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The Most Profitable Forex Chart Patterns For many reasons, forex charts usually obey some patterns. If you work with them and your eyes get familiar with them, these patterns are very powerful tools to guide you during your trades. There are many patterns and each of them has its name but to be simple and short I explain here only the most proven patterns which always work and you can rely on. 3-1 M and W (Bat) Patterns These are the most frequent chart patterns and more or less have M or W shapes. Sometimes, one leg extends or another leg gets short. These are not very accurate signals but they help you to get a rough estimation of a currency move. 3-2 Weakening M and Strengthening W (Triangle) Patterns In contrast to M and W patterns, weakening M and strengthening W patterns are very accurate signals. A weakening M occurs when an upward (bullish) move is completed, then a weaker downward move (one third or half of the first move) forms and then a very weak (usually one candle) bullish follows it. After completion of the third move you can say with a high confidence that the currency price will sharply drop. This is the point you should sell the currency and gain a nice profit. Strengthening W pattern has just the same story but in a reverse order. I love triangle patterns because they are very strong signals and nearly always are correct. 3-3 Weakening Upward or Downward (Cascade) Patterns These are in fact upward or downward moves that get weaken during the time. For example, an upward move starts with three bullish candles, then continues by one bearish candle, then two bullish and again one bearish and hence forth. It is obvious that the move gets weaken and then tends to reverse (a major or minor reversal depends on the support/resistance type, for example if a weakening upward cascade reaches a major resistance level it is highly expected to go for a big reversal). These patterns are tradable in two forms. The first is at the time when only the first few bullish or bearish candles have formed and the move is in its half way to get matured (reach a support or resistance level). At this time we can buy or sell and wait until the move ends, then close the trade with profit. However, these are short or medium range moves and we can not expect so

much pips. The second better use is at the time when a move gets matured and a reversal is imminent. We can take this opportunity and trade. I also like weakening cascades because they are very reliable and stable signals. 3-4 J or Reverse J Patterns These patterns form when a move starts with very dwarf body candles and during the time the candles get taller and the move escalates. In these patterns the candles are usually uniform (full bullish in upward or full bearish in downward moves). The start of such patterns are usually from a strong support or resistance and they are profitable if the trader recognize them at the very early stages. If they grabbed in time, they are very reliable and profitable. 3-5 Fractals Fractals in general are regularly repeated shapes in various scales. Fractals occur in forex charts and are very various in both shape and size. If a fractal is detected in the early stages (when the first or second fractal has shaped), the trader can trade on it. Trading fractals needs much experience and many forex professionals use them in their advantage.

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The Most Profitable Forex Chart Patterns  

For many reasons, forex charts usually obey some patterns. If you work with them and your eyes get familiar with them, these patterns are ve...