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Giovanni & Co.

Giovanni & Co.

The city develops to a large extent owing to new investments: workplaces, manufacturing shops, factories, as well as large and small businesses. Development has many names. Let us therefore introduce a historic figure: Giovanni Agnelli, the founder of Fiat. Giovanni will be your guide to our city. You will see him frequently in the album you are now holding. He will show you the most interesting corners of Tychy and tell you about the city’s history, culture and inhabitants. No one will convince you better to set up business here than one of the largest investors in Tychy.

Invest with the best! Welcome to Tychy, a city of people with a positive attitude. We are all changing our city together to make it even more modern and environmentally friendly. We have been cooperating with investors from the whole world for many years. This has caused over 50 companies to set up business in Tychy in recent years, creating more than 10,000 new jobs. Forbes magazine ranked Tychy among the seven cities in Poland where foreign companies invest most often. Today, we can also boast the lowest unemployment rate in the Silesian Voivodeship, apart from Katowice. We are particularly proud of the fact that we obtained nearly 720 million zlotys for the city’s development from the European Union. This is why Tychy is a leader in terms of transport and environmental protection solutions in Silesia. We were also ranked second in Poland in the category of cities spending the most to improve technical infrastructure. Recently, Newsweek wrote: “The black mining region of Silesia is becoming green. Thanks to  the City of Tychy.” It is therefore not without reason that this city is considered to be one of the most attractive places in Poland in terms of investment profitability. This is why we encourage you to invest with the best, invest in the best city – simply invest in Tychy. Mayor of Tychy Andrzej Dziuba


TYCHY | Invest with the best!

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Tychy as a central point


Business in Tychy


Environmentally friendly city


Tychy in free time


A family-friendly city


Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



Food craft

Kompania Piwowarska S.A. The Tychy Brewery owned by Kompania Piwowarska S.A. represents a successful combination of a centuries-old tradition with modernity. Beer has been brewed here continuously since 1629 at this oldest Polish brewery, and despite changing technologies the perfect taste has remained unchanged. The Tychy Brewery is the largest facility of this kind the SAB Miller group has in Europe. Its production capacity is over 8 million hectolitres of beer per annum. Dariusz Garnowski, director of the Tychy Brewery, was asked why, in his opinion, the City of Tychy draws so many investors. This


TYCHY | Our best investors

is how he answered: Tychy is one of the most attractive places in Poland in terms of investment profitability, a fact which has been systematically confirmed by Forbes magazine. It is worth pointing out that a policy has been successfully pursued for many years in the city which encourages investments. What is most important for us, however, is that we can operate here following the principle that the most effective way of achieving success is by offering the highest quality. One of the factors that make this possible is the high working culture of the employees, combined with knowledge and extensive experience.

Automotive industry

Fiat Auto Poland Tychy

The Fiat Auto Poland plant in Tychy is one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Europe. Currently, a new car leaves the assembly line every 42 seconds. Daily production is about 1800 cars. Various versions of the Fiat Panda, Fiat 500, Abarth 500, Lancia Ypsilon and Ford Ka models are produced here. The plant has already integrated into the Tychy landscape and become a true industrial town in

itself. What is the favourite car of the city’s inhabitants? Fiat, obviously. Mr Enrico Pavoni, CEO of Fiat Auto Poland S.A., when asked why, in his opinion, the City of Tychy draws so many investors, answered: Tychy is one of the most innovative and economically developing cities in Poland. A friendly climate for investments, qualified workforce and good relations with the city authorities create perfect conditions for business.


Automotive industry

Isuzu Motors Polska

This company has been present in Tychy since 1997. Since 2002, the company’s majority shareholder has been General Motors. Next-generation Diesel engines are manufactured at the Tychy plant, installed for instance in Opel/Vauxhall and Chevrolet cars. In the past, the plant used to produce Diesel engines for Honda and Mercury Marine (motor boat engines). When asked why, in his opinion, the City of Tychy is  attractive for inves-


TYCHY | Our best investors

tors, Artur Kluba, HR & GA Manager answers: Tychy is the perfect place for investments. 15 years ago we were the first company to invest in the Tychy Subzone of the Katowice Special Economic Zone. It was the largest Japanese investment in Poland at the time. We are pleased that we decided to do so. Our success is guaranteed by well-developed infrastructure, good accessibility, availability of qualified workforce and tax exemptions.

Lighting equipment

Lighting Equipment Manufacturing Company ROSA One of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of lamps, aluminium poles and masts in the world. Rosa products illuminate over 50 countries, they are installed on ski slopes, on motorways, in car parks, urban parks and unusual places such as the Polish Polar Base on Spitsbergen. ZPSO ROSA owes its leading position to the company’s attention to creativity and the ability to surprise customers with state-of-the-art solutions. What makes the company successful is its experience, combined with passion and ambition of more than 250 employees, and most of all with bold thinking,

innovation, reliability and top product quality. When asked why the City of Tychy draws investors, Stanisław Rosa, the company’s owner, answers: Tychy is a city for people with passion. Such people are the key to the company’s success. They are not afraid of new challenges and they seek innovative solutions. People like these can’t be found anywhere else but here! I am absolutely certain that I wouldn’t have built a company like this anywhere else in Poland, since I wouldn’t have been able to find such honest and committed employees. These people are worth every money.


