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A MAze. Go PlAy! The international games and mediaart festival A MAZE.interact comes to Johannesburg. A MAZE. introduces a new approach to digital and interactive art, investigating into the relationship between humans and machines as well as public space. Together with digital artists, it creates an open playground in Braamfontein by presenting multimedia-art, films, the jump-and-run party and a conference. 28 August - 2 September Alexander Theatre, Southpoint & Wits Art Museum

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JOHANNESBURG FROM FAILURE TO RECOVERY Exceprts from Johannesburg Ten Ahead, Gerald Garner.


With the benefit of hindsight it is clear that inner-city was heralded from decline from its inception in 1886, the main culprits being the short term ands narrow minded approaches followed in terms of city planning and management. It all started with the chaotic conception of Johannesburg as a mining village in 1886. The town lacked local government structre for the first 10 years of its existence and in the decades that followed the city experienced continual political meddling in its planning and management affairs – especially in the establishing and enforcing of racial segregation which was later formalized as apartheid policy. This political policy involved relentless forced removals of masses of people and the destruction of their neighborhoods.


During the past decade, a city that was once regarded as on the road to irreversible decline, has undergone an astonishing rebirth. Today the Johannesburg inner-city stands as a beacon of hope for South Africans of what can be achieved. The concerted effort of many passionate and driven people within the public sector, private business and community organisations has made a tangible difference to the state of the City environment.

Still the development of the inner city of Johanesburg’s early years was Impressive. Beautifully crafted buildings lined the streets of the City of Gold and those joburgers who could freely participate in society and the economy took pride in their city. Of course, the huge majority of the city’s people were excluded through racial discrimination. Yet the inner city economy boomed. First Johannesburg developed as a colonial extension of the british empire. The focus was on showing off the wealth and extent of this vast empire. Joburg was the centre of world attraction when it hosted the Empire exhibition in 1936.


Boom times lasted throughout the 1960s after South Africa became a republic and severed ties with the British commonwealth. While apartheid policies were being enforced everywhere. In south Africa, including Johannesburg, the white-owned economy continued to expand and the inner-city was almost completely rebuilt in the 1960’s and 70’s. Skyscrapers rose high into the air with the Carlton Centre becoming the tallest building in Africa. For a while, it looked as though Johannesburg was on the cusp of world developments, a futuristic city of wealth and abundance, a hub of posterity in the making.


During the 1960s and 70d, significant firsttime home-owner subsidies for white people encouraged young white families to buy homes in the suburbs rather than reside in apartments in the city. At the same time, while light industrial buildings were being abandoned in inner-city factories for technologically advanced facilities, Johannesburg inner-city factories were incentivized to move to the borders of the so called homelands. Added to that was the development of new office nodes in Braamfontein and then further away, particularly in the northern suburbs.

The result was a plethora of disused and derelict buildings in the inner-city. Not only large corporations vacated the inner-city, formal retailers followed suit and opened supermarkets and retail stores in the suburbs, close to where their clientele resided. Many smaller shops, informal businesses and street traders took their place in the inner city. Not only large corporations vacated the innercity, formal retailers followed suit and opened supermarkets and retail stores in the suburbs close to where their clientele resided. Many smaller shops, informal businesses took their place in the inner city. To be continued in issue 3….

Gerald Garner is the author of Spaces & Places Johannesburg and Johannesburg 10 Ahead. Gerald is a passionate ambassador of innercity regeneration and enjoys walking Johannesburg’s streets to discover the latest this astonishing city has on offer. As a professional landscape architect, and experienced writer and publisher in the urban- environment field, specifically through the medium of businessto-business magazines his personal mission is stimulating debate about the state of the human-constructed environment.



Everything has a history, a legacy, a memory. This memory, imprinted on us, tells our stories, holds our heritage and informs our future. On this grounding, artist and photographer Hannelie Coetzee embarked on deeply personal journey through the streets of Johannesburg attempting to connect with the city and examine and carve her own identity through stone. “I had to find myself through stone and I did that through doing pieces of my family” says Coetzee, whose family images are etched across Johannesburg from her first work in stone, Ouma Grootjie in Fordsburg, an image which pays homage to her great grandmother and her struggles through and after the Anglo-Boer War; to Ouma Minnie on Commissioner Street which depicts her grandmother with her aunt and mother walking on Commissioner Street. Her other works in the Maboneng district include The Change Agent, the five storey high photo mosaic of an eye on the Main Change building and the Dream Climber which can be viewed from the Main Street Life courtyard. Having been able to interrogate her past and engage with the city, she feels ready to bring the heritage series to a close and start exploring the inner city and beginning an artistic dialogue with the streets. Hannelie’s work is available for viewing and purchase through her studio/gallery located at Arts on Main and open to the general public every Sunday when the market is on or by appointment. She also takes individuals and groups on city art walkabouts viewing her art as well as the surrounding sights of the streets in and around the Maboneng district. EM: MB: +27 (0)828101835 FX +27 (0)86 689 0158


This series of images forms parts of NOCTURNES, an ongoing investigation, into the hidden structure of the city investigating the weave of its fabric from different angles, vantage points & distances. Nocturnal issues samples explore the nature of its living fabric reveals itself behind translucent, multi-coloured membranes. BIO: L.F.Krige was born & raised in Johannesburg, studied architecture at the Wits University, post-gradute at the Staedelschule, Frankfurt am Main, currently studio-master for Architecture Theaory & Design 4th year at the University of Johannesburg. Contact Leon Krige - E: W: M: 0834622767 View the full article with additional images on

