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Plenty of new health insurance plans and their benefits In order to save your health as well as money, there are various medical plans designed and proposed. Most of the health insurance companies offer reasonable and quality health coverage policy to meet your requirements at present and future. A new health coverage policy named 'Hospital Care' is released by ICICI Prudential; this plan covers around 1,000 surgical processes and hospitalization. Under this policy, there will be coverage for each and every expense that is associated with hospitalization such as; doctor fee, room costs, operation fee and various others incidental expenditures. This new-fangled plan offers a prearranged assurance amount for their customer, which might be more than the real hospitalization expenditures. The policy that covers up the therapeutic expenses of an Individual is called Individual Health Insurance Plan. There is one solo policy called “Family Floater Plan” that makes safe hospitalization expenditures of your whole family. With the help of one sum assured and one premium, the floater plan covers up your entire family unit under a single policy. A handy approach to get and judge against Health Insurance Plans is offered by Insurance Pandit that is also known as “Medi-claim Policy” and it is generally provided by chief assurance companies. Most of the expenditures that take place due to life threatening accident or Major Medical sickness and practice are covered by a type of coverage usually called ‘Critical Care Plan’. It also offers insurance beside unintended death and eternal total disablement. Health benefit with Insurance is a distinctive plan that covers hospitalization (Inpatient) and Outpatient unit expense together with dental treatment, bill of medicines and treatments. This kind of assurance policy allows optimal tax savings, which can be up to Rs. 5099 u/s 80D. There is one enduring, yearly renewable, U.S.-style main therapeutic insurance plan available that is called “Global Medical Insurance”. Silver, Gold and Platinum are 3 different plan options available with this GMI program. This policy comes under a quality medical assurance program that will act in response to their therapeutic requirements everywhere in the globe. Visitors Care Insurance program is one of the grand assurance opportunity when your parents are traveling to US or for worldwide vacation.

It offers reasonable defense to the civilians of any country while visiting to US. This program is able to renew for 5 days to 12 months and up to a highest total of 24 regular months. Special assurance polices for more than 100,000 international civilians in over 100 nations are delivered by International Medical Group. A short-term health insurance program meant for Foreign Nationals is called “Visitors Medical Plan�. It also includes global visitors, impermanent resident or green card holders visiting globally. The program offers therapeutic assurance for sickness or any kind of injury at the time of travel or while residing out of the country. Source:

Plenty of New Health Insurance Plans and Their Benefits  

In order to save your health as well as money, there are various medical plans designed and proposed. Most of the health insurance companies...

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