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CREATE/SEND/ANALYSE the most comprehensive e-mailshot solution




Features Contacts List


• Import contacts – you can use any existing list of contacts (prospects or customers) or import the list from any CRM system

• Create professional HTML e-messages using either:

• Seamlessly capture subscribers from your website into e-shot’s contacts list • Automatic validation of email addresses • Categorise your contacts into groups • Identify your contacts by source (i.e. from website, Dan & Bradstreet) • Maintain lists of contacts, sources and groups • Provide clear and simple (one click) opt-out that complies with EU and US laws. Users can check that they have successfully unsubscribed • Contacts can manage their profile (choose HTML or text format) and unsubscribe easily through your emails • List opted-out (unsubscribed) contacts (can be exported to CRM or excel) • List invalid email addresses (can be exported to CRM or excel) • List of bounces (can be exported to CRM or excel) • Custom database fields for personalised, accurate targeting and statistical analysis • Detailed transaction history for every contact • Enhanced group management and manipulation including merging groups or creating new ones based on e-shotTM results

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Send • Powerful, reliable, high-speed send engine

• Your own unique e-shot design, tailored to your company’s branding

• Supports MIME 1.0 standard

• Free-format, user friendly HTML editor • Upload your own HTML document (for designers)

• Text version automatically included for contacts that are set up not to receive HTML format

• Text editor

• Can be scheduled to run anytime (subject to licence)


• Personalise your message using fields available in the contact list including your custom fields • Create and send e-messages to one or more groups • Include images, logos and email links • Create links to online information e.g. your special offers page on your website and monitor click-through success rates • Use business rules to send e-messages with different content to different groups • Integrate with other applications (CRM, SAP or bespoke) to send electronic information i.e. bills, statements or promotions etc.

• Conforms to Anti Relay and Anti SPAM policies

Metrics • Powerful reporting facilities and statistical analysis including individual transaction history • Find out how many recipients displayed (previewed) the email and who they were • Analyse the numbers and identities of recipients which clicked on monitored links • Powerful statistics of total numbers as well as individual data • Results can be translated into business rules for future campaigns • Interface to provide feedback information for leads and converted contacts (for comprehensive success analysis) • Export detailed e-shotTM report to CRM or Excel for off line analysis See appendix for sample reports.


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Targeting engine

• Create a campaign to include multiple e-shots scheduled to send at future dates (optional)

e-shotTM has the most powerful targeting engine in the industry.

• Schedule to send at the time of your choice (optional)

You can pinpoint your target audience not only by using traditional newsgroups, but also by sub-grouping into your own (CRM-driven) fields as well as using the activity results from previous e-shots.


For example:

• Standard 5 fields for personalisation: title, first name, last name, email address, company. • Add extra fields to the contact list for personalisation and analysis (optional)

Database integration • Through import of contacts list in CSV format • Export statistics and analysis information in CSV format (to excel or your CRM) • Integrate contact list and statistics directly with your own database or CRM (optional)

An estate agent sends a message about “Late Availability on New Detached 4-bedroom Houses in Kent” specifically targeting the group “Detached Houses” where contacts meet criteria stored in your customised fields for “Kent” and “4 bedrooms” and limited to subscribers who ‘clicked’ a link in the previous e-shot “New Detached Houses available in Kent”.

Managed Service (option) For those who don’t wish to spend time preparing their e-mailshots, we’ll take care of the whole process for you:

We: • Manipulate, clean, de-dupe and import contacts into the system • Design and construct your HTML message - adhering to your company identity • Test your message by sending to a test group of contacts (including you) • Schedule and send your message

In the e-shot console:

• Monitor send engine as it broadcasts your message

You: • Provide contacts • Provide the message and any links you wish to include in the message • Tell us when you want the message to be sent

Annual subscription

• View metrics following broadcast

• e-shotTM is charged for by way of an annual subscription entitling clients to: • Support (via telephone and online support system) • Training • Software updates and upgrades

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Microsite modules (options) A microsite enables marketers to easily publish and update information for a variety of purposes including: • Branded profile management

The Idea Behind Microsites

• Surveys • Events • Plus Press releases, campaigns and promotions, access to published newsletters


From: Date:

AN Other 31/05/04

To: Jonathan Smith Company Subject: Is your website doing its job?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed condimentum. Etiam sit amet magna. Phasellus eu odio sollicitudin urna pretium euismod. Aliquam ligula. Sed sem. Nullam et nunc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed condimentum. Etiam sit amet magna. Phasellus eu odio sollicitudin urna pretium euismod. Aliquam ligula. Sed sem. Nullam et nunc. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed condimentum. Etiam sit amet magna. Phasellus eu odio sollicitudin urna pretium euismod. Aliquam ligula. Sed sem. Nullam et nunc.

