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Nutritional excellence... from a name you can trust

ABOUT HICKSTEAD HORSE FEEDS At Hickstead Horse Feeds, we are not only specialists in the subject of feeding horses but we are also horse owners; surely a win : win situation. We recognise and understand the concerns of our customers when it comes to feeding horses; whether they are loved family pets, or kept for leisure riding or competing, either in the show ring or over fences.

Our passion: “This year will be a special year for Hickstead Horse Feeds. I have a knowledgeable, passionate and hard working team who are dedicated to providing customers with the best possible service, as well as to create solutions to the many questions asked of them. They thrive on challenges.

We understand the requirements of breeding stock as well as the race horse and we are confident in providing ideal feeding regimes for the quirkiest and fussiest of horses, after all, we are long enough in the tooth to boast of our experience.

This year, our focus will be centred on formulating the best quality feed at affordable prices and our nutritionists are working hard to ensure this for you.

All in all, we are confident that we can provide the feed for any situation or scenario and at Hickstead Horse Feeds we listen to our customers. We don’t preach!

HHF agents out on the road are making sure that your local feed merchant holds a stock of our feed.

Now you know about us, you need to know about our feeds: Although we pride ourselves on using the best quality raw materials, we are continually checking formulations to see if we can upgrade to make our feeds even more special and we keep ourselves up to date on the most recent scientific papers from all over the world. Our range is simple but effective and with the backup of full technical support we know we can provide peace of mind for the horse owner and the best possible feeding welfare for your horse. Team HHF are hard to please when it comes to feeding our own horses, so rest assured that you can trust us with feeding yours!

< Cover photo: Rhoson Kizzi © Ingrid Delaitre


Our customer services and our feed lines are busier than ever taking calls from our existing and potential customers on a wide range of queries.” Simon Evans - Speciality Feeds Director

PRODUCT SELECTOR GUIDE This is a basic guide and is breed dependant. Please contact us for further information.

Leisure Balancer Fibre Cubes Fibre Mix Hi Fibre Cubes Paddock Cubes Paddock Mix Cool Sports Cubes Sports Cubes Sports Mix Race Cubes Race Mix Gastric Settler activ+ Condition Cubes Condition Mix Stud Cubes Stud Mix 3

FIBRE RANGE Palatable mix & cube A low energy coarse mix and cube ideal for horses and ponies at rest or in light work. The appetising blend of natural ingredients includes quality digestible fibre sources, for non-heating energy. Increased levels of oil support healthy skin and promote a glossy coat and is fully balanced with vitamins and minerals for overall health and well-being. Essentials Fibre mix and cubes are the perfect year-round choice for horses and ponies whose energy requirements are low and it should help maintain condition without causing excitability, providing straight forward essential nutrition and representing great value

Suitable for: • • • • •

Benefits: • • • • •

• • •

“I compete my Fell x Welsh in cross country and show jumping and did not want to feed her a competition mix as she is a good doer as well as being fizzy. We made the change to Hickstead Fibre Mix 18 months ago and Kizzy is looking great and bringing home the ribbons” Gemma Dekins W.Sussex


Sensitive digestive systems Ideal for Laminitics Good doers Equines in rest to low work Encouraging fussy eaters

Low starch & sugar Low calorie diet Formulated with quality fibre to maintain optimum gut health Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals Essentials fibre cubes are barley free ideal for those with an intolerance Controlled energy sourced from highly digestible fibre Easy chew cubes for horses with poor dentition. Cubes can also be used as a partial forage replacer.

DAILY FIBRE CUBE High fibre palatable cube

Suitable for: • • • •

Good doers Ideal for Laminitics Horses on box rest Native types who maintain condition well

Benefits: • • • • • •

Low energy & NON-heating Highly digestible Fortified with essential vitamins & minerals Quality fibre sources for optimum gut health When soaked suitable for those with poor dentition Dust free: Key for optimum respiratory health

Daily Fibre cubes are fully balanced with a comprehensive spectrum of vitamins and minerals. Their crunchy texture and natural quality fibre content to ensure the horse has plenty to chew on. Low starch, non-heating, low energy 6mm cubes can be fed alongside additional forage sources to provide a natural, fully balanced diet for all horses and ponies at rest or in light to moderate levels of work. Daily fibre cubes are particularly palatable so ideal for tempting fussy eaters or during convalescence.

