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FOX 5 SURPRISE WEDDING Military coupled surprised with dream wedding

for love is the reason for living

DAZZLING DESTINATIONS Check out these real weddings from France, Mexico, South Africa & Thailand




SPOTLIGHT ON LAS VEGAS Join us as we take a look at the hottest destinations to get hitched in Las Vegas



Wow, what an amazing year for us and our companies, High Class Studios and Ella Gagiano Photography. Since our first issue of “For Love” magazine, we have expanded our studio near the Palms hotel to over 5,000 square feet! Our printing facility is in full-bloom and in our new warehouse! We have plenty of room for all of the new high-tech equipment to make the best invitations, gorgeous wedding albums, brochures, large art prints and even this Magazine that your are holding in your hand! We are so excited to share with you all of our favorite wedding venues and vendors that we trust to help you on your most important day. We have also packed this issue with some very helpful information for your wedding planning. These pages JAM-Packed with some of our favorite inspirational photos we have captured this past year! Some from Las Vegas, Napa, France, Mexico and even South Africa! We hope that you enjoy our second issue of “For Love” magazine! -Jason and Ella Gagiano





Luxury Wedding and Event Planner Tory L. Cooper shares her most memorable moments to prove that Anything is Possible.

A military couple’s wedding gets hijacked by the Fox 5 Surprise Squad, and turns into the ultimate wedding of their dreams.

Join us as we take a look at the High Class Studios’ favorite venues in Las Vegas to get hitched.

We follow Ella Gagiano as she travels to France, Mexico, South Africa & Thailand to capture love stories around the globe.

On the Cover Model: Mariah Armknecht MUA: Stevee Danielle Dress/Veil: Mina Olive Shot at Hilton Lake Las Vegas Photography: Ella Gagiano Publication Design and Layout by: Jessica Santos

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ELEGANT CREATIVE ARTISTIC LAS VEGAS & DESTINATION WEDDINGS International renowned, award-winning photographer, Ella Gagiano, is now accepting bookings for the 2015-2016 season, For couples wishing to capture and cherish the magic of their wedding day for generations to come. All Inclusive Packages Starting at $5,999

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Anything is Possible By Tory L. Cooper

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One of the most powerful statements that I learned early in my career is “if we can put a man on the moon, THAN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!� These are words that I have lived by for over twenty years for couples all over the world. Whether it is an intimate wedding with only the bride and groom, 100 guests or even 1000 guests, it is the couples requests that have become my passion, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Being creative and thinking outside of the box for destination weddings with unparalleled experiences is what wedding planning in Las Vegas is all about. Las Vegas offers so many beautiful wedding experiences. My favorite experience of intimate weddings for two include an adventurous helicopter ride down to the majestic Grand Canyon Landing with the rushing waters below, followed by a heavenly sunrise or sunset hot air baloon ride. Wedding requests that are important to each and every couple become mine to ensure their dreams become a reality. Las Vegas is known for the magical lights of the strip whether the view is from the rooftop of the Cosmopolitan pool or a penthouse with billiards and a jacuzzi at Palms Place, or even the Ghost Bar at Palms Hotel where you feel as if you are floating on clouds. Las vegas boasts many epic wedding venues such as Hyde overlooking the world renowned dancing waters or the newest stage for Broadway Productions, the Smith Center. I have learned through planning many cultural weddings that traditions sometimes are just as important as the words “I do.”

I never imagined that one of my couple’s special requests would gain worldwide attention! Their wedding included a week long celebration beginning in Texas, with the groom, Pankaj, riding a horse onto the tarmac before boarding a private, charted plane with 260 wedding guests aboard. No detail was overlooked and included personalized pillows and Indian food catered on the plane, and all the guests travelling down Las Vegas Boulevard with a ten ton elephant delivering the couple to the footsteps of thier wedding venue. When I first spoke with Manita Gill, another client, I asked her, “What is your ultimate dream wedding?” She said, “I would like to have my guests stay at the Wynn and Encore Resort and have my wedding ceremony and reception in a beautiful garden, but above all I want it to be memorable!” When her groom asked to be picked up from the Wynn, he was surprised with one of Mr. Wynn’s Rolls Royces from his personal collection and driven to the Bellagio in style. I am constantly amazed by the beautiful weddings that spring to life from my clients dreams. Anything is Possible!

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Contouring & Highlighting with Leila Vonsleichter of LeiV Agency and Nieve Malandra of Zowie Bowie

Pro techniques are now available to everyone, which means we can all look Photo shoot-ready at every opportunity. If you're not paying careful attention things can go from pretty to pretty scary in a flash and you don’t want that on your Big Day. This is why we suggest hiring a professional Makeup Artist. Contouring & Highlighting: what is it, exactly? Contouring is giving shape to an area of the face and enhancing the facial structure through makeup, It's not supposed to be noticeable—just a subtle definition. This also gives the appearance of a slimmer face and also gives the face dimension instead of a flat look.

01 02 03

Prepare and protect your skin by applying a primer/moisturizer with your fingers all over the face, starting from the center of the face working outwards. You will need foundation under your contouring and highlighting. Whether you do a liquid or a powder C&H, you will need a base. Apply your foundation and conceal any imperfections.

Highlighting will allow you to accentuate any features you want to make pop such as under your eyes, the center of the nose and forehead, middle of the chin. These are typically darker areas that make your face seem puffy or sunken in. By highlighting, your face seems brighter, healthier and fuller.

Find the hollows of your cheek bones. Behind the ears along the jawbone, sweep towards the chin and blend upwards. Do this on both sides. Sweep this along your hairline, temple & side of nose if you wish to sculpt there as well. Find your jaw line. Draw a line all along your bottom jaw line, very close to your neck.

04 05 06

With a clean foundation brush, a Beauty Blender, or a small stippling brush, blend back and forth, and then blend slightly upwards a bit. along jawline Blend downwards towards your neck

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Apply shimmer highlights on top of your cheekbones. Apply it also under the arch of the brow. You may also apply it on top of your Cupids bow – at the edge of the center top lip.

Give your complexion a soft matte finish and fix your foundation by applying powder, or makeup setting spray. Don’t powder over your Highlights you want to keep this part very glowy. Finish your look & voila you've got a picture perfect wedding look.

For more information on booking Leila Vonsleichter please visit her website at or call her at (702) 372 - 5543

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What’s Hot Here are some of our favorite trends for tying the knot. Be Inspired!

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DRONE CINEMATOGRAPHY High Class Studios is getting in on the action by using drones to capture aerial shots, like the view of your ceremony from overhead and the amazing scenery. Our videographers are bringing GoPro cameras to the wedding in addition to their video cameras. The cool part about GoPros are they can be attached to a "selfie stick" to get ultra-creative shots of you and your guests on the dance floor and record your guests’ candid reactions as they enter the reception.

WHITE BRIDESMAIDS DRESSES Four years after Kate Middleton broke the mold with her choice for Pippa, brides every where are warming to the idea of bridesmaids in white dresses. Some of the most high profile celebrity brides last year, Solange Knowles and Poppy Delevingne, chose white bridesmaids dresses. So if you're considering it for your girls, you'll be in good company.

TALL WEDDING CAKES Wedding cakes are on the rise -- in tiers, that is. We're talking five and six layers, plus the return of columns to give the confections even more height. These sugar masterpieces are as elegant as ever with bold sugar flowers, detailed patterns and pretty piping. A wedding cake is like the exclamation point to your day, so why not go big and tall?

THE ULTIMATE ENTRANCE Couples are opting to introduce themselves or go all out with a major entrance and choreographed dance. We are seeing couples work with choreographers to surprise their guests right at the start of their reception. Don't be surprised if at the next wedding you attend, a full out dance starts as the entire party is introduced. High Class Studios can provide all the smoke effects and lighting to make you look like Rock Stars!