Microsites can be accessed online directly or linked to e-message links to view information, input details and interact with the company via forms.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed condimentum. Etiam sit amet magna. Phasellus eu odio sollicitudin urna pretium euismod. Aliquam ligula. Sed sem. Nullam et nunc.

E-shot Recipients receive email and click on a link


Company Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Sed condimentum. Etiam sit amet magna. Phasellus eu odio sollicitudin urna pretium euismod. Aliquam ligula. Sed sem. Nullam et nunc. First name: Last name: Email: Telephone: Message:

Microsite Users complete forms, feedback etc.


Microsites are highly recommended for the ultimate in user interactive experience. Together with e-shotTM they offer the sales and marketing professional a powerful proactive tool.


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Business Rules Improve targeting by creating criteria for the next message Plus, tailor business services to respondents’ preferences


Metrics Data gathered from microsite is fed back into system for analysis and action


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Microsite modules (options) continued... Branded profile management (option)

Survey module (option)

Events module (option)

Branded profile management offers a branded experience for your customers. Rather than the generic website subscription, unsubscribe and forward to friend features we can provide you with custom branded profile pages which can be accessed using your own domain (for example:

Get detailed feedback and opinion from your contacts on any subject from delivery times to favourite sandwich fillings by providing a link to your latest survey from an e-shot message.

Encourage your recipients to register to your events online saving time and money for everybody. This proves an excellent method of keeping track of numbers of recipients, acceptances, refusals and non-responses. All the information you need to administer the communications for an event is provided with this module.

• Consistant corporate ID throughout • Contacts can subscribe to specific newsgroups and choose their email format (text/HTML). • Branded confirmation email to new subscribers • Contacts can update their details, remove/add themselves to/from newsgroups, or unsubscribe fully from your services.

Setting up a survey is simple. From your administration panel, you enter the questions and configure the associated answer fields (number of options and type of response required e.g. text box, checkboxes or radio buttons) and watch as completed surveys roll in. Create reports and configure further surveys.

Create events in advance and make them available when you require. Fields for event name, sub title, location, description (large field with HTML editor), agenda and event URL (created automatically).

• Your contacts can also re-subscribe through the branded profile management giving total control over subscriptions The seamless interaction with e-shotTM manages all processes automatically, saving you time and increasing the control contacts have over their subscription. Far left: Example of unbranded and branded profile pages Left: Example of survey microsite Right: Click on link in email (left) and go to microsite (right) to register for event.

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Agency services (option) As we have been specialising and gaining experience in New Media Marketing over the past 10 years. We are now happy to enhance our offering by way of consultancy and various services that both new and existing clients can take advantage of to get the absolute best from their marketing. Some typical examples of when our Agency Services can be best used: • For the busy marketing manager You may be increasingly busy and not have the time to run your regular campaigns, we can step in, and with your provided copy, manage as many campaigns as you require until you are able to comfortably continue managing your own. • For deliverability & analysis You may wish to test your email for rendering on a variety of different browsers and SPAM programs without the need to purchase multiple computers, internet browsers, web clients and antivirus solutions. We can run complete tests on your email to a broad range of browsers and antivirus suites, giving you a true portrayal of end user delivery

For All Users:

For Managed Send Users:

• Email MOT As part of our deliverability and testing program, we can take your HTML email and test it in a large variety of email clients across multiple platforms such as Windows, MAC, Linux and web mails. We’ll also run the email through some of the most popular spam filters on the marketing and provide you with a rating and any improvements which may need to be made, to help you hit the inbox.

A managed send is a managed e-shotTM performed on behalf of customers who do not possess an annual account.

• Version testing Version testing can range in specification from trying several different subject lines, to creating multiple designs and versions of the email.