“I struggle to find a feed suitable for my Welsh A show pony, who has a hisrory of laminitis. Since feeding Hickstead Daily Fibre cubes for the past year he has done so well with a shiny coat and NO VET BILLS” Caroline Birch West Yorkshire


COOL SPORTS CUBES For controlled performance Hickstead Cool sports cubes have controlled levels of cereals, starch and good levels of fibre to help reduce the risk of overexcitability and provide optimum gut function. Helping your horse maintain performance and condition but remaining calm and controlled. Dressed in Non-GM soya to enhance optimum muscle and top line development, key for the modern equine athlete.

Suitable for: • • • •

Benefits: •

• •

“Competing sharp and exuberant performance horses, I need to be sure and safe that the diet will not excite them, feeding Hickstead horse feed Cool Sports Cubes gives my horses fantastic condition and energy levels but maintains a level head providing fantastic results in the ring.” Nicola Pavitt Team GBR Show Jumper. Ranked 11th in the world.


Horses & ponies with barley intolerance Fizzy excitable types Lacking top line & muscle development Those that lack concentration but require controlled energy

Non-heating formulation to support manageable & focused performance Non-GM soya essential for muscle development & top line Fortified with vitamins & minerals for optimum muscle function & repair Outstanding coat & skin condition for high level of quality oil A fixed formula, giving nutritional consistency


High–medium energy palatable mix & cube Suitable for: • • •

Horses & ponies in medium/hard work Horses requiring optimum muscle repair & development Cubes are ideal for those with barley intolerance

Benefits: • •

• • • •

UFAS accredited oats for instant energy Balanced with digestible quality fibre sources for optimum gut function Formulated for optimum muscle development Fortified with vitamins & minerals for repair & well-being Contrived to develop a true top line Highly palatable

Hickstead sports mix & cubes are highly digestible and nutrient dense. Providing a combination of energy sources including quality fibre, oil and cereals ensuring the equine athletes demands are met in all work intensities. Quality fibre sources included along with highly digestible micronized cereals dispensing “quick release” but controlled energy. Hickstead sports diets are enriched with linseed, amino acids, a high non GM oil content, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including important anti-oxidants, vitamin E and selenium supporting equines requiring optimum gut health and muscle maintenance and repair.

“I feed my horses Hickstead Horse feeds because I trust it’ll keep my horses in the top condition needed to win at the highest of levels.” Guy Williams International Show Jumper

< Photo: © Guy Williams


A complementary feeding stuff suitable for all equines with a unique formulation to prevent gastric ulceration and other related upsets which are commonly found when horses are stressed due to competition, travelling or simply to help with digestion of a high energy diet. This supplement contains ingredients which will calm the stomach and reduce the risk of conditions that cause gastric disturbances and ulceration. Feeding this supplement daily will reduce stomach upsets associated with high starch diets and aid health and performance of competition horses. It is important to reduce boredom in stabled horses. Provide plenty of good quality hay and bedding and keep other horses within sight and sound. Hickstead horse feeds GASTRIC SETTLER is a unique formulation and is an incomparable supplement for EGUS & digestive upset.


Active ingredients within gastric settler include: Live yeast (saccharomyces cerevisae) Helps to maintain a healthy balance of micro flora within the stomach and general digestive tract. Can also help to maintain normal levels of acidity by supporting the growth of bacteria known as lactate utilizers. Pectin & Lecithin – forms a physical barrier between the gastric juices and the sensitive non glandular region of the stomach in a similar way to the presence of food within the stomach. Acid Buff – provides a slow release form of calcium carbonate, which has a buffering action within the stomach and digestive tract as a whole to counteract dietary induced acidity. Zeolite – has the ability to adsorb undesirable substances such as mycotoxins, which may be present in feed. Alfalfa – has been shown scientifically to be beneficial in maintaining gastric health due to its buffering action.


Casper’s story Claire Regent’s horse Casper, an exrace horse was diagnosed with grade 3-4 ulcers on the 20th of February 2016. Casper had a history of allergic reactions to Omeprazole medication, therefore the vet recommended Gastric Settler. After a good diet including Gastric Settler and a management programme, Casper was scoped clear on the 5th of May 2016.

