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Sean and Bradford, my life support team. Thank you for always believing in me when I did not believe in myself at times. I will always be incredibly grateful for the knowledge, strength, and wisdom you have instilled in me throughout this program.

Larry, my comedy duo partner. Thank you for all of the laughs during my lighter days and all of the loves during my hardest times. I am so blessed to have a supporting figure who validates my feelings with empathy.

Cynthia, the Jessica to my Michael. Thank you for being the guiding force in my life. Your cynicism, humor, and impeccable taste has led me to become a stronger person than I was yesterday.

Kristina, the biggest uwu in my life. Thank you for always being by my side and giving my life joy and hope during the worst of times. It was a pleasure to work with you.

Eve, my rival, collaborator, and inspiration. Thank you for lending your skills and insight into our project. You are an incredible beacon of talent and you inspire me everyday.

Eugene Thank you for all of your love and support. You keep me grounded and open my eyes to my own potential. I am always glad to have you around.

Norm Thank you for always helping me out with my projects and being the person I can spill the tea with. The program is blessed to have you come along.

Chloe Thank you for your patience and always knowing what to say. I would be nowhere without your love and support and I am incredibly grateful to have known you.

Andrea, Candice, James, Leanna, and Min Thank you for helping me build my foundation and letting me prosper into something greater.

Portfolio Classmates Thank you all for the good times. I will miss you all dearly and I hope that our paths cross again someday.

Family and Friends Thank you always.


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SERIES ONE by Forrest Huu Ta

SERIES ONE by Forrest Huu Ta