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THE BLK JKS Inner city muso’s Complimentary Precinct map with arts and entetainment listings

MAGAZINE CREDITS Editor: Chakan Hislop Publisher: 360 Degrees Tourism Editorial Team: Hayleigh Evans Refilwe Nkomo Cover Design: Jared Hurwitz Cover Photography: Russell Grant New Generation Theatre Photography: Aatish Ramkaran For more information about advertising or editorial contact: +27 (0) 720694595 Web Directory: Theatre: Film: Open collaborative space: Retail: Galleries:

for’m magazine

EDITORIAL JOURNEY When i initially made the decision to go south from Barcelona, i could not have realised on each stage of the journey and the further i got from my expectations, how the simplicity of defining action against the idea would become clearer than a paneless window: A contrast of feeling and thought; I on the outside in the warmth of an African sun and a chilling awareness of the sometimes short sighted self interest of the human condition. And thus my journey started into Africa... The journey continues, not just in terms of my own developing insight, but also the journey of the city I now call home... This magazine inspired by the ongoing developments of the Maboneng Precinct and the city at large will hopefully chart and document some of this journey, a journey of change, bravery, inter-cultural dialogue and a journey of economical empowerment... This journey will also navigate the story of investment and shared risk and not just in the arts or the business environment, but in the shared understanding of the public space, the space of interaction that provide for our new discovery, the spaces Johanesburgers can proudly call their own... The Johannesburg landscape continues to change , as does the nature of participation, active citizenship and the socio-economic environment. As an objective outsider I see more things that will bring people together than I see that will drive them apart. For’m begins with a look at the arts, business and people of the Maboneng Precinct, one of the more recent and lauded cultural and business spaces in the Johannesburg inner city. The Maboneng, as well as providing good copy and a business good news story for publications like the Wall Street Journal and the Mail and Guardian, provides an exciting platform for cultural happenings, whether that be Market on Main, independent cinema at the Bioscope, performance at POP Art theatre, diverse food offerings or event happenings that take place all over the precinct. Over the next issues we intend to look closely at what is going on in the inner city and the joining points between the hub and its constituent parts, whether they be in the Johannesburg suburbs or the townships, both of which provide exciting new talent and audiences for the creative and cultural industries that contribute to this unique transformation.. Other platforms that you may find of some interest: - probably the best independent fashion / lifestyle magazine in SA - social entrepreneurship, investment and knowledge base - development agency for the visual arts in South Africa I hope you all have a good month... Chakan Hislop chakan can be contacted on & subscribed / added on FB, Twitter and

RESIDENT PROFILE: BRAM JANSSEN When filmmaker Bram Janssen came down to the city to have lunch one afternoon, he never imagined he’d leave having found a new place to live and an exciting urban space that would serve to inform his work stating that he “wanted to engage the urban city life” and experience something that he couldn’t find elsewhere in the city, country or the world. Originally from Holland, Janssen moved to Johannesburg in 2010, he finds it to be an exciting place “where you can make dreams come true”. Working in film as a director, producer, writer and editor, his films have garnered international acclaim, most notably his work, Ambon Manise: Tears in Heaven, which won him the prestigious SVJ Prize in 2008/2009 for best journalistic production at the School of Journalism in Utrecht. Currently he makes features, documentaries and commercial pieces for international media including Monocle, Associated Press and Yahoo! News to name a few. Janssen was drawn to Maboneng as it provides a space where artists and like-minded people can interact and draw inspiration from each other, “I can drive in the city for hours and be amazed by the people and things here. I get inspired every time I walk out the door”. E-mail: Tel: ZA: 00273282404 NL: 0031621884334 Twitter: @bramjanssen Website:

The Evolution of

Blk JKS Much has been written about the Blk Jks, largely regarded as the first all-black rock band in South Africa, their music has historically been difficult to define. Incorporating elements of alternative rock fused with distinctly Africanised sounds, their inability to be pigeon-holed into any one genre, has allowed them the scope to evolve into an internationally renowned musical entity. Formed in early 2000 by childhood friends Mpumi Mcata and Lindani Buthelezi, and later joined by drummer Tshepang Ramoba and bassist Molefi Makananise, the band’s sound has elements of Mars Volta and Jimi Hendrix to Hugh Masekela and Ladysmith Black Mambazo. In their attempt to represent the urban South African youth, they never shy away from politicised songs and tracks that deconstruct the social dynamics and environment in which they exist and which informs their sound. Twelve years after their formation, they’ve signed to US record label, Secretly Canadian, are managed by Knox Robinson, former editor of New York based magazine, Fader, have toured and preformed across the globe, playing concerts and festivals, shared stages with Alicia Keyes and Shakira for the opening on the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, produced a number of hit tracks including Mzabalazo and even won a South African Music Award for Best Alternative Album for their 2009 release, After Robots; sadly they don’t appear to enjoy the same exposure regard, locally, as they do internationally. The greatest challenge to the South African music industry is the “lack of performance value” says drummer Ramoba. “The music industry doesn’t exist, it has no structure, artists just make songs and release them, no one tours, they do a few shows but everyone sticks to their genre and then complains that there aren’t enough shows. We need to bring artists together, bring the people together”. Collaborating with other musicians such as Thandiswa Mazwai, and DJ Tiesto and incorporating various elements of art into their performances, projecting images of Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai onto the background of their performance spaces, for example, has become an important aspect of the band’s evolution to a focus on performance art, “it’s about experiment and interchanging genres” says Ramoba, “we need to evolve in order to stick around and remain relevant”. They have recently released a free to download mixtape, Africa in your Earbuds #20, as a precursor to their new album which is in the pre-production stage and is due to be released early next year.



Having launched her brand of women’s clothing in 2008, Anisa Ami Mpungwe has gone on to create one of SA’s most vibrant new fashion labels “Loin Cloth and Ashes” over the past four years and is now one of the most sought after young designers in our midst. She’s also just opened her very first retail store. After winning the ELLE new talent search in 2009, the divine and talented Ms. Mpungwe really started to make waves on the South African and African fashion scenes, having appeared at Africa Fashion Week, South African Fashion week and in multiple glossy fashion mags since inception. Most notably LCA appeared at Mercedes Benz New York fashion week as part of the Arise Collective Show. “Loin Cloth and Ashes was created to give women an alternative to the LBD, creating dresses for the woman who dares to be different, dressing smart or casual, but with a kick of quirk, maturity and sophistication” says Anisa. It’s no surprise then that Anisa has gone on to dress female icons, Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey. She also a firm favourite for many local celebrities. Anisa joined the Maboneng community 2 years ago when she moved into Main Street Life and has been making and retailing from her live/ work studio. Now, she’s ready to open her first retail store downstairs where her fashions will be available to everyone full time! The store will sit amongst other boutique fashion stores, furniture and decor stores as well as some of the most eclectic new restaurants on Kruger Street. Anisa’s known for her bold prints and quirky cuts, so a trip down to the store will certainly be a feast for any fashionista’s eyes. LCA business hours from 1 July: Tuesday- Friday: 9am - 5:30pm, Saturday & Sunday: 9am - 3: 30pm Address : Retail 1 | The Main Change | 20 Kruger Street | Maboneng


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TEL: 010 007 0119 @W^dhXdeZidc^\]i