03 04 05 06

THE THIRD DRESS Why have one dress when you can have three? We've heard of brides changing their dress for the reception or late night for the after-party. Now, a few fashion-forward brides are actually choosing three different gowns for each part of the day. Imagine a ball gown for the ceremony, a sleek sheath for the reception and then a short, feathery minidress for the after-party. It sounds like a lot, but for some brides who just can't decide, this is a fun trend to try.

ROSE GOLD Rose gold is one of the reasons we're not fans of making your plans around things that are trendy. Rose gold is beautiful and you can incorporate it into your engagement ring, decor and total design. But we caution our clients to only use this color if you truly are in love with it. You always want to look back at your pictures and see that your wedding was classic and not trendy. If you like rose gold, we recommend small touches such as the containers that your flowers will be held in, or the necklace that you wear.

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For more information on booking Stevee Danielle, please visit her website at

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Biggest WEDDING PLANNING BLUNDERS TO AVOID The entire process will go a heck of a lot more smoothly if you avoid these common, painful pitfalls.


Using your entire fashion budget on the dress Don’t forget about tax, shipping, alterations, undergarments and other essentials like a veil, hair accessories, jewelry and shoes.


Getting attached to specific flower types


Sending out save-the-dates too soon


This is an expensive mistake - out of season blooms skyrocket in price and may not be as fresh. Think in terms of colors and shapes instead of specific flowers.

It may be tempting, but don’t send those save-the-dates until you’ve finalized the guest list.

Skipping a wedding videographer Videos let you hear your voice tremble as you say your vows and watch your friends tear up the dance floor. While photos are wonderful, they only show you half the picture.


Micromanaging your vendors


Picking your attendants too early


Once you’ve chosen a team of talented pros who “get” your bridal vision, let them do the job you’re paying them to do! Your bridesmaids should be your closest friends or relatives. Period. They have to be people you’d trust to be there when you need them most. You simply don’t know new friends well enough yet to be sure they’ll support you in tough situations


Starting your hair & makeup too late


Speeding through photos

Telling everyone about your wedding details

The more specifics you share, the more opinions you’re going to get about your choices. Plus, part of wowing your guests is surprising them. If they already know that you’re changing into a different dress for dancing or sending guests home with your grandma’s cookies, they won’t be quite as impressed the day of.


Schedule your appointments in the middle of your attendants. It’s not a big deal for a bridesmaid to switch to a less complicated hairstyle if the stylist is pressed for time. Squeezing photos into the first half hour of your cocktail hour will make you feel anything but at ease. If you refuse to see your groom before the ceremony, take pictures separately beforehand, so only the shots left after the ceremony include both of you.

“Hiring” a friend instead of a professional

Sure, your pal was the king of the mix CD back in the day, but that doesn’t mean he should be your DJ. You’re better off paying a pro to take care of things like ceremony music and food, so your friends can enjoy the day too.

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Here’s what to do, when, on your way to the altar

Nine to Twelve Months

Six to Eight Months

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

Think about when you’d like to have your wedding (the question everyone will ask about 20 minutes after you get engaged).

Book your florist, photographer, videographer, musicians, cake baker, and other pros, such as a rental company.

Nail down a budget and talk with anyone who may contribute to your wedding.

Plan the ceremony with your officiant; it’s the reason you’re having this party, so don’t wait too long. Discuss religious requirements such as per-marital counseling.

Buy or Create a wedding organizer, got to keep those appointments, payments, and inspiration in order. Visit ceremony and reception locations. This is the first big decision; you’ll be amazed at how everything else falls into place once you check it off your list - including the definite date and time. Create your wedding website to give guests important information, like which hotel you’ll have a room block at and directions from the ceremony to the reception. Include some fun details too, like your proposal story. Book any pros you just have to have like a top-rated photographer or wedding planner. Get your engagement ring appraised and then insured ASAP. (Trust us - this is one to-do you don’t want to delay) Decide whom you want to officiate your ceremony and book him/her. Find a stationer and order your Save-The-Dates (this is really happening!) If your venue doesn’t have an in-house caterer, research and interview candidates and select one.

Order your gown and your veil and schedule fittings (for six weeks and one to two weeks before the wedding). It’s also time for the groom to choose his clothes. Create a “look fab” plan, including facials, teeth whitening, and haircuts. Salon days are a hard part of the planning (not!). Have engagement photos taken so you can get comfortable with your photographer. Start planning your honeymoon. Thinking about Hawaii? Florida? Check into it! Choose the bridesmaids dresses and have your bridesmaids order them and schedule fittings. Groomsmen should also be told what to wear. Set aside blocks of rooms at nearby hotels. Send Save-The-Dates at the six-month mark. Iron out rehearsal dinner details, like the time and location. Order the Invitations and the Thank-You Notes. Reserve venues for the welcome party, after-party, and next-day brunch.

Register for gifts. (This is another really good reason to put together a wedding website: it will discreetly tell guests where your registered.)

Book a day-of coordinator (if you don’t have a full-service planner and a day-of planner isn’t included with your venue).

Ask your picks for bridesmaids and groomsmen if they’re up for being in your wedding party.

Purchase Wedding Insurance if your planning on getting it.

Start your search for your dress.

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Four to Five Months

Two Months

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

Finalize your flower proposal with your florist. (Will you go with roses, or ranunculus, gerbera daisies or gardenias?)

Send out wedding invitations at the six-to-eight week mark (RSVP’s due one month prior to the wedding)

Address your invitations or hand them off to your calligrapher for her to finish.

Work on your ceremony vows, especially if you’re writing them yourselves.

Finalize the rental list (tables, chairs) with the caterer or rental company.

Buy your wedding day accessories - it’s time to check off your “something old, new, borrowed, and blue.”

Book your honeymoon, and don’t forget to also reserve a room for the night of your wedding.

Order or start DIY-ing your ceremony programs.

Schedule dance lessons (worth it if your first dance is already stressing you out.)

Buy your guest book, a nice pen and any supplies you’ll need for your escort card display.

Complete your cake order and order the groom’s cake (if you’re having one)

Confirm your hotel room blocks.

Schedule your beauty trials and book hairstylist(s) and makeup artist(s).

Four to Five Months DATE: ____ / ____ / ____ Buy or rent ceremony decorations (like an aisle runner or program basket).

Have your first dress fitting - don’t forget your shoes and under garments. Write Thank-You Notes for gifts as they arrive (you’ll thank us later). Do a food tasting (yum!) and finalize the menu with your caterer.

One Month

Order wedding favors.

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

Purchase any special lingerie you need.

Finalize your ceremony details with your officiant, including your vows.

Have a blast at your bridal shower and bachelorette party! Finalize your playlist with your Band or DJ.

Compile a must-take photo list for your shooter (keep it under a dozen so you get the shots you really want).

Figure out how to get a local marriage license (you need one to make it legit).

Finish assembling ceremony programs (or pick them up from your stationer or printer).

Arrange for day-of transportation for you and the wedding party.

Put together welcome baskets. Buy some fun books and cute new clothes for your honeymoon.

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One to Two Weeks

Two to Three Days

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

DATE: ____ / ____ / ____

Missing RSVP’s? Follow up now!

Pack an overnight bag for the wedding night (including outfits for any day-after events, like a good-bye brunch.

Once you’ve got it, share your final head count with the caterer, cake baker, and site manager. Give your caterer the final seating chart (and have a glass of bubbly to celebrate finishing up this puzzle). Pass on requests from your pros to the site manager (like a table for the DJ). Print or write your escort cards (or send them to your calligrapher). Have your last dress fitting (and get butterflies thinking about the next time you’ll put your gown on).