DJ ANDREW CLEMENTS COOKING IN KITCHENERS For as long as I can remember partying in the inner city, I remember either starting or ending off a memorable night at the now legendary Kitcheners Carvery Bar, if of course the main event wasn’t actually at The Kitchen as it has affectionately come to be known. You can then imagine my surprise when I sat down to chat with Kitcheners co-owner and resident DJ Andrew Clements or Andrew the DJ and discovered that Kitcheners as we now know it, as the quintessential anything goes party destination of Joburg, only started throwing their popular gigs about three years ago when Andrew invested in the pub and started throwing parties and events at the venue. Of course the pub itself, fully kitted with crimson velvet wall paper, paisley carpet and wooden vintage bar, has been in existence for nearly 100 years making it the second oldest bar in Johannesburg and the building is a city heritage site. Kitcheners has come to host some of the best parties in town. “I’ve always wanted to own a pub” muses Andrew as he recounts how he met Chester, co-owner of Kitcheners and pitched him the idea of bringing a young, creative and adventurous crowd back into the city. The former graphic designer saw a niche that needed to be filled and says the dj-ing and music evolved organically from working in the space. Today, Kitcheners plays hosts to various gigs and has seen some of the hottest djs the country has to offer grace its decks from Kid Fonque, Damian Armstrong to DJ Bionic. On any given night, an eclectic crowd of music revellers converge to dance and enjoy the sounds everything from dance and electronic to dubstep and soul. The popular Braamfontein area has grown exponentially in the last couple of years, largely thanks to the efforts of the Braamfontein Management District, and Johannesburg Development Agency and spearheaded by visionary Adam Levy’s property developers Braamfontein Play which is responsible for the Alex Theatre, the Juta and Smith Street developments with a number of restored buildings now calling themselves home to various galleries, retail stores and cafes and the Neighbourgoods Market. Another developer in the forefront of the development taking place in Braamfontein is Southpoint which largely provides residential accommodation to students after buying and restoring many old buildings in the area and now owns and manages upmarket hotel Lamunu and the exclusive upmarket event venue of Randlords.

We’ve started seeing people on the street again, not only at night but during the day too. It’s become common place to walk around”. Andrew attributes the growth of the Braamfontein area to the investment made in the area and the holistic development of the area which includes residential and commercial spaces, and a vibrant nightlife meaning people can engage the space at any time of the day, and work, play and live in the area but is quick to note that the area still needs more restaurants and cafes to fill the gap between the close of work day at 5pm to just after dinner at 10pm. Andrew sees a similar thing happening in the Maboneng district. No stranger to the area, he’s been throwing the rooftop “Sundays in the City” parties where he invited his friends and fellow DJs to jam with him on the backdrop of some of the greatest city views on top of Main Street Life. He’s currently working on transitioning the “Sundays in the City” brand to the new “Sunday Jive” at the Living Room situated on top of the Main Change Building every second Sunday which will feature himself and DJ Takashi as the resident DJs and joined by guest DJs playing everything from disco to dubstep and Afro-beat. As a resident of the newly opened Revolution House, he says he’d “love to see Maboneng grow all the way to the highway and incorporate other businesses in the area”. He especially enjoys the fact that he can live so close to his work and be surrounded by other creative types, “it’s exciting living here, there are opportunities here like nowhere else in the world”. You can hear Andrew the DJ every second Sunday at the Living Room, Main Change Building. For further details, a full list of gigs and event information at Kitcheners, like the Kitcheners Facebook page. Kitcheners Juta and De Beer Street, Braamfontein.

THE HOME MOVIE FACTORY COMES TO JOBURG Academy award winning director and writer, Michel Gondry, is coming to Johannesburg. But, unlike most Hollywood directors, he’s not coming here to make a movie, he’s coming to encourage Johannesburgers to make thousands. Most people know, or know of, french writer and director Michel Gondry for some the incredible movies he’s made. He’s the visionary behind the films “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, “Be Kind, Rewind” and, more recently, he directed Hollywood blockbuster, “The Green Hornet”. He is also a celebrated music video director, having directed music videos for The White Stripes, Bjork and Foo fighters. What most people don’t know about Michel Gondry is that he has also conceived “The Home Movie Factory”, an interactive exhibition which, after having shows in Paris, New York and Rotterdam, is now being set up in Johannesburg by The Bioscope Independent Cinema as part of the France-South Africa Seasons 2012 & 2013. Inspired by his film “Be Kind, Rewind”, Michel Gondry devised the ‘Home Movie Factory’, an exhibition that invites the general public (at no charge!) to star in and make their very own movies through a formula designed by Gondry himself. The filming takes place within an interactive exhibition of backgrounds, props and costumes that will reflect the iconic and everyday aspects of Johannesburg. It’s a massive exhibition that will take place at MOAD, 281 Commissioner Street in The Maboneng Precinct for the months of September and October. So, does anyone get to be part of the project? Well, the exhibition is open to the public for the months of September and October, but booking is essential. You can book your slot to visit the Home movie factory on the Bioscope website ( or on their facebook page. The public move through the exhibition and make films in groups, so it’s a great opportunity for companies and schools to do team building or field trips. The exhibition is being brought to Johannesburg in partnership with the National Film and Video foundation, The National Arts council and The French Institute. The exhibition is part of theFrench-South through better cultural, scientific, education and business engagement. The French season runs from June to November 2012 and will comprise of more than 100 exhibitions, performances, film screenings, events, workshops, conferences and round tables. For more information on the Home Move Factory, email


Open 7 days a week, The Bioscope is Joburg’s only truly independent cinema. The schedule often includes live music, special talks, screenings of rare films, and unique film festivals throughout the year.