Deep in the heart of Joburg’s CBD, sits a little, humble black-box theatre... Set against the stark, ultra modern, monochromatic coolness that is Maboneng Precinct you’ll find us... P.O.P. Art. Popping with off-the-wall, quirky flavour; P.O.P. Art brings fresh theatre to Jo’burgers. People Of Performing Art is an independent live performance space that smashes the mould of existing theatres. P.O.P.Art is an independent space, a self-governing home with a mandate in: bringing fresh live shows to fresh, cool audiences. We work with theatre-makers and shakers. Reconstructing old moulds, setting new standards and pushing out-dated envelopes. An open stage. A blank platform. An intimate setting. A new spin and an alternative approach to an age old art. We strive to rebrand this exhausted art, inject some sparkle and energy and serve it to as many people as possible! With each new week, we at P.O.P. Art bring a different show. We often have the honour of de-popping productions debuting in Jozi and we love being the first...Coming from the generation of too much choice, ADD comes standard with the youth, the inability to focus too long on one subject we turn over productions like Katy Perry goes through gum. In the era of instant, where going viral is king and not some weird disease we promote the culture of ‘new’. As fast as Apple brings out a new Ipad, we bring new shows to our stage. But even the coolest trends have its regular features and we’re no different. The last few days of every month we host a series of exceptionally awesome stuff. From novices and professionals sharing a stage on ‘Open Stage Night’ to singer-song writers baring all in ‘A Night With A Songwriter’, to the troupe of unshameful actors in the pant-wetting hilariousness of ‘Causing A Scene’ and the lyrical love of spoken word poetry in ‘Jozi House of Poetry’ – we have something for every taste. While the shows themselves are regular slots, there is not one repeat performance. P.O.P.Art is run by the Charlie’s Angels of theatre and we’re ready to kick some serious ass to bring a whole new dimension to theatre here in the City of Gold. With a 3-women strong team: Short-Skirt, Kung-Fu Shoki, Long-Leg, poker face Hayleigh and the gentle yet firm, Mom of the group, Orly – we are giving theatre some much needed cosmetic surgery, a face lift if you will... We at P.O.P.Art do what we love and love what we do. We hope you love it too.

Make it Happen...

The story of Maboneng some four years on, can very simply be boiled down to a few sentences: Young guy buys a worn down building in an industrial wasteland on the East side of Johannesburg city where people have long since not dared to tread. He refurbishes that building, turning it into trendy artist studios, galleries and retail spaces and it becomes an underground urban hangout for those in the know. People start talking. He buys another 7 storey building, this time creating loft apartments with a boutique art hotel on the top floor, a rooftop bar and gym and cool lifestyle spaces on the ground floor. People start living, working and networking here and this place becomes a hub of creative capital. Then comes a food and design market that brings the masses to the city centre. Then come more buildings with more high end retail, restaurants, offices, barber shops, more residential spaces and even a design museum. Now in 2012, more than 1000 people live, work and vacation here in this place called Maboneng. The young guy behind the story is Jonathan Liebmann; He’s a 29 year old property entrepreneur, design enthusiast and keen collaborator. He’s an urban cowboy, a global shaper and, some say, a Mad Man. Having started the project at 24 years old and finding his first collaborator, architect Enrico Daffonchio, early on, he’s managed to shape a small part of the city into a playground and business destination for the more adventurous Johannesburger. Although having started with one man’s vision and grown exponentially over the past few years, the truth is that Maboneng has been shaped and flavoured as much by its inhabitants as it has by the refurbishment of broken down buildings into pretty new things. Every business in the area tells the story of the self made, a truly Johannesburg story at that. From the precinct’s own yoga and healing centre, to the independent cinema and theatre to the high end retailers and quirky restaurants, a community of entrepreneurs and creatives from all over Johannesburg and the African continent have made the move to Maboneng. The neighbourhood thrives on the ideals of culture, entrepreneurship, urbanism and collaboration, without which, Maboneng might just be another place to live and work. Instead, it’s a a place where we make things happen. Underpinned by an energy of volition, and a strive to effect positive change on the environment and the status quo, we live in a truly inspired space where anything can happen if you dream to make it so. A product of it’s people and a collective driving force, Maboneng is the new ‘it’ place in Jozi... It’s not hard to see why.