Leave a copy of your honeymoon itinerary with your family and other important people, like your pet-sitter. Give tips for your wedding pros to an attendant (or planner) to distribute. Steam your dress or suit if wrinkled. Touch base with the ceremony and reception sites one more time to go over the schedule and any last-minute details. Plan the processional/recessional

Confirm all final payment amounts, details and deliveries with your pros.

Confirm last-minute details like flower and cake deliveries.

Double-Check the day-of schedule and contact list; distribute to wedding party, parents and wedding pros.

Deliver welcome bags to out-of-town guests’ hotel rooms (the hotel staff will usually hand them out at check-in).

Write your wedding toasts. Pick up your marriage license (the most fun you can have at a government office). Give “must-play” or “don’t-play” song list to the DJ or bandleader. Include your first, father-daughter, and mother-son dances.

One Day Before DATE: ____ / ____ / ____ Get a fresh mani and pedi.

Get final hair trim and color touch-up.

Bring all ceremony accessories, like the unity candle, to the site.

Arrange for transportation for out-of-town guests who aren’t renting cars.

Give the marriage license to your officiant (this is one detail you definitely don’t want to forget). Rehearse the ceremony and have (a little!) fun at your rehearsal dinner. Give your attendants their presents. And for goodness’ sake get some rest. You’re the star of the show tomorrow, remember!

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The Day Of DATE: ____ / ____ / ____ Eat breakfast - you may forget to eat later, even if that never happens to you. Give gifts to your parents and each other. Hand off wedding bands to the best man. Have him hold the officiant’s fee (and deliver it after the ceremony).


YOUR WEDDING DAY Post Wedding To-Dos DATE: ____ / ____ / ____ Freeze the top layer of your cake (you’ll be shocked when it’s still pretty tasty on your one-year anniversary. Have your wedding dress cleaned and/or preserved and return the tuxedo rentals. Send your pros Thank-You Notes and submit online reviews. Thank your attendants for standing by you on the day - and during planning. And tell them all about your honeymoon! Finish up Thank-You Notes for gifts ASAP. Changing your name? Go through the necessary channels to do so.

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Las Vegas Join us as we take a look at the hottest destinations to get hitched in Las Vegas

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For more information on booking your wedding at The M Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, contact the on site coordinator Tina or Mariann at (702) 797 - 1919 or

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Resort & Spa

The M Resort is one of our favorite Venues and we have had a GREAT relationship with them over the years as their preferred Photo, Video and DJ company. Situated 400 feet above the famous Vegas Strip, the M Resort offers breathtaking views of the city and provides the perfect backdrop for your special day. The four star resort’s modern architecture is fused with upscale contemporary finishes and boasts luxury amenities, spectacular outdoor terraces and infinity-edge pools, making it a must see venue while making your wedding plans. To accommodate your guests, they offer 390 resort rooms and suites with complimentary transportation to and from the Las Vegas Strip and McCarran Airport. Their customized wedding packages have the bride and groom in mind and include a resort room with each package. You’ll also want to take advantage of the M Resort’s convenient on-site four star spa to help you and your wedding party get ready for the big day!

While there are many venues within the M Resort to compliment your personal wedding style, consider the elite venue, LUX, which is located at the top of the M Resort tower and offers breathtaking views of the Las Vegas Strip and Las Vegas Valley and includes a stunning outdoor terrace. Other popular locations include pool terraces, contemporary banquet room, and our unique Hostile Grape venue, a contemporary wine cellar and tasting room which provides the ideal location for wine enthusiasts. Talented chefs have created exceptional menus for every taste. Dining selections may also be customized to incorporate your personal style and favorite dishes. We invite you to contact Their Catering Department to schedule a tour of our one-of-a-kind resort and to review their Wedding Packages. Be sure to tell them that Ella and Jason sent you!

THE Secret When you book your wedding at the Secret Garden you can expect the best team there is! High Class Studios is the EXCLUSIVE photo, Video, DJ, lighting and Photobooth company for the venue and every day there we have tons of fun with this amazing family! Explore the rich history and heritage of how the Miller Family and The Secret Garden came to be! Immerse yourself within the cultivation, celebrity hideaway photos and private tennis club status of the 60’s & 70’s! Ann & John Miller’s eyes met over the bar of a vintage soda shop when they were only in high school. They basked in the sun on the California beaches performing gymnastics stunts and body building techniques. John says that he invented the 6 pack abs! He won every body building competition that he entered beginning when he was only 14 years old! They married in 1949 on Christmas Eve and quickly signed John up for the Olympics. Unfortunately, they couldn’t afford to send him so he won Mr. America…not too shabby! They proceeded to have four gorgeous little girls and John was an engineer for the local Pomona fire department. After visiting the Palm Springs Racquet Club, they

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Garden purchased 22 acres and moved to Las Vegas in 1962 with the hope of creating a tennis oasis in the desert. They were shockingly successful from the beginning, quickly becoming know around the globe that the Las Vegas Racquet Club was the place to be when you were staying and performing in Vegas! The gorgeous Miller couple hosted the most famous celebrities, politicians, and even mob bosses of their time for several decades! In the 80’s, their daughter Christi watched as Tricia Nixon got married in the gardens of the White House. She was inspired by the fledgling Martha Stewart and told her parents that she was going to turn the facility into an exclusive wedding venue! They are now in their 50th year of hosting amazing events and hope to continue for many, many more generations to come! Hosting special events since 1962, they specialize in only one event a day and feature over 10 acres of private lush landscape for your indoor or outdoor event. Quiet, garden elegance awaits your event just minutes from the excitement of the Las Vegas Strip! They offer several all-inclusive packages but also allow outside catering and vendors to join our amazing in-house staff to make your event perfect!

For more information on booking your wedding at The Secret Garden in Las Vegas, contact Erin at (702) 318 - 1484 or visit their website at

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Angel Park


Angel Park Golf Club offers couples a picturesque wedding venue in the heart of Summerlin. The venue provides a breathtaking event lawn set against a triple waterfall and incredible views of the scenic Red Rock Mountains. With a newly remodeled reception space, that includes a wrap around patio complete with a fire pit, the club prides itself in nailing the art of natural beauty which is a rarity amongst Las Vegas venues. Look no more: Angel Park, while charmingly pictorial and intimate, has it all! With the recent launch of Angel Park’s new banquet menu, “The Wedding Catalogue,” this popular venue is continuing to grow on its proud reputation as the best valued venue in its competitive category. The recent changes include fresh new menus, ornate bar alternatives, and all-inclusive wedding options. Whether couples are choosing a la carte selections or a complete wedding package, the flexibility of both offers couples the ability to tell their story and showcase their personality throughout their wedding. Ranging from casual and trendy to timeless and elegant and everything in between, Angel Park has the ideal space to bring any wedding vision to reality. The venue prides itself with its unparalleled value as both an affordable and stunning location for both local and destination brides. The Angel Park team of event professionals and skilled coordinators will assist in creating a truly personal and stress-free experience. And they look forward to working on your wedding! When you Contact Jessie Reid in the Special Events and Catering Department to schedule a tour, be sure to tell her that Ella and Jason sent you!

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For more information on booking your wedding at Angel Park Golf Club in Las Vegas, call (888) 446 - 5358 or visit their website at

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For more information on booking your wedding at The Hilton Resort & Spa in Lake Las Vegas, call (702) 567 - 4618 or email them at

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Hilton Resort & Spa


Hilton Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa is truly a HIDDEN TREASURE! We have just recently partnered with the Hilton at Lake Las Vegas as the preferred Photo, video, lighting, DJ and Photobooth company and you can see how incredible this venue is in every image! The lush landscaping will be the perfect backdrop for your rehearsal dinner as you say a special 'thank you' to your wedding party. Toast to your new beginning together, and take in the ambiance created just for you. Host your reception in the stunning ballroom that will accommodate up to 1,200 Guests for a reception or up to 840 Guests in a banquet-style seating. The quaint wedding chapel, the Capella Di Amore, is Las

Vegas' only over-water wedding chapel. The Capella Di Amore seats up to 220 Guests and will make everyone feel as if they have been transported to a Mediterranean wedding. Plan an elegant menu with gourmet dishes prepared by our talented Chef. Leave the preparation to them as they create the perfect menu with fresh ingredients and healthy options. With the Bridal Package, they can even style the perfect up do and customized make-up application for the bride and the entire Bridal Party at The Ravella Spa! It offers a full hair and nail salon and 24 treatment rooms!

