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New Product “Portfolio Prophet” From Profits Run Inc. Helps Expert Traders and Beginners Make Huge Profit In Trading ETFs Profits Run Inc., a company that provides investment education which was founded in 2001 by expert trader Bill Poulos, announces the release of its new home study course on ETF trading, the “Portfolio Prophet”. The new investment education material, which is an in depth course on exchange-traded fund trading, was designed to help traders learn more about ETF trading. It also offers effective strategies and techniques to make huge profits in the trading industry. “Portfolio Prophet is for conservative, moderate or aggressive ETF traders who wish to broaden their knowledge about ETF trading and learn new and effective strategies and methods,” according to Bill Poulos, founder of Profits Run Inc. “This ETF trading course provides important insider information and coaching sessions on ETF trading that will help traders have a successful career in ETF trading.” Highlights from Portfolio Prophet include: -

Many CD-ROMs that provide tutorials about effective strategies on ETF trading


Online group coaching sessions which includes a weekly direct access to Bill Poulos himself


Unlimited lifetime access to the members website

The home study course is available for sale the third week of March and to get more information of this product, visit Portfolio Prophet Review The Portfolio Prophet ETF trading course is written by Bill Poulos. Poulos is a veteran in the ETF trading circles and has over 35 years of trading experience under his belt. He founded Profits Run Inc and has developed numerous investment education tools and materials. The Portfolio Prophet sale date has not been made public yet. For more information on the product, its capabilities and, the company behind it all, click on the link below: About Profits Run Inc. Profits Run Inc. was put up in 2001 by successful veteran trader and investment coach Bill Poulos. The company prides itself in providing effective and quality investment education on investment vehicles such as exchange-traded funds.

Portfolio Prophet Discovery ETF Trading Management  

Bill Poulos and his team at Profits Run, Inc have just released their next generation of trading / investing education and software targeted...