With Chalkboard Collaboration Café being en suite to the cinema, pizza, popcorn and craft beer can all be enjoyed while watching a film.


In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers. When an American astronaut puts down his Lunar Lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected. The film revels in its B-movie status, political incorrectness and sheer hilarious absurdity! Best enjoyed late night with a craft beer from Chalkboard.


Finally, we’ve been able to secure Matt Porterfield’s beautifully realized portrait of a close-knit community in PUTTY HILL. In just his second feature Porterfield constructs an evocative picture of working-class America. Set on the outskirts of Baltimore, the film tells the story of the friends and family of a young man who has passed away. Knowing little about his final days, they attempt to reconstruct his life. In the process, they offer a window onto their own lives. Exquisitely shot and using documentary-style techniques, this is one of the most innovative independent films to come out in years and heralds Porterfield as a brilliant new voice in American cinema.

TEL: 010 007 0119 @bioscopetonight

LOMOGRAPHY EMBASSY - SA Lomography began in the early 1990s, when two students in Vienna, Austria, stumbled upon the Lomo Kompakt Automat (Lomo LC-A) – a small, enigmatic Russian camera. Mindlessly taking shots from the hip, and sometimes looking through the viewfinder, they were astounded with the amazing photos that it produced – the colours were vibrant, with deep saturation and vignettes that framed the shot. Soon friends wanted their own Lomo LC-A, igniting a new style of artistic experimental photography that we now know as Lomography! Following the mania that ensued upon the introduction of Lomography, they visited the Lomo factory in St. Petersburg to work out a contract for the worldwide distribution of this fantastic little camera. Soon, the 10 Golden Rules was created as a guide to this analogue movement, followed by exhibitions, world congresses, parties, installations, collaborations, and events. New products, films, and accessories were developed, and Lomography. com served as the communication hub for Lomographers. At the same time, Lomography Gallery Stores and Lomography Embassy Stores were set up worldwide. In the Lomography Embassy Store Johannesburg one will find a wide range of Lomographic products and is the first contact point for Lomographers regarding all things Lomographic. Today, Lomography is a world-wide movement with Embassy stores in countries like Chile, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Thailand, now also South Africa. Lomography. Lomography Embassy Store, Shop 7, 70 Juta Str, Braamfontein, 011 403 0302,



Singer-Songwriter Josie Field has become a household name throughout the country with several soulful charttopping hits. She takes a break from her whirlwind tour with Arno Carstens to tell us a but more about her new project, “A night with a Songwriter” Her latest album, “1984” was nominated for 3 SAMA awards, she’s playing on every major radio station and she collaborates with some of the best musos in the industry, so why is it that 28 year old Josie Field is on a mission to create a platform for SA musicians and songwriters to showcase their stuff? Together with POPArt, Josie has created “A night with a Songwriter”, a monthly event at the theatre that, not only showcases original talents, but allows for an intimate evening with songwriters. “Each evening is shaped by the featured artist, giving the audience an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of their favourite songwriters. Artists not only showcase their best work, but share their experiences as songwriters, their songwriting techniques and passion for story telling”, says Josie. The concept came about when childhood friend and POPArt co-owner, Shoki Mokgapa, asked Josie to perform last year. “We wanted to adapt the acoustic performance to better suit the intimate theatre space”, says Shoki. As such, the original concept involved Shoki as a host on stage asking Josie questions about her songwriting process as well as how personal experience has shaped her music. Now, a year later, with talents such as Piet Botha and Laurie Levine having graced the stage, the concept changes from evening to evening but more often than not, some deeply personal stuff gets divulged. “The evenings have a charm of their own, and whether or not you are a fan of the performer, its guaranteed that these evenings will move you”, says POPArt coowner, Hayleigh Evans . For Josie, the mission is clear: “It’s about creating a dedicated and intimate platform for original singersongwriters where audiences can get into the mind space of songwriters, sustaining the longevity of performers in the country”. The aim is also to encourage budding musos to learn from the best, so there is a special discount for artists. “Josie’s dedication to the project has been remarkable. She is incredibly hands on and has dedicated so much time to marketing and sourcing brilliant acts from all over the country to perform”, says Evans. Josie is currently on tour with Arno Carstens, with whom she recorded a duet ‘Goodbye’ on her new album. Her first 2 albums cemented her in the industry as a free-flowing folk-pop performer with her music often defined by intensely personal lyrics. On the third album, she doesn’t veer too dramatically from her signature style, however, she has followed a natural path to add in material that is more ballsy and, at times, unashamedly commercial. For the most part however, it’s still lyrically based around Josie’s personal experience, how she sees the world, and how she and the system differ; it’s about loss and love. It’s no surprise then that the platform that she has created for performers is one that exposes the heartbreak and joy that songwriters pour into their music. Catch Josie on tour, or at A Night with a Songwriter, every last Thursday of the month at POPArt