• Detailed Report with comments • Detailed Report including email testing

For Annual Account Holders: • Campaign Management • E-mail strategy planning

• Comprehensive report and analysis document We’ll produce you a PDF report of your send, this will can include, the aim of the email, the method, the results with analysis and suggestions for future improvement should they be necessary.

• Increase your conversion rate You have been campaigning for some time with good results, but feel you could push further and gain a higher percentage of conversions. For this purpose we can assist you with various testing methods, from split testing to designing an entire email from scratch to run comparison testing.

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Pricing and billing

Pricing and billing System Requirements Security and Privacy Subscribe and Unsubscribe Managing Contacts, Groups and Sources Receiving Newsletters Sending Newsletters Designing Newsletters Analysing

If I cancel my subscription, how long will my account be active? Your subscription with e-shotTM will run to the end of the agreed period (usually one year). If you sign up today and cancel in a few days, your account will remain active for 365 days from the date of your subscription.

System Requirements Can I download e-shotTM and install it? No. e-shotTM is a web application which means all you need is a web browser and internet connection. By logging in with your username and password, the e-shotTM system recognises you and securely tailors all content accordingly. e-shotTM enables users to access the console from anywhere in the world with a browser and internet connection. What software do I need to use e-shotTM? All you need to operate e-shotTM is an internet browser installed on your PC. Can I use e-shotTM with my Macintosh? Yes we currently have several customers using Macintosh computers without complaint.

What about screen resolution? This refers to the number of pixels which display on the screen. The lowest optimum resolution for comfortable e-shotTM use is 1024x768. A lower resolution (800x600) means you might have to scroll both horizontally and vertically.

Security and Privacy Are stored newsletters, images and mailing lists secure? Security is paramount and the e-shotTM system is heavily protected. Forfront provides a high level of hardware and software security configuration including powerful firewall policies and back-up procedures. All activity and IP addresses are logged securely for your protection. We do not reveal any data to third parties and respect the privacy of all our customers. Will you ever access my account? We will only do this if there is a problem. What does the law say about email marketing? “Anti-spam” legislation is designed with spammers in mind rather than your legitimate business. You should also be aware that ‘spam’ laws are too new for anyone (including the US Congress and UK Parliament) to understand comprehensively and no-one knows how this legislation will eventually turn out. Beware also of those proclaiming dark days ahead. Online publishers will try to scare you into buying their own books and solicitors may try similar

Do I need broadband to use e-shotTM? No but we would recommend using a broadband connection if at all possible. © Copyright 2010


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tactics to get you to hire them to ensure you are compliant with new laws. So long as you include an option to opt-out/unsubscribe (always present in e-shotTM ) and do not send out offensive and/ or deceptive messages to non-permission lists you should remain within the law. EU / UK The EU Directive (Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive, 2002) is still in the process of being implemented by member states. The UK implemented its own interpretation of the Directive in December 2003. You must not conceal or attempt to hide the identity of the sender and must include a valid email address to which recipients can contact and request removal. Make sure that you include a valid email address in the message (put a valid email address in the e-shotTM Settings page ‘Replyto’ email address) and requests received through it are actioned (in addition to automated e-shotTM unsubscriptions). You should not send marketing emails to consumers (individuals) “unless the prior consent of the addressee has been obtained (opt-in).” An exception to this is where email addresses were obtained through a prior sales transaction or significant sales negotiations. United States Obvious rules of the enacted legislation in the US on a Federal level require unsolicited email to be labelled (though not by a standard method) and to include opt-out instructions and the sender’s physical (street) address. Deceptive subject lines and/or false headers [to conceal the sender’s identity] are not allowed. What about the Data Protection Act? We comply with the principles set out in the Data Protection Act. Anyone processing personal data must comply with the eight enforceable principles of good practice. They say that data must be: • Fairly and lawfully processed;

• Accurate; • Not kept longer than necessary • Processed in accordance with the data subject’s rights; • Secure; • Not transferred to countries without adequate protection Personal data covers both facts and opinions about the individual. It also includes information regarding the intentions of the data controller towards the individual, although in some limited circumstances exemptions will apply. With processing, the definition is far wider than before. For example, it incorporates the concepts of ‘obtaining’, ‘holding’ and ‘disclosing’.