Tychy as a central point Tychy as a central point


TYCHY | Tychy as a central point

Tychy as a central point

Tychy as a central point The City of Tychy is part of the Upper Silesian Agglomeration, the biggest urbanised area in Central & Eastern Europe, with a total of 3.5 million inhabitants. The city’s location, its welldeveloped technical infrastructure and availability of qualified workforce make it a perfect place for business. Tychy is located 20 km from Katowice, on an intersection of important thoroughfares

connecting Warsaw with Vienna and Krakow with Wrocław, 58 km from the Katowice airport in Pyrzowice and 65 km from the Krakow airport in Balice. The airport in the Czech city of Ostrava (Mosnov) is only 100 km away. Six European capitals are located within 600 km of Tychy: Berlin, Prague, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Warsaw.


Location: latitude 50.08°N, longitude 19.00°E Population: 130,000 Area: 81.2 m2 Population density: 1582 people/km2. Urban green spaces per inhabitant – approx. 7.2 m2


TYCHY | Tychy as a central point


Business in Tychy Business in Tychy


TYCHY | Business in Tychy

Business in Tychy

Business in Tychy

Tychy has been cooperating with investors from the whole world for many years. The city is considered to be one of the most attractive places in Poland in terms of investment profitability. This is confirmed by Forbes magazine, which ranked Tychy 5th on the list of Polish cities where companies with foreign capital invest most frequently. The city was also ranked 9th among medium-sized cities in Poland which are most attractive for business. The money from foreign companies and Polish

investors’ capital have allowed the city to develop faster and to have the lowest unemployment rate in the Silesian Voivodeship apart from  Katowice. The city’s high position in prestigious investment rankings does not end here, however. Among cities with county rights utilising EU funds in 2010, Tychy was the fifth best on the list (obtaining an  impressive total of 720 million zlotys) and was ranked second in terms of the highest spending on technical infrastructure. Continued on page 24

In 2010 only, 246,063 Fiat Panda cars left the assembly line in Tychy.



TYCHY | Business in Tychy



TYCHY | Business in Tychy


Tychy came fifth in the prestigious ranking of the most successfully developing cities published by Forbes magazine.

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A great advantage is the Katowice Special Economic Zone (KSSE), offering temporary CIT exemptions to investors. The tax exemptions granted to entrepreneurs in the Special Economic Zone comply with the rules in force in the EU. The city’s attractiveness for investors is also confirmed by the fact that over the last years approx. 50 Polish and foreign companies have decided to invest here. They represent mainly U.S., Japanese, Italian, German and Austrian, but also Polish capital. Their


TYCHY | Business in Tychy

products include mainly car accessories, Diesel engines, steering systems, construction joinery, packaging, light fittings, foodstuffs and chemicals. Over the last ten years: 50 new companies have set up business in Tychy 10,000 jobs have been created the lowest unemployment rate in the Silesian Voivodeship apart from Katowice has been achieved



TYCHY | Business in Tychy



TYCHY | Business in Tychy


Environmentally Environmentally friendly city friendly city


TYCHY | Environmentally friendly city

Environmentally Environmentally friendly cityfriendly city „The black mining region of Silesia is becoming green. Thanks to the City of Tychy.” (Newsweek magazine) Tychy now enjoys the status of an environmentally friendly city, since it boldly decided to implement innovative solutions to protect the environment. Implementation of state-of-the-art solutions for waste segregation, construction of 330 km of sewerage network, waste water treatment plant modernisation, a comprehensive programme for reducing low emis-

sion and replacement of 2200 old coal-fired stoves earned the city, for instance, the title of “Reliable Eco-Partner” given by the Voivodeship Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund, and of the “Polish Eco-Leader” in a competition organised by the  Minister of Environment. The waste water treatment plant in Tychy, one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Poland, was even featured in National Geographic magazine. Continued on page 37

The City of Tychy has 38 square metres of parks per inhabitant. This is one of the best results in Europe.



TYCHY | Environmentally friendly city



TYCHY | Environmentally friendly city

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Environmentally friendly transport Rail transport has been long known to be environmentally friendly. This is why a uniform public transport system is being developed in Tychy today, integrating urban transport with rail transport and the „Park & Ride” system. Three new railway stations

have already been built, national road no. 1 is being modernised, and construction of two modern car parks is about to start soon. Such ideas have already made Tychy a Silesian leader in terms of transport solutions.  Continued from page 39

Tychy is one of only three Polish cities with trolleybuses.



TYCHY | Environmentally friendly city

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Fun with environmental protection Tychy is also a place where people can have fun at the Festival of Science and Environment. When it is held, environmental protection becomes a dominant theme in the city.