BIG CITY LIFE... Style I’m a 26 year old single female, I write, and I live

in the city. And while all that may sound a little predictable, it may surprise you to know that the city I live in is Johannesburg. Why is this surprising? Well, because most Johannesburgers my age have not even ventured into the city, let alone set up lives there. For the bulk of Johannesburg youths, when we think inner city Jozi, we think of a slick skyline, without considering that the buildings that make up the skyline could be a pretty great place to live. It has always been my dream to wake up in my double volume loft apartment, walk downstairs, grab a cappuccino and sit at a sidewalk cafe reading the paper (just like my TV heroes). Until a year ago, I never knew this was possible. It was 2 years ago that I was introduced to the place I now call home by my friend who was opening up a cupcake store in the area. There was very little around... A few new trees on the pavement, a cinema being built next door, an arts complex just up the road and an entire building above that was to be converted into residential apartments... I was immediately taken with the place. Still, it took an entire year before I moved into Main Street Life. And it took 3 months further before favourite Saturday morning spot opened. When this happened, I remember sitting on the sunny sidewalk sipping coffee in a take away cup and reading the paper at Uncle Mervs thinking Dream realised. The romantic notions of living like Rachel Greene or Carrie Bradshaw aside, the past year of my life has been about learning how to appreciate the city lifestyle in Johannesburg. Admittedly, we still have a long way to go before we can compete with international cities, where we can successfully call the city the centre for everything or where we can walk the whole city flat looking for things to see and do, but, where I live in Maboneng (one of the regeneration neighbourhoods in the city), in a short walk, there is evidence of a lifestyle being built. For instance, there are over 10 restaurants on my block with food experiences ranging from Ethiopian to gourmet meals to pick your own fresh health foods at the Living Room. For after work (which is conveniently across the road, so no petrol expenses- YES PLEASE!) drinks, there’s a choice of fantastic cocktails or an extensive collection of craft beer at Chalkboard Cafe. The settings are awesome too- sidewalks, rooftops and courtyards scattered with olive trees. I have also recently learned to cook with the addition of the Johannesburg culinary and pastry school at Arts on Main, where they have everything from bread, pasta and sushi making classes to 5 course chef’s table dinners. I confess, I have attended more of the chef’s table dinners than the sushi making classes, but that’s because I can get Sushi anytime, day or night, across the road at “The Blackanese”. ....continued on page 19

continued from page 15...... We’re pretty fortunate with the facilities as well. While we don’t have a

Virgin active in the neighbourhood, we have a rooftop boxing gym (where there are boxing classes with the one and only George, the boxer), bicycles for hire and we are a 2km run from Ellis Park sporting grounds where there is an olympic sized heated swimming pool, athletic track and tennis courts. The retail stores are also pretty impressive, everything from fashion to furniture to book stores and art galleries. I often joke that I am a responsible and green citizen considering everything in my apartment has been bought or made within a 5km radius, thus substantially reducing my carbon footprint. And while this is not entirely true, my walk in wardrobe (designed and made in collaboration with furniture designers in the area, Tiakaya and WORK) does have a considerable amount of Black Coffee, Loin Cloth and Ashes and Love Jozi items... and that’s before we get to the fantastic fashion vintage finds I’ve picked up at the weekly food and design market, Market on Main. Then, there’s the art, which, most of the time, I can’t afford, but have also been lucky enough to get some real ‘finds’, like a CASHRIL+ carved piece that I picked up at a one day exhibition at a Curious Cave. What I really love is that I get to call my home (and body) decorators my neighbours and friends. The retail experience doesn’t stop there. A short walk down the road, in old Jeppestown, is a shopping district filled with gems like City Outfitters and City Hall, where you can find anything from sneakers to gentlemen’s wear and hats produced with absolute care by the finest milliners. For the even more adventurous, there’s also Faso City, a second hand store where you can buy clothing by the kilogram. It probably needs a few good washes, but, thankfully, there’s a laundromat for that too. For evening entertainment, there’s a cinema, a theatre, restaurants and often some live music. On a Monday evening, you can walk downstairs and be surprised to find Tumi and the Volume doing a gig at Pata Pata. There are also regular exhibition openings at the multiple galleries in the area. Recent additions to the neighbourhood which have upscaled the lifestyle offering include a barber, which is as good news for us short haired girls as it is for boys who enjoy a close shave. Last week, Cocoon, a spa, yoga and healing centre opened up right next door to the office I work in. For me, this means lunch hour meditation and energy boosting massages on the doorstep! The spa doubles up as a holistic healing centre with an on site GP, readily available supplements to support the fast-paced city life and a comprehensive yoga schedule to encourage conscious living. There’s also a new spot, OPEN, where freelancers can literally plug into an office with state of the art facilities and high speed internet. There’s also a 9-hole putting green and a coffee bar here, which makes it an awesome place to hang out. Maybe next there’ll be a rooftop basketball court? What I have come to learn is that, living in the city is not just about having a place to live. It’s not about coming home at the end of a day and locking the door and turning on the TV. It’s about having a life and lifestyle that allows you to experience ‘so much more’. It’s about living in a community where you meet and engage with people on a daily basis, a place where convenience means more than a store at a petrol station and a place where neighbours are often friends. It may not be the full urban lifestyle of my TV heroes, but it’s great to see and experience the several regeneration efforts throughout the city first hand. If all the efforts truly succeed, we might be well on our way to becoming a world class African City.

