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Every moment is precious to those who know the value of time

Welcome to our birthday magazine! A celebration of our first year


HRH Princess Beatrice I would like to say a huge congratulations to the Forget Me Not team who have worked so hard over the last year to improve the lives of the children and families whom they care for. When I opened the hospice last year I was overwhelmed by the dedication of the team, the state of the art facilities at the hospice and how relaxed and at home the children and families felt. The charity is now celebrating its first birthday, they have achieved so much over the past year and there is so much that they should feel proud of. The charity continues to go from strength to strength and now cares for more than 100 children & families. I feel extremely honoured to be the Patron of such a wonderful charity and I am looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring and helping in any way that I can.


What a difference a year makes...

Peter’s Message Over the past year we have been able to reach out and support even more children with life shortening conditions. The number of referrals received has increased from 109 this time last year to 140. Every day I am inspired by the children that we care for and their remarkable parents who face immense challenges with such courage and dignity. It is wonderful to be able to provide support that helps make their lives that little bit easier. When a family asks for something we always want to be able to say yes. This year we have been able to develop more services that our children really enjoy including hydrotherapy and music therapy. We will continue developing other services that families need from us. All this is only possible due to the work we have done to grow our income over the last year. I am incredibly humbled by the unbelievable support we have had from the community and local businesses who have been there for us even though times are tough. It is our responsibility to ensure that we make the best use of every penny that has been donated.


Our main priority over the next twelve months is to reach even more families and to be able to provide the care that they need. With over 700 children in the area we cover who may benefit from our help we can’t be complacent or ever think that our job is done. We are still very much at the start of our journey. With only 5% of our funding coming from government sources we hope that we can count on your continued support to help us provide our care to local children and families. Thank you for all your support

Peter Branson Chief Executive


Children that could need our help


Our main priority over the next twelve months is to reach even more families and to be able to provide the care that they need.

Referrals received

Photo: Peter Branson & daughter Sky-Blue. Photography: Helen Bray Photography, Holmfirth.

Zac’s Story

We don’t know what our future holds, but we do know that it would be a lot harder without the care and support from Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.



We feel stuck in the middle of grieving for the child that we have lost and loving the child that we now have. Zac was born a normal, healthy little boy in April 2010. He developed as all babies do, achieving all the important milestones of sitting up, crawling and weaning. It was only when he had passed his first birthday that we began to notice that he had started regressing. At 18 months old Zac was diagnosed with Infantile Battens Disease, a rare neurological genetic disease which causes regression and is life shortening. Zac’s life expectancy is between 4 and 8 years.

Nothing is ever too much for the Forget Me Not team...

Music Therapy

Zac at 6 months old

At home the Forget Me Not team take over our tea time, bath time and bed time routines every Wednesday, giving time for Krista and I to have tea together, have a chat or just do something together as a couple. Molly loves it when they come, they involve her in what they are doing with Zac, arts and crafts, colouring, bath time fun, they give care and support to all of us. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about having strangers in our home, but they’re not strangers they are warm, supportive and sensitive to our ever changing needs.

The next 6 months were the hardest so far, we were in shock, we were grieving for the little boy and the life that we thought we had whilst coming to terms with caring for our child with a life shortening condition. Zac’s regression was fast and Krista and I were on our knees, we were deprived of our sleep, working as a tag team throughout the night and the daytime care was equally as demanding. It wasn’t just Zac, we have a daughter Molly, 2 years older than Zac who we also needed to love and to care for too.

Krista and I were spoilt too by Forget Me Not with 12 complementary therapy sessions, having a massage in our home was a wonderful treat, it’s not often that we get something for ourselves.

Forget Me Not provide a range of care and support to us alongside Martin House Children’s Hospice who we use for residential respite care.

Jonathan Robinson

Nothing is ever too much for the Forget Me Not team and they support our family in many ways. Every Monday Zac visits the hospice for hydrotherapy, his limbs have become quite stiff and just being in the warm water helps them to relax and gives him more movement. Zac loves music too, we have been told that his hearing will be the one thing that won’t deteriorate. Forget Me Not hold music therapy sessions that Zac can be part of on his own or with us as a family.

Zac has recently turned 4, although he will never get better he has started to smile again and interact with us and I can’t explain how amazing that feels. We don’t know what our future holds, but we do know that it would be a lot harder without the care and support from Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.


How much does it cost to deliver our care?


