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Objects of Extravagance OBJECTIVE



The Metropolitan Museum of Art, also known as The Met, is the largest art museum in the United States. It features renowned exhibits to millions of visitors annually and has four separate locations in New York state. Its permanent collection consists of over two million works that are divided into seventeen curatorial departments. It is also known for its Met Gala which is regarded as one of the most exclusive social events of the year. The museum is opening a new exhibit that features decorative pieces from the Baroque and Rococo Era . A limited edition book, to be sold in the gift shop, was created to serve as a companion to the exhibit.

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The new exhibit, named ‘Objects of Extravagance,’ is branded with detailed images of Baroque and Rococo furniture and decor set over dark backgrounds. Images focus on the craftsmanship of the pieces from the time period, rather than the era as a whole. Kennerly Pro, chosen for its classic elegance that reference the intricate details of the exhibit objects, is applied with loose spacing for a stark look. The companion book is typeset with Adobe Caslon Pro, for its timeless character and strong readability.

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