The Forum - Campus Office Park - Bryanston

Activating SOCIAL Capital


THE WAVES OF CHANGE We are living in rapidly changing times, every aspect of life seems to be in a huge state of flux, from fundamental family and career issues to massive shifts that are occurring on a global political, economic and environmental level. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the anxiety related to the implications of these changes and the impact that it has on our personal lives. And perhaps now, the definition of success should rather be based on our ability to navigate these changes with greater awareness and skill. The alternative? Anxiety, depression, insomnia, substance abuse and burnout. A core teaching of Buddhist philosophy is that all the phenomena of life are impermanent and that often the source of suffering is the attempt and need to hold onto what is known and safe. The acceptance of the flow of life is then our opportunity to be stress free and emotionally and physically healthy. So while we are cultivating the skill of acceptance, we need to be even more aware of tending to the very simple activities of life that ARE constant- The very simple things that we tend to neglect. Times of turbulence are the very times that we called to ground down and tend to the routine daily activities that sustain our energy. Some ideas: • •

• •

In times of greatest stress and frustration- like sitting in traffic, waiting for an idea or in the midst of a conflict, make a statement with your breath by sighing loudly, deeply and theatrically. This sends a message to your primal brain that you’re relaxed. Choose a mundane boring activity like packing the dishwasher as a meditation practice, bringing your full attention and awareness to it. This is a great way to also just enjoy the simple things. We tend to forget how to do this when we’re busy ‘ sorting out the problems of the world’ Eat well and hydrate well for energy instead of relying on artificial stimulants like Red Bull and excessive coffee and try deep breathing as a way to calm down instead of alcohol or cigarettes The body sucks up huge amounts of Vit B when we’re stressed. It may help to take a good quality supplement.

Dr Ela Dr Ela Manga consults at Cocoon, a healthcare and yoga centre in the Maboneng precinct.


WOMEN @ POP ART THEATRE The 9th of August sees South Africa celebrate Women and this month at POPArt, it will be taken one step further with the entire month being dedicated to phenomenal female performers and playwrights. Given that POPArt is owned by 3 fearless females, they have taken it upon themselves to, this month, empower and celebrate the females in the industry to rejoice in the trials, tribulations and glory of what it means to be a woman; to encourage woman in the entertainment industry to create their own work and put it out there for all to see: Through the use of song, dance and story-telling, POPArt brings to you in the month of August, the story of ‘The Every-woman’: from Heart-felt and poignant, truth-seeking and eye opening, foot-tapping and finger clicking, the four shows of the month and the regular programming ensures theatre magic for everyone. From Lerato Mvelase and Nompumelelo Mzobe’s red lipstick and high-heeled celebration “Love of a Woman” to “US – A Room Full of Women” exploring the lives of four woman as they grapple with the issues that black women from different tiered statuses deal with, while theatre stalwarts, Vanessa Frost and Kristy Suttner, bring classic 80’s and 90’s comic musicology in the form of “Mix Tape”. We are brimming with stories from woman to all people from all scopes. And the celebration does not stop there, it spills over into all our regular shows too.... because when women do something –It’s done wholeheartedly. I’m a woman” “... in the reach of my arms, The span of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips It’s the fire in my eyes, And the flash of my teeth, The swing in my waist, And the joy in my feet, It’s in the arch of my back, The sun of my smile, The grace of my style. I’m a woman” And, just as the power of Maya Angelou’s beautiful poetry articulates what there is to celebrate, we close the month off with Jozi House of Poetry’s tribute to female poets. This one’s for all the “PHENOMENAL WOMEN”. POP ART theatre: 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg City


Johannesburg Event Listings Galleries & Exhibitions

Afronovo 12 JULY – 30 SEPTEMBER Musa Nxumalo: Seydou Keita, Malick Sidibe, Ricardo Rangel, Mauro Pinto – Photographs: 1959-2010 155 Smit St, Braamfontein The Bag Factory’s 21st Anniversary Exhibition 03 AUGUST17:50 – 10 SEPTEMBER Launching on 3 AUGUST 2012 21BF is a retrospective exhibition intended to give an overview of the significance of artists work produced during historical events that have formed the foundation of the democracy within which we now find ourselves. exhibition will include an exciting programme of walkabouts, panel discussions, workshops and artist talks and work from 35+ emerging and established artists. 10 Mahlatini Street, Fordsburg, 2198 Bailey Seippel Gallery | AOM 30 AUGUST, 6: 30pm “Photographer Talks” The photography talks are to build a bridge between well-known photographers and up and coming photographers and most of all photography lovers. Circa on Jellicoe 24 JULY – 25 AUGUST Wilma Crusie, The Alice Diaries 2 Jellicoe Ave, Rosebank Co-op AUGUST CONFLICT RESOLUTION NEW POSTERS BY KUDZANAI CHIURAI 68 Juta Street, Braamfontein

Gallery Momo 17 JULY – 20 AUGUST Group Show – Joel Mpah Dooh, Lyndi Sales, Mary Sibande, Ransome Stanley, Vitshois Bondo 23/08 – 17 SEPTEMBER Paul du Toit “A Slice in Time” an exhibition of paintings and sculptures in collaboration with Gallery MOMO and the Nirox Foundation. 52 7th Avenue, parktown North, 2193 Goodman Gallery 19 JULY - 18 AUGUST 2012 “Songs of Innocence and of Experience “ Kendell Geers 68 Juta Street, Braamfontein The Rooke Gallery AUGUST “RENEGADES” Frank Marshall 37 Quiin Street, Newtown, www. Main Street Life entrance Gallery 2 AUGUST, 6: 30pm Gareth Van Honschooten 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct, The Market Photo Workshop 18 AUGUST: Society a solo exhibition by Akona Kenqu, Society explores SSS, a group of young photographers I Soweto, and considers the role of skating in defining identity. Soweto. Akona was mentored by Nadine Hutton. Venue: Street Hawker in Dube 29 AUGUST: A necessary theatre (title still to be confirmed) at The Photo Workshop Gallery is an exhibition on the role of the audience in the production of the exhibition. This exhibition serves as the extended investigation of the Market Photo Workshop exhibition at the Joburg Art Fair in September. Venue: Market Photo Workshop, 2 President Street, Newtown, 2000

