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68,000 streetlights in switchover to LED Jessica Pitocchi Work has started on replacing all of Sheffield’s 68,000 streetlights with white LED lights. The decision is part of the Highway Maintenence ‘Streets Ahead’ project in order to improve the overall quality of the street lighting across the city. The state of the art light emitting diode technology will provide a brighter w h i t e light, improving visibility and safety for all road users as well as reducing carbon

emissions. The new lights will look significantly different from the existing street lights. They will consist of several small LED lighting units rather than one lamp and will be on a curved black column. They are planned to be sited at different positions along streets and at the back of pavements. Cllr Jullian Creasey from the Green Party said: “Of course


i t ’ s a good thing to improve street and investing in

energy saving is always a good investment. “The problem is that the Sreets Ahead project is being funded and run. “It is a private finance initiative which means a huge chunk of the available money goes on paying off the up-front borrowing from private banks; and that we are tied into a long term contract with a profit-making multinational company.” The Green party said direct government grants would have been better and that the work should have been done ‘in house’.

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The benefits: 4Improved community safety - the new lights allow a wider spectrum of colours to be seen and facial features to be distinguished more meaning many people will feel safer walking the streets late at night 4Reduced energy use and light pollution - LEDs are more energy efficient, will reduce carbon emissions and project the light downwards to reduce light pollution across the city. 4Even light distribution - the height and spacing of the columns have been designed to take into account things like the type of street, the house and building heights and the number of trees on the street and will distribute the light accordingly.


A network of young volunteers have begun their first campaign tackling youth homelessness across the country. National volunteering organisation, vInspired, are combatting the perceptions surrounding the homelessness affecting areas across Britain, including Sheffield. With central government planning to cut housing benefits to the most vulnerable, charities and campaigns like Team V are working together in attempt to prevent this. Team V have recently been joined by two University of Sheffield students. Second year History and Sociology student Rea Burke and MA Journalism Studies student Bilingzi Su have signed up to help


cases in Sheffield of families losing their homes

data that found 48 per cent of councils reported higher cases of housing requests by under-25s with half being turned away - about one out of every four cases. Roundabout, a Sheffieldbased homeless charity, have been forced

pioneer a local campaign to stomp out stigma and raise awareness about youth homelessness. Burke said: “We want to highlight the issue of hidden homelessness and help show that homelessness is not just a housing problem. “Many young people have to get by on a friend’s sofa and a sofa is certainly not a home. We want to try and get as many members of the community to take a picture on our sofa, which we will then put on forms of social media. “Hopefully we will be able to get the issue of youth homelessness trending which will help generate some pressure on our local MPs to take a stand.” A creative video documentary is also underway. In 2011, Homeless Link and the Prince’s Trust published


increase since


to turn away about 1,000 young people annually.

“Many young people have to get by on a friend’s sofa and a sofa i s certainly not a home.”

The European Commission have to redraft their 2013 budget plan to deal with the crisis on EU 2013 budget talks. Euro MPs refused to attend talks on November 13 because the governments - called the Council - did not support an extra nine billion euros in emergency funding for this year which commitments proclaimed to cover in the areas of infrastructure, research and education. If there is no agreement before January, the current budget will be rolled over each month meaning any increase in spending will require agreement between the Commission, Council and MEPs. The UK’s financial secretary to the treasury, Greg lark thought demanding billions euros more would like a raiding to taxpayers ,especially when everyone is making economies at home.

young people turned away anually from Roundabout

One in four

national housing requests by under-25s turned away

Cllr Dunn on uni fees and student rights Councillor Jayne Dunn was elected as Labour councilor back in May this year. She said: “It was like a tsunami when i first got elected, I didn’t really know what to expect” Cllr Dunn she wants to help young people have access to university. She said of her struggle to send her son to university, “as a single mother, I used the welfare

A leaked draft of a UN internal report said the United Nations failed in its mandate to protect civilians during the final phase of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. It points out the systematic failures throughout the UN system blaming not only the senior officials but also the security council and the human rights council for not effectively responding to the conflict. The brutal conflict between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil rebels lasted 26 years causing over 100,000 civilan deaths.

Huang Yanlin


system, I went from being totally dependent on benefits to where i am today and it was hard. The recent rise in university fees to £9,000 would have meant that her son not to go to university would have been unachievable. “I would have seen the fees as a little bit like trying to date George Clooney. It would have felt too much, it’s a lot of debt and i wouldn’t have encouraged him into that. I would have been too

UN admits failures in protecting Sri Lankan civilians

EU 2013 budget talks in crisis amid row over spending


Lauren Clarke

World news

Chloe E Lee

‘A sofa is not a home’: Homeless campaigners take to the streets Jeff Kloythanomsup


frightened.” Dunn doesnt want university to be for a select few. “What really upsets me is the hopes and dreams and aspirations that might disappear.

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BP receives record US criminal fine for deepwater disaster BP have received the biggest criminal fine in US history in relation to the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. The US justice department said BP have to pay $4billion which is made up of a $1.26billion fine and payments for wildlife and science groups. During the disaster, 11 people lost their lives. The company apologied for its role and said it regretted the loss of life. Jessica Pitocchi

Forge Press issue 53  

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Forge Press issue 53  

Sheffield Students' Union's independent student newspaper