“Discovering that Casper had gastric ulcers and loosing condition was such an almighty blow especially with his history of allergic reaction to medication. Thankfully my vet suggested Hickstead horse feed’s Gastric Settler as he had seen some great results with the product. Working with the Vet, Kimberley the Nutritionist from Hickstead Horse Feed, myself

Day 1

“I purchased a mare for breeding not knowing that she wind sucked. It was obvious that she didn’t like being in foal and her wind sucking habit increased where she was eventually wind sucking on the feeder when eating her haylage. Her condition dropped and she needed some attention promptly.

and Casper we started to see an improvement within 10 days. Casper was scoped at 5 weeks where there was a great improvement and again at week 11 when he was scoped clear. He is no longer on Gastric Settler but I do keep a spare tub in the feed room as a precaution. Thank you for a great product, back up and team support.” Claire Regents & Casper

Week 5

She was fed Gastric Settler at 50gms / day initially and dropped to 25gms/day after 4 weeks, she was also receiving 3kg of Hickstead Condition Cubes daily. Within 14 days there was a considerable difference in her appearance, she started to put weight back on and the wind sucking eased to the point where she was no longer wind sucking on the feeder and only wind sucked Before

Week 11

occasionally on the top of her stable door. Eventually her wind sucking became very minimal. She will never be cured but in my mind the Gastric Settler definitely helped considerably and contributed to her health and wellbeing.” Mr. Huw Gruffydd After



A comprehensive range for all stud requirements Hickstead Stud range is popular among breeders, especially those who have larger groups of mares, stallions or young stock. A formulated energy dense and nutrient rich diet reduces the risk of overloading the horse’s digestive system but meeting all nutritional needs. The Barley-free, Stud Cubes are non-heating and a lower starch alternative to Stud Mix so are the preferred choice for excitable horses. Hickstead stud diets are enriched with linseed, amino acids, a high non GM oil content, full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including important anti-oxidants, vitamin E and selenium supporting equine requiring optimum gut health, condition, muscle & skeletal development.

“I’ve bred British performance horses for over 30 years and Hickstead horse feed Stud Cubes gives me piece of mind knowing both mare and foal are receiving all the nutrients. Since feeding Hickstead we have had some lovely strong foals and our mares have kept condition. Highly recommend!” Jane Francis Neatgangs Sports Horses & Stud


Suitable for: • • • •

In-foal mares Lactating mares Working Stallions Growing young stock

Benefits: •

• • • • • • •

High levels of omega 3 for optimum milk production & embryo development Balanced with quality digestible fibre sources Comprehensive micro-nutrient inclusion Fortified with essential elements for all stud requirements Natural vitamin E for optimum fertility UFAS accredited quality oats Energy dense & palatable Formulated for prime body condition & top line

PADDOCK RANGE A fibrous low/medium cube & mix

Suitable for: • • • •

Horses in light to medium work Excitable types Horses & ponies with a barely intolerance Fussy eaters

Benefits: • • • • • • •

Controlled energy sourced from highly digestible fibre Rich in oil for healthy skin and coat shine Highly palatable for fussy eaters Non-heating formulation When soaked suitable for those with poor dentition Fortified with vitamins and minerals A fixed formula, giving nutritional consistency

Hickstead paddock range is a non-heating diet. Ideal choice for horses and ponies in light to medium work. A high fibre palatable blend of micronized cereals ensures maximum digestibility & optimum gut function, enriched with quality protein for excellent muscle tone, tissue development and repair. Fully balanced with vitamins and chelated minerals for health and overall well-being and contains non GM soya oil for a glossy coat & skin care.

“We feed all the hunt horses on Hickstead Paddock mix and cubes, they maintaine condition throughout the season. The quality and consistency of Hickstead Paddock mix and cubes is essential to our yard due to several horses suffering with sensitive digestive systems. It really gives us piece of mind for our horses.” J Thompson



A high energy dense cube & mix Race Mix & cubes are palatable, energy dense diet formulated to meet the demands of race and performance horses in intense work. Best cleaned husk less oats are combined with a blend of quality micronized cereals to provide readily available energy to meet the requirements of anaerobic respiration during periods of fast work, as well as providing a readily available source of vital glucose for brain and organ function. Hickstead race range contains a blend of non- GM oils from soya and linseed to provide additional non-heating energy which encourages a glycogen sparing effect, promoting stamina and reducing recovery time. Quality protein, including essential amino acids, the race diet aids superb muscle tone, tissue development and repair. Supporting performance and well-being, with a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals, including important antioxidants essential for the modern equine athlete.

