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The Importance of Garden Water Conservation

Maintaining a garden is usually a water-intensive process that consumes thousands of gallons of water a year. Companies such as Forget-Me-Not Landscape Design estimate that gardens use over 50% of a home’s water supply. Responsible, hydro-efficient gardening may no longer be merely desirable, but required by law. Over the last two decades, growing population, climate change and ecological concerns have put significant pressure on California’s water resources, prompting statewide and government legislation that addresses the issue of the prudent use of groundwater and other freshwater sources.

While some of this legislation is currently in process, the fact that several areas of the state import water is a sure indicator that the consumption of water is sure to be far more regulated than it has ever been in the past.In light of the great need for water conservation, landscaping design firms such as Forget Me Not Landscape Design as described on their website advocate hydro-efficient, low-maintenance gardens that require a fraction of the water that is used by any other type of garden.

In the traditional method of landscaping, freshly planted gardens that have water-intensive herbs and shrubs that are not adapted to warm conditions require more than twice the volume of water than native plants do. Over-watering is another common practice that wastes water. Landscaping designers such as Roxanne Kim-Perez, use ecologically responsible designs and water-wise plants such as Texas Mountain Laurel, Rockrose, California Poppy, Spanish Lavender, Cleveland Sage, Our Lord’s Candle and Bearberry Cotoneaster to beautify your garden while ensuring that your water bills remain affordable.

Sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly gardening has become crucial to California’s fragile ecology as the increased use of native plants goes a long way in ensuring the survival of both flora and fauna. Several species of plants attract birds and animals that may otherwise be at risk. Well-designed gardens by firms make planned and sustained efforts to give back to the environment and reduce the state’s water burden, proving that it is possible to own and maintain a beautiful garden without damaging the environment.

The company’s founder and chief designer Roxanne Kim-Perez will be glad to help you create a personalized green space and the firm’s website offers tips on how to maintain beautiful yet ecologically responsible lung spaces in an affordable, efficient manner.

Headquartered in San Diego California, Roxy’s company is a full-service landscaping design firm specializing in native gardens, Xeriscaping, hydroefficient landscaping and container gardens.

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