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For more information on booking your wedding at Aliante Hotel Casino & Spa in Las Vegas, call (702) 692 - 7530 or

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HOTEL . CASINO . SPA We have just recently become part of the amazing family at Aliante Hotel and Casino and we are so proud to be the preferred company at such an amazing wedding venue! Whether you’re looking to have an intimate ceremony in front of your closest friends and family or a large, over-the-top soirée, the event professionals at Aliante can handle the details so you don’t have to. You will have your own personal wedding coordinator who will help you every step of the way! Take a look at Aliante’s online brochure to learn more, and then get in touch to learn more about how they can help create memories that will last a lifetime.– all you have to do is say “I do” and also tell them that Ella and Jason at High Class Studios sent you!

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THE Smith


We were fortunate enough to photograph the very first wedding at the Smith Center of Albert and Karissa Mack. The Guest list included Steve Wynn and Senator Harry Reid! Since then we have had the privilege to be the preferred company for many more incredible weddings at this amazing venue! The Smith Center was built to host the greatest shows in performing arts from around the world, but truth be told, their weddings are just as spectacular as our productions. Your wedding is a show in which you are the star, so let The Smith Center be your stage. The stunning art deco style creates an elegant and sophisticated backdrop to your vows, while the ringing carillon bell adds a touch of old-world romance. It’s a one-of-a-kind setting that can turn your wedding into a true blockbuster event of the season!

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For more information on booking your wedding at The Smith Center in Las Vegas, call (702) 749 - 2000 or visit their website at

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What can we say about the incredible Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip?! This unbelievable 5 Star hotel is absolutely stunning in every detail. From the world famous Bellagio Fountains, to the incredible Ballrooms and gardens to the pools and Spa there is not one place in this hotel that doesn’t look incredible in front of our camera lens! Every detail is addressed to maintain their legacy of extraordinary service! We highly recommend the Bellagio!

For more information on booking your wedding at The Bellagio in Las Vegas, call (888) 987 - 3344 or visit their website at

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TPC Summerlin is one our favorite Golf Course Wedding Venues in Las Vegas! Imagine your dream wedding on this beautiful ceremony lawn overlooking the golf course and incredible mountain views. TPC Summerlin's beautifully landscaped property makes for an amazing backdrop for breathtaking wedding pictures at every turn, keeping you looking back at your wedding album from High Class Studios for years to come.

For more information on booking your wedding at TPC Summerlin in Las Vegas, call (702) 256 - 0111 or visit their website at

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Wilt Proof Spiral Eucalyptus

Cymbidium Orchid Raspberries




Cymbidium Orchid Bloom

Matsumoto Aster

Carnations FlorigeneŠ

Calcynia Alstroemeria Vanda Orchid Blooms

Twenty-Two heat resistant bridal booms that will out live the last dance. Floral Design by Michelle Howard of Flora Couture (A Floral 2000 Company) .Photography by Ella Gagiano Photography

For Love . Page 34

Tulips with Spiral Eucalyptus

Your Bouquet Song of India Cat Tail Cymbidium Orchids Hypericum Berries Spray Roses

Leucadendron “Safari Sunset”

Pin Cushion Protea

Anthurium with Spiral Eucalyptus

Crespedia AKA “Billy Balls with Galax Leaves

Green Ball Calla Lillies with Naked Seeded Eucalyptus


LA Hybrid Lily


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KEEPING YOUR BOUQUET BLOOMING Picking your perfect posies for your wedding day may require looking at Wilt Resistant options. When you have a passion for your posies and want the perfect combination of petals on your wedding day, you may need to consider the weather first. Especially if you want that enchanted outdoor ceremony. As you begin planning your day that is unique unto you as a couple, you need to consider things you never thought of before. For example, you want that beautiful outdoor ceremony but your wedding date is in June. Did you check the average temperatures? Hot summer days can cause your flowers to wilt, even if you keep them well watered; with the combination of the direct sunlight, dryness and heat, the water may evaporate quickly off your petals leaving your blooms looking rather droopy. Alas! There are so many things you can do to still get the look you are going for: Even that beautiful bouquet of perfect posies! First, make sure when you are choosing your date and location, you are keeping the styles you love in mind. Make a list of things you know you love or want to incorporate by collecting some reference photos from great websites such as Pinterest, Style Me Pretty or other wedding blogs and bring them to your floral professional to discuss options in creating your ideal floral creations. With your input and their guidance, you will be introduced to an array of varieties, colors and unique options perfect for your wedding day. As your styles evolve, take into consideration more heat resistant options that will garner a fun, unique and playful look to accentuate your wedding memories. We have gathered an array of heat resistant flowers for you to choose from in creating your beautiful blend of blooms. For more guidance or questions, feel free to reach out to us at Flora Couture. Visit us at By: Michelle Howard & Kristin Slavick of Flora Couture Floral Design by Flora Couture – A Floral 2000 Company

“REGAL ROMANCE” Whether you want bold, vintage, rustic or romance go fun with a colorful combination of heat resistant petals to outlast your last dance. Combine soft roses with the waxy texture of pincushion protea, saturated blooms of succulents, cymbidum orchids and calla lilies that “survive” the droop and highlight with lush foliage to add fullness to your bouquet.

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Mina Olive The dress of your dreams and most likely one you didn’t even realize you were dreaming about is only a sketch away. Mina designs custom couture gowns using the bride as inspiration. Meaning each dress is an original and purposefully designed for each bride. You get a front row seat to your dress designing and fitting process. From sketch to finished dress, you, the bride, are present the whole way through so there are no surprises (well maybe a few, but we promise you’ll love them) with the end result being a dress you only dreamed about. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if you are a bride fit for Mina. Photo Shoot Credits Models - Mariah Armknecht and Sarah Ziehm, MUA - Stevee Danielle, Venue - Hilton Lake Las Vegas, Dress/Veil - Mina Olive, Jewelry - Blue Luck Bridal Photography - Ella Gagiano

Mina Olive Original Design Photography By: Ella Gagiano Photography

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Mina Olive Original Design Photography By: Ella Gagiano Photography

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Mina Olive Original Design Photography By: Ella Gagiano Photography

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Mina Olive Original Design Photography By: Ella Gagiano Photography

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Mina Olive Original Design Photography By: Ella Gagiano Photography

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HEAD TO A TRUSTWORTHY SALON Like Mina Olive, with her beautifully, custom designed wedding gowns. They will be made to perfectly fit your silhouette.

Shape for You SHEATH This slim, form fitting silhouette hugs the body from head-to-toe. It’s the perfect look for casual, intimate weddings.

MERMAID GOWN This gown is a bit more fitted and flares out at the knee (or lower). It’s a great silhouette for showing off curves.

BALL GOWN The ball gown has a fitted bodice and a dramatic full skirt. Busty brides will love this shape because it creates balanced proportions.

EMPIRE -WAIST The skirt in this gown style extends from the bustline. It’s a great choice for pear-shaped brides because it disguises the hips.

A-LINE This universally flattering style hugs the torso and has a flared skirt in, you guessed it and A-shape.

