydrostatic pressure • Differential pressure • Vacuum

Equipment concerned

• Manometers (needle or digital) • Pressure sensors • Pressure transmitters

• Manometers (needle or digital) • Pressure sensors • Pressure transmitters • Pressure generators and calibrators

Calibration method Number of calibration points Resources used Metrological compliance Documents issued

Photos on top: on-site calibration using Druck pressure calibrators * Subject to change

Instruments International

Other locations

Endress+Hauser Instruments International AG Kägenstrasse 2 4153 Reinach Switzerland Tel. +41 61 715 81 00 Fax +41 61 715 25 00

Please visit:

IN00105H/29/EN/01.06 PF/INDD CS4


Comparison with a pressure calibrator

Comparison with a digital piston balance

5 increasing/decreasing points within operating range

5 increasing/decreasing points or • In an accredited laboratory on a 10 point cycle (increasing/decreasing) • 10 increasing points for reproducibility

Pressure generator Druck DPI 605

Desgranges & Huot, Ruska manometric balance

To national and international standards

To national and international standards or DKD accreditation 13001-03

• Calibration certificate • On request, copy of the proof of conformity to national/ international standards

Calibration certificate

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