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The full movie is on Netflix​

I hope to continue seeing more stories as this....excuse me, I got some...something in my eye.​ She is one of the true master street photographers. It is a tragedy she never got the recognition she deserved in her lifetime. She should have been able to live comfortably off the proceeds of her incredible work and devote her entire life to her art.​.

Tears streaming down my cheeks. SO happy that there is some good finally happening for this old man. God bless all who brought them back together.​. Thanks to The Big CIA, which very succesful intervention in Guatemala in 1954 against democratic elected government of Árbenz, ended up causing a 36 year internal war. To ensure US transnational economic business interests would have their very profitable and backyard land in Guatemala.​. interesting​ I have got to stop slicing onions while browsing youtube.​. Excellent review. My brain exhausted. I was a victim of crime a pile up of crimes no justice. I watch a clip of Oscar reunited with his poor Dad very moving.​ i was born in the 70s im from guatemala this the main reason we left guatemla becuse the usa train this people to kill the guatemalan people but will make justice soon or later they will paid reason i left i came to the usa god bless you.​.

Is there a website where I can see the film I have directv and it's not available on vod.i keep seeing that it is available in VOD but where else?​. Absolutely a must see people in Guatemala and everywhere are living with the consequences of a brutal CIA fueled civil war-to this day​

I will have to buy this documentary to see it , such a horrific story. I wonder if there was a film made of the other little boy survivor they found?​ Such a good documentary.​ Wonderful. Thank you.​ Beautiful video combined with the story.​ An amazing story. Out of the horror and madness of such a senseless crime, along comes a team of searchers and anthropologists to sift through the smallest remains and ensure that families know what happened to their loved ones, months and months of DNA testing to make a story like Tranquilino and Oscar come true. These people are heroes, nothing less.​. amazing story...i am without words.​

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[Tablet] Online Film DepositFiles Finding Oscar Streaming Cinema  

[Tablet] Online Film DepositFiles Finding Oscar Streaming Cinema  

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