£735, 302

44% £648,765

Providing Hospice at Home Care

Providing Care at Russell House



Providing Therapy Support



Medical Equipment


Since July 2013 demand for our service has significantly increased. We are now providing round the clock care for more than 100 children, young people and families across Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. Russell House is getting busier with short breaks, day care, hydrotherapy, music and complementary therapies and a host of activity days for the families. Having this wonderful facility enables us to support families with a much needed rest, and give them a welcoming place to stay in times of crisis. Our new parent rooms were opened in April, they have been designed to reflect a luxury hotel so that it’s a real treat for them to stay over with us. The Hospice at Home service still remains so important to families. The regular and predictable short break support for children and their siblings is a lifeline to some, enabling parents to get those little jobs done or have some quiet “me time”. The monthly coffee morning, run by some of our amazing parents, is going from strength to strength. Parents have told us how much they value this time to meet other parents in similar situations. We have welcomed 9 wonderful new people to our care team, helping us reach more families and provide a broader range of care and activities. This increase in the team has enabled us to provide more sibling care at home, activity days, family music sessions and medical care at Russell House and in the family home.

We have implemented our approach to bereavement care, providing care and support for parents, siblings and the wider family. Our Counsellor is working in partnership with professionals in the NHS to facilitate earlier emotional support for families whose children have been newly diagnosed with a life shortening condition. We are providing more focused one to one bereavement support for the extended family, supported by a new development programme for the care team. We are also about to hold our first Celebration Day for bereaved families to celebrate the lives of their wonderful children. We’ve made a lot of changes this last year following the opening of Russell House and it is important to us that families feel we are consistently providing great care. So we are delighted that, in a recent survey, all families that responded felt that care either remained the same or improved over this last year.

New Parent Bedrooms

New Parent Bedrooms

Hydrotherapy Pool

We have had so many wonderful achievements over the last year and as a team we are looking forward to the year to come and being able to reach out to even more families who need our care and support.

Vicki Finlay Director of Care


Nadine’s Story

My work makes me realise how lucky I am, I really appreciate what I have, I feel blessed.

For o the most i to know always so & sup


I’ve always known that I wanted to care for people, to make a difference, to help improve lives, that’s why I became a nurse. I started my career 7 years ago as a Children’s Community Nurse caring for children with acute illnesses, I am now a Care Coordinator for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. Being a Care Coordinator is about caring for and coordinating the care for our children and families. We work with physios, occupational therapists, social workers, consultants, community nurses, schools and many more to ensure that our children receive the care and support that they need.

We will visit over 50 families each week in their own homes. As well as providing planned day care and overnight care in Russell House, as a care team we will visit over 50 families each week in their own homes. The support and care that we give can include nursing, play with the child and their brothers and sisters, fun days out together, after school care, weekend support and end of life care. We provide holistic care which includes complementary therapy and counselling for the whole family, including grandparents.

our families important thing is that there is omeone to help pport them.

For our families the most important thing to know is that there is always someone to help and support them. Our level of care depends upon the needs of the family and every family is different. Our families can be absolutely exhausted; they are emotionally, physically and sometimes financially drained. They have given everything up to care for their child and there is unbelievable strain on the family dynamics. What we give is a little piece of support to our families so that they can have something for themselves. The hardest part of my role will always be the death of a child. You know the family, you have supported them, you have cared for their child, it would be impossible for it not to have an emotional impact on you. I need to know that I did the best for the family and that their child passed away peacefully and with dignity. We will continue to support and care for the family through the difficult period and for as long as they need our support, for some this may be months and for others it may be years after the death of their child. It’s not like a normal job, it is hard to switch off but I have a very supportive family. I love unwinding with my friends and I use complementary therapy to help me relax. Our care team go that extra mile to ensure our families’ needs are met, we are passionate about doing everything we can to support them. We see the hard work our families put in to caring for their child, their dedication, their love, they put their child above everything else. They deserve our support. Nadine, Care Coordinator


Ajay’s Story

The advice I would give to other parents in my situation would be that they need to stay positive, to open up, to not be afraid and let people help them.