Nirox Projects | AOM 13-29 AUGUST 2012 “Lichtenburg Flower and Medusa” A solo exhibition by Bracha L. Ettinger Stevenson 8 JULY - 21 SEPTEMBER KEMANG WA LEHULERE 62 Juta Street, Braamfontein 2001 Unity Design Opens: Thursday 30th AUGUST, 6:00pm - until Friday 12th OCTOBER Unity Collection Exhibition The show features names such as Nelson Makamo, Blessing Ngobeni, Lehlohonolo Dhlamini and others. Venue: Unity Gallery, The Bus Factory, 3 President Street, Newtown


@ the Bioscope 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct

Screenings at the Bioscope Man on ground opens on the 3rd AUGUST. Iron Sky opens on the 10th August, Putty Hill starts opens on the 16th AUGUST. Once off event Rebel Alliance - Need For Swede” on 11th AUGUST.

DFL Sex Actually Film Festival 24 - 26 AUGUST. Drama for Life Sex Actually Festival and the Bioscope will present a selection of films that explore the role of sex in cinema.

Out In Africa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival 27 JULY 12 - 05 AUGUST 12 Funeka Soldaat + Judith KotzÉ 29/07 18:00, Sat 4/08 18:00 3 | Drei - Fri 27 /07 21:00, Tue 31/07 21:00, Wed 1/08 08.45 Absent | Ausente - Wed 1/08 19:00, Fri 3/08 08.45 Bashment - Sat 28/08 19:00, Sun 5/08 20:00 Cloudburst - Fri 27/07 19:00, Tue 31 /07 19:00, Thu 2/08 7.15, Fri 3/08 18.45, Sun 5/08 5.45 Sun 5/08 20:00 Kaboom - Thu 2/08 19:00, Fri 3/08 19:00, Sat 4/08 20:00 Keep the Lights On - Sun 29 JULY 20.15, Fri 3/08 21:00 The Skinny - Thu 2/08 21:00, Sat 4/08 20.45, Sun 5/0820.15 Stud Life - Sat 28/07 18.45, Sat 4/08 21:00 Ticket prices R 50 Nu Metro Hyde Park SA Shorts Wednesday 31/07– Saturday 11/08 2012 19:30 Dubbed Quickies for a Microwave Generation, SA Shorts is a series of six 10 minute plays by or about South Africans, compiled by UJ Arts & Culture Tickets R40-R70 UJ Arts Centre, Kingsway Campus aspx

Film continua “Opening Night of the French Film Festival “ 8th AUGUST 2012 at 18:30 Farewell my Queen Alexander Theatre - 36 Stiemens Street - Braamfontein. AUGUST-2012/french-film-festival-in-johannesburg-opening-nig French Film Festival – full program 09-12 AUGUST 2012 Farewell my Queen - Friday 10/08 at 20:00 Angèle et Tony - Friday 10/08 at 18:00 Sunday 12/08 at 15:00 Chicken with plums - Saturday 11/08 at 18:00 Sunday 12/08 at 20:00 Beloved - Friday 10/08 at 15:00 Sunday 12/08 at 20:00 Americano - Friday 10/08 at at 20:00 Saturday 11/08 at 18:00 Love last 3 years - Saturday 11/08 at 20:00 Sunday 12 at at 20:00 35 shots of rum - Thursday 9/08 at 20:00 Saturday 11 at 18:00 The Intruder - Saturday 11/08 at 20:00 Beau Travail - Saturday 11/08 at15:00 Zulu love letter - Thursday 9/08 at 18:00 Cinema Nouveau Rosebank. Level 1, Rosebank Mall, Cnr. Bath & Baker Streets, Rosebank. AUGUST-2012/jonhan

Theatre & Performance Art “WITNESS and RE/NAISSANCE (Deaths & Rebirths)” 30th & 31st AUGUST at 1830 ; 1st SEPTEMBER at 1830; 2nd SEPTEMBER at 1430 Through his biographic performances, artist and activist Théogène Niwenshuti invites us to join him on a journey of experimentation, in an attempt to question and explore the ‘self’ through the narratives of ‘others’, memories and struggles in relation to challenges raised by disclosure, discrimination, healing and resolution. GoetheonMain, 245, Main St, City & Suburban T

To place listings; theatre, dance, performance, LGBT, exhibition, film, music & alternative please contact: TT

POP ART THEATRE – Woman’s Month Festival POPArt & Eat Your heart out present: “A bite out with the Hebrew Mamita” 2 AUGUST, 19:00 A one-off performance by Vanessa Hidary from New York City. “Performer and poet, Vanessa Hidary, the Hebrew Mamita, mashes up her Jewish identity with that of a Puerto Rican - and unsettles stereotypes.” “Mix Tape” 8th AUGUST at 20:00, Iam Festival 9 -11 AUGUST 20:00, 12th AUGUST 15:30. Three people – different, but the same. One childhood. So many songs. So many Mix Tapes. Three unlikely friends growing up in 80’s South Africa. What tunes were playing in their heads? Mix Tape is an hilarious musical journey, featuring three of SA’s hottest comedy and musical theatre talents. “Love of a Woman” 16-18 AUGUST at 20:00, 19th AUGUST at 15:30, Love of a Woman is a musical journey, a tale about what it means to love and be loved by a woman. Starring Lerato Mvelase of “Life, above all” fame “US, a room full of women” 23-25 AUGUST at 20:00, 26 AUGUST at 15:30, “Us” is a devised cast and director collaboration that follows the journeys of multiple women who grapple with the challenges of womanhood. “CAUSING A SCENE” 31st AUGUST at 20:00 There’s a reason why they keep performing to packed crowds... They’re hilarious! Some say.. the best in Joburg’s Live improv comedy. Responding to audience suggestion, watch as the literally cause a scene, very much on the lines of hit TV show, “Whose line is it anyway”. Venue: POPArt , 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct,.