Subscribe and Unsubscribe How will I know if there are new subscriptions? The contact summary page will alert you to any recent activity including new subscribers and unsubscribers as well as other subscription data. You can reset which contacts are displayed as ‘new’ by clicking on the ‘Seen’ button. Only contacts which subscribe/ unsubscribe after clicking this button will be displayed as ‘new’ next time you login. What if someone wants to unsubscribe but they’re a member of more than one group? A contact who unsubscribes will be removed from all further mailings unless you choose to expose the groups on the user subscription page in which case contacts are able to manage their subscription choices. What happens to a person’s contact details if they unsubscribe? When a contact unsubscribes, their details are nonerasable. Because of the possibility that unsubscribers may be accidentally imported into the system at a later date, unsubscribed contacts are

retained by the system. Cross referencing occurs during contact import to ensure unsubscribers never receive unwanted messages. This ‘suppression’ of unsubscribers is a recommendation from the ‘Guidance to the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003’ published by the Information Commissioner (Data Protection).

Managing Contacts, Groups and Sources Do you sell e-mail address lists? No. We don’t supply contact lists. You are responsible for obtaining and maintaining the contacts you hold on the system. Apart from your own contacts (e.g. in Outlook and customer lists), you can also purchase them. Buying lists is a good way to expand your current contact database but they can vary in terms of quality/integrity of data. In the event of a poorly performing list, e-shotTM enables you to export invalid records for a refund or exchange from the supplier. How do contacts unsubscribe? Every message you send out using e-shotTM must contain a link for recipients to remove themselves permanently from future mailings. This is built in but you should ensure you have entered your own text for the unsubscribe text and link. How do I acquire subscribers? An effective way of gaining the most valuable (‘opt-in’) new subscribers is to collect subscriptions from your website. Either you should contact your developer or to implement this. What happens to ‘bounced’ e-mails? e-shotTM saves you time and effort by enabling you to view and ma-

• Processed for limited purposes; • Adequate, relevant and not excessive; © Copyright 2010


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nipulate bounced emails. You can create a new group of contacts, export to an external file or delete altogether. We also take into account the number of bounces in the analysis reports. How do I find a particular contact? A full search facility is standard in the Contacts Manager. You can search for contacts by name, email or any other field included in your database. Narrow your search by filtering by status, group and source. Is it easy to change a contact’s details? Yes. Just click on the ‘edit’ icon corresponding to the contact, make your changes and click ‘Update’. How do I import contacts? When you have organised your contacts to conform to the import rules, you should import via either a CSV or XLS file. e-shotTM checks the data you import for duplicates, badly formatted records and unsubscribed contacts and reports on them. Full instructions are available in the e-shotTM documentation. What are groups and sources? Groups are sets of contacts to which messages are sent. A contact may be a member of more than one group but a contact will not receive the same email twice. Groups are also fully editable: you can merge two or more groups into one while either retaining or deleting the existing groups. Sources are literally the origin of contact information used in order to facilitate performance analysis according to source. If you find that a source of contacts performs poorly, with more than the expected amount of invalid records, you can export these to CSV and send to your supplier for a refund or exchange.

Receiving Newsletters Why can’t my recipients see images? e-shotTM doesn’t embed images. They are referenced from the email itself so, when a contact opens a message, images are called from their online location. This is mainly for two reasons: 1) Smaller © Copyright 2010

size emails are more efficient and 2) Prevents the email being stopped by ISPs.

information in the subject line, include offensive material or contravene the law in any way.

Why do some contacts not see messages I have sent? You should never expect 100% delivery of your message; sadly this is not a realistic target. Various reasons can account for this. People who move jobs are likely to have their email addresses deactivated. Strict spam filters may sometimes stop email messages even when a contact ‘opted-in’. Successful delivery can also depend on factors such as the relationship with your contacts and how their email addresses were obtained.

What is e-shotTM used for? e-shotTM is most effectively used for both marketing and customer retention. For marketing, it enables you to proactively market your products and services while providing an array of tools to enhance your sales effectiveness. For customer retention, e-shotTM helps to keep in touch and deliver valuable information quickly and costeffectively with existing customers, suppliers and partners.

e-shot enables quick assessment and reporting features for contacts which have/not opened messages in their email application. TM

Why are some people annoyed at receiving my messages? This is almost inevitable but only a tiny number will complain. With the amount of confusion surrounding email marketing laws, some can be extremely quick to read the riot act and erroneously declare the message “illegal”. You should familiarise yourself with the various laws governing email marketing, apologise for any inconvenience and assure them that, if they have clicked on the unsubscribe link, they will remain free from your future marketing efforts. Asking them for their email address, so that you can double-check their removal, will tend to be met with derision!

