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Mission Statement • 0121 326 9143

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About Highway Traffic Management

• • • • •

We formed in 1995 with just a handful of operatives and a couple of vehicles. By working closely with local construction companies and local authorities, Highway Traffic Management quickly grew to what we have today. We are proud to boast that we have over 80 dedicated sites operatives, 18 office based staff and a large fleet of traffic management vehicles including 10 Impact Protection Vehicles and we are still growing year on year. We have become one of the most reliable and experienced traffic management companies in the country. 90% of our office staff started at Highway Traffic Management as operatives working on the road and with the right training and attitude have progressed to become managers across roles such as: Health & Safety, Yard Managers, Operations Managers and Contracts Managers. 30% of the workforce have been at Highway Traffic Management for over 10 years, we have built up a fantastic team who work together to deliver the best solutions for our clients requirements. Our mission each and every day is, "keeping the traffic flowing safely". • 0121 326 9143

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What we can offer you VMS

Variable Message Signage Convoy Systems In-House Sign Manufacture Traffic Management Drawings

Vehicle Swept Path Analysis



Motorways & High Speed Dual Carriageways

Mobile Lane Closures

Event Traffic Management

Vehicle/ Pedestrians Diversions

& Site Based Supervisors


24 Hour Emergency Callout

A Personnel Training, Care & Welfare Service

Traffic Management Equipment Hire

Consultation & Advice

Rural & Urban Roads Temporary Traffic Lights • 0121 326 9143


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Our local community

At Highway Traffic Management we are proud to give a little back to our local community. We help charities and events such as: • 0121 326 9143

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Members of

At Highway Traffic Management we have built up a team of dedicated and hard working staff, who are supported by our membership of these associations, committees and groups: • 0121 326 9143

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At Highway Traffic Management we are quality assured and accredited members of these bodies: • 0121 326 9143

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Where have we been •

Mac 9 2009 - 2014 – Amey

Jennens Road Scheme 2012 - 2014 – Balfour Beatty

Snow Hill Redevelopment 2008 - 2010 – Birse Civils

Resurfacing works 2003 - 2010 – Birmingham City Council

The Great Birmingham Half Marathon – BCC 2009/10/11/12/13/14

24 hour emergency callout 2003 – 2010 Birmingham City Council

Various closures for Political Party Conferences – BCC

Various road closures – Film Birmingham/BCC

Red Route Lining Scheme – 2012/2013 McPhillips

Traffic management provider for Coventry City Council Plus many other locations... just ask! • 0121 326 9143

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Where are we now

Birmingham Gateway Project – Mace

Resurfacing works – Amey PFI

• •

• •

BCCE (tram) – Balfour Beatty

Lighting column replacement – Amey PFI 24 hour emergency callout – Amey PFI

Birmingham Heat line installation scheme – Cofley District Heating

The Great Birmingham half marathon – BCC/Nova international

Match day road closures – Birmingham City Football Club

Various road closures – Film Birmingham/BCC

Area 3 – Chevron, Area 7 – A1 plus, Area 9 – Chevron/Enterprise Mouchel

Various event closures for Coventry City Council Plus many more... just ask! • 0121 326 9143

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Rospa Gold Award – Occupational Health and Safety

A one plus – Most consistent supplier award

Birmingham City Council – Considerate Contractor awards 2005/2007 A one plus – Most commended award

Finalist with Construction News for a health and safety award for our new low bed traffic management vehicle • 0121 326 9143

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Our new low level traffic management vehicle.

It all started when we asked a truck provider to bring along a demonstration vehicle for us to look at.

• • • •

We are proud to be a company that is promoting change.

When they arrived, they only had a standard panel van for us to look at as they didn't have any flatbed vehicles at that time.

It was then that Keith Baldwin got into the back of the vehicle and had a eureka moment, and asked why we couldn't have a vehicle with a bed this low?

We then purchased a chassis of the vehicle and worked with a body building company to produce a vehicle which can not only have a greater payload than a standard 3.5t vehicle, but also has a reduced working height which brings down the risk from working at height and keeps the workforce as safe as possible.

“It’s all about continuous improvement and sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that prove to be the best.” • 0121 326 9143

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Technology •

Smart phone technology has enabled our operatives to go 100% paperless.

Instantly receive and send job instruction sheets.

Advantages of our new system are:

Send back hazard detection and near miss forms immediately.

Self audit 100% of installed and maintained traffic management.

Simultaneously receive safety alerts and memo’s.

Record site clearance.

Reduce our carbon footprint.

Record timesheets and book annual holidays. • 0121 326 9143

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Let us reduce your spending

Our aim is to help you reduce your spending costs.

This would be able to let us best manage your traffic management requirements by utilising the operatives to be able to do multi tasks throughout the day, i.e.: multiple traffic management operations, deliveries, collections and even litter picking.

Working closely with all of our supply chain partners, we helped them reduce their spending by getting involved early at planning stages for contracts.

All this would be done whilst still delivering you a quality service.

Cut costs, not corners! • 0121 326 9143

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Andy Smith ( TM Steward ) from A1 Plus says:

Carl Exall (Area manager ) from Chevron says:

Nick Griffiths (Surfacing Operations Manager) Amey PFI Birmingham says:

“We have been working with Highway Traffic Management for a while now, and I can say that they constantly exceed our expectations as a traffic management provider. This is the reason that they have won 2 awards with us recently.”

“Highway Traffic Management have become an integral part of our contract in Area 9. Nothing is too much, when we ask, it is done and when it is done we can be rest assured that it will be done professionally.”

“We have worked very closely with Highway Traffic Management since the start of the Birmingham PFI contract, they have understood our needs to provide a top quality service whilst at the same time, trying to keep our spending as low as possible. They have been professional throughout every part of their business.” • 0121 326 9143

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Mission Statement

Our mission is, “Keeping the traffic flowing safely.”

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.

Our aim is to do this by providing our clients with the most economical and financial product that we can offer, whilst still delivering to the highest standard. We do not aim to work to the standards of Health & Safety, we aim to exceed them!

We will achieve all of this and more by constantly training and developing our workforce. • 0121 326 9143

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Highway Traffic Management Headquarters

• •

Based in the heart of the Midlands directly under Spaghetti Junction, and now in Aylesbury, we are able to travel anywhere in the country with ease.

2 Tyburn Road Erdington Birmingham B24 8NP T: 0121 326 9143

F: 0121 328 8977

11-12 Rabans Close Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RS • E:


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