Music Oppi Koppi Festival 9 AUGUST at 09:00 - 11 AUGUST at 03:00 OppiKoppi is one of the most prolific music festivals on the South African Calendar, 80+ artists performing over 7 different stages. For more information please visit the official website. Tickets priced between R600-R750

The Joy of Jazz Festival 23rd - 25th AUGUST The Standard Bank Joy of Jazz 2012 - taking place 23 - 25 AUGUST 2012 - marks thirteen years of putting South Africa on the international jazz map. The annual fest attracts an audience of 20 000, with Eight venues in the city’s Newtown precinct will host an extravaganza of over 40 international and local artists. The Dinaledi Stage and the Mbira Stage will be erected on Mary Fitzgerald Square, creating two purpose-built venues to showcase this year’s line-up. Other venues that include Bassline, Conga and The Market Theatre will all play host. For more details visit the website. Tickets R750-R950 Joburg Day 2012 Saturday 1st SEPTEMBER Taking place at Riversands Farm, Fourways; The creme de la creme of South African talent will all be performing on one stage! This year`s festival is set to include an unforgettable line-up of SA`s stars. Line Up: Skylight, Easy Tiger, Locnville, The Parlotones, Primecircle, Freshly Ground, Danny K, Denim, Thembi Seete, Liquideep, Lavuvuzela, HHP, Arno Carstens, Loyiso, Jack Parow. Riversands Farm, William Nicol, Fourways. Tickets R220

REAL MUSIC WEDNESDAYS This totally free music gig happens every Wednesday at Chalkboard Cafe at Main Street Life. Kick back and sip on craft beer while listening to some of the best up and coming SA music talent. Starts at 8pm. RMW 1 AUGUST: Yo Grapes 8 AUGUST: Joshua Grierson 15 AUGUST: Look out Kid 22 AUGUST: Gil Hockman 29 AUGUST: The Howling Shabanski Venue: Chalkboard, 286 Fox Street. Maboneng Precinct. City and Suburban. A Night WITH A SONGWRITER: Kathy Raven 30th AUGUST 20:00 The brainchild of Josie Field, its an evening shaped by the featured artist, giving the audience an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of their favourite songwriters. Don’t miss outstanding acoustic performances in this intimate venue. Venue: POPArt , 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg JAMAICAN JAZZ WITH KATHY BROWN 1ST SEPTEMBER Kathy Brown, outstanding Jamaican pianist, jazz instrumentalist and medical doctor, routinely captivates audiences with pleasing jazz arrangements and delightful piano riffs. Venue: POPArt , 286 Fox Street, Main Street Life, The Maboneng Precinct, Johannesburg SUNDAY COCKTAILS AT THE LIVING ROOM Every Sunday from 1pm, enjoy cocktails at this fantastic rooftop setting. Live DJs every week. Floor 6, The Main Change, Kruger Street  Dub Saved My life Saturday, 18 AUGUST 2012, 20:00 340ml, Molécule (France), AntiBypass (France), Uzul (France), Thierry Arnold (France), Tattoo Level 9, Satori, babaganoush & DUB RUI Venue: MiHouse, 36 Roger Street, Selby, Johannesburg

Music continua


Kitcheners Daily from 10am Thursday till 2am Fri & Sat till 4 am SAT 4th August, #2 Sides of the Beat hosted by Kid Fonque... R50 Cover charge SAT 18th August, GET LUCKY! R30 FRI 24 August, BEAR HUG with Terence Pearce, Robert and Matthew, Andrew the DJ and Data Takashi, R50 Sat 25th August, Reform Sound System R30 Corner Juta and De Beer St, Braamfontein

Dance Umbrella two 31 August – 9 September 2012 Contemporary dance-lovers will get a bonus this year the Dance Umbrella 2 programme at Arts Alive 2012!Dance Umbrella Two 2012, will present works by Shannell Winlock, Bailey Snyman and Dada Masilo. International collaborative works from Reunion/ South Africa will also be presented. Tickets R60-R100

Dub Saved My life Saturday, 18 AUGUST 2012, 20:00 340ml, Molécule (France), AntiBypass (France), Uzul (France), Thierry Arnold (France), Tattoo Level 9, Satori, babaganoush & DUB RUI Venue: MiHouse, 36 Roger Street, Selby, Johannesburg Ragga Nights The best Reggae night in Jozi, every Thursday night at Bassline, with Admiral and Jah Seed Tickets R80 Venue: 10 Henry Nxumalo Street, Newtown Thesis Social Jams - SOWETO Sunday 5th AUGUST 14:00 – 23:00 The Thesis sessions bring all that is uber creative and “ghetto” fabulous together on the first Sunday of each month. The 5th of AUGUST will be celebrating 4 years of jamming with Tidal Waves & The Muffinz on stage! Spinning with Dj 1D, P-Kuttah, Johnny ”Fckn” Fingers; Wireless G & the ladies from Dopelganger. Tickets R50 173 Machaba Drive, Mofolo Central, 1800 Soweto, Gauteng events/346074392136024/ T