“Feeding elite race horses quality and consistant feeds is essential to our success. Hickstead race mix & cubes speak for themselves with our results on the track” Anonymous


Suitable for: • • • •

Race horse or ponies Horses in strenuous training programs Sprinters, steeple & hurdlers Ideal for 2-3 year olds for “race fit” condition

Benefits: • • • • •

• • • •

High energy diet Amino acids for prime muscle development & repair Quality energy sources for stamina & controlled energy release Digestible fibre promoting optimum gut health UFAS accredited husk-less oats, containing 30% more energy than conventional oats Balanced with digestible quality fibre & protein sources Formulated for optimum tissue & muscle development High oil content Formulated to maintain condition & achieve performance


Weight gain & performance mix & cube

Suitable for: • • • • •

Poor doers Cubes are barely free Lacking top line and muscle development Horses requiring stamina and a controlled energy source. A barely free cube suited for those with an intolerance

Benefits: • • • • • • •

Rich in amino acids High in quality fibre to maintain optimum gut function Highly palatable and digestible Formulated to provide the info structure for weight gain Highly digestible and palatable When soak suitable for those with poor dentition Ideal for stamina and controlled energy

Hickstead conditioning range is an effective fully balanced conditioning diet. The barleyfree cubes and palatable mix are enriched with quality digestible fibre and micronized materials. Hickstead conditioning diets are non-heating and highly digestible, renowned for restoring lost condition without excitability and lack of concentration. Enriched with quality protein, vital for muscle tone and real top line, as well as non GM soya oil for coat condition and as an additional source of slow release energy. With a superior vitamin and mineral profile, including chelated minerals, Hickstead condition diets are incredibly versatile and can be fed to all types of horses and ponies at rest, in work or competing up to the highest levels. Particularly beneficial to underweight horses who may be generally run-down. Equally, their digestibility also makes them an excellent choice for the older equine, especially those with poor dentition since they can be easily softened with warm water or soaked beet pulp.

“We really love the high quality of your Hickstead Condition Mix and cubes, have been using it for the last 5 years. Hickstead Horse Feeds suits all different types of horses and we feel it gives us a winning edge.” Martin Brake

< Photo: © Martin Brake


LEISURE BALANCER A low calorie cube

Hickstead leisure balancer is a low starch, low calorie ration formulated to provide optimum gut function without excitability or unnecessary weight gain. Enriched with a high spectrum of chelated vitamins and minerals with linseed, amino acids, and a high non GM oil content, including important anti-oxidants, vitamin E and selenium. Ideal to support equines requiring muscle development and repair.

Suitable for: • • • • •

Good doers Laminitics Those lacking condition but prone to excitability Equines who suffer with digestive upset Horse with a history of gastric ulcers

Benefits: • • • • • •

Contains an optimal gut complex essential for digestive balance Restores good levels of gut flora Added biotin, zincs, methionine and calcium for good hoof growth Contains no grain Can be fed as a sole concentrate Made from organic sources

Essential Vitamins and Minerals

“Finding a summer feed can be challenging for my lamanitic. Since feeding Hickstead Leisure Balancer, his condition is under control and his overall looks and wellbeing is good, I’m very happy with the result.” O Gillett West Yorkshire

Hickstead Leisure Balancer provides all the essential vitamins and minerals that your horse or pony requires. The inclusion of Bioplex® chelated minerals and Selplex® selenium maximises the availability of these nutrients and their subsequent utilisation by the horse.

Ensures gleaming coat shine

Quality Protein

A high level of soya is included which provides essential building blocks required to promote quality muscle tone and skin condition

Digestive Support

Contains the live yeast “Yea Sacc” which has been shown in scientific trials to maintain and improve digestion and to support the effective digestion of fibre

Low In starch


Added Oil

Contains no grain, but a blend of soya, cereal fibre and oilseeds, making it suitable for laminitics and excitable types

Biotin, Zinc, Methioine and Calcium Added to help promote good hoof quality



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