Every time is p to make day s


Ajay was born on 11th January 2002 a beautiful, healthy little boy. We already had a little boy Che aged 2 and Ajay now completed our family. At 6 weeks old I became aware that Ajay wasn’t feeding as well as he should have been and my health visitor was concerned that he no longer appeared to be thriving, he slept a lot of the time and didn’t seem to want to interact with anyone or anything. Our doctor referred Ajay for tests but they could find no reason for his regression. One day when Ajay was about 3 months old he started to choke for no reason, his choking continued every half an hour and he was rushed to Leeds General Infirmary. The choking continued for 12 hours, after which my poor little boy fell asleep with exhaustion and I realised that there must be something seriously wrong with my baby. From that point Ajay went through a series of tests and they all came back negative, he had no syndromes or genetic conditions, they could find no reason for why he was the way that he was, I was given no answers. At first I tried to find my own answers, was it because he was born with the cord around his neck, or had it been something else? The Consultants told me that they didn’t expect Ajay to live beyond 12 months old. I went through a series of emotions, I was devastated, scared and frightened at what the future held. Ajay had his first birthday, I thought what happens now? He was stable and seemed to be happy in himself, it was then that I came to realise that I needed to take each day a day at a time and give him the best life possible. Time passed by, I went back to work part-time and Che started school, I had to realise that this was our ‘normal’, this was our life.

Aged 8 Ajay stopped breathing, I had to resuscitate him, I have never been so scared. This was my wake-up call, I had to face again that this isn’t ‘normal’, I had a very poorly little boy. I was receiving support from private carers and my mum was amazing, I was by this point a single mum, needing to work but also to care for both of my children. I was initially referred to Martin House for respite care but as soon as Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice started I began to receive Hospice at Home care. The carers come one night a week after school to give Ajay his tea and some play time, this gives me back the time that I need to do some jobs or just have a bit of time to myself. Having a poorly child, like Ajay, affects your whole life, you lose some of your friends, partners, you don’t go out and you have no social life. Above everything else I value the complementary therapy sessions that I get from Forget Me Not, this is something for me, it’s not cleaning or shopping or looking after the children, it’s a little treat all for me and I love it! Now the new parent rooms are open at the hospice I have already been planning some overnight stays with Ajay throughout the summer holidays, I can’t wait. As the charity grows we are getting more of the support and care that we need as a family. The team are always really flexible, the care is designed around parent’s needs, it’s not just about what the hospice can offer. It is really hard to put your child in the care of someone else, every time it feels like the emotions you have on their first day at school, they are so precious to you. Kim Brooke

y minute of family precious, you have e the most of every y and above all stay positive.


Charity of Choice One of the many ways that businesses and community groups can get involved with Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice is by choosing us as their charity of choice. That’s just what Huddersfield Pendragon Ladies Circle did in 2013 raising an amazing £16,907. We asked Philippa Morton, the outgoing Chair and Michelle Sykes, the new Chair to tell us more about how the previous year of fundraising went and their future fundraising plans. Ladies Circle is about new friendships, participating in different social activities and raising a few pounds for charity along the way.

Why did you choose FMN as your chosen charity? (Philippa) I knew I wanted to support something to do with children having two very happy healthy children myself. I found Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and arranged to meet with one of the Community Fundraisers. Instantly I knew this was the charity I wanted to support for my twelve months as Chair. How many people are involved in your group? (Michelle) There are twelve of us in total in addition to our families and friends who are vital in helping us raise funds at all of our events. (Philippa) We are always looking for new ladies who may like to join us to help with our fundraising and join in with our socialising! Are there people with particular skills/experience in the group that help to make it successful? (Michelle) We have a good skills mix including those around planning, communication and influencing. Financial skills are also required to manage the accounts. We also have a desire to do this well which makes it work- being socially responsible and giving something back to the community. We look at things from the public’s perspective and think about what events they would like to be part of. What do you most enjoy about being part of a fundraising group? (Michelle) Giving something back in a fun way with lovely ladies and meeting the public as well. (Philippa) Ditto - it is so unbelievably rewarding. What type of events did you hold this year and which have been the most successful? (Philippa) Events included a Jamie Oliver Evening, a Cheese and Wine Evening, a Cake and Bun Stall at the Holmfirth Duck Race, Bag Packing in Sainsbury’s Brighouse and a Psychic Evening. We held a Ladies Night at Canalside with stalls and a fashion show that raised almost £1,000. Local beauticians offered their services free of charge and each lady had a free beauty treatment.  For the children we held Halloween and Christmas parties at the local cricket field which were a great success. Our annual ball is the biggest event we hold each year and is the finale of the Chair’s fundraising year. This year the ball raised £4,603.91, which was amazing. Do you have any funny stories from this last year? (Philippa) The funniest thing from this year was the Lindley 10K run which was a brilliant fundraising event raising over £1,200. We got a team together and thought there would be