Sending Newsletters Can e-shotTM be used for bulk email (aka spamming)? It can but we do not tolerate spamming. As a concept, it is expensive, flawed and hardly endears people to your business. Definitions of spam differ enormously though; for one, spam constitutes any email sent from someone not in their contact list while for another, spam refers to unsolicited and irrelevant email sent from an anonymous source. Sending to business addresses is perfectly legal and useful in online marketing. However, we will terminate accounts which distribute illegal information, place false or misleading

Does e-shotTM use CCs or BCCs to send to numerous recipients? No – this is a primitive method and does not allow for personalisation and effective tracking. With e-shotTM, each message is sent individually to each contact, with the ‘To’ name set accordingly Can I carry out an online e-shotTM campaign and choose when they are sent out? Standard licences allow you to prepare messages, send them to the queue and then manually take each off hold on the day you wish to send (overnight). With the Corporate licence, you can schedule to send on future dates overnight. Corporate Anytime enables you to specify dates and times of day for your messages to be sent. Can I use my email address as the ‘From’ address? Yes but you do not have to. To avoid receiving all bounced emails, you can set this as a address. You can still use your email for the ‘Reply-to’ for when recipients click on the ‘Reply’ button in their email application. Can the recipient’s name appear in the ‘To’ field? Yes. This is subject to your contact database containing name fields. What about personalisation? You can personalise the ‘To Name’ field and any part of the message so that is displays your choice of greeting. E.g. “Dear


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Mr. Smith” or “Dear David Smith” or “David Smith” etc. Further personalisation can be achieved by adding extra data fields such as locality, product name, etc. Can you cancel an email while it is sitting in the queue to be sent? Yes. If the mail is in the queue and the ‘in progress’ icon is not yet showing, you can prevent it from being sent by clicking ‘Put on hold’. The message will be placed ‘On hold’ indefinitely until the message is taken off hold or deleted from the queue. You should always check the contents of your email and test it among a small group of test contacts (e.g. a couple of colleagues) before sending. Can you cancel a message once you have sent it? It is not possible to retrieve e-shotTM messages which have been delivered. If the status icon for the message is displaying either as ‘On hold’ or ‘Waiting in queue’ you can place it back on hold or delete it. If the status icon shown is the animated one for ‘In progress’ you cannot stop the message from being sent. We strongly recommend that you test your message thoroughly prior to taking off hold.

Does e-shotTM correctly display HTML or plain text depending on recipients’ email settings? Yes, messages sent using e-shotTM are MIME compliant which means that recipients’ email applications will display messages as HTML or plain text according to the user’s preferences.

Designing Newsletters Do you supply templates? We supply your initial ‘Company Template’ when you purchase eshotTM. This template reflects your company identity and applies to the HTML Editor and Company template. Both plain text and HTML Upload messages are not affected.

Can I add attachments to my email newsletters? No. Documents are not physically attached due to corporate firewalls, spam filters and possible file size issues. You can, however, include a link to a document which will give you the same outcome.

What kind of global settings are available for my messages with e-shotTM? The Settings page allows you to set defaults for a number of elements. You can set out which name fields are used to address the recipient (e.g. “Dear Mr. Smith” or “Dear David Smith” etc.). Set the ‘From Name’ which could be your name or that of your company? Set the default ‘Reply-to’ email address which will be the address recipients will send to if they click the ‘Reply’ button in their email application.

Is there a limit to the size of my newsletter when sending? No, but you should be aware that a large message, in terms of physical and visual size, will probably upset the recipient before he or she has even thought to read it. Try to make your message as simple and concise as possible and optimise any images you use.

Set the unsubscribe message and link text. Decide whether you see the basic or advanced version of the HTML editor. The Settings page also enables you to administer various optimisation functions such as orphan record management, cache settings and delete bounced records.

Does personalisation work with plain text newsletters? Yes, you can still personalise plain text messages.