TRUMPET The skirt in this style flares out just below the hips, creating a semi-full skirt (shaped like the bell of a trumpet without extra volume and bulk)



Packages Start at $750


PHOTO BOOTH • • 888.610.3305

A Surprise Dream Wedding ..

.. Sumer & Chris

Sumer and Chris are an amazing military couple who got surprised by the Fox 5 Surprise Squad on their wedding day. After enduring financial hardship and loss of family members a friend reached out to Fox 5 to see if someone would help out and simply sponsor a wedding cake... What happened next was just incredible. Some amazing people in the wedding industry came together with the help of event and wedding planner, Tory L. Cooper. They planned the most amazing SURPRISE wedding for this couple. As Sumer is a huge fan of the television show, “Dr. Who”, the wedding had a theme like no other! Even the wedding cake was “Doctor Who” and just stunning. Huge thanks to Lacy and Dorothy Harber for opening the doors to Sunset Springs Ranch, the former estate of Wayne Newton. This is an amazing story and we are so honored to be part of it! Thank you to all the other vendors who came together and donated their time: Event Planner - Tory L. Cooper Events, LED “Love” sign - LED, Unplugged, Dj- Dj Harry O, Flowers - Flora Couture , Photography - Ella Gagiano, Live Music Grammy winners, “Take 6”, Violinist DeAnne Letourneau , Cake - Freed’s Bakery, Fox 5 Surprise Squad

A Surprise Dream Wedding ..

.. Sumer & Chris

Photography and Cinematography WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? If you had the opportunity to see your grandparents or parents getting married, wouldn’t you love to see it?

Photos, as beautiful as they are, are only frozen moments in time, lifeless apart from what you bring to them in memories. With photos you do not hear the laughter, the vows and the applause, the joyful energy of the dance floor, you do not engage with the stories that make up the speeches. Couples often forget that the event that makes up that one special day is not just made of stills, but also of sounds and movement. The moving image when captured by talented videographers at High Class Studios and crafted by editors with a good eye for detail and an artistic flair, is special. In time you will want to experience your wedding as it happened and video is the best way to do so. If you had the opportunity to see your grandparents or parents getting married, wouldn’t you love to see it? If I could See my parents in their wedding video, it would have given me an insight into my parent’s life that would not be been possible to see any other way. For many of us, the opportunity to capture your close friends and loved ones with a professional videographer only happens once in a lifetime. And it takes a skilled practitioner to capture beautiful footage you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends. I have heard my parents story so many times but I wish that I could go back and see how my parents looked at each other, laughed at each other, cried when they saw each other... Your wedding video is not only for you. It is your legacy and your personality that will be treasured by your children and your children’s children. Wedding videos aren’t what they used to be... Shaky and grainy and difficult to get set up just to watch. With the advent of technology, our video productions are full cinematic movies. We use sliders and stabilizers, professional HD and 4K cameras... Even drones for spectacular aerial footage only seen in blockbuster Hollywood movies. Your video can be watched from your computer, your phone or even in your home theater in full High Resolution! The sound is always recorded using the highest quality microphones and we never miss that important moment! If you haven’t allocated a budget for video, we highly encourage you to think about how important it truly is. Feel free to call us anytime to schedule a meeting so that we can show you some examples of amazing memories that we have captured for our couples that will be cherished for generations to come.

For more information on booking your Photography and Cinematography Contact High Class Studios at (888) 610 - 3305 or visit our website at

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Dazzling Destinations Check these real weddings from France, Mexico, South Africa and Thailand.

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Cape Town


Magdel and Neels are super special to me, because not only is Neels my baby brother but Magdel is also a stunning woman and someone I can be proud to call my sister-in-law. Magdel grew up on a farm in the Karoo area of South Africa and eventually became a primary school teacher. When Neels first saw Magdel he said to his best friend “See that girl with the glasses, I’m going to marry her.” They started off their relationship long distance while Neels was living in America. This beautiful wedding was held at Het Vlok Casteel in Riebeeck West, South Africa near Cape Town. The reception decor was filled with so many crafty handmade centerpieces. Having their wedding so close to Christmas gave Jason and I a special excuse to travel home to capture these precious moments in my family’s life. I was so honored to photograph this dream vineyard wedding. Congratulations guys. I love you so much!

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What an amazing trip we had to France, to shoot a wedding in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. I fell in love with the beautiful architecture so much that we just had to do a styled shoot a couple days after our wedding. We are so happy to finally share these gorgeous photos. Great shout out to our amazing friends, Mylene and David Brenot for being the best hosts ever! Cannot wait to be back again to this amazing country because I just love destination weddings!

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Isabel and Ali took our team on a wonderful trip to Cancun, Mexico for their wedding. They are such a gorgeous couple and they embraced the camera with ease to create such stunning shots. The wedding was a tropical adventure full of lush beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters. We had such a wonderful time traveling internationally with Isabel and Ali. They were so much fun to work with. I am sure that everyone that flew form Colombia, Lebanon and the United States had a great time and we loved shooting this destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico. Congratulations Isabel and Al!

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A trip of a life time to Thailand to photograph the well known actor Adrian Zmedâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s wedding to his beautiful wife Lyssa Baker? Yes!!! Yes of course we will go. What did you sayâ&#x20AC;Ś Elephants? Tigers? Speed boats and the lantern festival in Thailand with this celebrity couple? Well lets go! That is what our reaction was when Adrian and Lyssa booked us for their wedding adventure to Thailand. We spent 2 weeks with this beautiful couple exploring Thailand and its beauty. Lyssa and Adrian Zmed embraced the traditions and culture of Thailand and got married on a sacred beach on the island of Ko Chang and even lit a floating lantern to seal their promise to one another. And as a grand finale they road off on the top of an Elephant. This was a precious experience and we were blessed to share it with such an amazing couple. We love you Lyssa and Adrian! <3

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A True Love Story It was mother’s day a couple weeks ago and in my family mother’s day is not only mother’s day but also the birthday of Doreen, my mother-in-law and my husband. Yes, Jason believes he is the ultimate gift to his mom LOL Every year it becomes more and more difficult to find the perfect gift, but this year we did a great job! Scott, my father-in-law had the idea of getting a model and taking photo in his wife’s wedding dress that was hand made by her mother. Kind of a second life for the forgotten wedding dress that was made by Grandma Sophie with so much love. What a great idea! I asked my friend Laura to interview Doreen and write about their love story and we took the dress for a photo shoot. The end result was so stunning that we wanted to share it with you all!

Written By Laura Covington Doreen Sabinson married Scott Neistadt on a snowy winter day in New York City. Their love story is full of the adorable ups and downs of high school sweethearts and a plethora of misunderstandings and mishaps that nearly kept them apart but in the end left them with a lifetime of stories to laugh about. Doreen met Scott in high school sophomore biology. He was the tall, handsome, top of the class student who sat across from her in the lab. He made his first impression in a classic Knight in shining armor fashion when he came to her rescue. That day in biology they were dissecting frogs. Despite being an A student, Doreen was not too fond of the idea of cutting into the small creature. She started to make her first incision when suddenly the body twitched. She was so startled that she jumped and exclaimed that the frog was still alive. That’s when our hero Scott swept in and helped Doreen open the frog the rest of the way. From that point on there was definitely some romantic tension between the two but their youthful naivety often kept them from reading each other’s intentions. Not long after the frog incident Scott invited the 15 year old Doreen to go to a party. Though his intention was to pick her up and take her to the party as a date, she thought he was just extending the invitation and didn’t feel like joining in on the “cattle call.” She politely declined. Scott thought that she was declining him as a potential boyfriend and so their budding romance was put on hold. Senior year they finally became an item thanks to two friends that unwittingly brought them together again. Scott was playing cupid for his friend Mike. Mike happened to be interested in Doreen’s best friend Ilene who refused to go on the date unless Doreen came along. Being dutiful friends Scott and Doreen went along with it. This time the chemistry was apparent and they started dating from then on. That is until another misunderstanding nearly pulled them apart. Not long after they started dating Scott had to ship out for the military. The Vietnam war was heating up and Scott, always the hero, left to serve his country overseas. There was no elaborate breakup or tearful farewell for the new couple as Scott was swept off to war rather suddenly. Before he left, Scott left his telephone