others running for charity too. The team looked great thanks to my employers, BMI Hospital Huddersfield, who had kindly sponsored the t-shirts for the event. BMI and the employees there have been extremely supportive over the last twelve months on various different events. As it turned out the run was full of professional runners and four of our team were closely followed at the back of the pack by an ambulance! Are there any things you would do differently? (Philippa) I wouldn’t do anything differently - the year has run just perfectly! Do you have any challenges that you were pleased to conquer? (Philippa) The biggest personal challenge for me this year was to conquer my fear of public speaking. Yey, I did it and felt quite comfortable by the time I had finished. Why did you choose to continue to support us as your chosen charity? (Michelle) Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice is getting such a lot of press attention at the moment, we’ve had a great year with the public support for this charity so it seemed like the right thing to do to continue with the good work that we’re all doing to support this worthy cause. I don’t have a link to another specific charity and as a mum this seemed close to my heart. What would you say to anyone who was thinking about joining a fundraising group? (Michelle) Any amount of time that is given to any charity is well needed and so rewarding. Charities get so little support from the government and therefore fundraising is crucial to allow charities to continue to do the amazing work that they do within our communities. You never know when you or your nearest and dearest may need them... and you never know you may make a friend or two and learn a new skill!

If you would like to find out how your group or business can get involved with the charity contact the fundraising team on 01484 411040 or email

If yo alrea u aren’t dy a gro part of u not st p, why art y own? our


Working Together with Businesses

Photo: John Steel Photography

We take a business approach to our charity, drawing upon our individual backgrounds and experiences. Our aim is to build long term sustainable partnerships which bring significant benefits to you and to us. It is important to us that we deliver campaigns, events and ideas which help you achieve your business objectives at the same time as helping local children and families. Peter Branson our CEO on why companies should consider supporting Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.


Here are some of the ways that your business could get involved Become a 99er By donating just 99p a day you can make a real difference by providing a sustainable source of income for the hospice which will go towards helping us to achieve our annual fundraising target of £2.8 million. Business benefits include quarterly networking meetings, your logo included on the 99er page of our website and use of PR and social media to promote our relationship and any joint activity. Our 99er scheme has recently gone supersized with some of our companies donating £99 a month and one organisation donating an amazing £999 a month! Make us Your Charity of Choice If you’re happy with your window cleaner would you change him every year? We believe in relationships and relationships working. When something works well why would you change it? Businesses that stay with us for more than two years have higher employee engagement, relationships flourish and they raise more money for us.

Photo: John Steel Photography

Taking Part in Events Whether it is a fundraising event you have organised yourself or one of the many fundraising events that we arrange, why not have some fun raising funds that help us to provide services for local children and families? We have challenge events that include skydives, runs and treks as well as events such as our Yorkshire Day Tea Parties or Hundreds to Thousands challenge. Sponsorship Sponsorship is a different way to use your marketing budget to support our charity. We run dozens of events that we would love you to sponsor and support us. In return you’ll get brand exposure and we will promote your relationship with us. For more information on these and other ways that your business can get involved please see our website or contact our corporate fundraising team on 01484 411040 or email

20 19

Our Ambassador Huddersfield born Nina Hossain ITN Newsreader, mum of three and one of our Charity Ambassadors. Did you always know that you wanted to be a journalist? No, I knew from age 11. I met two of my Dad's friends who were newspaper reporters. I realised they got paid to write and tell peoples stories and I knew that was the job for me. What was your first serious piece of writing that got you noticed? My first job was in television so I didn't ever manage to get my name in 'newspaper lights'. I still love writing though and second to interviewing it is the best part of my job writing the introductions to reports or interviews or the headlines. Who is the most interesting person that you have interviewed? Too many to mention. I have been extremely lucky to interview some incredible people including many of our Olympic and Paralympic stars. Clashes or chats with Boris Johnson are always high-octane. My only regret is not interviewing the amazing Andy Murray‌yet!


How do you find juggling being a successful career woman and also a mum of three young children? Wrongly or rightly I put the children first. I protect my part-time schedule and cherish every single minute of the weekends and the school holidays. I am blessed that I love my job. I can't imagine how hard it must be to leave your little ones to go to a job you hate. What made you choose Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice as one of your chosen charities? From the moment I toured the hospice I knew I must try and help. Brilliant facilities and a fantastic team but not enough families know about it. If I can try and get that message out to those in my home town and beyond many more children, their siblings and their parents will be able to benefit from the respite services on offer. What do you feel you can bring to the charity as one of its Ambassadors? I would like to help to tell the story of how the hospice began at home and now gives families options of help there or at the hospice itself. The fundraising is of course vital, but so too is getting hundreds more families aware of what they could be missing out on.