How do I know if e-mails that I sent out were actually opened? e-shotTM gives you comprehensive metrics on how your message has performed.

Is there a cost involved in personalising emails? The standard personalisation fields are available to all users at no extra cost. If you have special requirements and need to tailor your messages to achieve a specific aim, Forfront can implement this at an extra cost.

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This includes the percentage of recipients who open the message and a list of who they are. You can display only those contacts that displayed the message and export the list to an external file or create a new group from them. Those who clicked on any monitored links are also fully traceable and easily manipulated in order to

optimise your marketing effort. How does e-shotTM manage images? e-shotTM uses an image upload and management facility which gives you the freedom to maintain your own image bank. Simply upload images from your computer for use later when you create an e-shotTM message. You can also include images which are already online such as images from your website. Can I edit images using e-shotTM? Not really. You can adjust some image properties such as spacing placed around the image, its dimensions (though the physical file size remains the same) and where it appears. Editing the actual image (e.g. brightness, contrast etc.) should be done using an external image editor. There are several free and very low priced editors available for the adjustment of brightness, contrast, image size, cropping etc. Does e-shotTM allow for importing HTML files? Yes. After you have imported the HTML file, e-shotTM will prompt you to upload any images which were referenced in the HTML file. This upload HTML feature enables you or your designer a free reign to create unique messages. Can I use e-shotTM to create templates? Yes. Although templates are created by Forfront when you purchase e-shotTM, you can use messages which you have already sent as templates for new messages. For a message you have sent, click ‘Re-send’ to go through the creation wizard. All content will be editable so all you need to do is delete irrelevant information and re-insert new content. This re-sent message will then behave and appear as a separate message with its own reporting. Can e-shotTM messages contain PDF files? Placing a link to a PDF document in the message behaves in a similar way to an attachment or image. When a user clicks on it, the file will download into a browser and may be saved from there.


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Analysing Reports What is a SoftBounce? This is a message which reaches the recipient’s mail server, but is then bounced back. The most common reason for the occurrence of Softbounces is that the recipient’s mailbox is ‘full’. For web accounts such as Yahoo mail and Hotmail this is common. SoftBounces will continue to be sent mailings. What is the difference between a HardBounce and a SoftBounce? Whereas a HardBounce indicates that an email address is invalid, a softbounce means that, although the email address is valid, it cannot be delivered probably because the recipient’s email box is full. By default, HardBounces are omitted from send lists unless they are edited and updated. SoftBounce contacts will be sent messages as normal.

This streamlines your operation enabling to suit your campaign to a smaller, more likely audience. Over time, your marketing can continue to become more focussed and effective. What open/click-thru rates should I expect? This will depend heavily upon many factors: subject matter, content, timing, target accuracy, contact list integrity etc. As an example, typical values are as follows: • Read rate:


• Click-thru:


• Bounce rate:

• Unsubscribe rate:

1-30% 0-3%

However, you should not necessarily expect your own figures to reflect these.

What is a HardBounce? This is a message which could not reach its destination. The email address maybe non existent or invalid or there may be a problem with a contact’s ISP’s mail server. What information can I expect from e-shotTM Reports? e-shotTM returns an executive summary for high level comparison and very detailed reports including full transaction history for each contact. Reports are organised initially by message, from where you can access shortcut links to regularly viewed statistics as well as the more in-depth reports. View and manipulate contacts that were sent the message, displayed or read it, clicked-thru a monitored link, unsubscribed or bounced. You can create click-thru reports based either on who clicked a specific link or contact. You can then create new groups or export data based on any of these criteria. How do the reports help me achieve improved marketing? With a little extra work, reports based on messages which have already been sent, enable you to identify certain contacts that have a high read/display or click-thru rate. Similarly, you can ‘weed out’ those contacts which HardBounce, or never read messages. © Copyright 2010


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OUR CONTACT DETAILS Net Formation Ltd. t/a Renaissance House 32 Upper High Street Epsom Surrey KT17 4QJ Tel: Fax: web: email:

020 3320 8750 0845 508 1856

The information contained herein, including without limitation, prices and product descriptions, is subject to change without notice. Check with your Forfront representative for availability. © All trademarks, tradenames and service marks mentioned and/or used herein belong to their respective owners. © Copyright 2010


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