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==== ==== I use highly visual forex charts to trade forex ==== ====

ure, you can ask around, check to see which Forex chart other traders use and you might find one or two charts to add to your investment toolbox. Be prepared though that the Forex chart that one trader thinks so highly of and it seems to work for him might not work for you and you'll end up wondering what he sees in that chart. You'll want to experiment with more than one trading guide and there are no rules that say you must choose just one. Whatever Forex guide you choose, know that Forex guide play an important role in the type of trading success. There are some traders who swear by whatever Forex chart they use and almost like it's a crystal ball, they believe their chart can predict the future of the Forex. But there are no crystal balls when it comes to knowing what will happen with a currency pair. There's no method to say when a trend is about to end or how long it's going to keep going. When you try out a Forex guide, it won't reveal any hidden secrets to you. All a Forex guide can do for you is let you know what your own knowledge tells you-how well the currency you've chosen is doing. A Forex trading guide can show you the same thing every smart trader sees when they study the chart. A Forex trading guide shows you trends and can help you defy the odds  Whichever Forex chart you choose for your use, you'll see patterns, lines or (what resembles candlesticks if you pick the candlestick chart) and those lines will reveal to you a pattern of behaviour that the Forex has engaged in previously. By taking the information from your Forex trading guide and applying it to your currency decisions, you don't need a magic mirror to show you the way.

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==== ==== I use highly visual forex charts to trade forex ==== ====

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