An excellent programme, crowds of visitors and lots of fun – all this creates a unique opportunity to promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Tychy in free time Tychy in free time


TYCHY | Tychy in free time

Free time in Tychy


The city is full of culture. It takes pride in its Aukso Chamber Orchestra, one of the most outstanding European chamber ensembles, whose conductor is Marek Moś. The Silesian Guitar Autumn, ranked among the most important guitar festivals in Europe, is also a real treat for music lovers. Sundays in Baczynski Square are a favourite pastime for the city’s inhabit-

ants. Every week, between May and late autumn, one can come here to listen to music or watch a play. In winter, the much-awaited Christmas Fair turns the square into a magical place. The popularity of Baczynski Square is best proven by the fact that web users voted it the Best Public Space in the Silesian Voivodeship in 2010.



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time



TYCHY | Tychy in free time

Free time in Tychy


Water activities Tychy can boast one of the most beautiful places for leisure in the region, Paprocany Lake. A water playground can be found here, listed by the U.S. web portal „Flavorwire� as

one of the 15 most amazing places of that kind in the world. Paprocany is also great for walks, cycling tours, Nordic walking and horse-riding. Continued on page 59



TYCHY | Tychy in free time

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Cycling This is one of the few places in the region where the city can be crossed by bicycle. In total, bike lovers can enjoy 72 km of cycling paths. Continued on page 60


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On the pitch There are more than 30 sports fields with artificial surface in Tychy. At one of them, in

the Paprocany Sports Complex, one can even meet Polish national team football players.

At a match The city’s inhabitants may use a Sports and Entertainment Hall as well as the most modern Ice Rink in Poland. Tychy


TYCHY | Tychy in free time

is famous for its ice hockey team, GKS Tychy, many-times winner of the Polish Cup.



TYCHY | Tychy in free time


AA family-friendly city family-friendly city


TYCHY | A family-friendly city

A family-friendly city

A family-friendly city For children

There are 40 playground ensuring a lot of fun for the youngest inhabitants of Tychy. The two most interesting ones can be found at Paprocany. The first one is inspired by the sea and features a replica of the San-

ta Maria, a ship that participated in Columbus’s first voyage. The other one is a water playground, voted the Best Public Space in the Silesian Voivodeship by web users in 2012.

For families A large family is something to be proud of in Tychy, and time spent with children is extremely valuable. This is why the city was the second

in Poland to launch the “3+: Large Family” programme, allowing families to obtain discounts at cultural and sports facilities, for instance.

For senior citizens Special attention is given to the elderly in Tychy, too. The city was the first in the Silesian Voivodeship to introduce the „60+ and Active” programme. As part of the project, senior citizens of Tychy use a special card

giving them discounts at restaurants and cultural facilities (cinema, theatre, museum), as well as on sports & leisure activities (swimming pool, dancing lessons, Nordic walking).



TYCHY | A family-friendly city



TYCHY | A family-friendly city



TYCHY | A family-friendly city



TYCHY | A family-friendly city

Two of the city’s inhabitants, Katarzyna and Michał Książek, convince us that it is friendly to families. She was born here, he fell in love with her and moved to Tychy. They both love walking in the Paprocany area. About eighteen months ago little Michaś joined them.



TYCHY | A family-friendly city

Today, he is running around one of the two playgrounds recently opened on the lakefront. “He is still small, but he adores the highest slides and ladders,” the kid’s mum smiles. She adds that her son may grow up to be a sailor, because he loves playing on the Santa Maria, a ship replica which has recently become a favourite place for children in Paprocany.



TYCHY | A family-friendly city


The Piramida Hotel reflects the shape and proportions of the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt. Its beneficial impact is reinforced by the energy of a chakra situated beneath the building. Those who do not believe this should spend a night there.

Tychy – a city with style Tychy – a city with style and atmosphere and ananatmosphere


TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere

Tychy is a city of mosaics. These works of art depict abstract forms, flowers or children at play.

Tychy – a city with style Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere and an atmosphere Tychy is a city where much attention is dedicated to high quality urban planning and architectural solutions. The most interesting public spaces in Tychy include Baczynski Square, the most atmospheric part of the city. This is a favourite place where inhabitants meet and walk. The Square is adorned by a unique dandelion-shaped fountain, lit at night. It is worth mentioning that web users voted the Square, where many events are held, the Best Public

Space in the Silesian Voivodeship in 2010. The Main Market Square in the Tychy Old Town: revitalisation gave it an impressive fountain composed of three parts. This design refers to the ponds that used to be there once. The Tychy Museum is a place where the past meets the  present. Many interesting meetings and exhibitions are held here, drawing not only inhabitants of Tychy, but people from all over the region.



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere



TYCHY | Tychy – a city with style and an atmosphere


The economic album for the City of Tychy was developed as part of the project entitled „Tychy. A good place for investments – comprehensive international promotion of the city’s strategic investment areas” performed as part of Submeasure 1.1.2 Investment promotion – Measure 1.1 Improvement of the region’s attractiveness for investors – Priority 1: Technical research and development (R&D), innovation and entrepreneurship of the Regional Operational Programme „Silesia” for the years 2007–2013.

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