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SPANISH TEST, April 4th 1. Ă lbum Cuaderno 4/03/2014 2. Textos descriptivos Cuaderno 18, 20 y 24 de marzo del 2014 3. Adjetivos Cuaderno 25/03/2014 SEP p. 133 4. Lenguaje escrito Cuaderno 19/03/2014

SCIENCE/HEALTH TEST, April 7th 1. Practice good posture P. 5 2. Water P. 15 3. A good breakfast P. 16-17 4. Reading and comprehension P. 26 ARITHMETIC TEST, April 8th 1. Addition and subtraction oral combinations. 2. Addition and subtraction one, two, three and four digits. 3. Multiplication one digit. 4. Counting by ones, twos and fives.

5. Counting dimes, nickels, pennies and one dollar bills. 6. Identifying four digit numbers. 7. Reading and writing time on a clock (to the hour, half hour and quarter). A.M. (morning) and P.M (afternoon) 8. Addition and subtraction problems. 9. Measuring Equivalences (year, gallon, gallon, yard, foot, pint) 10. Writing sums and differences. 11. Reading and writing temperature. 12. Subtraction Story Problems. 13. Identifying mixed numbers. 14. Finding the perimeter in a shape. Students will take home a worksheet for practice. CIVICS TEST, April 8th 1. Reglas por todas partes. P.88-89 2. Derechos y responsabilidades. P.97-98

PHONICS TEST, April 9th 1. Special sounds, root words, prefixes and suffixes. P.112 2. Suffixes P.116 3. Contractions P. 129 Students will take home Letters and Sounds worksheets for practice.

LANGUAGE TEST, April 9th 1. Singular and Plural. Compound Words. P. 111 2. Contractions. P. 112 3. Identifying the letter that should be capitalized in a sentence and adding punctuation. P.12 4. ABC order. P.118 Students will take home Language worksheets for practice.

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