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Which Insurance plan is more beneficial? Health has become a major factor in people’s lives. So people should take some responsibility towards their health. As you all know there are many kinds of diseases and still every day new diseases are being discovered. Though doctors and scientists are trying their best to solve the diseases with new technologies, the treatment cost can be expensive. When there is emergency, people don’t have cash in hand. So at this time only one person can help you i.e. the insurance company. Now there are lots and lots of health insurance Companies in California. Some of the popular companies present in California are Health Net, Pacificare, Anthem Blue Cross, Kaiser, Blue Shield and many more. These companies promise you to give protection at the time of emergency. All you have to do is pay a small amount of premium every year. The terms of each plan many vary according to the company. There are many categories of health plans but the major two plans are individual plan and group plan. You can search and apply for these plans from online. Let’s have brief information on individual plan and group plan. Tips for buying health plan: So before you apply for individual plan or group plan try to follow some tips given below. First compare the rates and benefits of individual plan of each company. Then know more about the coverage offered by the insurance company. You can also consult your doctor about the insurance company. Individual health plan: This plan can be costly and the terms of this plan should be examined carefully. These plans can be very confusing because the plan varies with each company. The reputation of insurance company also matters. If the company you are choosing has certain reputation then the coverage for your plan will be larger. There are lots of facilities provided by this plan such as drug card. With these drug cards you can purchase prescribed pills from pharmacy without any payment. The payment is done by the insurance company. Group health plan: As the name indicates this a plan covers more than one person. These are more beneficial than individual plan. These are generally preferred by the educational institutes and by group of association. This plan includes number of benefits like small premiums, ample coverage and of course tax concession. Some of the benefits of group plan are:


This covers all the majors and minors physical ailment.

The premium of this plan is very less and no limit for hospital expenses.

You get additional facilities like dental and optical care at lesser price.

You can be more benefited here because of tax concession.

Employees of the company are insured for free and don’t have to pay any premium. The premium is paid by the owner of the company.

Which Insurance plan is more beneficial?