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book in the care of his cousin. This seems like a rather unimportant detail until the mischievous cousin decided to take liberties with the phone numbers in the book. He meticulously called all the girls in the list saying that “Scott referred you to me. We should go out for a ride in my baby blue mustang convertable.” Understandably, Doreen was offended that Scott would just pass her off to another man so she refused to speak to him upon his return from his first tour in Nam. Eventually he had the opportunity to explain to her that his cousin had done those things of his own accord and that he would never pass his best gal along. In fact, Scott proposed to her soon after the ordeal was patched up. It was an exquisite and valuable ring acquired overseas that would make most girls swoon but miss Doreen was not swayed. She now laments that she did not get to keep that diamond but at the time she made the choice she felt was right. She needed time to get to know Scott again before taking the plunge with him. Scott had to go back for his second tour in Vietnam but this time he left knowing that his girl would be waiting for him when he got back. He called Doreen from overseas on April 1st and proposed again. This time she confidently said yes! To avoid any confusion that the proposal was an April fools joke they announced that he had proposed on her birthday and they set the wedding for a few weeks after his return date. She wanted to get married in New York’s Central Park but they decided that due to the time of the year they would be risking bad weather. So her soon-to-be mother-in-law secured a beautiful banquet hall. Doreen then started to search for her dress. A friend had connections with a very exclusive and upscale bridal boutique. There she was treated like a queen. She sipped champagne while perusing dresses made by the finest local designers. She almost fell for one but in the end decided to have her mother make her dress. Her mother, Sophie, loved to sew as a hobby and had made many fine outfits for Doreen over the years including her elegant sweet 16 dress. Sophie set off to create the perfect dress with an atmosphere of Romeo & Juliet Romance. They ordered lovely

Alencon lace from France and set to work. Doreen said that her mother worked for a whole year to hand appliqué the lace accents and to create intricate beaded designs. Today, she looks at other dresses from that era and says that none compare to hers. The dress became such an important heirloom that even her daughter-in-law wore it years later. Everything was ready and the wedding date was only two weeks away. All she needed was the groom. Scott was on a ship headed back to the United States to wed his beautiful bride when the aftermath of the Pueblo incident took a dramatic turn. The USS Pueblo, a Navy intelligence ship, was boarded and captured by North Korea on January 23, 1968. Almost a year later on December 23 North Korea had finally agreed to return the crew to the US Navy. Scott’s ship turned around as help was needed in case the exchange took a turn for the worse. He was able to send word of his delay and they started to consider that there might be no groom for the upcoming festivities. It was too late to cancel or postpone as the wedding was already paid for so they discussed the options of doing a Proxy Wedding where someone would legally stand in for Scott. Fortunately Scott made it back stateside just in the nick of time and the young bride was grateful that she was not forced to marry a stand-in. His return was so last minute that they didn’t even have time to prepare the rings so during the emotional ceremony Scott placed his grandmother’s wedding band on his bride’s delicate finger. He was however prepared with a romantic gift. He presented Doreen with a stunning necklace of Pink Mikimoto pearls with a custom clasp that had been embellished with diamonds from his grandmother’s jewelry. Additionally he placed in her hands a small green velvet box. Inside the box was his phone book, torn in half, to symbolize that he would no longer be calling any other girls and that he would never again need to with Doreen by his side. They were married on that beautiful snowy day January 11, 1969. Scott and Doreen are still together today. In 2014 they celebrate their 45th anniversary. They have two talented children and live out the rest of their life together in Las Vegas.

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Planning the music for your wedding is meant to be fun not stressful – in fact, it can be one of the most enjoyable aspects of your wedding preparation! To help you out, the following are some tips to help you get the perfect soundtrack for your very special wedding day.


Music is a great way to personalize your wedding. For important moments like your processional, reception entrance, and cake cutting select songs that hold special meaning to you and your partner.


To avoid any confusion or misunderstandings, make sure your band or DJ provides a contract for you that clearly states the performers start and finish times, the number of performers booked and the number of sets they are doing.


Make a list of songs or styles of music that you do not want to hear and give a copy to the DJ or band. You might also want to sit down and go over the list so that your wants are clearly stated and there will be no confusion the day of the wedding!

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If you have a certain theme for your wedding that you want reflected in the entertainers outfits, or a particular song you really want performed, make sure to give the band/DJ plenty of notice so that they have time to prepare. You are never bugging the vendor because they are there to make sure you get everything you want on your special day.


While you should definitely let the band/DJ know what songs and artists you would like to hear on the night, don’t get too caught up in structuring the songs lists to a tee. Since you’ve booked High Class Studios, they have extensive experience at reading the crowd, and knowing what they want to hear, leaving you to just relax and enjoy the music. Your DJ will be sure to involve your crowd in the fun, even grandma will be up out of her chair dancing!

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WHY HAVE AN Engagement Photo Shoot

There is no better way to get to know your photographer than by doing an â&#x20AC;&#x153;Engagement Photo Shootâ&#x20AC;?. The shoot is for you to get to know your photographer, and just as important for the photographer to get to know you. The photographer will find out what makes you comfortable, what is your best angle, all the ways to make you look best. These things are so important that Ella Gagiano and all of her senior photographers at High Class Studios include and engagement session in every package...Complimentary! Besides just getting comfortable with each other, engagement photos are a great compliment to your wedding photos as they are typically done in a different season and are more casual. You will have time to laugh and play and these will give you more photos to display as artwork in your home. Perhaps you want to send all of your wedding guests a Save-the-Date invitation, publish a photo in the local paper, create a beautiful custom sign-in book for your guests to browse through as they write, or even have a beautiful poster at the reception (in fact, many wedding venues are now requiring this). In any case, there is absolutely no reason not to do an engagement photo shoot. It is so much fun and a great way to spend the day. When you schedule your engagement photo shoot, we recommend choosing a background that says something about you. Perhaps a location where you first met, kissed or just a place that you love together that means something special to you. Be creative with your location choice. Do you love sports? Dress up in your favorite teams jersey and go to the local stadium, How about a good burger joint or even the airport. When you call High Class Studios, they will give you tons of creative ideas and help you come up with the perfect location for you!

Tell us you saw us at BRIDAL SPECTACULAR To Recieve a Complimentary

Engagement Photo Shoot with 11” x 17” Print


an ella gagiano photography company

(888) 610 - 3305 For Love . Page 72

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Real Brides

REAL TIPS FOR YOUR DAY You've read all the bridal books there are to read, signed up for every wedding tip of the day, and downloaded an embarrassing amount of planning apps. But you can always use more big-day advice before you walk down the aisle — right? We asked nine real brides who've already been there done that to shell out their best advice for your wedding. So from one bride to another, listen up.



On your wedding day, in between all of the chaos and greetings and photos, take a step back and just take it all in. During dinner I just sat there in silence and looked around and appreciated everything and everyone around me. Your wedding will go by so quickly so it's best to sit back and remember that you are there because of love and so is everyone else.

Our biggest stressor planning was over focusing on ‘guest experience’ - will my guests like this, will the dancers like that, does our bar cover all the drinkers?” Stop. Don’t. Remember it’s about you two, not anyone else. Do what makes YOU happy. The rest falls into place.



Always be in the moment. Your wedding day flies by so fast. Take time to sit back and really marvel at this amazing journey you are on. Do not get caught up in the minuscule details and forget why you are here; to marry the love of your life. My Ella & Jason! Hands down, the best vendors I had the privilege of working with.

