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Curriculum Statement

Technology @CLIP

The technology programme is designed to support a four step learning process. Pupils work in teams of 2 (pairs) and each lesson consists of the following phases: Connect; Construct; Contemplate; Continue. Connect: is an introduction where some information is transmitted to students about the topic for that lesson; Construct: Students have to build a LEGO model following pre-set instructions; Contemplate: Pupils must study the built device usually using a worksheet from their workbook; Continue: The urge for more knowledge and different experiences lead students to a new Connect / Construct / Contemplate cycle. The programmes’ general objectives are: • Promoting creative thinking • Improving communication and co-operation skills • Strengthening the ability to acquire new knowledge

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• Reinforcing existing knowledge

• Developing good habits of mind.

Technology Topics & Assessment (Form 5) Simple Structures Types of Structures Forces Rigid and Flexible Structures Project: The train bridge (Triangulation; 2 bridges per

In Technology, Knowledge and Understanding flow from the practical work developed in class, assisted by the worksheet exercises completed while doing that practical work. It can be assessed through a wide variety of tasks that involve factual recall or description, and explanation. Tasks may include examinations, oral interviews, projects and exhibits and creative building of topic-related objects.

form group) Wheels and Axl es History of the Wheel Definition of Axle Definition of Wheel The Flywheel

Students are expected to design and construct an object following a series of logical steps or to create an object that meets certain objectives, usually demonstrating a concept, using limited resources and time. In practical projects, students are expected to create and evaluate a plan and later justify an y modifications to the original design.

The Roller Project: Technology Exhibit Mega Project (5 to 6 projects per form group; groups of 4 students) Pulleys

The Technology programme is designed so that students are expected to work with a high level of autonomy and sense of responsibility to support a four step learning process. Pupils work in teams of 2 (pairs) and most lessons consists of the following phases: Connect; Construct; Contemplate; Continue.

Definition of pulley Usage and Characteristics Belt driven Pulley


Free Running Pulley





Fixed Pulley


Knowledge & Understanding


Moveable Pulley


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Form 5 Technology @CLIP  
Form 5 Technology @CLIP  

Description of the form 5 curriculum for Technology