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• Learn More Now : • Here is why internet marketing can help your money making dilemma. • The potential to make money online is tremendous. Now more than ever anyone can start making big bucks from their home. • Internet marketing has made it so anyone with a computer and an internet connection has the potential to achieve their financial dreams.

• Typically they find a good product to promote and create a blogger blog, Squidoo page, or hub page. Then they will use articles to go out and promote it. • Here are the three steps to start. • 1. Choose and affiliate program. • Go over to the click bank market place and choose a product you would like to promote. Make sure it has a gravity score over 20 so you can be confident that it converts visitors into buyers. • 2. Do some keyword research.

• Search for the Google keyword tool and type in your niche. Let's say you choose dog training. • Type in dog training and it will suggest many words. You want to go for words that you can rank for. So I suggest going after words that have around 100-500 global monthly searches. • So do a few searches and save all the keywords to a txt or excel file. • After you have a list of keywords the next step is to go over to Google and start finding the hidden gems. Use the all in title search modifier to find the good ones. • Simple type "allintitle:KEYWORD" into the search and if the keyword has less than 1000 search results it is a good keyword. Do this until you have sorted through your list and found good keywords.

• 3. Distribute your content. • Go over to and make a blog. Then write articles with your keywords in the title. After you have wrote all of your articles you can also post your articles to article directories and other web 2.0 sites and point back to your blogger blog. • Ping, bookmark and submit your RSS feeds for better results. • That is the while process the next step is just to do it!

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Why Internet Marketing Can Help Your Money Making Dilemma