Jacket R650 Shirt R300 Ozlo Clothing

Made in Maboneng started as a local buying initiative, a project to advertise and encourage a local buying philosophy and has become an brilliant directory of products and services that are available locally from any of the 20 retail spaces in Maboneng. Are you a Cape Town resident? The good news is that these products will be available soon at the Made in Maboneng store in Cape Town at the newly refurbished Woodstock Industrial Centre. Look out for Made in Maboneng across from the /A WORD OF ART gallery.


Faeeza Khan winter dress R800 Pepper Scarf R300 Lady K Bag R400 OZLO Clothing

Arne Jacobsen Fritz Hansen Chair R1800 DANISH CLASSICS

When new thinking… meets new business// Means a fresh, innovative & better way of working//


Business owners face challenges everyday. One of them is finding the right place in which to work for themselves and their team. They might struggle with hefty, long term lease agreements and tedious property management. They also need to make sure the environment is a productive vibrant place to work in without spending too much time and effort to get all of this right. Enter OPEN, which is a new way of working. It is a collaborative work space where entrepreneurs, established business owners, start-ups, consultants and creative people can share a dynamic work environment. It is a place that allows for members to have access to the full spectrum of spaces and facilities from video conferencing enabled boardrooms to private meeting rooms, to lounges and workshop rooms, and an amazing nine hole PGA approved putting green! Think of it as a fusion between your favorite coffee bar, hotel lounge, San Francisco library and boardroom facility, and some... OPEN is located on the 4th floor of the Main Change Building in the heart of the trendy Maboneng Precinct at S26.20 E28.06. No need to meet clients at overcrowded malls and coffee shops! Plus with a daily morning and afternoon shuttle service - via Mabo’go - members can be collected from Gautrain Park Station - so skip rush hour frustration and time lost in the traffic. Why would such a space be created? Because the way we work has changed. Many of us are autonomous professionals and operate as free agents, in networks or as part of companies but don’t want to spend endless hours in conventional corporate spaces. We sell our skills, our time, our talent and our creativity. We are curious, sophisticated, flexible and adaptable and our work is characterized by change, experimentation and innovation. We want to share resources and ideas by connecting with others who share our curiosity, drive and inspiration. The kind of work we do may not fit into a traditional work environment with individual offices and cubicles and corner offices for bosses. We need flexible and fluid space and a landscape for working, connecting and and creating. Membership options include monthly membership of R2,850 where you get access to everything you need to thrive professionally in a 1000m2 wonderland of hot desks, meeting spaces, lounges, multi-media and video conference enabled boardrooms, reliable optical fibre Internet, quality printing, gourmet coffee, a healthy refreshment bar and a fun 9 hole professional putting green to get your life work balance sorted. Upstairs from OPEN you will find Cocoon, an exquisite spa and yoga studio and Livingroom with lots of sun and spectacular view of the city providing your daily dose of brain food.

Facilities: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Comfortable work areas Lounge area with media wall Large central creation/exhibition space Sports area for active relaxing or just a different kind of meeting Fast internet 3 multi-media and web conference equipped boardrooms 2 workshop/training rooms 4 Informal meeting/working rooms Coffee/refreshments bar with outside terrace Staff to assist with refreshments, printing, etc. Phone and other secretarial services Concierge desk to assist with booking cabs, flights, etc. Printing facilities - print shop quality up to A3 colour printing Document finishing and binding facilities In-house health food catering In-house yoga, meditation and wellness Showers Lockers Your business address, phone numbers and mail service

OPEN is a space to work, meet, network, collaborate, get energised and get stuff done. It offers members all they need to work comfortably and productively. It is a shared-resource, postcorporate workplace designed to accommodate creative professionals who need access to high quality equipment, services and facilities. Provision is made for regular, occasional or day use only clients. People interested can supply their details on membership to be contacted by your host.


