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Think health insurance problem as a health problem, not as an insurance problem Health insurance is insurance that pays for your medical expenses. Most of the private or Government insurance companies try their level best to avoid offering insurance coverage to sick people. The absence of universal health insurance plans that cover all illness at an affordable premium is one of the problems to be solved in health insurance industry. Poor people are unable to get the benefits of proposed health insurance schemes. In fact, most people in the United States have no health insurance. Many people are without insurance as they may be selfemployed or part-time workers or low-wage workers. Many others are not qualified to get insurance due to the pre-existing health conditions such as cancer, acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) or other chronic diseases. Most of the people think that affordable health insurance will solve their problems. But actually it is not true. Even if you have very good health insurance coverage, you may still face some problems in paying the medical expenses if you become ill. Simply buying a health insurance plan will not completely benefit you. On the other hand, only the insurance company benefits with the rising premiums. Even insured people may face a lot of problem with their current health insurance coverage. Most people do not complain formally about their health insurance problems such as rising premium cost or denied essential care. Some insured people leave their health plan in response to these problems. Some people may switch their health insurance plan in response to facing any such serious problems. Health insurance problems must be focused on health and not on insurance. That is health insurance problem is not an insurance problem, but is a health problem. Having health insurance coverage gives you a false sense of security. As a result of this secured feeling, you may be least bothered about your health and may avoid getting regular checkups. On the other hand, when you lack health insurance, you may be worried about how to cope up when you develop a longterm illness. You may take ample care to prevent you from diseases and you may go for regular checkups. It is really not wise to spend on health insurance and health care services rather than taking care of your health. Health insurance is just a business where agents and health insurance providers provides unnecessary medical procedures to the public and sells prescription drugs which may cause side effects when consumed in long term. Unless people insist the insurance companies for a solution to solve the insurance cost and service problems, the problems will still continue to exist. In order to solve the health insurance problems, at least the Government in every country must help those who have health insurance problems. California has a Help Center that supports Californians who face problems with California health insurance. Moreover, people must be aware of disease prevention. People must be taught about the bad effects of prescription drugs, junk foods, processed foods, soft and hot drinks, smoking, lack of physical exercise, stress, etc. People must try to know about the real truth about foods that will help in preventing diseases. They must also be taught to take control of their health so as to reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases.

Think health insurance problem as a health problem, not as an insurance problem