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• Learn More Now : • Competition creates innovation in internet marketing. It makes everyone rise above one another.

• Think about it for a moment. If there was no one creating anything better we would not move forward.

• The desire to be one step ahead not only pushes each individual to their peek performance but it also drives the market to constant improvements. • Sometimes taking the next step forward is not easy. It can be all too simple to become complacent and not strive to move forward.

• Imaging then suddenly that your competition comes out with a service superior to yours and instantly you find that 30% of your customer base has dried up.

• There is nothing like losing 30% of your income to smack you in the face and force you to come up with something newer, better and that provides more value to your target market. • The situation above is common place in internet marketing. Many business are researching their potential client's needs and desires and finding out how they can fit themselves into their prospects lives. • Sooner or later they will find in what was they can do something better and this raises us all to a new level of friendly competition.

• In many circles the fact that you can have someone to move your forward is the key to success. If you don't strive to be something greater you never will become something greater.

• Competition is the best way to move everyone forward and to experience the benefits of constant and consistent improvement.

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Competition Fosters Innovation in Internet Marketing