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CarbonFiber Leather Shell for iPhone and iPhone 3G In utilizing the combination of superb strength of carbon fiber and the extra padding of premium stitched leather, ION CarbonFiber Leather Shell not only offers the beauty but ultimate protection for your iPhone’s delicate body against accidental impacts and abrasion damage.

color available premium grade full-grain leather (orange, black and white) or velvet woven fiber (medium grey) Material carbon fiber weave composite polycarbonate plastic inner shell microfiber padding INSIDE THE BOX microfiber cleaning cloth pricing / SKU for iPhone 3G / USD 79.89 / i8071 for iPhone (old) / USD 59.85 / i8051

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MetalVest anodized gripcase for iPhone 3G ION Metal Vest is a new generation grip case. A simple snap-on back cover offers ultra-slim protection without adding bulk. Comes with a mirror protector to ensure that the Multi-Touch screen survives without a scratch. color available yellow gold / red inner gun metal / blue inner

Material anodized polycarbonate plastic INSIDE THE BOX microfiber cleaning cloth mirror screen protector x2 pricing / SKU for iPhone 3G USD 29.99 / i8091

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CarbonShell for the aluminum MacBook unibody Patented polyurethane crafted on high durable Polycarbonate plastic fiber, the ION CarbonShell is a style protection hard case, ease-of-use and customized to the Aluminum 13-in MacBook. • two pieces snap-on cover • accessible to all plugs, ports and drive • slim protection with adding weight

color available black cover + black strip + black back cover black cover + grey strip + grey back cover Material polycarbonate plastic inner shell patented polyurethane premium grade full-grain leather (black) or velvet woven fiber (medium grey) pricing / SKU for MacBook 13 unibody USD 89.89 / i469 for MacBook Pro 15 unibody USD 99.89 / i857

IridiumCase for the aluminum MacBook unibody ION invented the new IridiumCase, particularly gear up the patented reinforcement coating against dust and scratch. Extraordinary outfit without compromise of accessibility and protection. • two pieces snap-on polycarbonate fiber shields • perfect fit cutouts for all ports and drive • micro-fiber bag included

Material polycarbonate plastic INSIDE THE BOX microfiber bag pricing / SKU for MacBook 13 unibody USD 128.89 / i462 for MacBook Pro 15 unibody USD 148.89 / i485

IRIDIUM MAINTENANCE You can wash the Iridium-Air Shell with only mild soap and tap water, never use cleaning solutions. Be careful NOT to rub the surface excessively with your fingertips (no cloth rubbing). Rinse, let air dry and wipe it clean with the micro-fiber bag. When not in use, always store it in the micro-fiber bag. Iridium metal is mostly non-toxic due to its relative unreactivity.

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LeatherGrip for Palm treo pro / htc Touch HD It is perfect fitted grip case offered a full panel open face to ensure 100% touch screen accessibility. Ease-of-use and protected by a padded flipup cover. Smart and functional provide fully access to all ports, buttons, tablet and camera. Material premium grade full-grain leather patented polyurethane pricing / SKU for Palm treo pro USD 59.85 / i442 for htc Touch HD USD 59.85 / i519

Organizer for BlackBerry Storm / BlackBerry Curve / htc Touch HD Form fitting executive organizer, sleek and high durable protection case perfectly for everyday use.

Material premium grade full-grain leather microfiber padding pricing / SKU for BlackBerry Storm 9000 USD 49.85 / i468 for BlackBerry Curve 8900 USD 49.85 / i524 for htc Touch HD USD 49.85 / i529

AirFolio for MacBook Air ION Air-folio is the simple but elegant design best suited for those who are always on the go. It can be a stand alone carrying sleeve or easily be stowed in your briefcase or bag pack alike, and also allows quick and easy access to your machine whenever necessary. • tighten and secure with two strips of elastic band

Material polyurethane ballistic nylon pricing / SKU for MacBook Air USD 59.89 / i8052

AirNet enamel leather case for MacBook Air While typing and tracking, comfort is more than style. Your MacBook Air is intended to sit in angle inside the ION Air-Net. It is also easier to access all ports, adaptors and MagSafe Power Adapter. ION Air Net is welldesigned to protect your MacBook Air. • double layer mesh polyurethane avoid dust and scratch • ergonomics

color available brown graphite Material mesh polyurethane enamel leather pricing / SKU for MacBook Air USD 79.99 / i8075

WheelPad silicone jacket for iPod nano 4 The ION Wheel Pad, a silicone jacket and a kick wheel cover. The display is protected from scratch, while the body is covered by thick silicone with side bumpers. It helps to protect your original iPod against accidental impacts and ready to go mobile with style. color available black silicone + gold kickwhell cover Material odor-free pure silicone anodized polycarbonate kickwheel cover pricing / SKU for iPod nano 4th generation USD 29.99 / i432

website: Bernard Lau cell: (852) 9087 8287 msn: skype: bta_bernlau

7 DAYS UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE For whatever reason if you are unhappy with our product, we will either refund or will send you a replacement item. Claims must be received by ION within 7 days from the date of purchase. 90 DAYS LIMITED WARRANTY

All ION products are available for international shipment worldwide, please check our website for details.

Free of charge repair claims on factory detects are ONLY valid within 90 days from the date of purchase. Damage caused by improper use and/or natural wear and tear are NOT applicable to warranty items. Customer is responsible

ION-factory is a young product design online shop, headquartered in Hong Kong and affiliated manufacturing in China.

for the shipping fee of the item to our service center. Conditions for effective claims includes the following: 1. Coverage is valid ONLY with proof of purchase from

Our signature products: the Carbon Fiber Leather Shell for iPhone and Iridium PC-case for MacBook; have already distinguished ION as one of the most creative and premium brand for Apple accessories. We also gained wide reputations from its supreme quality and finest workmanship. and/or ION authorized resellers worldwide. 2. Replacement item can ONLY be of the same model/ style/color. Item must be returned with original packaging in good condition for refund claims. 3. Shipping fee is non refundable. 4. ION claims no responsibility on local taxes or duties or

It would give us a great pleasure if your company will interest in ION. We are certain that a collaboration between our companies will prove to be attractive and successful for both parties.

any additional charges that might have incurred. 5. ION reserves all rights to the final decision of any claims. Please email your claim enquiry to ION guarantee a swift response within 48-hours or you can also contact your local reseller for direct assistance.

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