My advice, trust your professionals, they can make anything happen. They have the ability and knowledege to take your small ideas and make them into something amazing, Then you don’t have to sweat the small stuff, leave that to them. Don’t let yourself or your family run around planning “wedding planner” hire someone you trust to do that for you!

-Fatima Wedewer

-Gia Ruiz

-Janice Tanaka

-Jessica Santos

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Real Weddings


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Irene and Cameron St. John Greek Orthodox Church and Panos Hall

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Amana and Saad Islamic Society of Nevada Mosque and Luxor Hotel & Casino

Amber andMatthew Four Seasons Hotel and Resort

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For Love . Page 83

Marcie and Henry Cherry Nightclub Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa

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Leanne and Camille The Bellagio

For Love . Page 87

Amanda and Michael A Secret Garden Wedding Venue

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For Love . Page 90

Gia and Fred Viansa Winery Napa, California

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Denise and Keith Emerald at Queensridge

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Kari and Eric Anthem Country Club

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Groom’s Timeline

You Proposed, but that doesn’t mean your part is over. Here are a few to do’s you will handle on your journey from fiance to husband

THE WHOLE TIME! Be Her Man. There’s a lot on her plate, so you should listen, weigh in on decsions, and always be on her side.

EIGHT MONTHS BEFORE Start Getting Fit. You don’t have to get in triathalon shape, but you might want to start better exercise and eating habits about now.

ONE YEAR BEFORE Choose Groomsmen. Time to decide which of your friends gets elevated to Best Man Status.

SIX TO SEVEN MONTHS BEFORE Pick out your Wedding Wear. Find a suit or Tux you love, and allow enough time to get it tailored. You’ll also need to give the wedding party plenty of time to get their looks.

TEN MONTHS BEFORE Register for Stuff. Choosing what to stock up on for your future home? Doing it together is a must.

FOUR MONTHS BEFORE Plan your Honeymoon. This one is pretty self explanatory.

TWO MONTH BEFORE Write your Wedding Vows. Believe us, you shouldn’t wait till the last minute for this, writer’s block is real. ONE MONTH BEFORE Buy Groomsmen Gifts. Don’t forget a little something to thank them for standing up there with you on your wedding day. ONE WEEK BEFORE Pick up your Tux. Make a fun day of it: Try on the Tux’s with your groomsmen to make sure they fit perfectly, then hit the golf course for 18 holes.

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1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface. 2. Fold the Fabric in half from Left to Right. 3. Take the bottom of the newly formed rectangle and fold it three-fourths from the top.


1. Fold a silk pocket square in half to form a traingular shape. Set it slightly askew to create two peaks on top 2. Take the botto-left corner and fold over to the right side. 3. Take the bottom-right corner and fold to the left side,

A Groomâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s How To


Prep the tie so the right side is two inches lower then cross the longer side over the shorter side. Pull the long side up and under, then throw it over your shoulder - you;ll come back to it later. Now form a half bow with the short side, making sure your thumb and forefinger are securely in place in the middle.


Take the longer side back (thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s been sitting on your shoulder) and pull down between the two sides of the bow. Fold the bottom of the longer side.



1. Take the top peak of the pocket square and fold downwards to create an upside-down triangle

1. Fold a silk pocket square in half to form a traingular shape. Set it slightly askew to create two peaks on top

2. Fold both the upper-left and upper-right corners downwards to meet at the tip of the triangle.

2. Bring the bottom-left corner up towards the tip of the triangle to create three peaks.

3. Tuck in the left, right and bottom corners toward the middle.

3. Take the bottom-right corner and fold to the left side,

Personalizing a tux (or suit) for your wedding, comes down to the accessories


Grab both sides of the bow and pull forward. Take the folded longer side thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s in front and pull it down and back. You should see a tiny hole - loop the end through there and pull it through. Adjust as necessary to make sure the bow tie is even.



an ella gagiano photography company


Save yourself time and money with the company you trust! High Class Studios will take care of all of your most important memories! High Class Studios is the leader in the wedding industry in ALL of the following services:







Everything you need all at one place, Mark it all off your list and let us do the rest. Stress Free All Inclusive Wedding Packages Now Available from High Class Studios . (888) 610 - 3305

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PHOTOGRAPHY At High Class Studios, photography is our passion! Under the direction and quality control of international award winning photographer, Ella Gagiano, you can be assured that your wedding day will be captured by the most talented and passionate photographers in the country. We have a designated on staff photo editor to make sure that every single image is cropped, color corrected and edited to perfection for you! Our images and our unique style are perfectly organized into a gorgeous hand made wedding album (That is included in every package) by our amazing in-house designer to your exact approval! Your photos won’t get lost on a disc in a drawer or forgotten online somewhere on the web. At High Class Studios, we will capture your legacy and preserve it for you for generations to come.

CINEMATOGRAPHY There is no better Cinematography studio in Las Vegas to capture your wedding day than High Class Studios and we say that with pride and conviction as our entire video team is passionate about making movies! We use the best HD and 4K Cameras on the market, sliders, stabilizers and even aerial Drones to capture the most spectacular Hollywood style footage. We use external audio recorders and re sync the perfect audio to your video so we hear every toast, vow and laugh in perfect clarity! WE DON’T DO BORING! At High Class Studios you can be certain that your finished video will be the talk of your friends and family! Our entire team are actual cinematographers who work on real Hollywood productions and graduates of film school! We love what we do and we do it well!

DJ SERVICES At High Class Studios we don’t mess around when it comes to our DJ’s. Our staff of DJ’s are hand chosen by the owners for their personalities and skills at keeping the wedding day exciting and fun. Our entire team is trained to make sure that YOU are the star of the evening and we take pride in what we do. At High Class Studios you will never get that “Cheesy” Wedding DJ! Our DJ’s are actual working DJ’s in clubs on the strip like the Encore Beach Club, TAO Nightclub, Chateau Nightclub and more! At High Class Studios we work as a team. The DJ is so important to everything that our photographers and videographers do. At High Class Studios we have total communication with each other and will always make sure that our entire team is ready for every special moment before it happens so NOTHING gets left to chance!

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PHOTOBOOTH At High Class Studios we have many different photobooth options to choose from. We have classic enclosed booths, Open air photo booths, video booths and more! Our booths are all touch screen and have the coolest high-tech features like Social media sharing, Green Screen with custom backgrounds, Flip Books, Cool Filters and more! You can add a Memory album so that your friends can leave a copy in it for you to take home. They sign it for you and you get to see all the crazy photos and well wishes that same night when you leave, you take it with you. Every package at High Class Studios includes an attendant, Props and costumes and UNLIMITED prints!

UPLIGHTING / GOBO What a difference perfect lighting can make in your photos and video! Our lighting technology is second to none. We use only the best quality “Flicker free” LED uplighting. With millions of colors to choose from, you can be certain we will set the perfect color for you. We custom design all of our client’s GOBO Monograms and can project them onto the wall like the picture to the right, or on the dance floor, roof or even the outside of the building! We will not only create the perfect lighting and color scheme for your entire reception area, but also set up the most incredible club style light shows on the dance floor. We use professional LED lights on the dance floor and program them with actual computer lighting programs to make your party just as good as a night out at one of the top clubs!

DRAPING High Class Studios now offers pipe and drape for your event. There is no need to get married in front of a backdrop that you don’t love! We can set up gorgeous draping anywhere. We also offer custom designing of drapery from doorways, ceilings and anywhere you can imagine! Combine draping with our LED upllights and even our gorgeous bistro and string lighting for unique one-of-a-kind designs to make your venue stand out!