Do you still view yourself as a Yorkshire girl? Yes I am a Yorkshire born mum of three and journalist. Yorkshire born is a great start in life which I am sure led me to the other two highlights. What is one piece of advice that you use today that your mother gave to you? There are too many to mention. She advises me on everything and she is always right. Sometimes it takes me a while to realise that, other times I act on her advice immediately. She probably doesn't realise it but she is the third person in my marriage. Both me and my partner rely on her as a personal NHS Direct, Citizen's Advice Bureau and child rearing specialist. What would be the one thing that you couldn’t live without? Other than my family and friends my phone. It has all my music and all my photos. Amazing memories at the touch of a button. If you were a biscuit what would you be and why? Jammy Dodger. May come across as hard on the exterior but a soft sweet centre. Hopefully reliable but not boring.

“From the moment I toured the hospice I knew I must try and help.�


Our Events

Bonjour Yorkshire To celebrate the world’s biggest cycling event coming to Yorkshire, we have launched Bonjour Yorkshire, encouraging everyone to get involved with the celebrations whether you are a big bike fan or not! French Friday (4th July) This summer will be one of the biggest and most exciting in recent memory in Yorkshire. To celebrate we would love you to get involved with French Friday! Hosted on the Friday before the Depart begins (4th July), join in the fundraising fun and embrace the French connection!

To get involved you could: Host a French Fuddle Try out some of the delicacies which French food has to offer! Dress French Day The French certainly have their own style when it comes to fashion, charge each employee/student to come to work/school for the day dressed French! Sponsored Static Cycle Put a static bike in your workplace or school and do a sponsored cycle! The first leg of the Grand Depart over one day is around 180km, could you tackle it?

Anything Else! This list is by no ways definitive; if you have any ideas which you think would be fantastic then go for it! We’d love to hear about it too on 01484 411040 or at French Friday App Download the “Forget Me Not French Friday” app from the Apple App Store or Google Play and tweet your French selfie to @forgetmnotchild To find out more about the campaign visit bonjour-yorkshire

Host a French Film Night There are some classic French films suitable for all audiences, get a group of friends together and each donate a couple of quid to watch a French flick!

Tw et us ye #Fren our chF selfier!iday


Yorkshire Day Tea Party

Play Our Weekly Prize Draw!

Could you hold a tea party to raise money that will help the children and families we care for?

Would you like to support Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and have the chance every week of winning up to £500?

To celebrate Yorkshire Day on 1st August and throughout the month of August we are asking our supporters to hold a tea party with their friends and families to help raise money for our charity. Our tea party campaign was incredibly successful last year and with your help it could be again this year. To find out more visit www. or call 01484 411040

For more details of how you can join visit the fundraising section of our website or contact the fundraising team on 01484 411040 or email Please note that only people aged 16 and above are able to join the prize draw.

By joining our Weekly Prize Draw from just £1.00 a week you can help us give the vital care and support we provide to our children and families. The draw takes place every Friday with a first prize of £500, second prize of £25 and five third prizes of £10. We inform the lucky winners directly so there is no need for you to claim.



Our Shops

What fabulous things will you find the next time you visit your local shop?


Our shops play an important role in generating income for the charity. Whether you are donating your goods or taking part in a spot of retail therapy bagging yourself a bargain we really appreciate your support.

Find your Local Shop

Shop Donations Could you think about our charity when looking to recycle your unwanted goods? Your local shop is always in need of donations and the more donations we receive the more funds we can raise to support the children and families we care for. We receive some wonderful donations from our supporters. A supporter recently donated a quantity of children’s fancy dress slight seconds that raised over £500 for the charity.

3A Northgate WF16 9RL 01924 404 393 (Call For Furniture Collections)

We are grateful to receive great quality items including adults and children’s clothing and shoes, soft furnishings such as curtains and bedding, pictures and ornaments, working electrical items, kitchenware including pots, pans and crockery, computers/consoles and games, books, CDs and DVDs, toys and games. Also we accept furniture at our Heckmondwike shop.

Workplace Donations Another great way to help our shops is to organise a clear out with colleagues at your workplace. If your workplace would like to take part we can arrange a date to pick up collected donations. Phone Lisa Morris on 01484 411040 to arrange your collection. Furniture Collections Did you know that we offer a furniture collection and house clearance service throughout the local area? If you have items of saleable furniture that you would like to donate to the hospice please contact our Heckmondwike shop. eBay We are using our eBay store to market some amazing donated goods that we think might appeal to a wider audience. This has proved really popular and we have been able to raise even more funds for certain items by selling them in this way. Why not add Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice to your list of favourite sellers? Volunteers We couldn’t run our shops without the help of our fabulous volunteers. If you would like to join our shop volunteers please contact your local shop manager.

