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Fantasy Sports Websites: A Basic Guide to Fantasy Baseball Leagues Nfl Fantasy Playoffs Experts Fantasy baseball is a game where individuals or players of the game can assume the role of a team manager or owner. As such it is very important that you know the gist of managing a baseball team. Once you have assembled your team, you will be pitted against other teams in the fantasy baseball league. You and your opponent will try to win the most points based on the performance or statistics of your players. Popular Fantasy Baseball Formats Rotisserie Rotisserie is one of the popular formats in the fantasy baseball league. Players here gather points based on the performance of their players and add them at the end of the season. To begin, you will have to pick categories offered by the league. The most common categories are batting average, runs, home runs, RBI, stolen bases, wins, ERA, saves, strikeouts, and WHIPS. For example, in a 12 team league, if you are first in the home run category you get the highest point which is 12 while second gets 11 and so on. The points in each category are added and accumulated throughout the season; the team with the most points at the end of the season wins the game. Rotisserie, Head to Head Head to Head is another format and much more popular than Rotisserie. In this game, owners or participants compete with other teams each week. Team owners will not wait for the whole season to end. In this game, a winner can be declared at the end of the matchup. There is still a point system in every category. You get 1 point if you win and half a point if you tie with your opponent. To illustrate, in game with 10 categories, if you win 6 of them and tied in one category you will be awarded 6.5 points hence you win the game. Next week, you will be facing a new team or opponent but the stats start over rather than accumulate like in the traditional Rotisserie format. Read Here Fantasy baseball is a virtual game of the actual sport in which players or owners get to experience handling their own baseball team. This game is available through fantasy sports service provider via online. Individuals who love the sport compete with their own virtual team while they monitor real baseball teams of the season. The Format Before entering the league, you must understand the different formats available in the league. There are many formats in this game but the popular ones are the Rotisserie and the Head-to-Head. The Rotisserie is a format that runs throughout the entire season while Headto-Head is accomplished every week.

Drafting Players Drafting can be fun but challenging too because you need to form an effective team based on real life players before the season starts. It is both fun and challenging because it usually requires strategy to fulfill this task. For instance, if you want to participate in a Rotisserie game, your strategy is to select players who can compete in most or all categories. Thus, you need to pick the best players who you think will deliver the points in all categories to win the season. On the other hand, Head-to-Head format will require you to assess the league’s rules and requirements, since you will be competing with different teams each week. Meanwhile, matchups are a big factor in your decision too. You will be competing against new opponents every week so your players must be able to match up the players of the other team. You can get information from fantasy sports websites and sports channels to help you decide which players you want to include in your fantasy baseball team. Managing Your Team Another fun aspect of fantasy baseball is managing your rosters. When the season starts, you will be deciding who to pick again and who to drop. In Rotisserie for instance, you manage the team based on their performance of based on your own speculation. Since the league runs for an entire season, your managing skills will be based on a long term vision rather than a short term one. It is different in Head-to-Head because you will be managing your rosters based on the matchup or your opponent so you need to keep track of the trends. However in Head-toHead, league rules and point system matters. Thus you also need to take into consideration these elements when it comes to managing your rosters.

Fantasy Sports Websites: A Basic Guide to Fantasy Baseball Leagues  

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