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Forget Me Not Landscape Design

Forget-Me-Not Landscape Design is an award winning San Diego landscape design company that specialize in succulent gardens, Zen gardens, and Xeriscape landscape.

Transform Your Home Into a Beautiful Resort and Increase Its Value By $50,000 or More! Is it possible? Of course it's possible. And, best of all, you don’t have to have a green thumb. With space at a premium in California, designing a multi-functional usable garden in a small space takes some ingenuity. The limited space challenges us to be more creative than ever before with our garden designs.

In addition, due to water shortages, Southern California landscape design burdens the San Diego home owners with the responsibility of being water-wise landscaping, energy efficient and environmental friendly. Our practical and environmental friendly landscape designs for the active family reflects upon how you plan to use outdoor living spaces. We can customize landscape design plans based on your individual needs.

As a professional landscape designer, our talent and strength is in creating and developing multi-functional spaces for your backyard where families and friends can spend quality time in a pleasant environment. As a small landscape design company, we make sure that every landscape design San Diego client is happy with our work and we take pride in ensuring 100% satisfaction of our clients. It is our client who have made us successful by referring us to others and by providing us positive feedback.

These clients have seen their home prices appreciate by at least 10% if not more, and at the same time they are able to enjoy their surroundings with their family and friends. Remember, that as a San Diego landscape design company, we specialize in providing affordable yet customized home landscape design plans. We offer high quality landscape design services while conducting business in ways that provide social, environmental and economic benefits for our communities.

We are aware of environment issues and try to inform and educate our clients about environmentally-friendly products and practices. Contact us now, for all your landscaping design needs.

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Forget Me Not Landscape Design