in the City.. Investing in the property market in Johannesburg’s inner city seems to have been plagued by way too many a false start. It seems that, for years, both private developers and the government have been making promises of redevelopment and creating an inner city lifestyle that hinge on hopes and funding. In the last couple of years, however, we seem to have seen a boom in the property market in Johannesburg’s city as, not only have public/ private partnerships formed, but a new wave of developer has come to light, creating desirable spaces that have the right mix of entertainment, residential, commercial and retail offerings. Evidence of the growth of the property market can be seen in Maboneng, where exceptional returns have been delivered in an otherwise slow property market: “The first buyers at Arts on Main purchased properties at R 5000 per SQM and can now be valued at R 10 000 per SQM. Main Street Life 33 SQM units originally sold for R 290 000 and are now valued at R 350 000, showing a capital growth of 21% over 18 month”, says developer Jonathan Liebmann, owner of Propertuity, developers of the Maboneng Precinct. Arts on Main was the first development in the Maboneng Precinct in 2009, followed shortly by Main Street Life in 2010, then 3 more buildings in phase 3 of the project. “Maboneng is a privately developed Precinct with a single development company that focuses entirely on the development of this upgraded area. What makes it a premium investment choice is that there is a guarantee that many of the buildings in the area will continue to be uplifted, with the inevitable result that properties will increase in value. The Maboneng Property portfolio at the end of 2011 was 7 developments. Propertuity has subsequently purchased a further 10 buildings in walking distance that will be developed over the next 2 years”. Now, four years since the start of the development and having spent a fair amount of time in the local and international spotlight, Maboneng seems set to succeed. It’s also a favourite destination, not only for those who live and work there, but for tourists and Johannesburgers alike.

The Maboneng Precinct has a number of unique investment options available for those interested in the regeneration of Johannesburg, and offers a diverse range of sectional title property. All properties available for purchase offer investment opportunities.With an annual net yield of over 10% and the UDZ tax incentive, as well Propertuity’s focus on Precinct based development, Maboneng is the perfect place to start a diversified property portfolio. In particular, Main Street Life, which has a number of tenanted units, has fast become one of the most well designed & affordable residential developments, not only for owner occupiers, but for investment opportunities as well: Unit Price: R350,000, Monthly Rental: R3,500, Annual Gross Yield: 13 %. Levies: R13.50 per square meter, totaling R445 per month, Annual Net Yield: 11% The Maboneng Precinct falls within the Urban Development Zone. The UDZ Tax Incentive reduces the taxable income of the taxpayer. The incentive amounts to 30% of the purchase price of the property over a five-year period. On a R320 000 apartment, this equals R96 000 that can be offset against taxable income over a five-year period. That’s R19 200 per year, for five years. Only 28 apartments of 180 are currently available for sale at Main Street Life. Phase 3 developments have been sold almost entirely off plan and a waiting list is currently being compiled for further residential developments. For more information please email or call 082 602 3628 to arrange an appointment or viewing.

>>VANSA> visual arts network of south africa

VANSA functions as an industry body and development agency for the visual arts in South Africa. There are six key dimensions to our work: INFORM: VANSA provides relevant and timeous information on work, travel, learning and creative development opportunities locally and internationally. DEVELOP: VANSA develops the skills and working knowledge of visual arts professionals through the development of accessible and useful resources and learning platforms.


CONNECT: VANSA aims to build a more connected industry, linking ideas, people and projects across the country, the continent and the globe. CREATE: VANSA creates and facilitates opportunities for innovation and experimentation for contemporary artists – exploring new contexts, new creative strategies and new audiences. RESEARCH: VANSA conducts research into the industry aimed at identifying trends, challenges and – most importantly – solutions to industry problems. POSITION: VANSA acts as an informed and independent voice for talking to government and the private sector - tackling the issues that matter, from funding to freedom of expression. VANSA has a national office in Johannesburg from which a small but dedicated staff pursue these areas of work, in relationship with a wide network of individuals, institutions, businesses and organisations across the country.

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For'm Magazine discusses the arts, culture, entertainment and urban regneration in Johnessburg, South Africa.