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Wild Weddings CBS did a show on exotic animals at weddings and we loved being a part of this. We have done some amazing weddings with lots of live animals, from elephants to butterflies and even lions. It always makes for great photos and very special weddings. Written by David Begnaud of CBS News When it comes to weddings, many people think bigger and bolder is better, and recently that has meant a wild ceremony involving exotic animals, which, has lead to some logistical and legal issues, CBS News' David Begnaud reports. When dreaming of a perfect wedding, nothing says love quite like - llamas? "I never would have thought ever in a million years that two llamas would have shown up at my wedding," said Kim Ziem. Llamas Paintball Pete and Serendipity wore matching tuxedo bibs as they stood witness to Kim and Garette Ziem's "I do's" on a beach in Florida this year. "There was a lot of screams, laughing, just 'Oh my God,' and it was a great surprise for everybody," Garette said. Exotic animals are becoming the new must-have for couples seeking that "wow" moment to make their wedding unforgettable. There's even a penguin proposal at the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati, where Kyle Guthro asked his penguin-crazed girlfriend, Kelly, to marry him. She did. In Las Vegas - where opulence is in good company - a groom of Indian descent rode atop an elephant in front of the Bellagio hotel. Some 10,000 guests danced around Tai, the 4.5-ton animal thought to bring good luck. Tory L. Cooper was the wedding planner. "It's part of their culture, and when I stand back and look at it, and I'm a part of it, how can you say anything but wow," she said. How much was that elephant? "Elephants cost $10,000 to bring to Las Vegas," Cooper said. "Exotic animals make for a high-end wedding because they're hard to get approval or to be able to make them come to the middle of the desert." The Bellagio required Tai's owner to have a mutlimillion-dollar insurance policy before the elephant was allowed on site. In fact, any animal used in weddings must be licensed and monitored by the federal government. Owners of exotic animals must file a travel itinerary and ensure there's enough distance between the animal and the public. At the Lion Habitat Ranch in Las Vegas, couples looking to get married, or perhaps have their wedding, can come and get right inside a Jeep near Bentley the lion. A handler throws a piece of steak so that hopefully he'll get in just the right position for that perfect shot. Sometimes it takes a few pieces. What's the draw? "Well, it beats going to Africa, a lot cheaper," said Keith Evans. Evans owns the Lion Habitat Ranch that is now open to couples looking to add some roar to their vows. "It's become more popular to do different over-the-top weddings because everybody has a wedding photo, so they want something that nobody else has," he said. In Huntington Beach, California, they don't want any exotic animals used as entertainment at weddings. They've had a law since 2002 banning it. So earlier this year when an elephant was used in a wedding there, the city was not impressed. Jill Hardy is the mayor. "The hotel had given permission for the wedding," she said. "They knew better. We know that we had told them that this was not allowed." No citations were issued. But it's a reminder that when it comes to weddings with exotic animals the laws may vary and the choices may be costly, but the reactions are as priceless as the memories made. "It was the best and biggest surprise of my life," Kim Ziem said. "And it made an amazing day so much better."

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Dress Rock the Dress Sessions have become extremely popular over the last seven years. It is a wonderful, stress free photo shoot after you wedding day. It is a fun experience and completely casual, even though you are all dressed up in your formal wedding clothes. You can go and create beautiful pieces of art at a different amazing location other than your wedding venue. These sessions are included in all our Destination Wedding Packages, so you can take advantage of your unique paradise location while you are abroad. Whether you would like to have sexy couple photos with the dress getting wet/dirty or just a more casual and artsy photo session, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s up to you. For our Vegas locals this is a great opportunity to get dressed up in your wedding clothes and create a glamorous photo shoot while walking the strip. This is an amazing experience before you hang up that wedding dress and you will absolutely love the exciting and incredibly artistic wedding photos ... So get that dress ready and letâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s go Rock It!

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For Him As you scramble to buy the perfect gift for your husband to be, you might find yourself considering something on the seductive side, like a boudoir photo session. A boudoir photo session at our studio is an experience like no other. Whether your goal is to be sexy, pinup, natural or even domineering our team of incredible photographers and makeup artist will get you in perfect form. Imagine a professional hair and makeup crew making you look your absolute best while you sip on bubbling champagne and taste delicious fresh fruit while listening to your favorite music to get you in the mood for the most glamorous photo shoot of your life. At Ella Gagianoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s High Class Studios we have a completely private studio to make you feel safe and comfortable, with a separate makeup/dressing room. We have elegant collections of private packages including sexy leather bound custom albums that are the perfect gift for your romantic partner. If this type of photo shoot is something you have ever thought about, we recommend that you come into our studio and see for yourself the exciting possibilities. For more information on booking your Boudoir Photo Shoot Contact High Class Studios at (888) 610 - 3305 or visit our website at

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THE ULTIMATE What could be more fun than getting your girls together for the ultimate bachelorett night. Starting with professional makeup while sipping bubbly champagne, followed by a one-of-a-kind, glamorous photo shoot. Then take the party to the Las Vegas Strip in your own personal limosuine to one of the best shows in Las Vegas. Finishing the night off with fun and dancing at one of the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hottest night clubs.

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Etiquette Your invites are one of the most important elements of your day because they provide guests with crucial information. And while some details of your wedding don't follow a strict set of rules, your invitations do have a set of hard-and-fast rules to follow. Scan these etiquette Q&As for answers to your most pressing wedding-invite-related questions.

1. When should we send out our wedding invitations? Traditionally, invitations go out six to eight weeks before the wedding, that gives guests plenty of time to clear their schedules and make travel arrangements if they don't live in town. If it's a destination wedding, give guests more time and send them out three months ahead of time. Most couples also send out save-the-date cards. They go out at six to eight months. Which are especially important if you are having a lot of out-of-town guests or your wedding is near a holiday. 2. When should we make the deadline for RSVPs? Make your RSVP date two to three weeks before your wedding date, this will allow enough time for you to get a final head count to the caterer (one week before) and to finalize your seating chart. If some guests still haven't responded by your deadline, give them a quick call and ask for their RSVPs (still via mail) so you have all their information. 3. We're having an adults-only wedding (no kids). How can we make sure this is clear to our guests? Address your invitations correctly to each guest by name, not “and guest" and guests should understand that the invite is meant for only those mentioned. If you find that some reply with their children's names added, give them a call and explain that you're having an adults-only wedding and that you hope they can still attend. If there are a lot of kids in your family, you may want to consider hiring or arranging for a babysitter. It's definitely not required, but it's a nice gesture. Just be sure to include this information on the wedding website to help them better understand. 4. How do we let guests know our dress code? To politely get your point across is to include a dress code in fine print on the invite or on a reception card; “black-tie," “cocktail attire" or “casual attire" are all acceptable. Your invitation design will also help guests determine the dress code. An ultra-formal, traditional invite with letterpress and/or calligraphy will give guests the hint that your wedding is a formal affair, whereas a square invite with a playful font and bright colors would tell of a much more casual style. Another way is to direct guests to your wedding website, here you can go into more detail about the weekend events and dress code in a more informal forum.

Handcrafted Wedding Albums At Ella Gagianoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s High Class Studios we document your wedding day in the highest quality wedding albums in the industry. No other studio can match the quality of our incredible high end digital matted albums. We have custom covers in acrylic, metal and even real Italian Leather. Our signature wedding albums are professionally designed and then printed using the most advanced techniques available today. Then hand crafted to perfection. Each album is personally inspected by Ella Gagiano and doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t leave the studio until it meets her absolutely high standards. For more information on Our Handcrafted Wedding Albums contact Ella Gagiano at: (888) 610-3305 .

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Working many years in the industry has enabled me to work with many different vendors. Here is a list of all my favorite vendors, who I have worked with time and time again, and who have always provided excellent products and incredible service. I am proud to recommend these friends and business associates to you, Tell them Ella sent you.




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