Huddersfield (New)

34 – 36 Cross Church Street HD1 2PT 01484 519 617


99 Northgate, Huddersfield HD5 8UU 01484 435486



56 Commercial Street HD6 1AQ 01484 716 811


1-3 Stable Court HD9 3AY 01484 683 600


225 King Cross Road HX1 3JL 01422 322 616


111 Lidget Street, Huddersfield HD3 3JR 01484 655 366


19 Southgate HX5 0BW 01422 378 236

Hebden Bridge

Unit 3 Hardcastle House HX7 7BB 01422 846 667


10 Swallow Lane, Huddersfield HD7 4LU 01484 643 404

Photos from our new Huddersfield shop


Volunteering Some offer time on a regular basis whereas other people volunteer as and when they can. Many volunteers use their skills and experience to help us with the day to day running of the hospice, others come to gain experience that in many cases leads to them finding employed positions. Tina Thorpe is one of our valued volunteers. We asked her how she got involved in supporting Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and what volunteering means to her.

We wouldn’t be able to operate without the help of our wonderful volunteers. We have more than 200 regular volunteers that support us in over 20 different volunteering roles across all areas of the charity. We also have businesses and people that support us on individual projects or one-off volunteering opportunities.

“My working life was spent in a busy office; I retired too early and realised too late. My husband saw a newspaper article about Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice and suggested that I might like to become a volunteer. That was over six years ago. “At first I volunteered as a receptionist and then as an office volunteer. I helped by counting money, photocopying and filing. Recently I have taken on a more specific role helping to streamline and update the database, this brings me into Russell House for two half days each week. “I really enjoy being a volunteer. I know that I am helping the charity and that my time is appreciated. On an individual level I value the company of the staff and other volunteers. This has been especially true over recent months when, during a time of personal difficulty, I have been incredibly well-supported by all the lovely staff I work with.” Visit where the volunteer section of the website has details of all our current volunteer vacancies.


If you are interested in finding out more but do not have access to the internet, get in touch with Wendy Bentley, our Volunteer Coordinator, on 01484 411040 One area of fundraising that we are excited about at the moment is our collection tubs and other static fundraising activities. This will help us raise more funds for the children and families that we care for. If you are looking to volunteer in your local area during times that are flexible to fit around your changing commitments this could be a great opportunity for you to help us. To find out more please contact Alan Hollingworth at the Hospice on 01484 411040.

Donation Form For one off donations please complete the left hand side only. To make a regular donation by standing order please complete both sides. Instruction to your bank or building society to pay standing orders:

Title & Forename


To (your bank name, branch and address including postcode)


Address – including postcode Name on Account

Sort Code

Account Number

Please pay to: Lloyds - Halifax, PO Box 1000, BX1 1LT For the account of: Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. Account No: 03597848 Sort Code: 30 93 76 Every (month/quarter/year) until further notice

The Sum of I enclose a cheque/PO made payable to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice for

£ First payment date:


D To maximise the impact of your gift please tick this box & sign/ date this declaration if the following applies to you:



Y Date

I confirm I have paid or will pay an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains tax for each tax year (6th April to 5th April) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that I donate to, will reclaim on my gifts for that tax year. I understand that other taxes such as VAT and Council Tax do not qualify. I understand that the Charity will reclaim 25p of tax on every £1 that I give or have given in the past 4 years, until further notice. I will inform the charity if I change my address or no longer pay sufficient tax on my Income and or Capital Gains Tax.

Return your completed form to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, Russell House, Fell Greave Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1NH

Registered charity number 1110457

Can you help Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice? – Make a regular donation by standing order – Donate online via our website – Volunteer – Leave a gift in your will – Support us through your business – Play our Weekly Prize Draw – Donate items to our shops – Fundraise with your friends, family or school – Help spread word of the charity & pass on this magazine to someone else once you have read it – Take part in and support our events

Can we help you and your family? We provide care and support to children with life shortening conditions and their families in Calderdale, Kirklees and Wakefield. Care referrals can be made by anyone – family, care professionals, statutory services and the voluntary sector. For care enquiries only, please contact the care team directly on 01484 411042. More information is available on our website

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