To ADVERTISE theatre, dance, performance, LGBT, exhibition, film, music & alternative please contact: TT

Sello Pesa & Brian Mtembu: Dithokgako 16 AUGUST- 18 AUGUST - 19:00, 19th AUGUST 14:30 Originally produced for the Solo Works performances in Sebokeng, 2010, Dithogako is choreographed and performed by Brian Mtembu under the direction and guidance of Ntsoana Contemporary Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director, Sello Pesa. GoetheonMain, 245, Main St, City & Suburban Johannesburg THE NATIONAL BALLET OF CUBA Thu 30 Aug 2012 8:00 pm National Ballet of Cuba, one of the great ballet companies of the world, brings its brilliance and passion to South Africa for the very first time. The ballet brings together extracts from classics such as Giselle; The Sleeping Beauty; The Nutcracker and Swan Lake. Tickets R280-R350 Teatro At Montecasino - Johannesburg And Reef, Gauteng Pages/NationalBalletofCuba.aspx Salsa Lessons Every Sunday 12:00 - 17:00 on the rooftop Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct

Inner City Boutique Markets

Other things to do.... Culinary School Johannesburg Pastry and Culinary school has a regular schedule of cooking classes as well as dinners prepared by their top chefs. Sunday brunches happen every sunday from 10am- 2pm. Bread making classes every Tuesday evening, Chocolate making classes every Wednesday evening and Pasta making Classes every Friday evening. All classes start at 7pm at pastry school at Arts on Main.

Market On Main 2 AUGUST: Night Market 19:00-21:00 Every Sunday from 10am - 3pm at Arts on Main. With over 50 of the finest food and design traders selling everything from fresh food, vintage fashion, furniture and more, Market on Main has become the best way to spend a Sunday in the City. The once a month night market also features live music. Arts on Main, Maboneng Precinct, City and Suburban www.

Yoga The Yoga Schedule for Cocoon spa and healing centre includes Buddah hour and breathwork lunch hour classes, early morning and evening yoga as well as weekend morning classes. Take special note of the weekend starter class on Saturday mornings at 10: 30. Full schedules and yoga packages available on the website: Main Street Walks Mainstreetwalks is a concept that encourages people to rediscover the inner City and ultimately Johannesburg. The best way to explore these spaces, like any other city in the world, is by foot and public transport. Joburg Inner-City with writer Gerald Garner Experience the magical energy and buzz of a city undergoing an astonishing rebirth. Visit public art, cool restaurants and coffee shops, spectacular rooftops, historic buildings, city squares and delightful parks – all while you learn more of the history, current development and future plans of Joburg.

Neighborhood Goods Market Every Saturday 0900 – 1500 Market-goers can expect to find an assortment of goods from local artisan producers, purveyors, gourmet merchants, specialty cooks, regional farmers + estates, as well as a selection of local designers. 73 Juta Street, Braamfontein

Walking Public Art Tours with artist Hannile Coetzee. Hannelie Coetzee is a Johannesburg-based visual artist and professional photographer. She has done several public artworks in the Maboneng district. Join her for a walkabout every Sunday from 10 – 11am at a cost of R40.00. www.

For’m Opportunities Articles Expenses Paid (this may change as we grow): If you are a writer and have an idea for a story, specifically articles that platform Johannesburg based outlets, arts & culture based activity or are related to subjects that surround urban transformation, please feel to get in contact. Designers, Illustrators, Photographers Portfolio Based (this may change as we grow): If you are a graphic designers, filmmaker, illustrator or photographer save yourself some business development time and collaborate with us on some of our content that will be platformed in the print and digital editions. You will be credited for your work in a manner that does not negatively impact on your brand, whilst producing the type of visibility that enables a wide range of prospects to get in direct contact. The digital edition of for’m will include streamed video and documentary photography exposures. Motorcycle Riders Paid Opportunity: We are currently looking for 2 part time Motorcycle riders to help distribute the magazine around Johannesburg. The candidates will be presentable and reliable and be able to engage a diverse mix of people in reasonably intelligent conversation.

All interactions come with many perks that include free tickets to many wonderful happenings, as well as lots of opportunties to see Johannesburg in the flux of progressive transformation and build a relevant client base

Distribution The print distribution of the 1st edition (July) of form magazine was 7000 copies, this month’s (August) edition is 8000 copies and will be distributed to over 60 hotels & guesthouses, gallery spaces, theatres, other cultural spaces, restaurants and retail spaces etc. The magazine will also be given to the public at high traffic areas e.g. the Maboneng Precinct, Sandton and Braamfontein as well as door to door in relevant high density residential districts. The digital issue will be sent to over 15,000+ people. Distribution Outlets If you work in Johannesburg and would like free copies of this magazine distributed from your outlet, hotel, gallery, workplace or other space, please send details of the prospective point of distribution and any other relevant information you think might be useful. Listings If you are an arts, culture and events based organization and would like to include short listings in the magazine please email us with information of the month’s listings before the 14th of each month e.g. the submission cut-off date for the September issue is August the 14th. Advertising If you are thinking about advertising in for’m magazine and would like to have an informal chat about the different ways we can work with third party content providers and advertisers please get in contact. For’m has subsidized rates for entities that work within the Arts, Culture and Not for Profit sectors that are available on application. CONTACT DETAILS: Email: Website: Phone: 0720694595

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